Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Kim Kardashian - and those eyebrows

Everyone has an opinion about KK. The TV show, THAT wedding, the mother, the sisters, the unspeakably tall soon-to-be ex-husband (she never should have married him - SO RUDE) the hysterically funny needs-his-own-show Scott Disick - all of them. Whatever.
That's not what I'm interested in.
I believe she is working on her make-up line as we speak.
Very sensible and obvious business move - the Pixiwoo KK tutorial has been viewed 1.3 million times.
There's a demand.

Know what I want from the Kardashians? A Brow Kit. Never in the history of telly has one family done so much for brows.

Just sayin. That's it. Brow Kit please.

Normal service will resume - don't worry - just having a KK moment.

Oh. And. PS. I like the perfume. Bite me.

Starflower Oil and Breast Pain

In the last couple of months I've had increasingly horrible breast pain before and during periods. Although they are tender in between monthly cycles, its really when I'm in PMS mode that they go in to overdrive.

If you've ever breast fed it's worse than the' let-down' pain and if you haven't - it feels like my breast is literally going to explode with pain. To the point where you remove your bra and yelp in pain, then walk around cradling said breast like it's a little bird fallen out of its nest. Not nice.

After a plea on twitter I was reminded about the use of Starflower Oil in treatment of breast pain - and thank GOD I was.

I've been taking 2000mg a day - one in the morning and one in the evening - and the pain is all but subsided in between cycles. The real test will be when I'm closer to my period but for now - I'm a happy pain-free bunny.

Lamberts are usually my supplement of choice. I get them direct from the Lamberts site but they are widely available including through Victoria Health.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Frederic Fekkai - Some faves

Totally gratuitous picture of the quite-frankly-all-too-handsome Mr Fekkai
I've been using Frederic Fekkai products on and off for over 10 years.  I first tried them when they were the amenity of choice in a hotel I was staying in. I fell in love with the Technician Range and the Shea Butter Body products on the spot. 
Fekkai have enjoyed huge success since those days and the selling of the company to P&G in early 2008 saw the expected influx of cash to the range - and meant that the brand could branch out and offer amongst other things, supersizes of the products - which predictably I am slightly addicted to.

Although the body products are STILL NOT AVAILABLE in the UK (WHY??) except through dodgy grey market sites that I wouldn't touch with a barge pole - these are - and they rock.

The Essential Shea range is the one I've been using lately - it's perfect for this weather that can never seem to make its mind up and hair that behaves the same way. It's also the only way I can get a hit of the gorgeous smell in the absence of the body products.

However, taking a look at my 'hair box' of products that I have on hand for everyday use - this little beauty is what I have used consistently over the years:
The Brilliant Glossing Cream just works for me. No matter what I attempt to do to my hair. It smooths frizz when I wear it down, defines curl, sleeks the straightened hair and is THE product for any kind of up-do or bun - which I tend to rely on a little too often to get me through a day full of meetings. A little goes a really long way, do be careful not to be too heavy handed. 
I am always trying other products and it's not the only thing I use - but it's consistent. 

Fekkai is available pretty much everywhere from ASOS to onliners to SpaceNK. 

Go and have a play. Tis lovely.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise - Me

I seem to always be talking about or recommending the same products recently so I thought I would mix it up a little - and take blatant advantage of my friends in the industry and fellow bloggers by asking them what THEY use to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. It will be either their all-time favourites or their current routine. And I'll be asking across all ages, ethnicities and skin types.

Before I get going with my guests choices, I thought I would, for the record, give you my Desert Island Three.


OK no surprises here. I know I recommend it to pretty much everyone - but I genuinely use it every single day and panic if I'm nearing the end of the pot without a replacement to hand. I won't go into detail because if you read this blog regularly you'll know it all.

Emma Hardie. End of.


One of my very first blog posts was about Biologique Recherche and the power of their P50.

In all honesty it's not a toner - the term 'toner' is just too outdated now - this is a surface exfoliating treatment (my words!) for prepping the skin to receive serums/moisturisers etc. So it's used at the toner stage, but to compare this to your typical 'toner' is like comparing a Rolls Royce to a rickshaw.


OK I can't possibly pick one moisturiser for all-time. It's the one thing you need to change as regularly as your choice of coat and so for that reason I'm listing my current favourites for day and night.


Yes it's Doctor P again. The Hypoallergenic Nourishing Moisturiser is part of the new range for sensitive skin and I have to say - it rocks. The texture is thick and luxurious but it absorbs beautifully and leaves the skin comfortable, not greasy or tacky. Love.


I wasn't going to split it into two but I always - always use a different product at night and recently it's been this gorgeous oil from Vaishaly. In light of recent comments on the Clinic posts - it seems a lot of you are still very cautious about using an oil on an oily skin.  Please let me reassure you by saying: HOGWASH. This oil is specifically for Normal/Combination and I use it safely without it bringing up any cystic acne bumps.
It glides on beautifully, absorbs nicely and leaves the skin with an amazing glow. it also has that 'spa smell' that you only seem to get these days from facialist brands. Bliss.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Clinic on Thursday - Clinic is Closed.


Morning All!

The Clinic is open!

Just some things that may make it easier for me to help you:

If you have a really bad skin condition please do try and put a link to a picture. If you're too embarrassed you can email it and I am happy to look at it privately. Whatever works for you - its just so much easier if I can see the problem.

I've had a lot of questions over the last few weeks about dehydration, large pores and red, sore skin. If your concern sounds similar it may be worth you reading the comments from previous weeks.

I will give it one more week and then do an F.A.Q. - there seems to be a lot of you with similar problems so it may help.

That's all!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

DJV Beautenizer Mascara

Just a quick one for the middle of the week! I was recently sent these mascaras - which turn out to be the best selling mascara brand in Japan - and MYGOD are they brilliant.

I've tried them both and each time I wear either of them I am complimented on my lashes. I was asked by people who know me well - including my own mother - if I had extensions in.

They are £18.00 each from Cult Beauty and more than live up to the industry favourites from the bigwigs such as Dior and YSL.

Which the obvious exception of the applicators, I didn't really see a difference in performance between the two. I think I prefer the Volume Lash because the brush is especially short - something which most brands don't realise makes application SO. MUCH. EASIER.

If you can't afford/can't be bothered with extensions - these are the next best thing.

Taking a stand against Photoshop.

Following my post below on the still-can't-quite-believe-how-horrific-it-is photoshop job executed on Zooey Deschanel by Rimmel - I was contacted by Collin Resultime, who have featured previously on this site with their fabulous Collagen Gel .

In their most recent campaign for 2012 'We Believe', Collin are taking a stand and using real women in their images instead of picture perfect face models. 

So confident are they in the results customers will achieve using their products, they are putting them out there - six women across all decades - lines and all, for us to judge for ourselves.

Now, I know it has been done before - and time will tell if their next campaign follows suit, but for now, let us enjoy a real face, on a real woman, which, although I can still see some light photoshopping, I am assuming is recognisable as herself to those who know her. Unlike poor Zooey, the Stepford Duck Face Wife. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

The Horror of Photoshop

Dear Rimmel.

Zooey Deschanel is absolutely gorgeous. I imagine one of the reasons you wanted her as one of your 'faces' is  that we girls see her as 'one of us'. 

What in the name of PLASTIC is this horror??

Source - Rimmel ads - horribly altered by a Stepford Wife loving robot.


A horrified consumer of your products.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Clinic Answers

Hi Everyone!

As I'm visiting Mama Mouth for half term - the Clinic questions will be answered by Sunday this week.

Thanks for your patience and for your support of the Clinic. :)

Clinic on Thursday - Clinic is Closed.

Clinic is open for business! 

Remember that the more info you can give me, the better detailed, specific-to-you response I can give.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Clinic on Thursday - Clinic is Closed.

Thank you for the amazing response last week!

The Clinic is OPEN!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Beauty News Round-up

This week's round-up - starting with...

  • Stop the Press! Next Friday - 10th, Emma Watson - Hermione herself, is doing a P.A. in Selfridges as part of her role as Lancome Ambassador and Face of the brand. She's there to launch her new collection of lipsticks and nail polishes called Rouge in Love and Vernis in Love respectively. Prepare to be squashed to death by screaming Harry Potter fans.
    Selfridges Oxford Street - 4.30pm. Friday 10th February.

  • Origins launch Youthtopia Lift today. Designed to help skins affected by stress, age, fatigue and lack of hyaluronic acid (moi) - it uses Commiphora Mukul - a key plant ingredient used in ayurvedic medicine for over 3000 years. 92% of their testers said their skin was 'lifted and firmer'. That'll do.
    My favourite part of Origins packaging? This bit:
    Origins products are formulated WITHOUT:
    Parabens  ● Phthalates  ● Propylene Glycol  ● Mineral Oil  ● PABA  ● Petrolatum
    Paraffin ● DEA ● Animal Ingredients (except cruelty-free honey and beeswax)
    Doesn't it look nice to see that? Youthtopia is £48.00.

  • Deborah Mitchell launches her Eye version of her infamous Bee Venom Mask exclusively through NutriBeauty this week, priced at £55.00. A natural alternative to botox - she has taken the 'sting' part of the mask and added river silt - rich in  minerals, enzymes and marine collagen to feed, firm, tighten and rejuvenate. I kinda need that all over.
  • The stunning cologne 4711 is sponsoring Matthew Williamson at LFW 2012. Frankly it's about time this unisex cult classic was put in front of people in a more pro-active manner. Never smelt it? It's citrus-y, think James Bond wears Aqua di Parma.
    Interesting sidebar: this is the first time I've linked to a wikipedia page for a product. Told you it was a classic.
  • Also launching is Wild - a bright, bold and fresh initiative proving that Fair Trade doesn't have to be brown, dull and drab. Taking oils directly from ethically sourced and sustained suppliers from Africa, they have beautiful body butters and soaps that won't break the bank and make great gifts.
  • Speaking of Africa - this week pureDKNY launch their latest collaboration with CARE International - an organisation that aims to empower and lift women out of global poverty. *stands up, claps*
    A Drop Of Verbena not only donates £1.00 per bottle to CARE, it sources the verbena directly from farmers in Togo to help sustain the local community. Can I get an AMEN?
    Watch this video featuring the face of DKNY Angela Lindvall for more info about the work DKNY are doing with CARE.

Good work DK peeps.

  • Fast on the heels of RapidLash comes RapidBrow - the gift from the Gods for over-pluckers everywhere.

  • Your eyebrows are the coat hangers for your face - if yours look like old wire hangers from the dry cleaners instead of sturdy fabulous wooden ones from Peter Jones haberdashery department (trust me), you may wanna look this up. Exclusive to Boots - £37.00
  • Dove Spa have launched their Real Local Beauty campaign. Open to all ages and sizes you can nominate a friend or enter yourself if you fancy your chances. Prizes of up to £250 are on offer along with the chance to appear in their advertising campaigns and in the windows of Dove Spas across the country.  To enter email realbeauty@dovespa.co.uk. Entries close 17th Feb.
  • Can we all take a minute to bow before the altar of NARS and these gorgeous previously-exclusive-to-Selfridges-now-in-SpaceNK new glosses?  He's basically giving us a super-pigmented-crack-version of his original glosses in THE most amazing, bright, beautiful colours. I suggest you go now and investigate Norma - pictured above. No I don't suggest, I HIGHLY suggest. £19.00

  • Speaking of bowing, my old favourite Doctor P as usual, is at the forefront of his game and has released a Hypoallergenic Collection for those of us with sensitive skin - for whatever reason. I love this man and I trust him implicitly. No he's not cheap, but if you want cheap I suggest you go and use something for £2.00 on 3 for 2 in Boots and come back to me when your face is falling off. Yeah. That's what I thought.
    Starting with a cleanser, eye cream, peptide complex and moisturiser it is priced between £34 and £80 and is available online and on Perricone counters. Review to follow.
  • Coach launched its latest fragrance - Poppy this week. Fruity and floral, it's the perfect escape as we get SNOW forecast. Priced from £29.00 at Debenhams, Harrods and selected stockists.

  • Balance Me launch their skincare Try-Me kit on QVC on Sunday 5th at 6pm and 10pm. Priced at £22.50 it contains trial sizes of both cleansers, Radiance Face Oil, Moisture-Rich Face Cream, Wonder Eye Cream and Stellar Face Balm. Tune in at 6pm - it's bound to sell out.

  • And finally - be careful what you wish for. Stila launching online with SpaceNK in March. HELL YEAH!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Clinic on Thursday - Clinic is Closed.

Ok here's the thing: I'm stupid busy at the moment. All for amazing reasons - but still - ridiculously busy.
After kids, hubby, parents, 12 clients and growing, Give and Makeup, B.I.T.E. and learning to drive (because I clearly don't have enough on my plate), I have Beauty Mouth. 
I have such a vast array of products waiting to be blogged about - and treatments - and places etc etc that I got a little overwhelmed at Christmas and took down my 'Ask the Mouth' page because I couldn't get back to people in a reasonable time.

But two things happened:
1, I really missed answering all your questions - I love the feeling that something I'm saying might actually help someone with a skin-related problem that really gets them down/frustrates them.
2, It didn't stop the emails - or the questions from people when I bumped into them.. 'Ooh I meant to ask you.. what did you say was great for...' etc

So I thought I'd try this. Every Thursday I'll have an all-day Clinic. Just leave your question in the comments and I'll get back to you the same day/Friday at a push.

It may work, it may not, but it's worth a go yes?

It may be a quick product Q or an emergency skin Q - or something that you've always wondered about but were too embarrassed to ask (feel free to be anonymous).

Whichever...let's give it a go.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Aesop New Store Opening

Earlier in January I was invited to the opening of the latest addition to Aesop store outlets in London. 

Situated in Lexington Street bang in the middle of Soho, as with all Aesop stores, it is a visual feast. Staying true to their modern, fresh and relevant ethos the simple yet sophisticated products are displayed beautifully while still inviting you in to sample and touch them. I'll be reviewing some of the latest Aesop products shortly but in the meantime - feast your eyes on these and drop in for yourself if you're in the area. Lovely.

Aesop is at 41 Lexington Street, W1.