Thursday, 6 October 2011

Kate Spade stationery and accessories

As well as skincare/fragrance/make-up etc - amongst my other loves (obsessions) are music, accessories and stationery.
Yes stationery. Sigh. A new pen delivery in Ryman is enough to send me over the edge. Smythson brings me out in hives. And the new Kate Spade store in Sloane Square is my new crack den. I first came across Kate Spade 'paper' as she calls it - on a trip to New York a few years ago. I love it. Like LOVE IT. It's cute, stylish, pink (helloooo?) and simply exquisite..
I've been in a few times since the store opened and have so far come away with this little lot....

Safari Suite Pads
 And erm... this..

The Short List Pad. Has replaced my trusty Muji.

And then. Well. I was honestly just walking by said store but it calls to me like a frigging homing beacon so I JUST POPPED IN.

And bought this little treasure...

iPad cover

Kate Spade. Je t'aime.

Seriously. If stationery fills you with joy. GET. TO. IT.

Kate Spade's crack den is at 2 Symons Street, London SW3 2TJ. If you're not in London get your fix here.

Fine print;
I paid for all of the above. And then some. No-one tells the husband - ok?

P.S. - don't even get me started on her books...
*has the full collection*


  1. Haha gorgeous stuff. Would love to visit that shop but will have to settle with online!
    Nic x

  2. This made me feel very excited! I've never got over my childhood stationary obsession. Love the iPad cover. I'm wondering how much you paid for this little lot...

  3. i love stationary too, i could spend hours in paperchase :D

  4. I love that iPad cover and did I spy a matching laptop one?!

  5. LOL I thought I was crazy for my love for stationary - Glad I am not alone! :)

  6. Yes Miss Modesty it is indeed a laptop cover to match! :)
    Laura the notepads were £12 for 3 - the Short List was about £7 and the ipad cover £40.

  7. I love everything but especially the short list!

  8. It's StationEry, girls...not StationAry!
    Stationary means staying still, not mobile--like a stationary bike.

    Stationery means writing paper.