Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Private Tour of Guerlain..? Oh go on then...

If you're going to go to the City of Lights, why not coincide it with a private guided tour of Guerlain's Institut de Beaute? Yeah. That's what we thought too.
This was particularly close to home for me as my Grandmother worked for Guerlain for a long time during her career (that's her in the banner) and I very proudly inherited (stole from my Mum) her collection of antique bottles, pins, brooches and various awards.

Guerlain recently purchased the third segment of their historic building facade bringing together the entire store as one...

Pop-up shop on left, main salon in middle and spa entrance on the right.

The 'new' side of the building is now home to a pop-up shop that will stay in place until they knock the entire building through at some point in the future. And what they have done is spectacular. Different sections for each department all beautifully executed.

The main focus of the pop-up store and the upper sales areas of the main building is the new Shalimar Parfum Initial - launching in the UK in September. Already a fan of the original fragrance, this is even better. It's lighter and fresher and yet loses none of its allure. I have come to think of it as the Summer version of the fragrance. I'll go back to the original one as the days get shorter..maybe..

After looking around the pop-up store we were taken back into the original salon where the first floor is an absolute haven of Guerlain's perfume history. Every fragrance is beautifully displayed and they have even made discontinued fragrances available in specialised 'fragrance cabinets' so that you can experience fragrances from a bygone era..

Raw ingredients in the VIP room - I promise we didn't touch

An original Baccarat Bee bottle
If Evadne was an excited pup during the tour of the first two floors, I practically turned into Scrappy Doo when we were taken via a private entrance to the spa.

This was established in 1939 by Guerlain as the first beauty institute in the world - long before Red Door was an apple in Elizabeth Arden's eye.
And it does not diappoint. Ten cabins and a separate greeting area where your feet are washed while your therapist talks through your skin concerns.
It still features the original marble and wall fittings and has been beautifully updated to provide modern facilities without compromising the original structure.

Double G towels and robes!
The main corridor (above) has most of the cabins leading off of it and I pretty much lost any pretence of cool at this point - I do believe I grabbed the robes and said: 'They have the double G on them!' like a mentalist.

After creeping around (the rooms were fully occupied - first thing on a Tuesday morning) so as not to disturb the clients we then floated off for a cuppa and a further chat about the history of the building and the Guerlain family.

If you go to Paris and have an interest in either a, Guerlain or b, architecture you would be doing yourself a big disservice to pass this store by. It was the absolute highlight of our visit for me and I'll be going back for a treatment in the Autumn.

Absolute bliss.
Tour was arranged by Guerlain's PR and this mentalist and Get Lippie are very very appreciative.
Massive thanks to Guerlain UK and Guerlain FR. Bah humbug to the security guard that said 'no pictures' who I as per usual, ignored.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Emma Hardie Giveaway

In my usual style, my blog birthday giveaways keep rumbling on..over a month after the actual day. Ne'er mind. It's all good.

Being as I have raved about this brand so much that I have had to assure people that I am not on the payroll - I was thrilled when Emma Hardie won Best New Brand at the CEW Awards last week. Excellent. It's not just me then...

So let's call it a double celebration and offer some of you that may not have tried it the opportunity to get your hands on what is without a doubt, my favourite cleanser of all time along with some of her other star products.

So, to be in with a chance of winning all of the below....:

Professional Cleansing System

Plumping Serum

Rejuvenating Night Cream - otherwise known as biggest pot of face cream ever
  • Simply join the gang of Mouthy People over there on the right following/subscribing to the site
  • Leave a comment below demanding that you win - in your own style - i.e. GIMME. I want it. Pleeeaasseeee. Gimme it NOW! Whatever you fancy...
Good luck all!
  1. Giveaway ends June 5th at 11.59pm
  2. One prize - value £142.00
  3. Winner chosen at random by the Emma Hardie team - they like a laugh so crack on!
Small print: Prize provided by Emma Hardie. They're nice like that.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Paris. A culinary tour Part 2...the Stores!

Surprisingly we didn't eat any cake in Paris. Can't say the same for the steak frites or red wine though...

I like jam. That is all.

Haricot Verts - delish.

English foods. Allegedly.

A bucket of chocolate mousse. LITERALLY a BUCKET.

They like a bit of yoghurt do the French.

And THAT is a bowl of chocolate sauce. Just. Chocolate. Sauce.

Tuna anyone?

Now THAT is a way to sell spices.

A few 'erbs...


Double sigh.


THAT my lovelies is a sausage roll. Francais style.


Maybe now we'll crack on with a little bit of beauty eh?

Monday, 23 May 2011

Illamasqua Giveaway - and the winner is....

The unanimous winner of the Illamasqua Mistress Gloss is:

Vaguely in Vogue aka Ms Wedgie for 'Lady Rosie Tufty Crab'.

Freddie Krueger and Dotty Pudding were a very close runners up.

Thanks everyone!

Paris - A culinary tour...Part 1. The food. (OK. Some of the food...)

I went to Paris last week (for reasons that will become clear later in the week) with Evadne. Otherwise known as the excitable pup that is Get Lippie.

We apparently tweeted a lot about the food and wine because I came back to numerous requests on twitter to do a post on the food - never mind the beauty shopping...

So - in the first of two parts - enjoy Paris - via breakfast, snacks and beaucoup de vin rouge with the Mouthy and Lippie ones.

Well you did ask.....

Breakfast on arrival. Omelette avec beaucoup de fromage!

'I'm hungry from all that shopping and walking - let's stop for a snack.' Tomato salad and red wine. Obviously...

Typical sights from our trip. Wine, bread, water, food and a swatched hand!

Think I'll give Kermit a miss thanks..

Seeing a pattern here?? Dinner. Bread, water, wine and Pepsi - for the energy doncha know..

Peppers stuffed with fresh crab

Mozzarella, Tomato, Pesto and bread... sigh
See that queue? I like a queue. It's always a good sign. We'll be back.

Words you want to hear when you walk into a restaurant: 'Do you have a reservation?'
Le Relais de L'Entrecote serves three things: steak frites, red wine and desert. And you get two servings of the steak frites. Hence the 'Relay'. What an absolute genius idea for a restaurant. It was PACKED. On a Tuesday lunchtime. And it was good. SO. GOOD. Bliss.

Steak Relay. Literally a relay of steak. Vegetarians need not apply.  Round one below - rinse and repeat.

A frequent visitor at our table...
Would you like any onion soup with your melted cheese Madame?

The Eurostar home. Alcohol courtesy of FHM. Don't ask.

Tomorrow: the shops. The food shops. Not the beauty shops. They're coming though..

Sunday, 22 May 2011

CEW Beauty Awards Lunch

This Friday I attended the CEW Beauty Awards held at the Intercontinental in Park Lane. Long seen as the 'Oscars' of the beauty industry the CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) recognises the best of the best in what is a highly competitive market.
I've been a member of CEW for a number of years and my favourite part is actually getting time to table hop and see people that although you may have known your entire career, you get very little time to see day-to-day.

Gorgeous flowers from Moyses Stevens

Face of Superdrug Joanna Page - SO. SWEET.

Marigay with legs that appear to have no end and an outfit I GUARANTEE you did not come from Primark.

The ever-inspiring Professor Ian Jacobs accepting a cheque from CEW to The Eve Appeal for £25,000.
The lovely Robyn Seymour from Beauty Seen PR

What WOULD have been a gorgeous picture of Liz, Brand Manager of All for Eve had it not been for the keen water waiter.

Sara, Head of Beauty for Superdrug and Founder of All for Eve George Hammer - a man that makes Alan Sugar look like an amateur

Totally superfluous picture of the pudding. NOM.
Me papping the man papping the Balance Me girls accepting their first award of the day.

Kristy Goodger from Elemental Herbology winning £50,000 worth of advertising from Global Radio and Lisa Snowden in a dress she borrowed from me. ;)

Aside from the obvious reasons, I was personally hoping for another All for Eve win as I've been fortunate enough to work with a winning brand three years in a row - and so was beyond thrilled when we did indeed take home 'Best New Hand and Nail' for the Swarovski crystal nail file.

Nice little bit of Lalique to add to the All for Eve collection. Five out of Six!

And the aftermath......!
Due to their 'sensitive' nature not ALL pictures taken after the event are suitable for print. In fact, some of them could be eligible for the odd here's the ones that won't ruin my career and get me or anyone else for that matter, arrested..enjoy....until next year!

'It's all over for another year!' Caroline Neville and Susan Mahy from the CEW
George Hammer and Robin Vincent of Clarins
Andrea Fulerton making her departure. Note the heels already off and in the bag. Girl after my own heart

Sian from Balance Me and Helena from NARS

Carolyn and Fiona from Decleor, Lee from Bare Minerals and Helena from NARS 'decompressing'

The Emma Hardie team. Otherwise known as 'Makers of Caroline's favourite cleanser thank-you-very-much.'
Tune in to QVC tonight at 8pm to see a selection of winners and nominees and an appearance from my good self (now that I've had time to recover)....