Thursday, 10 June 2010

Guesting on Zuneta - Lost and Found

I was a guest over on Zuneta today...check it out here.
 I like being sent things I haven't used. No. I LOVE being sent things I haven't used.

So I was thrilled to receive FOUND ISTR anti-aging cream. Firstly, anti-aging ANYTHING - sign me up - NOW. Secondly, something I haven't tried? - DONE.

First, a couple of complaints (tiny ones):
  •  The packaging. I know it's high-end, I realise that is part of the deal with expensive products - but seriously - THREE outers????  Not necessary - And none of them entirely suitable for holding the product in on their own - so all are in the bin - meanwhile the cream rests on its laurels on its ownsome on my shelf..

  • Secondly, the leaflet that comes with it uses a colour font that is SO pale I can hardly read it. Granted my eyesight isn't great - but come on!  I don't want to dig out my specs and sit under a lightbulb to read it! Your customers want to read about you - make it easy for them! Especially seeing as you are not aimed at teenagers - we (slightly!) older chicks have a greater chance of perhaps NOT having 20/20 vision! So it is to the website that I go....
  • Lastly, more of an aside than a complaint: 
    Keep in the refrigerator - never gonna happen.
    Do not swallow (?) - wasn't planning on it but good to know.
    Use the enclosed spatula - never gonna happen - but thanks for the tips...!
Move on to the product itself however and things perk up considerably.

ISTR (name comes from Breton and means oyster) makes nearly every claim you want it to *takes deep breath* :
Not tested on animals, No synthetic colour or fragrance, Free of petrochemicals, mineral oils and silicone. Free of added preservatives, Phthalates, DEA, Sodium Lauryl/eth Sulphate, Aluminium and Titanium Dioxide.

Right. What it does contain is parabens - BUT - not in the way you would think. They are not added to the mix once the formula is complete, FOUND are simply letting you know that some of their ingredients were previously preserved in parabens - something that happens in most products in most ranges (yes even the ones that claim to be paraben-free - my arse) and something I have previously posted about... these guys are just letting you know every detail - very admirable I must say.  Legally, they could have just 'not mentioned it' and said they were paraben-free...

And so after ALL that - the CREAM itself!

Not containing all that crapola gives it the texture of mayonaise - not creamy - just... well... gelatinous?  It is LOADED with anti-aging properties - every peptide worth its salt is in here:
Matrixyl, Matrixyl 3000 (the Rolls-Royce version), Dermaxyl, Argireline - and my favourites - anything to do with sea/seawater/oysters/plankton AND - BONUS - trace elements. Loves me a trace element - namely manganese, copper and also - Carnitine - loves me an amino acid too.
If you're not fully aware of what they do - think of it this way - if you can take it as a supplement - you can generally put it all over your skin...think omega oils..vit a/c/e etc..Amino acids are basically proteins that support your collagen - 'scaffolding' for your face. Yep. Really. The absolute exception is sugar. Wonderful ON the skin - kills your collagen when taken internally via food and drink.

Well, I am in love with this little pot of magic folks. So far it has taken down some redness I was experiencing, dried up some spots I was brewing, and perked up my jowels no end. This morning two people who see me every day commented on how 'fresh' I looked... that'll do!

Could it be that a product exists that actually does what it says on the box??

If you're thinking that you're looking a little dull/lacklustre/saggy/baggy/droopy or just plain OLDER - this COULD be the one for you.

Now if only I could read the leaflet properly...!

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