Wednesday, 15 September 2010

My Staple Diet - Body Lotions/Creams/Butters/Balms

My collection of body products borders on insanity.  Well, to some people anyway, to me it's just good sense.  My family has skin that genetically tends to verge on the dry to very dry depending on surroundings and weather so I have been slathering for nearly 30 years. Wow.  *taking a moment to feel my age*

A few of my recent faves here:

Now I know I harp on about a lot of things - and consider myself an expert in most areas of skincare - but you may officially consider this a peek inside an obsessive's cupboard.

So in a little more detail - this current batch contains:

Sanctuary Ultra Rich Body Butter, Decleor Aromaessence Sculpt Balm, Garnier Summerbody, Nude Smoothing Complex, Jo Malone Tuberose, Burt's Bees Body Lotion, Gatineau Body Lotion with AHA, Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter, all for eve Body Lotion, Clarins Eau Dynamisante Lait Hydratant
And then....

Chantecaille Darby Rose Body Cream, Yes to Carrots Hand to Elbow Moisturising Cream, Soap and Glory The Daily Smooth, Erbaviva Body Lotion, Chanel Coco Body Cream x 2, all for eve Body Butter, Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia Body Cream, Jergens Age Defying and Ultra Hydrating Body Moisturiser, Fresh Rice Dry Oil

So breaking it down my absolute must-haves? Ooh.. first up:

Jergens Naturals Body Moisturisers *The Mouth Recommends - Staple
If you haven't tried Jergens products - you should. Jergens have been on the shelves in our house for as long as I can remember.  Although they only came to the UK recently - they are the best selling bodycare range in the States and have been going since 1882. Under a fiver and as they are sold in Boots - hello 3 for 2! They are 95% natural, contain no parabens and do not test on animals. And lots of flavours for you to try! Have a look: here!

Soap and Glory Righteous Butter  *The Mouth Recommends - Staple
Oh I love a little Soap and Glory.  At some point I swear I have tried everything in the range. But this is my staple. I love it. It's thick, goopy and smells of the signature fruity amber vanilla that I love. It leaves no residue and you can get dressed immediately. Ten pounds for a fat, deep tub that you can scoop your hands right into. And again - 3 for 2! Main ingredient is shea butter - it does contain parabens so if you prefer not to use them it's not for you - although personally they don't bother me and to be fair S&G make no 'natural' claims - more power to them.  Love. Read all about it here.

Garnier Summerbody and Body Repair
I guess you can tell I don't spend the big bucks on body products (exceptions below) - I like to use them liberally - no I mean really liberally.  Hence most things below the waist can be found for under a fiver.  This is moisturising, absorbs easily and smells lovely. Another winner.  And call me really shallow but I love the red packaging.  Have a look.

Chanel Coco Body Cream
Oh Lord.  This is the birthday/Christmas standard.  Chanel Coco is not only my signature fragrance but layered with the perfume, this body cream is just beyond.  I won't linger on the description as perfume is so personal and well, it's Chanel -   bit I do have a little tip for expensive products such as this. Just use it sparingly on your arms and decollete. Use the cheaper lot down under. You'll still get the smell as your body heats up and the fragrance releases but you'll be using less than half that you would if you were using it all over.

What are your favourites? I am always looking for new ones!?

Sunday, 12 September 2010



Basically, we were all invited to the launch of Edward Bess by the lovely Zuneta. Months ago. I subsequently 'lost' the pictures somewhere on the XD card.

So it has been reviewed left, right and centre - and swatched - and photographed. So just sit back and enjoy the people behind the blogs:

L-R, Get Lippie, Musical Houses, Peonies and Lilies, So Far So Chic, Katie's Beauty Blog, London Beauty Review, London Makeup Girl, Edward Bess, Makeup By Katy, Me standing on the sofa, Vex in the City, Lipglossiping, Modesty Brown, Zuneta, Too Much Blush

And again for luck.....and incidentally, if you are here and not named feel free to let me know!

But most importantly: Ever wonder what happens when a load of beauty bloggers get together with wine, crisps and swag???

Too Much Blush, London Makeup Girl, So Far So Chic, London Beauty Review, Makeup by Katy, Get Lippie, London Beauty Review 
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Edward Bess is available from the fabulous Zuneta.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

My Staple Diet - Cleansers

I am often asked what products I use.  To be honest I change my skincare more often than I change handbags. But I do have a few fallback staples that I always rely on which I will allude to below. First up is Cleansers - something for everyone!

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm (I use P.M.)
No surprises here - it's my 1st choice for a fallback option and although I love trying others, if I run out of this I get panic palpitations. There is nothing about this cleanser that disappoints me. And I'm not alone - this little gem is winning awards left, right and centre. More on EH here.

Amanda Lacey Cleansing Pomade (P.M.)
OK here's the thing: I love this cleanser. A lot. It is beyond beautiful. I first used it about 10 years ago. But it is £55.00. Yes. £55.00. If you can afford it - power to you - it IS lovely. Check it out here.

Clarins Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream (A.M./P.M.)
I know I am a little obsessed with oily/balm cleansers but I do love this milk cleanser. I don't have a hugely sensitive skin but I always tend to lean towards sensitive cleansers and toners when buying - they usually do the job with less nasties and are less harsh. Interestingly with this particular one, I love that it comes in a big fat pot that I can scoop my fingers into and smear all over my face. Not elegant, but sometimes necessary to just release that 'aaahhhhhh' feeling. Lush. Check it out.

Lancome Galatee Confort (A.M./P.M.)
Ah Lancome. This one is here by demand of Mama Mouth. She has used it for Y.E.A.R.S. I mean really. I do not even BOTHER trying to get her to use anything else. And the reason it is here is because when I am going home (anywhere where Mum is) I don't take a cleanser. I use hers. It takes EVERYTHING off. No need for separate eye remover. And its available here.

OK so my final pick is a tribute to my beautiful Nana (pictured above).  I feel incredibly lucky that my earliest memories are of watching my Nana do her evening skincare routine. Whether she was staying with us or I was at her house, without fail, she would pull this out of her bag, get her cotton wool, and set to work. This amazing woman is now 84 and still has people saying: 'My God - Nana Mouth (not her real name) - your skin looks A.MAZING.'
Ladies and (limited) Gentlemen, I give you:
Almond Oil. *The Mouth Recommends - Staple


Almond Oil.

A few words of warning: We use to remove eye makeup only and use sparingly - puffy eyes and you're using too much.
So. If you want a cheap, natural alternative to those extortionate eye makeup removers, pop down to your local chemists - they may have it behind the counter - ASK - and save yourself ££££'s. Personally I love a bit of Neal's Yard but you can buy it cheaper if you want to.