Wednesday, 23 March 2011

All eyes on Mister Sandler

Right I know you know I don't 'do' makeup. Well, not much and not really on here.

But I cleared through all my makeup at the weekend to sort some more goods out for Give and Makeup and found this:

You know when you find something and think 'Ooh I forgot I had THIS!'. Yeah. That.

Designed to be used for those hard-to-reach lashes and the lower lashes - this does exactly what it says on the tube. Easy application, doesn't end up all over your cheeks and my bug bear with mascaras - does NOT regurgitate its entire contents on every pull of the wand out of the tube.

All you lovely peeps raving about the influx of lower lash mascaras onto the market need to get your ta-tas in action and buy this. 

That is all.

The quite fabulous BabyJet Mascara is available on beautique for a bargainous £12.80 - might want to hide your credit card before you go on that site though....

The Smaller Print: Its highly likely I didn't pay for this mascara. It's even more likely that I blatantly stole it from a PR cupboard. It is however, extremely likely that I will hand over real money for my next one and stop being a kleptomaniac. 


  1. I love this disclaimer! I think I have this in my collection. I feel quite red faced that my collection is getting a bit big so I dont know exactly what I have. It is good though :) x

  2. Oh, that is really interesting. I never (knowingly) but mascara on my lower lashes as it just ends up everywhere. This looks perfect! I shall investigate further :D
    Jane x