Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Paris. A culinary tour Part 2...the Stores!

Surprisingly we didn't eat any cake in Paris. Can't say the same for the steak frites or red wine though...

I like jam. That is all.

Haricot Verts - delish.

English foods. Allegedly.

A bucket of chocolate mousse. LITERALLY a BUCKET.

They like a bit of yoghurt do the French.

And THAT is a bowl of chocolate sauce. Just. Chocolate. Sauce.

Tuna anyone?

Now THAT is a way to sell spices.

A few 'erbs...


Double sigh.


THAT my lovelies is a sausage roll. Francais style.


Maybe now we'll crack on with a little bit of beauty eh?


  1. Ahhh, What beauty! I felt my eyes getting bigger and bigger throughout the post! And now im hungry!

  2. Their sweets are so beautiful! I don't even like sweets much but I definitely want to try some of those babies!

  3. It is the attention to detail in these displays that delights, I really do think that it is a feast for the eyes, my stomach has had far too much feasting of late. I am envious. BTW your hair looked fabulous on your recent QVC outings. Jan xx

  4. Those cakes look amazing. There is a french bakers here. My body fears me going inside because it knows I wont come out empty handed!! xx

  5. Sigh...

    Just looking at these pictures makes my hips grow!

    Which supermarket did you visit?

    I'm travelling to Paris soon and may have to procure a bucket (or twenty!) of the delicious chocolate mousse. :0)

    Sarah x


  6. Love these photos, I think I recognise La Grande Epicerie?