Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Starflower Oil and Breast Pain

In the last couple of months I've had increasingly horrible breast pain before and during periods. Although they are tender in between monthly cycles, its really when I'm in PMS mode that they go in to overdrive.

If you've ever breast fed it's worse than the' let-down' pain and if you haven't - it feels like my breast is literally going to explode with pain. To the point where you remove your bra and yelp in pain, then walk around cradling said breast like it's a little bird fallen out of its nest. Not nice.

After a plea on twitter I was reminded about the use of Starflower Oil in treatment of breast pain - and thank GOD I was.

I've been taking 2000mg a day - one in the morning and one in the evening - and the pain is all but subsided in between cycles. The real test will be when I'm closer to my period but for now - I'm a happy pain-free bunny.

Lamberts are usually my supplement of choice. I get them direct from the Lamberts site but they are widely available including through Victoria Health.


  1. Oh wow have to get me some if this! Was literally woken by the pain last night. It's awful :( it's rare for me to get it badly but when I do it's hard to soothe xx

  2. Thank you so much, I had just assumed that mega-sore boobs was just one of those things you had to put up with, I had no idea you could do anything to help it.

  3. I find Evening Primrose Oil an absolute lifesaver - not just for great pain but the accompanying psychotic mood swings. My other half calls them my "anti-bitch tablets".

    I find keeping a record helps (my cycles is a useful app). That way you remember what's normal for you, which helps when you feel it's time to see a professional.

    I think I'll upgrade to the Starflower Oil as it looks to be stronger ...

  4. I SO have to take my own advice!! It's really not been too bad post babies but the last few months have seen a resurgence in the PMS department and the yelp of pain and bolder cradling reached crisis point a couple of days a go. I will be a good girl and go buy some! x

  5. I've never had much luck with herbals for PMS relief and medical opinion seems to continually change on what is or isn't effective. In the end I got an Rx for a diuretic and find that helps a lot. It would help if over the counter PMS products like Pamprin, which works like a dream, was available here in the U.K. I was nearly in a panic after moving here from Canada and discovering not only was it or anything like not for sale here, but the pharmacists I spoke to had never even heard of it. I get it shipped over from an online pharmacy back home in Ontario. It's worth every penny!