Monday, 25 July 2011

Liz Jones, anorexia and blame.

I'll keep it short and sweet.

In today's Daily Mail Liz Jones claims that if 'face creams really beat ageing, I wouldn't have had a facelift'.

Really Liz?

I think you'll find that if you had spent as much time, money and effort looking after yourself internally as you apparently did externally your situation would be very different. You have built a career in sharing the story of how miserable you are with your readers - including, crucially, your battle with anorexia.

photo courtesy of Daily Mail
Word to the wise - if you want your skin to look vibrant, healthy, nourished and joyful - you have to BE vibrant, healthy, nourished and joyful. None of which, I think you'll agree, you are known for.

Not to get too personal but I have seen you in the flesh (pre-op), you looked ill. Anorexic, miserable as sin, hagard and ill. I remember saying in my head 'Bloody hell no wonder she's so miserable - she clearly never eats, poor love.'

I suspect this is why you are so frequently nasty, cruel and judgemental to your fellow woman in your columns nearly every week. Your lack of self-love and confidence shines through for everyone - except apparently you - to see.

If going under the knife has made you happier, more confident - whatever, I'm happy for you, I really am. I'm not here to judge.

But I fear that unless that operation came with a therapist you're still going to be self-loathing and continue to starve yourself - and you know what? If you don't eat, that newly-pinched skin will soon start to slacken and look dull and be a reflection of what's going on inside.

I'm not saying the beauty industry isn't guilty of making outlandish claims, we all know it is.

But no cream or knife is going to make you look beautiful and radiant if you're dying inside. 

I wish you happiness and health, but for the love of God:

Feed yourself Liz. In more ways than one. Feed yourself.


  1. i get so annoyed with this sort of person... everything you have said i completely agree with, somehow i dont think she would take one word of it on board though :(

  2. Stands up, applauds, whoops a bit. And totally agrees with every word you say

  3. Totally agree.

    I really dislike Liz Jones for her articles though. The worst was an article about high street shopping where she went into shops like h&m and demanded they alter clothes to fit her size, and when they looked confused and said they didn't do alterations she got all pissed off and said it was shoddy service... Since when have h&m done alterations on the spot?! She also moaned about their manners but failed to say please or thank you and just demanded that the staff do everything for her.

    Considering her article "I'd rather be dead than fat" I can't see her getting help anytime soon. It's a shame what people do to their bodies but I understand that it's not as easy as just saying "Ok, I'm going to be healthy". So I do hope she gets help, but sadly I can't see it happening. xo

  4. Just what i was thinking!! great post xx

  5. Very nicely said! Happy birthday Caroline! xxx

  6. Brilliant! Absolutely!
    Is it your birthday? Woop! Have a good one :) xx

  7. Should they even let this woman have a column? shes clearly deranged xxx

  8. Hello Beauty Mouth,
    I am the same age as Liz Jones
    i would never tell anyone not to have cosmetic procedures,it's their choice.But some simple things like eat well,stay out of the sun or high protection sunfactor,yes a good skin care routine,and be happy with yor lot joy shildrick

  9. Clap, clap, clap. That miserable old trollop gets on my nerves. She is always so negative and bleating on about her woes, her badly her ex treated her and slagging other people off. She needs therapy!

  10. Well said, when I'm not rolling my eyes or shouting at my screen, I do feel quite sorry for her as she's obviously unhappy.