Monday, 4 April 2011

Lierac Lait Sensoriel aux 3 Fleurs - Collection Blanche

Or in other words: 'Lierac's Lush New Limited Edition Body Lotion and Oil Set'.

This is just a quick one from me - and yes I know it's French. Again. No apologies here.
This Limited Edition Set comprises of a beautiful body lotion and a divine body oil and is very lightly scented with three of my favourite all-time smells: gardenia, camellia and jasmine.*
The lotion in particular goes on really well, sinks in like a charm - but not TOO quickly and my skin is just as soft when I get home in the evenings as it was when I left the house.
If you've ever used the Kai range or even Jo Malone Gardenia - this is not that. While they both hit your nostrils like a blowtorch of gardenia (great if that is what you are after) - this scent is perfect if you want to wear something more subtle allowing you to wear your normal fragrance on top. It is perfect for this time of year.

The Body Lotion is £19 and the Oil is £22 - both are available now from Selfridges while stocks last.

*I love all white flowers - they smell much stronger than coloured flowers as they have to work harder to attract the bees. Liz Earle told me that - so it must be true.

The Small Print: My first lotion arrived via a press goody bag - my second arrived via my NatWest bank card.

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