Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Kim Kardashian - and those eyebrows

Everyone has an opinion about KK. The TV show, THAT wedding, the mother, the sisters, the unspeakably tall soon-to-be ex-husband (she never should have married him - SO RUDE) the hysterically funny needs-his-own-show Scott Disick - all of them. Whatever.
That's not what I'm interested in.
I believe she is working on her make-up line as we speak.
Very sensible and obvious business move - the Pixiwoo KK tutorial has been viewed 1.3 million times.
There's a demand.

Know what I want from the Kardashians? A Brow Kit. Never in the history of telly has one family done so much for brows.

Just sayin. That's it. Brow Kit please.

Normal service will resume - don't worry - just having a KK moment.

Oh. And. PS. I like the perfume. Bite me.


  1. Hmmm they're hairy though, so they had great brow hair to start off with, before they were threaded, w\xed and groomed to perfection. YOU have great brow hair - not saying you're hairy btw LOL

    A brow kit will do sweet FA if the user doesn't know how to use it properly - and if they do, then they're better off just buying one the kits already on the market. I'm surprised Kim hasn't already launched a make up line actually, she should have done that before her (crap) perfume. It'll sell like crazy!

  2. The thing about Disick is I really fancy him, but he's so Bale in American Psycho it's not funny. Plus, he's a bit of a dick. No, a MASSIVE dick, so I find it hard to justify my crush. He's my ultimate guilty pleasure.

    As for KK and the rest of the K Klan: UGH.

    I will not be purchasing their wares.

  3. How dare I fail to comment on The Disick! Let's email E! and tweet Ryan Seacrest and demand that he get his own show! If Scott had his own show I would watch it all day, who needs those three sisterly non-entities?!! LOVE Scotty-baby!! LOL

  4. HD Brows is the answer ladies, trust me...:)

  5. I must be missing something here but Scott Disick makes me want to throw stuff at my tv. Can't abide him. KK's brows are lovely, along with the rest of her face which interestingly bears no resemblance whatsoever to the face she had a few years ago. Oh to have the money to have the work.

  6. DIY brow kit: tweezers, nail scissors and a good brow pencil are all you need. My big brows have been a work in progress most of my life.

    Only tweeze from underneath- and be RESTRAINED!

    Push up hairs in the opposite direction to how they grow and cut long hairs in half with the nail scissors.

    Enhance brows with a pencil (as close to your natural shade as possible- maybe half a tone darker- to avoid The Frida Kahlo/Marx Brothers look)- I love the Shisedo

    PS saw the Kardashians on tv once- felt like taking a bath after all that fakery, insincerity and greed!

  7. Love the Kardashians, hysterical show to watch. But yes, she and her brows are gorgeous. I get my brows threaded, they look perfect now.

  8. I'm also a secret lover of Kim, I even read the Daily Mail online to get my fix. Shhh!