Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A little break

Lovely Mouth Readers: I am currently having a little mini-break avec ma maman and frankly, to rest.

The Mouth shall return soon - rested and raring to go with the final Birthday giveaways, a less than loving Dermalogica post and some more questions answered.

Enjoy the Wedding. ;)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Eye Cream for Boys?

Just a quick email to pick your brains about eye creams? Am trying/fighting/forcing my other half to acutally engage in some sort of useful skin care routine... Have managed to get him intermittently using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and moisturiser but he hates the puffiness and hooded look around his eyes and eye bags... he's a nurse that works nightshifts which I know doesn't help. Know of anything that might help? Looking for something with potent stuff in it that could get results that I could possibly try and get him to use for longer than a couple of days!

Well firstly well done on getting him to use something. If he's anything like mine it's a slippery slope to him stealing using all your products from here on in!  When it comes to boys I know this much - they will secretly use whatever you recommend or leave lying around - as long as it's not fuschia pink and glittery they'll give it a go. That being said - there are a lot of products on the market at the moment aimed directly at men and for unisex use that can take care of his poor puffiness!

The ones that I would go to in the first instance are:

KORRES Ruscus and Chestnut Men's Eye Cream

This is really popular with the men in my family - it's light, absorbs easily and the Ruscus helps with dark circles while the chestnut helps with fine lines. Contains zinc oxide giving it SPF value of about 6. It's priced around £22.00 and is available from most major retailers.

Anthony Logistics Continuous Moisture Eye Cream
This contains green tea and caffeine for puffiness so may be the way to go if that is what he is really concerned about. Anthony is the biggest selling men's line in the US and this cream is readily available here for around the £32 mark.

And finally - one that I am using religiously myself - a fairly unknown brand called Beauty Lab. The eye cream in this range has helped me with dark circles and is putting up a good fight with my puffiness - which is no mean feat.

Beauty Lab Instant Renewal Eye Complex

This is perfectly unisex, is completely unscented and has a brilliant dispenser that you can control yourself - something missing in a lot of dispenser-led creams. Priced at £27.00 it's available from

Let me know how you get on!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Murad Birthday Giveaway

Right well what can I say? Those lovely people over at Murad have offered up a HUGE giveaway for the first birthday of this little blogette.

If you read my original posts on these products - here - you'll know that I raved about these products - the supplements in particular are phenomenal and came highly recommended.

So: fancy winning the lot?

This little set retails at £192.95. Yes you heard me correctly. £192.95.

So to be entered:
  1. Follow Beauty Mouth------> over there---->
  2. 'Like' Murad's Facebook page
  3. Leave me a comment below. A Happy Birthday would be nice but hey ho...
T & C's.
  • One Prize as above
  • One Winner
  • Winner will be chosen at random
  • All decisions final
  • Competition Closes Friday 6th May
Good Luck!!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Blog of the Month on 4Beauty

Massive thanks to 4Beauty for making me Blog of the Month.

If you are interested in reading my Q & A you can find it here.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Perricone Birthday Giveaway

As you've probably read, I love a little Perricone. Some of their items such as Skin Clear Cleanser and Skin Clear Supplements have become staples in my routine and their Omega 3 supplements are the best I have used.

So to celebrate the 1st birthday of Beauty Mouth the lovely folks over at Perricone are offering one lucky winner the chance to try their award winning No Foundation Foundation.

No Foundation Foundation gives the coverage of a light tinted moisturiser but with added anti-ageing benefits of alpha lipoic acid, DMAE and an SPF30.  It's designed to correct imperfections, smooth fine lines and give skin a radiant glow. Frankly it needs to come in a supersized bottle.

To be in with a chance to win all you have to do is:
  1. Follow Beauty Mouth
  2. 'Like' the Perricone MD Facebook page
  3. Leave a comment below
That's it.

Good Luck!

Few T & C's:
  • One Winner
  • One Prize valued at £45.00
  • Competition closes Monday 2nd May
  • Winner will be picked at

A little moonlighting over on 4Beauty.

I was recently asked to contribute some Summer Skin tips to Channel 4's 4Beauty online.

 Have a read here if you fancy a sneaky peek?

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Steady Ladies - It's NARS Birthday Giveaway time. - UPDATE! Did anyone say LAGUNA?

Although I don't really post that much about makeup if you follow me on twitter you'll be aware of the ever-so-slight obsession I have with NARS blushers.  And I'm not alone. We're a family. Actually it's a support group - the real definition of N.A. is NARS Anonymous.

So I figure why not share the love? Today's giveaway is not only my favourite NARS blusher everrr - SIN, but also the brand spanking new not-yet-released NEW ORDER.
Sin is described as 'berry with gold shimmer' which pretty much sums it up - perfect for most skin types. Frankly it makes me look alive in the morning.
New Order is from the new collection and is a very pretty soft pink with a lot of shimmer. Perfect for slightly paler skin than mine - or for use as a highlighter.
And it's not on counter until 1st May!

Hold on to your hats peeps!: The fabulous Ladies over at Beauty Seen PR have been reading your comments and have gone above and beyond and offered to add Laguna Bronzer to the giveaway. *kicks self that it's bad form to enter your own giveaway* 
If you're on twitter you can show the girls some love and talk about NARS till the cows come home @beautyseenpr

To win two of the best blushers in the entire world AND THE INFAMOUS LAGUNA all you have to do is:
  1. Follow Beauty Mouth - over there on the right ------->
  2. Leave a comment telling me your favourite NARS product (just because I'm nosey!)
  3. 'Like' the NARS Facebook page
 That's it!

Few T & C's:
  • One prize of two blushers and the original LAGUNA BRONZER
  • One winner
  • Closing Date Saturday 30th April
  • Winner will be chosen by

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Elemis Birthday Giveaway

Right first off the block - I posted about this amazing new range a couple of weeks ago and as promised the lovely folks at Elemis have provided one very lucky reader of Beauty Mouth with the ENTIRE new freshskin collection.
And as if that wasn't enough - it comes in this gorgeous Limited Edition Vanity Case. What's not to love?

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is:
  1. Follow Beauty Mouth
  2. Sign up for the FreshSkin newsletter over on
  3. 'Like' the Elemis Facebook page
  4. Leave a comment below or email me saying you've done the above - makes it easier to track!
That's it. Simples.

Couple of T & C's:

Elemis and I will pick the winner at random after checking all criteria completed.
Our decision is final.
One prize.
One winner.
Prize value £99.00.
Competition open until 21st April.

Good Luck!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Happy Birthday to The Blog!

Today is the 1st birthday of the blog.

Pic courtesy of Dr Lulittle
 You've been reading my rants/advice/putting up with me for a whole 365 days.

Doesn't time fly when you're stressing about what to post....anyway: a few things I've learned....and a few Thank You's

Things I've learned:
  • there is such a thing as too much information - not everyone needs to know you found a grey hair - down THERE - although it may lead to one of your most-read posts.
  • if you have lost your blogging mojo - don't worry - people will wait for you - and if you read THIS blog you'll be sitting there thinking ain't THAT the truth.
  • Twitter is not the place to vent to SOME people - that's best done in a bar - and if necessary with your bat...I'M KIDDING. Jeez. Kinda.
  • You can have too many body lotions.
  • People actually use Google Follow because it makes life easier for them - I need to get over my 'I'm not doing it for the numbers' attitude - you'll notice its back - over there on the right...
  • Bloggers are in general - great, funny, lovely, interesting people - I have made friends (and the odd enemy - muahahaaa) for life.
  • Something good can come from ranting about skincare - Give and Makeup was spawned out of an idea for a blog post...
Which brings me to...

The Thank You's: (It's Highly Unlikely I'll ever win an Oscar so just let me have my moment please thanks)

Louise from Get Lippie
The person who muttered the immortal words on twitter: 'Just blog it bitch.' That's right - blame her.
Partial to a chicken wing and the odd glass of red. And don't get her started on lipstick. Reads me almost as well as my Mother - in fact thinks she IS my Mother occasionally. The Hilda to my Evadne. My first port of call with my 'What do you think of THIS?' questions - whether it relates to the blog - or a certain wine.

The beyond fab Grace from London Makeup Girl
London Makeup Girl has directed more traffic to my site than anyone else - I don't know what I did to deserve that but I am eternally grateful *curtsies*

Yinka from Vex in The City
The only person who hasn't known me since I was a teenager to call me Caz and not only get away with it - but I like it. Guaranteed to make me laugh just by giving me the *sideeye*.

Kate Shapland and Grace Timothy
Loveliness personified - the pair of them.People who can string quite a lot of words together in an intelligent manner and also - added bonus - know how to spell.

The girls from Just Nice Things
Especially Helen - a fellow metalhead with fabulous taste in long haired tattooed men.

Big Fashionista and Bangs and a Bun
The other two thirds of my Bananarama Bat Gang. The first to step up to the plate if needed.

All the PR's that have helped me throughout the year - its a big transition going from dealing with long leads to dealing with bloggers - and 99% of you get it right every time although some like to focus on the 1% that don't. Thank you.

And to all the Brands I have worked with - thank you for trusting me and knowing that I blog because I enjoy it - not because I can break your embargo. And thank you for not flinching when I turn up to meetings in adidas trainers. You rock. All of you.

And a couple of thank you's for their help with Give and Makeup

Charlotte from Lipglossiping for the visual used on the site and
Priya from Beauty Wowza for all her help with the graphics. Ailsa and the team from Beauty Bay for going above and beyond.

And thank YOU lovely people for reading - thank you for the comments, the abuse, the laughs, the questions, the product swaps and the advice.

As a thank you I have used my wiles, sales skills, general powers of persuasion and to be honest, good old-fashioned blackmail to bring you a gathering of my favourite products from the year as giveaways - the likes of which you may never have laid your pretty eyes on.  So here's what I suggest - get following the blog (in for a penny...) and hold on to your hats - we have giveaways coming up from: Elemis, Murad, Nars, Emma Hardie, Alpha-H, Dr Perricone, Jergens, MAC and Daniel Sandler to name a few.

You've put up with me for this long - it's the least I can do.


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Hall of Fame - Anne Semonin and the best facial I ever had....

I should have hated everything about my first Anne Semonin facial.

It was in Le Hotel Bristol in Paris - gorgeous settings...well no - not really, more like a building site at the time. The new spa was being built and there was scaffolding to contend with...
Polite, attentive staff - well, no not really - I'm not one for sweeping generalisations but there was no element of 'Entente Cordiale' on show...
Attentive staff.... well no, not really - my facialist kept leaving the room while my products 'did their work'.*

It looks like this now - not so much then!
But the results. Oh LORD the results.

The Anne Semonin was by far the best result I have ever had from a facial. They took my face to TASK.

It was layer after layer of cleansing, exfoliation, serums, masks, more serums, massage, everything I love. Had I not been so distracted by trying to be picky (not so much a bad habit as what I am paid to do) and find fault I would have remembered more of the processes involved. Anyway, so impressed was I with the results that I left the spa (I was not staying at the hotel - hello??) and didn't apply any makeup for the rest of the day in case I spoiled my face. It was THAT good. Plump, full, bouncy, hydrated fabulous skin. And it lasted.

By the time I got back to London I had the Anne Semonin bug and made an appointment to see the legendary Ewa Berkmann in Claridges. This woman is the Rolls-Royce of facialists.
Some people put their names on waiting lists for handbags.
I hunt down renowned facialists in a quest to learn anything I can from them and feel 'the hands'. I have felt most 'hands' in the business. It's research. What's not to love? Ewa is one of the two top 'hands' I have ever had the pleasure of being treated (pummelled) by - the other is Michelle Roques O'Neil who is the same as Ewa - but for the body.

What was an amazing treatment in Paris, was elevated to another level of brilliance by Ewa. I was in that room for over two hours. She cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, treated, masked, serumed the living bejesus out of my face. I literally fell in and out of consciousness - and still did not want to get up when she was done.
The Anne Semonin range is based on 'the belief the most effective beauty products and treatments are based on a combination of a personal, made to measure prescription and a holistic approach'. I'm of the same thinking that a great massage and a lot of layering of serums and oils does your skin the world of good. The joy of the range is that you can address any problem by mixing trace elements and essential oils to maximise potency and address issues as they arise. And they do address the issues. In this case I would recommend even the seasoned skincare pro takes advice from the Semonin team before selecting products - it's a big range and they can suggest concoctions that may not occur to you.

So the Anne Semonin is in the Hall of Fame. And deservedly so.

And you don't have to take my word for it - if you want to try it for yourself Anne Semonin has two facial weeks coming up at Liberty in London. The first one is from 1st-7th May. Facials are £50 redeemable against any two purchases of Anne Semonin on the day. It may not be Hotel Le Bristol but it's the same product and the same training - get yourself down there - I am.

Anne Semonin is available at Liberty. For appointments call the counter on 0207 734 1234 ext 2156.

*In fairness to the current team my first facial was a long time ago!

Monday, 4 April 2011

I'm getting older.....

I had a bit of an epiphany recently regarding my makeup.

It went like this: '1997 rang - it wants its look back.'

However much I loved my usual daily combo of foundation/concealer/mascara/ten tons of blusher/four tubes of lip gloss - I realised as I applied my fourth type of concealer that it was maybe time to up the ante.  I had crossed the line. If you're in the industry you'll know what line I mean. I am officially an 'older' skin.  Why?

It goes like this - when you're 'younger' you spend 30 seconds applying a tinted moisturiser (maybe - and with your fingers) and 10 minutes doing your eyes.

When you're 'older' you spend 10 minutes applying your primer/base/face concealer/eye concealer/powder (all with brushes), leave it to 'set', make a cup of tea, do your eyebrows, add (a lot of) blusher, two different mascaras because one lengthens and one makes you look like you still have eyelashes, no eyeshadow because frankly who has the time and anyway why draw attention to these overhanging lids?, lip pencil, lipstick and maybe lip gloss if you don't have the lines around your mouth that make it bleed. Then you check your concealer IS covering what it should and think 'Sod it - that'll have to do'.

Yeah that's me. I AM my mother.

Lierac Lait Sensoriel aux 3 Fleurs - Collection Blanche

Or in other words: 'Lierac's Lush New Limited Edition Body Lotion and Oil Set'.

This is just a quick one from me - and yes I know it's French. Again. No apologies here.
This Limited Edition Set comprises of a beautiful body lotion and a divine body oil and is very lightly scented with three of my favourite all-time smells: gardenia, camellia and jasmine.*
The lotion in particular goes on really well, sinks in like a charm - but not TOO quickly and my skin is just as soft when I get home in the evenings as it was when I left the house.
If you've ever used the Kai range or even Jo Malone Gardenia - this is not that. While they both hit your nostrils like a blowtorch of gardenia (great if that is what you are after) - this scent is perfect if you want to wear something more subtle allowing you to wear your normal fragrance on top. It is perfect for this time of year.

The Body Lotion is £19 and the Oil is £22 - both are available now from Selfridges while stocks last.

*I love all white flowers - they smell much stronger than coloured flowers as they have to work harder to attract the bees. Liz Earle told me that - so it must be true.

The Small Print: My first lotion arrived via a press goody bag - my second arrived via my NatWest bank card.