Friday, 19 August 2011

FOUR London - Review

Aah my hair. My over-processed-refuses-to-get-it-cut hair. My grey-since-the-age-of-19 hair.

Over the last year or so people had stopped saying 'oh your hair looks nice..' and started saying 'have you done something to your hair?' for which read: 'You hair looks odd/hideous/strange?'
My husband took to calling me a badger. Tres charmant.

My regular hairdresser of the last few years does his best bless him (love you Paul) - but he's faced with me every month saying 'No. that's not what I want - do this.' 'No. It doesn't need cutting.' 'No, you don't understand - I WANT it dark at the front and stripey on top.' I know he utterly despairs of me.

So when FOUR London offered to take me in hand I figured I would stop channelling Daphne Guinness on crack and go and see some colour professionals.

You know when someone really wants to say something like 'JESUS!' but they just say 'Okaaayyyyyy. Let's take a look.' That would be the lovely Charlie from FOUR.

The four Ladies from FOUR. Charlie on the right. Don't be fooled by the pretty face. She takes no prisoners.
Despite being booked in for highlights and a quick blow dry I ended up having a complete colour change. A total stripped-back-to-basics colour change. A five-hours-in-the-chair colour change. Numb bum anyone?

SO worth a numb bum. Have a look for yourself:

Much calmer, less two-toned, the colour is now more fluid throughout.

FOUR London is the brainchild of four friends who all met when they worked at Jo Hansford.They have over 40 years experience between them and it shows. During their career at Jo Hansford, as ambassadors for the salon, they travelled worldwide educating other hairdressers in the art of colour correction and highlight placement techniques.
They are basically - Specialists. Hardcore Specialists.

Whether your hair needs help, you're thinking of going into colour for the first time or are looking for a change - I can highly recommend FOUR. The salon is remarkably calm and relaxing, the teams are all at the top of their game and the results - for me - were exactly what I needed.

FOUR London is at:
62 Conduit Street, London W1S 2GB
For appointments call 0207 297 9600

*small print -  I was invited as a guest of FOUR London.


  1. @Georgiegirl198519 August 2011 at 11:46

    Oh my God. Your hair is GORGEOUS!

  2. This makes me even more eager to book in!!! At first I felt I need to wait until it had been enough time since my last colour to "justify" getting it done again and then it was ensuring it was past payday so I could actually afford getting my hair dyed! Now it's just finding the the time!

    Your hair looks beautiful!


  3. Your hair looks lovely, the style is nice too.

    Four looks super-swish, the facade is gorgeous.

  4. LOVE that you've tagged this post with Simon le Bon. And the hair looks gorge x

  5. you look amazing, i am so jealous of your hair, it looks in great condition :D

  6. I am currently sporting a donut and a hair net, and I was quite happy with that look until I saw your post, I am now in a deep depression. This is what I have always wanted for my hair but never achieved, glorious and very sexy. Jan x

  7. The colour is FABULOUS. Love the cut too. If I was a hair stylist/colourist you would TERRIFY me.

  8. Wowee! Your hair looks amazing! I adore the colour, I'm not brave enough to change my colour although I would love to, the length and volume all look perfect.

  9. Oooh, your hair looks AMAZING! I love the ombre effect <3 I'm going to the hairdressers' on Wednesday and this has totally inspired me :)

  10. Ah wow, your hair looks amazing! :) xx