Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Paul Mitchell Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to the following!:
  1. @kateagreen (twitter)
  2. @jadlgw (twitter)
  3. @hairy_hoover (twitter)
  4. Serafina
  5. allthatglitters1992
  6. @thebeautyslice (twitter)
  7. Urban Mermaid
  8. @pyxiee (twitter)
  9. @skindeepblogger (twitter)
  10. Happyfox
Please send your posting addresses to me on the blog email.

Thank you to everyone who entered! 

      Tuesday, 21 June 2011

      Maison Francis Kurkdijian - Winner

      I am very happy to announce that the winner of the Kurkdijian Giveaway is number 12/15 (chosen very democratically by a random shoutout in the office - with witnesses) - @redbuttongirl - Congratulations Lady - email me your address please!

      Thank you to everyone who entered!

      The one where I went on a date.....

      So 22 years ago I went on a first date with this man.

      I think it was the hair. His is natural - mine is a dodgy perm. Well it WAS 1989.

      Let's date (and apparently in my case not eat) - 1990

       Let's have a baby - 1991

       Let's have another one - 1994

      We should probably get married - 1994
      I want a baby girl - 2001

      Let's have another baby - it'll be a boy -2004

      OK that's enough babies now - 2005

      The motto of the story? When you know - you just know.

      Happy Anniversary Mr Hirons.

      Friday, 17 June 2011

      Alpha-H Giveaway

      Well it's time for the big enchilada. The giveaway to end giveaways for you skincare junkies.

      In case you're not on twitter, or have been under a rock, Alpha-H has become the go-to skincare for those of us with concerns other than 'moisturise'. Myself and others have raved about the almost instantaneous results so much that there is less of a 'cult' feel and more of a 'must-have' feel to the brand. It helps that the people behind the brand are down-to-earth no-bullshit New Zealanders who will not make huge claims but will simply tell you what to expect from your skin once it is using the products.

      The 'hero' product in the range is Liquid Gold. If ever a product was more aptly named...

      To show just how lovely they are - Alpha-H have offered up a fabulous giveaway prize of the Liquid Gold family. Yep. The whole lot. You lucky lucky people (swines).

      So: to win the following....

      Or 'The Anihilator' as it's known to acne and dull skin.

      Hardcore in a fabulous way. Not for the faint-hearted.

      Makes you look alive when you frankly, don't.

      A little light relief all over. Never far from my side.

      Need the results of Liquid Gold but have pigmentation? Me too. You won't have for long with this little beaute.

      1. Leave a comment below saying why you want this giveaway - or your favourite Kiwi joke - whichever you prefer. I'm making the Alpha-H team pick the winner so do go to town..
      Good Luck to all.
      • One prize worth £190.00
      • Giveaway open to current followers of Beauty Mouth only - it's a thank you for putting up with my infrequent postings and sometimes inane ramblings
      • One winner
      • Giveaway open until 11.59pm on Thursday 30th June.
      Thank you Alpha-H!

      Thursday, 16 June 2011

      Perricone No Sun Tanner

      Keeping with the tanning theme - I am LOVING this self tanner.

      What's to love? Well:
      • It smells of coconut - Not an inkling of fake tan smell (score!).
      • It doesn't go orange. 
      • It gradually builds colour rather than giving a one-colour-suits-all look.
      • It layers on top of my usual skincare routine in the morning without giving me breakouts or feeling greasy.
      • It doesn't come with *sparkly bits* - I want colour on my face - I'm not 14 thanks
      • Judging by my usage one bottle will last me well into Autumn.

      The setback? Actually - there isn't one.

      I was going to talk about the price at this point - this is £50 for 118ml - not cheap I know but I don't scrimp when it comes to my face. (Although this can be used all over the body - on this body from the boobage down its el cheapo)

      So anyway, I did some comparitive shopping and it works out cheaper than similar products from Estee Lauder, Dior, Chanel and Lancome - all of which I have bought in the past.
      Yes really. I was surprised too. They sell for around the £26 mark (give or take) for 50ml. You do the math.


      Now he just needs to get his BUTT over here to the UK in person. I'm not joking. There's only so much salmon one woman can eat. Someone get RIGHT on that please? Alrighty then.

      The Fine Print (aren't you on holiday yet? Yeah you. You know who you are): my first bottle of this was a PR sample. My next one will be purchased by my bank card. And I made my Mum buy one too. So there.

      Wednesday, 15 June 2011

      Paul Mitchell Luxury Haircare Giveaway

      Going on hols? Fancy a little help with your hair? Those lovely peeps at Paul Mitchell have offered 10 - yes TEN - lucky BM readers the opportunity to swan off with this gorgeous Limited Edition travel set worth £24.99.

      The set is available in Paul Mitchell salons in July and August and contains Shampoo One - a gentle 'tropical' shampoo, The Conditioner - multi-use and leave-in (well handy!), Soft Sculpting Spray Gel - to keep your hair contained but not stiff! and Freeze and Shine Super Spray to hold it still and give it shine all whilst protecting from the sun.

      Nice eh?
      To be in with a chance simply be a follower of BM and leave a comment below with your email or a twitter ID.
      • 10 prizes of the above kit
      • Winners will be chosen at random
      • Giveaway closes at 11.59pm on Tuesday 21st June.
      Good luck everyone!

        Hidden Treasures - Spray Tan

        I don't like being pale. I'm not one of those people who can carry it off. I look ill. The kind where people say 'Are you ok? You don't look well.' Yeah. That.

        So I'm partial to a bit of self-tan - and when the need arises - a spray tan.
        If you're of the same thinking you'd best be getting yourself off to see Busi at Beauty Essence in Curzon Street in Central London.
        Nothing fancy going on here - just a perfect Central London location and a no-nonsense team. I don't think I'll ever get used to wearing paper knickers (and nothing else) and being told to bend forward - basically sticking my not-small behind in Busi's face. God Bless Her. The woman is a pro - doesn't flinch. They use Xen-Tan, which is one of my go-to tanning lotions of choice. Nice and dark and tends to fade altogether rather than go patchy - certainly on me anyway.

        Beauty Essence has other branches in the City and Soho

        And be gentle with Busi - she's seen me in positions that no-one needs to see. Nekkid.

        Friday, 10 June 2011

        Too Many Women - Too Many Bracelets

        You know me. I'm all about helping out a fellow Lady.

        Too Many Women is a brilliant campaign aimed at raising £1,000,000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I have personally been affected by breast cancer scares and my best friend is undergoing treatment at the moment so this is something I am throwing my (quite considerable) weight behind.

        These lovely bracelets are £15.00 each (incl p&p) and are available now from Too Many Bracelets. As they say on their website, there's no reason giving shouldn't be chic!

        I've ordered the green one. Which one will you be ordering?

        Jergens Naturals Feel Fantastic Skincare Experience

        Right. You know how much I love Jergens naturals already. Especially this one:

        And given the option, I definitely prefer to feel Fantastic than not. So an opportunity to combine the two? And share the love with you lovely peeps too? Where do I sign up?! Actually, I already have - and you can do so right here on Beauty Mouth.

        Jergens launch their Feel Fantastic Skincare Experience next week - a nationwide campaign to find out what makes women feel great, inside and out. There's more to life than body moisturiser (allegedly, so I'm told). Things such as Health & Wellbeing, Money, Relationships and Fun & Recreation. Jergens will be giving out celebrity tips, answering questions and getting everyone involved on their facebook page.

        I have 24 bottles of Jergens Naturals to giveaway to you lovely soon-to-be-soft-skinned people so that you can experience it yourself and feedback on how you get on and how (hopefully) fantastic it makes your skin feel.

        • 'like' the Jergens page over on facebook
        • follow Beauty Mouth
        • leave a comment with a valid twitter id/email address
        That's it! Get cracking - your skin will thank you for it. Trust me!

          Maison Francis Kurkdjian Giveaway

          That's easy for you to say! Try 'Kurkjahn'. Well, fine, that's close enough...

          Francis Kurkdjian is one of the world's leading perfumers. If you like fragrance, you have undoubtably experienced some of his creations - among others he has worked with: Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace, Narciso Rodriguez, YSL, Lancaster, Kenzo, Arden, Escada, Dior and Aqua di Parma. Not too shabby. And he's younger than me. Swine.

          Aqua Universalis is his best selling fragrance -  suitable for both men and women, it's really light and wearable and perfect for the summer months.

          But that's not what I have as a giveaway. That would be too obvious. No dear readers, over here at Mouth Towers where I can do 5/6 loads of washing in a day without blinking - we like a laundry product. A lot. And I particularly love Kurkdjian's Aqua Universalis Washing Liquid.

          Now if, like me, you wait until your usual powder is on offer at the local supermarket and then bulk buy, you'll appreciate having something special to do your smalls in! And your bedding, and your...well,...up to you really but mine is kept well away from teenage jeans...they get the Ariel.

          If you fancy trying it for yourself all you have to do is follow Beauty Mouth and leave a comment below with a valid twitter id/email address. That's it. Lovely smelling bedding/knickers/jeans can be yours courtesy of the man himself.

          Good luck!
          • One winner
          • One prize
          • Giveaway ends Sunday 19th June

          Thursday, 9 June 2011

          Hidden Treasures

          I'm always asked about treatments/hair/tanning and where to go? etc so thought I'd start sharing some favourites as I remember or as I'm specifically asked...

          First up is an old school facialist who you need to seek out.

          Sally from West One Beauty is the kind of therapist you hope to find everywhere, but in this day and age of 'any little course makes you a trained therapist' is sadly not the case.

          No matter.

          Sally is old school and has the hands that only experience can give you. She also has absolutely no ego unlike some of the 'celeb' facialists out there these days AND doesn't charge more than a dermatologist for an appointment (don't get me started). Another score.

          She has two salons, the one above in Marylebone and another in Camden. She works out of both on alternate days.

          Go see her. You won't regret it.

          Highly recommended.

          West One Beauty

          Tuesday, 7 June 2011


          Hot off the presses comes details of a new way of doing sale for SpaceNK. Instead of it being held in stores they are taking over the Music Rooms on South Molton Lane in Central London for four days at the end of June.

          The sale officially starts at 8am on Thursday 23rd June and goes through till Saturday 25th June at 5pm. However, there is a special preview for N.dulge cardholders on Wednesday afternoon between 3-8pm.

          As you would expect there is the usual assortment of colour, skin, home and hair with special mentions to byTerry, Fekkai, Chantecaille, Laura Mercier, Shu Uemura , Sonia Kashuk and Stila!!

          I'll see you near the Fekkai. Back off - it's mine.

          And the Winners are.....!

          Many thanks for all your recent entries in both the Emma Hardie and Daniel Sandler Giveaways...

          I'm very happy to announce that the winners are:

          Daniel Sandler - Product Pixie 'Patron Saint of Blusher' made Daniel giggle...


          Emma Hardie - A unanimous ComputerGirl for this little gem:

          Emma is THE best name,
          I should know, we're one the same!
          Caroline is pretty cool too,
          Giving away good skin goo.

          Why do I need it? I'll tell you why,
          My skin is oily, my skin is dry,
          My skin is a wrinkly raisin fruit fly,
          My skin eats dirt, which makes it black,
          Yet clearing it up seems an impossible task.

          "Emma Hardie" Mrs Hirons says,
          "Will brighten up bad skin days".
          Beauty Mouth, well the girl never lies,
          and that is why I would like this grand prize!

          The poem wot I wrote ;)
          Enjoy :)
          Emma (Computergirl, not Hardie) x

          Congratulations Ladies!! - email me your addresses!