Thursday, 29 March 2012

Clinic on Thursday

Hi All,

So the Clinic is open - last week's was the most popular yet - and I am still writing replies to further questions one week later. I'm thrilled you have found it useful.

This is the last Clinic before Easter. I'm taking next Thursday (Maundy Thursday) off. The next Clinic won't be until 12th April. 

So if you've got a question - get it in! 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sunscreen - London Makeup Girl

For those of you who constantly ask about SPF and the variable types available - I have previously recommended asking Grace from London Makeup Girl - she (unlike my good self) has a healthy obsession with sunscreen and is a font of knowledge on the subject.

Well you're in luck - she has just posted an amazing guide on SPF along with reviews of ones she has tried. Go read it - and listen to her. She knows her sunscreen shizzle. 

Monday, 26 March 2012


Something else new to the UK market this month and from the home of Nanoblur and Snoxin - Peptalash promises what it says on the box - Longer, Thicker and Fuller lashes.

I'm someone who can't have lash extensions in all the time - it would drive me crazy not being able to cleanse my face properly every day (you can't put oil anywhere near the extensions as it dissolves the glue - not great when you're obsessed with oil cleansing) - so this, if it works, will be very welcome.

It uses three peptides - presumably one for each claim on the box. Its extremely easy to use - one swipe across the upper and lower lashes in the am and pm. I am happy to report that so far, there is zero irritation on the eyes at all.

Fingers crossed Peptalash!

Available from Boots nationwide.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Jo Malone for the Home.

If you have ever sprayed a little Lime, Basil and Mandarin in the room to give it a spruce (coughs), you'll be as happy as I was to see these lovely additions to the Jo Malone range launching in April.

The Scent Surround Collection is a new addition to Jo Malone Home and initially launches with four products, these first two of which are Limited Editions.

Drawer Liners in Lime, Basil & Mandarin - £30.00

Scent Surround Sachets in Lime, Basil & Mandarin - £20

Diffusers - available in Red Roses, LBM and Pomegranate Noir - £45.00

Room Sprays - Red Roses, LBM and Pomegranate Noir - £34

I've always thought Jo Malone was the best example of what brilliant things can happen when independent companies are merged with corporate backing. I think Lauder have really taken care of the Jo Malone brand and I'm glad they're still moving forward with and continuing to build on what was in its original form, a brilliant British brand.

My tip - The Limited Edition Sachets are divine - and as always with JM - perfect gifts.

All are on sale in April through Jo Malone outlets.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Erno Laszlo Launch

I don't usually post about events, but the relaunch of Erno Laszlo was really well done and I am genuinely excited about the products to come. Held at the Media Suite in 45 Park Lane - it captured perfectly old Hollywood glamour and showcased the new Hollywood Collection in apt surroundings..

Erno Laszlo was a Hungarian dermatologist who was the first in the industry to formulate sunscreen in skincare, use water based products for oily skins, use products with a PH balance, develop skincare for men and teens and prescribe personalised skincare - rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

In 1937 Dr Laszlo moved to Hollywood where for the next 30 years he tended to the skins of the biggest stars of the generation - and possibly the biggest stars in cinematic history.

For the relaunch into the UK market, the initial 5 products are all based around his clients over the years.

Ava, Marilyn, Grace, Greta and Katharine are all immortalized in everything from eye cream to brightening gel primers.

I don't know about you but I am all for bringing back a ritual, routine and glamour in a world gone mad for BB cream....(don't get me started)

I'm trying a couple of the products and will feed back once I've given them a good go - but first impressions are good.

Marilyn Monroe's original set of Laszlo

All Hail the return of the King.

Erno Laszlo is available exclusively from Harrods in April.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Emma Hardie - QVC Anniversary Show - Picture Heavy!

Earlier this month I was invited to take a little photographic Behind-The-Scenes Diary of Emma Hardie's Anniversary Show on QVC.

A few of the shots are below

Prep and Makeup!

There's always one.

This: people, is the REAL Emma Hardie

Team Hardie

The long walk to the Studio.

A completely deserted QVC!

Products prepped and ready to go

Producer, Director, Presenter, Guest

Getting ready

Five seconds to go
Anndddd we're off!

Someone call Security - who are those two women gatecrashing the jewellery set??
And we're done!

Thank you for having me Ladies.

Things I'm Loving..... Revlon Colour Burst - Tutti Frutti

Just a quick one - these Revlon Lip Butters have just hit the shelves - although I hear they didn't stay on them for long - and I can understand why. They come in 700 colours - ok, 14, but still..

This one, Tutti Frutti - is such a gorgeous bright pop of orangey/coral that it's an absolute must-have for Spring and Summer. Admittedly, you need to have the right skintone but if you do - it rocks.

As an aside - it is THE perfect ally for Nars Orgasm blush. Just so you know.

In larger Boots now - but currently sold out online. Sorry!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Clinic on Thursday - Clinic is Closed.

Morning All. The Clinic is open!

I just want to say Thank You for the success of this regular Thursday spot.  So many of you have emailed, tweeted and left comments letting me know how much your skin has improved - I'm so pleased it has proved helpful.
I have also gained a large number of new readers - unexpected, but a lovely bonus. I hope you enjoy reading through the archives and something proves helpful to you also.

So this week's Clinic:

I look forward to your questions - but please: stop obsessing - your pores are not that big! HONEST!! :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Jo Malone Bath Oil - an Apology!

I was out scouting for a pressie earlier this month for my girlfriend that I KNOW is obsessed with the above. I didn't want to enable her as traditionally (in the old days) this was mineral oil based and I didn't want her channelling the BP disaster when she was trying to bathe. Grim. Vile. *shivers, moves on*


I reluctantly picked up the bottle - I habitually spin to the ingredients label - I don't read the selling blimph on the front..and low and behold:

the main ingredient is...


*CHEERS* Jo Malone. Congrats. Job well done. *adds back to list of possible presents*

P.S. - you'd never KNOW it wasn't mineral oil as Jo Malone don't list their full ingredients on their site - so technically, my ignorance was not my fault.... :)

Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise - Luke Stephens

The lovely Luke and I have known each other for quite a few years - he's old school SpaceNK. There's a large group of us prowling the country at any given time, but we're not all allowed out together due to Health and Safety reasons.
Luke is a fully trained make-up artist extraordinaire who writes for Who's Jack and also has his own lovely new blog called The Beauty Press.

Without further ado:

Cleanser - Rodial Glamtox Cleanser 

I like it because even though I'm not a make up wearer, it really does seem to make my skin feel really clean without stripping it and making it all dry like most other men's face washes. I also like the fruity smell.

No toner as such (I don't believe in them) <--- (sigh - BM) but I have to say I really like Laura Mercier's Multi Vitamin Serum am/pm. 
Smells like chocolate orange, and really does give my skin a clean bright, even finish. I notice the difference if I don't use it.  

Moisturiser - I change all the time, but generally I go for something in it that has a good spf. ie one I can feel in it. At the moment, I am really liking the Dermalogica Daily Defense Block SPF 15. Just rich enough, and feels like the SPF is fairly stable enough for it to be doing at least something. 

At night, I have fallen in love with ElemisTri-Enzyme Night Cream. It's not too heavy, skin feels smoother even shortly after applying and in the morning. Not wild about the smell, but it really does seem to do the job.

Thank you Luke!

Net week: @productpixie

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The perfect Thalgo, Aveda and Elemis bath.

My steamy Sunday. 

In the same vein as the supplement post from yesterday - I've been meaning to write about my perfect bath for a while. As it was Mother's Day this past Sunday (in the UK) I took the time for one of my' mega baths'.  This basically involves me throwing all manner of products into a huge boiling bath (yes I know all about broken veins on my legs - I could give a rats arse) and laying in it for as long as possible - well, until I get bored or too shrivelled.

Above is what I used this week. The picture looks out of focus - its not - that's steam from said bath...!

Working from right to left:

Aveda Stress-Fix Soaking Salts - these are not actually released until April. I was lucky enough to get a sample pre-sale and they are SO lovely. Aveda's first Eco Cert endorsed range, Stress Fix is scented with lavender and clary sage. As soon as it hits the water the scent explodes around the room - it's lovely, not too lavender-y, just really fresh and relaxing. This is a mixture of sugar and salt - so it gently exfoliates while also de-stressing. The range also has a body lotion, pure-fume roller ball and Stress Fix treatments will be launching in their treatment rooms simultaneously. As per usual Aveda, job well done.

Thalgo Thalassobath with Algae - this is for those of us that enjoy bathing in what quite literally, is the sea. It's 76% sea salts and 24% fresh algae. Be warned: it smells of the sea - it's strong, sludgey (yes that is a word) and you will have to wash your bath (properly) afterwards. SO worth it though. Bits of the sea floating in the bath - I recommend standing up and showering afterwards. Otherwise you have green sludge on you when you are applying body creams. I'm really selling it here aren't I?!
Seriously - recommended.

Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak - This beauty has been on this blog before and was the first recipient in my Hall of Fame. It still stands alone as the best muscle soak out there. I add this last as it has a mild soap base and thus cuts through the tiny bit of oil in the Aveda. Also: blows your nostrils out of your head.
Can't recommend enough. That is all.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Spotlight on Supplements

I've been asked  a lot recently about supplements - what I would recommend and what I take myself. So when I was getting everything out this morning I thought I'd grab a quick picture and show you my current routine.

Left to Right:

Floradix - I've waxed lyrical about Floradix on here before. I was first put on Floradix 21 years ago by my midwife during my first pregnancy. I have Thalassaemia Trait which means I am permanently anaemic. When I'm pregnant or having my period its obviously worse. This single-handedly raised my HB levels 3 points. that is NO mean feat. I highly recommend this to anyone who has heavy periods, is low on energy, anaemic, pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you are anaemic, or suspect you might be, ask your doctor for a blood test (while we still have an NHS). It's your right.

Beauty Works West YOUTH - I started taking these when they launched last year and I was working on a  project with BWW. They are essentially a brilliant blend of amino acids and marine plant extracts (superoxide dismutase). They were made by Dr Daniel Sister. I won't lie. I took them thinking they would help my face - you know - the post 40 saggy, baggy always-tired appearance? And they've actually done much more than that. I now notice my energy levels dip in the day if I have forgotten to take them in the morning. The huge amount of press that these have received recently is well-deserved.

Perfect for boys and girls 35+ who have lost their mojo a little! If you know what I mean when I say that - you need them.

Lambert's Starflower Oil -  This is my first bottle of Starflower Oil. I started taking it just over a month ago to help with CHRONIC breast pain. My breast pain HAS GONE. GONE.

If your boobs are so sore you have to carry them in your hands like a little bird and wince when you take your bra off - these have COMPLETELY fixed mine.

*the Lambert's website is really good for general information if you are interested in the area of supplements.

David Kirsch B12 Spray - David Kirsch is THE man when it comes to wellness and personal fitness.  The man who takes care of the bodies of Liv Tyler, Heidi Klum, Bobbi Brown and Anne Hathaway to name a few, coined phrases like: 'Keep it lean, clean and green' and my favourite - this one about people who have to eat meat: 'If it swims or flies, you can eat it'. I heard this the same week my father was diagnosed with heart disease and have drastically cut my red meat intake. And I mean drastically. Anyway: I digress.

The B12 Spray, I think, is the main reason I avoided getting any kind of real flu or heavy cold this winter. The one day I had a really bad scratchy throat was the one day I forgot to take it in the morning and travelled to Paris for work. I couldn't speak by 3pm (not handy for meetings) - I got home that night - took a double dose, another double dose in the morning and it had gone within 48 hours.

B12 is essential for energy, immune function and if you are female - it stops you going completely loopy at that time of the month. If you don't yet use it, you'll wonder how you functioned without it when you do.

Perricone MD Omega 3 - this one I have been taking almost as long as the Floradix, but I tend to dip in and out of how often I take these. I usually get back on the bandwagon when my skin goes bad (like now) and I crave crap food (like now). I try and take at least 6000mg a day. If I can I take 9000mg a day - a huge dose I know, but it really does kill off any food cravings alongside improving brain function and helping my hormonal acne breakouts.

Perfect for - any age, any sex, Omega oil (3) is recommended for literally anyone. If you are veggie, switch for flax oil.

That's it. My current routine that I keep coming back to. I would just mention that although trained in supplements, I am not a qualified nutritionist or doctor - this routine works for me. If you are interested in supplements, look at your lifestyle, health issues and if you are in doubt ask your doctor. Although for me, I have always found better advice on places like the Lambert's, Kirsch or Victoria Heath websites. Doctor's tend to be prescription happy - and I'm not....

*Although I have worked with BWW and DK I will not benefit financially from any links to the brands and websites listed. The above are a mixture of purchases and gifts from the companies involved.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Clinic on Thursday - Clinic is Closed.


Once again I want to say a massive Thank You to those of you that responded with such lovely comments. I'm thrilled that you are seeing results - and equally happy that you are coming back to me with further concerns.

I will get these answered over the next 48 hours - there's a LOT!


Morning All!

The Clinic is open for questions.

Go easy on me! You Ladies have been hardcore recently!! :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise - London Makeup Girl

The lovely Grace from London Makeup Girl is one of my real blogging inspirations. The champion of niche brands and ethical blogging - I trust everything this woman says no questions asked. She's also a rocking mum to a daughter a similar age to mine and thus feels my pain (and joy obvs).

As an aside, but unsurprisingly, it's also the first time I have ever had to ask a brand in Australia for visuals for the blog...! I've also left the original email from Grace almost untouched - easy when she writes like she's speaking to you - not at you...!

Yes, I know this is one of my hippy skincare brands, but Stem has some properly good skincare ingredients too. This is a light milk that dissolves makeup gently but effectively (including eye makeup) and rinses away cleanly with water. I like my muslin cleansers (Emma Hardie is a favourite) but sometimes I don't want the extra bother. Stem is perfect. Smells lovely too - from the mandarin and tangerine essential oils. 

Toner - if I don't have a toner, can I have a serum instead? If I can, I want:

Skinceuticals Serum 10 AOX+ - Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid serum. I swear by this stuff for both brightening the skin and helping to prevent photodamage. I love the Perricone Face Firming Activator I'm using right now, but for a 'thing I'd recommend to everyone' I'm going with the Skinceuticals. 

If you make me choose a toner, I'll go with the Pai Bioaffinity in Lotus & Orange Blossom. The only toner that I've found that actually does something for my skin, helping it to hold on to moisture. Alcohol free too. 


Oh, this is hard. Chantecaille Firming Sun Cream SPF 30 if I really have to just chose one

This is an SPF 30 that doesn't feel like a sunscreen, and applies like a normal moisturiser. The Chantecaille is perfect for my normal-in-the-summer skin. I occasionally have wobbles that Chantecaille are going to discontinue this because it isn't always in stock at SpaceNK. I think I would cry. 

For a non-spf cream, it's another Stem Organics choice - the Exquisite Facial Fluid. This has rosehip, vitamin B3, beta glucan (good for calming sensitive and reactive skin) and seabuckthorn berry oil in it. Sinks in quickly, never feels heavy on the skin, but moisturises my skin in its normal to dry mode perfectly.

A brilliant array of choices I'm sure you'll agree. Thank you for sharing Grace!!!

Next week: Luke Stephens