Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I first received some Rituals last year as a gift and have to confess I was a bit of a product snob when I received it.  I'm not entirely sure why but I had always walked past the Rituals shops and not really entertained the thought of going inside.

To be honest I'm a little conflicted about the marketing of Rituals. The products that I have tried from the range have all been good enough to sell on their own merit but the different 'rituals' can be a little confusing. At least, confusing to ME...

All of that aside, as I said, the products are good - really good. So far I have used 3 items from the range and they all perform well.
I am especially liking this shower gel.  Firstly, you only need a minute amount, it exits the pump as a gel and very quickly explodes into a silky soft foam - not unlike a shaving foam - but a good one.

It spreads easily, is not sticky and cleanses gently without stripping the skin and leaving it tight and dry. And it's affordable. £6.50 for a 200ml tin, it comes in 4 flavours (I think?). Also good for smaller members of the family - although they prefer..

Bubbles... The Energy Bubbles again are soft, non-drying and give good foam - enough foam to keep the small people happy too.

Although my favourite, rather predictably, is a body butter. Except it's not a butter - it's whipped cream - at least in texture.
Magic Touch Ultra Rich Whipped Body Cream really does have the texture of just-whipped cream. It's really light without losing any of its hydrating capabilities and absorbs almost on contact - which is a bonus if you need to get dressed immediately. It also retails around £10.00 so is very reasonable.

So the verdict on Rituals? Good products, great as gifts, confusing message - at least for numpties like me. I would suggest visiting a store and talking to one of their assistants or using the John Lewis website - which I found simple to use. *relieved*

Rituals is available in John Lewis and on their own website.


  1. Not sure if its something you're into but they do some really gorgeous candles as well. In particular the Spring Garden one is lovely. It's a nice smell which is noticeable without it beating you over the head shouting "YOU WILL SMELL ME!! I AM A SCENTED CANDLE!!"


  2. In my town there's Rituals at John Lewis and a few doors down... a Rituals shop. Very odd. The folks at the John Lewis counter are mostly nice and helpful but the sales patter about holy basil and spiritual cleansing makes me snooze really fast (I'm not blaming them, btw). The sales stuff in the Rituals shop proper a very aggressive and grumpy bunch, which is so weird considering they have competition a few doors up! I dunno, it's such a saturated market - so the combo of faux spiritual babble and dodgy service just makes me run away.

  3. Beth - I am definitely going to grab one of those candles!

    And Peach Bellini I have passed on your comments and my original post to the Rituals PR. I think its good feedback for them to possibly fix what would in essence give them more business?!