Sunday, 15 January 2012

Paris - L'Opera

I went to Paris last Friday for work meetings and with an hour to kill between meetings I decided that instead of walking around L'Opera and ignoring it completely - as I have done for over 10 years - the shame - why not actually do a little sight-seeing?

So for a very brief diversion from skincare and the like - just cast your eye over these.......

Le sigh......

More over on Picture Heavy Post....


  1. Wow. So pretty. Put it on my to visit' list :) xx

  2. And where exactly do we find L'Opera? I need to go and take all of that in, in real life. Actually can you be my tourist guide when I do visit Paris?

    1. It's right in the heart of Paris - just a walk up from the Louvre. And of course I will! :)

  3. Gorgeous Chagall on ceiling and did u know there is a natuural lake underneath the building that the divers from Sapeurs Pompiers use to train in!

  4. Gorgeous Chagall ceiling. Also there is a natural lake underneath where the divers from Sapeurs Pompiers train!

  5. oh how i do love paris :D

  6. Your pictures of L'Opera in Paris makes me wanna pack my things and go back to that majestic country. I miss Paris now.. :)