Friday, 11 November 2011

New Fragrance for 2012 - Vivienne Westwood and Vera Wang

Last week I had a sneak preview of new fragrances for Valentine's Day - the two stand out ones for me being Cheeky Alice from Vivienne Westwood and Vera Wang's Princess Night.

Cheeky Alice is a follow-on from Naughty Alice and although is made of lily of the valley, rose and peony has a definite undercurrent of something altogether sexier and heavier. Perfect for Spring.
Prices start at £32.00 and it is on counter 1st February 2012.
I was working in Harvey Nichols when the original Westwood fragrance launched. Amongst the madness of queues a lovely Japanese gentleman approached me and said 'Excuse me - you have Vagina Westwing?!' Haven't looked at her the same way since.

Being unable to afford a Vera Wang dress I'll have to settle for a fragrance - which on reflection, is what clever marketing teams hope we all do with every launch. And also why famous faces make more money from fragrance than anything else.
That aside, I LOVE this fragrance. Its like a spicy fruit compote (and you thought I couldn't review fragrance! Pah!) with raspberry, watermelon, jasmine, spicy orange and the two killers - musk and vanilla. And a word about the bottle - completely encrusted and heavyheavyheavy. Love.
Prices start at £32.00 and it's on counter from 11th January.


  1. Loving the sound of Princess and intrigued by the bottle... the crown is so cute but the bottle looks a bit rugged. Can't decide if love or hate - must stroke in person. ;)

    Nic x

  2. Very much liking the sound of the Cheeky Alice, not sure about the Vera Wang but love that bottle! x

  3. i like heavy bottles, i like glass bottles, plastic puts me off, i think im a packaging snob... loved your anecdote :D

  4. Oh my, I am loving the ad campaign for Cheeky Alice! And I'm not really into super girly scents but I really liked Princess. (For some reason I seem to think that Vera Wang Princess' range are for the younger girls? I could be wrong but it seems to be with the whole "fairy-tale" marketing). Look forward to trying it out, thanks for sharing :)

    xx Renee

  5. I love the packaging for the vera wang perfume! I dont think I have seen glitter on a perfume bottle before. The only annoying thing would be is that you wouldnt be able to see how much perfume you had left. The vivienne westwood displays look lovely too :D


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