Friday, 4 February 2011

Current Skincare Routine - January/February

I posted on Wednesday about the changes I have consciously made to my lifestyle, diet and skincare routine.

The upshot of it for me is that organic/natural has had to take a backstep. I still love my balms and oils but as treats. For day-to-day maintenance this is my current routine:

I'm starting with the evening because that is the most important stage to me:

Start with dry skin!
1st cleanse with my staple: Emma Hardie
2nd cleanse with Perricone's Nutritive Cleanser.
This is new to me and I am LOVING it. Firstly, it smells of Johnson's Baby Powder (score!) and it feels really, really luxurious. This has helped my skin tremendously and I would like it on tap in my bathroom please. A little goes a long way.
I alternate this with Alpha-H's Balancing Cleanser - another recent find.

This leaves the skin really soft yet definitely cleansed...

Toner/tonic stage
Depending on the day I do one of two things:
Day One: I wipe over the skin with Alpha-H's Liquid Gold and then leave the skin bare for the night as directed.

Hard for me as I am ingrained with covering the skin with something afterwards but no! I am doing as I'm told! This is some serious stuff and has made a clear, definite difference to my skin.
Day Two: Either P50 or a standard toner depending on whether I feel dry or am flaring up.

Eye Cream - currently Alpha-H's Absolute Eye Complex 

On days I am not using Liquid Gold I apply toner and then go straight in with Perricone's Cold Plasma

 followed by their Face Finishing Moisturiser.
    Again start with dry skin.
    Cleanse either with Nutritive Cleanser or Balancing Cleanser and a fresh hot cloth
    Tone with a toner that suits my skin on the day. Can be anything from Guinot to Dr. Lewinns
    Apply Cold Plasma
    Apply Perricone's Face Firming Activiator
    Again - new addition to my regime but loving it so far...
    Apply Face Finishing Moisturiser on top.
    Note the above 3 products are used in small quantities and leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated, not greasy and heavy.

    Added extras: Vitamin E Serum from Alpha-H, Darphin Purifying Balm, Payot Speciale 5 Drying and Purifying Gel are all in rotation and I use them like a buffet - as and when I need them...
      That's it. As you can see it's two things:
      • hardcore - there is nothing organic/natural about my current routine - I still use all the natural products I have at home on my teenagers but for me, at the moment, bring on the chemicals...
      • expensive - some of these products are not cheap. In fact they're borderline mortgage payments. But I'm telling you if they keep working the way they are at the moment it's worth it to me. I'll have to do without something else. Some people buy designer shoes/handbags/clothes, not me - skincare is my crack. And I can't just throw any old cream on my skin anymore and get away with it...
      Other things that have helped me:
      • keeping my skin hydrated with spray toners. Treating acne rosacea in any form is incredibly drying when you are used to big fat moisturisers and I have a decanted spray toner on my desk and two at home. It calms my redness. Soon as I feel that telltale 'heat' coming I spritz myself. Bliss.
      • Going in with a second round of moisturiser after the first has absorbed. I make sure my face feels comfortable all the time.
      • Cut down the spicy foods - sad but true. Jalapenos are a distant memory for me at the moment...
      If you do have acne and/or rosacea and you want to just start with one thing? Go for the Liquid Gold. That has given me the biggest, quickest, noticable difference. And its not extortionate. You can currently get a supersize on QVC for around £33 which I will be ordering...
          If anyone has any suggestions for anything that has really worked for them I would love to hear about them.

          Will keep you posted on my progress.... Here's hoping...

          Small print: I received the Perricone and Alpha-H products mentioned in goody bags at recent events. But I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't love them. And I will be purchasing off my own back when they run out. If I recommend something on this site it's because I recommend it - not because I've been paid to.


          1. Am laying down in a dark room at the though of what that lot costs! but as you say if it works and you can get it without having to sell off one of the kids (although theres a plan!) then go for it. With regard to spray toner, I find the Avene thermal water spray the most soothing thing ever when my face is boiling hot and bright red, it just takes all the heat out and I like that it isn't adding anything other than hydration. Skin is dramatically better today and not sure if thats down to not using any of my Elemis stuff or being back at the gym - all that sweating clearing out my pores maybe? Thanks again for yet another very helpful post.

          2. I *have* to get myself some of the liquid gold. Been using the Darphin Intral serum but really fancying some Alpha H x

          3. Do you know what? I need someone like you, an independant person to really sit down and analyse my skin, and give me a prescription of what they think will work for me. I've tried a lot of regimes, but really can't find one that works for me, and going into a store that has every type of product available, and then having to pick one sales person from one company just doesn't work. Do these angels exist? Even make-up artists/salons/spas that I've been to seem to have one or two brands that they are focused on selling.

          4. Snap! Small world our routines almost mirror each others, except I cleanse first in the evenings with Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm (lovely stuff).

            I even have an Alpha H eye complex waiting in the wings along with a Perricone! But I have to use up my Sarah Chapman before I can try either of these.
            I don’t have problematic skin (at the moment) but the change in its clarity since I started using Perricone is worth the expense alone. Like you skincare is my crack!

            Wishing you continued improvement …

          5. I was so tempted by the recent Perricone TSV which had most of these products - it is the fact that they offer something that bit different, and I am a skincare junkie, my aim is go out with sunscreen only...the fact that my greying hair maybe down to my bum and my clothes all have holes in worries my not a jot it is the skin that is the deal for me. Thanks for this. Jan xxx

          6. i love a good skin regime but wow that is a lot of stuff, even for me.

            I love the cold plasma. I use it nightly over the Peter Thomas roth acne cream. I really want to try the liquid gold. Thanks for the heads up.
            PS I hope you had a chance to enter my Puerto Rico giveaway ending soon.

          7. I've just found your blog and read almost every post - i love it, especially your skin care posts like this one.

            Jo xoxo

          8. Really want to try the Alpha-H products next, after I've finished my gigantic stash and the backups. I've heard/read so many good things about the brand that my curiosity is piqued.

            Second round of moisturiser sounds like a plan...not sure why I never thought of it in the first place! Such a simple thing but whenever my skin's still dry, I just go ahead and buy a heavy duty moisturiser instead.


          9. What a great blog. That's a serious skincare regimen, not sure I could manage all that but love the sound of some of the potions!

          10. i just foud your blog and it's very useful there are so many useful products and tip. we sholud fallow them..

          11. So I guess you didn't approve my comment, which had nothing but relevant matter. Disapointed.....I had just found your blog and was very surpringly happy with its content.

            1. Hi Anon,

              What was your comment? If it was relevant I'm sure I would have published?


          12. Hi Caroline I've recently bought some new skincare (previously face wipes) through reading your blog. I've had redness on 1 cheek for about a year and I think it may be rosacea. I'm now worried that the skincare I have bought may not all be the best for rosacea. Would really appreciate it if you could give me a yay or nay to the products?

            Body shop camomile cleansing oil?
            Clinique TTDO cleansing balm?
            Pixi glow tonic?
            Clairns exfoliating toner once a week?
            Darphin intral toner?
            Pepta bright?
            Clinique Dramatically different moisturiser?

            Thank you X Gemma X

            1. Yay, Yay, Yay (with caution over cheeks), Nay for now but keep to one side, Definitely YAY, Yay, Nay for now, Should be yay but may be nay for you so go easy, NAY.

          13. Thank you so much for your reply :-) I will start your advice straight away. Could you recommend any products or brands that are good for helping to get rid of the rosacea? My skin is slighty oily as well with clogged pore and blackheads, odd spot. Thank you again. It's made my day seeing your reply :-) X Gemma X

          14. Just came across your blog and so excited to hear some new points that I def am going to take into account. Do have a quick question in regards to the toners. Is it best to mix them up and use a different one at this stage and rotate through them? And for the past couple months I have been using my exfoliating toner just at night....should I be doing this step in the am as well?

            Thanks so much!

          15. Dear Caroline,
            What are your thoughts of SLS being listed as one of the first few ingredients in the Nutritive Cleanser? Isn't that a surfectant? Please correct me if I'm wrong thank you! :)

          16. Can I do the first cleanse before shower, or do I have to do both cleansing steps after shower?

            Thank you! xo :)

          17. can i do the first cleansing step before shower or do i have to do both cleansing steps after shower?

            thank you so much! xo :)

          18. Hi, I was wondering as this post is quite old, do you feel there are newer products on the market which would be suitable also and if you have had success with them? I have been to see a dermotogist who advised antiotics and sooluntra cream x2 daily and mirvaso (for flushing redness) but I was wondering if I wanted to invest in some of these products stating with a suitable moisturiser and foundation to use? Would you still recommend Alhpa h? Thanks in advance.