Saturday, 24 March 2012

Erno Laszlo Launch

I don't usually post about events, but the relaunch of Erno Laszlo was really well done and I am genuinely excited about the products to come. Held at the Media Suite in 45 Park Lane - it captured perfectly old Hollywood glamour and showcased the new Hollywood Collection in apt surroundings..

Erno Laszlo was a Hungarian dermatologist who was the first in the industry to formulate sunscreen in skincare, use water based products for oily skins, use products with a PH balance, develop skincare for men and teens and prescribe personalised skincare - rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

In 1937 Dr Laszlo moved to Hollywood where for the next 30 years he tended to the skins of the biggest stars of the generation - and possibly the biggest stars in cinematic history.

For the relaunch into the UK market, the initial 5 products are all based around his clients over the years.

Ava, Marilyn, Grace, Greta and Katharine are all immortalized in everything from eye cream to brightening gel primers.

I don't know about you but I am all for bringing back a ritual, routine and glamour in a world gone mad for BB cream....(don't get me started)

I'm trying a couple of the products and will feed back once I've given them a good go - but first impressions are good.

Marilyn Monroe's original set of Laszlo

All Hail the return of the King.

Erno Laszlo is available exclusively from Harrods in April.


  1. Oh this post makes me happy. I had a tester of these products in my Harrods Glossy box, I was SO Impressed with them. I knew I'd read about them before on your blog. I never heard of them until I read about them here.
    What beautiful images! MM very own set, just so amazing.
    I'll be interested what you think of them :)

  2. If it's vintage, I'm there! I'm not sure though that my bijou budget will stretch to these, but boy the photos sure make my mouth water. And speaking of BB creams, there's another letter in the alphabet coming down the the pipe; CC creams. British Beauty Blogger has done a short post on it.

    God help us.

  3. What is wrong with BB creams?

  4. Hi Caroline, did you do any feedback on the Erno Lazlo products? I can't seem to find anything but your initial post about the launch. I recently got an e-mail to say that Erno Lazlo is now available at Cult Beauty. They're Hollywood prices so wondered whether you thought they were worth the money?

  5. Hi Caroline - did you ever use the Laszlo range? Was wondering what your thoughts were. Am guessing with products full of mineral oil, alcohol and silicones and using foaming bar soap you wouldn't be a fan? I used to use it years ago and had good results but then it seemed to disappear off the shelves and I found something much better. It does have a kind of cult following even with the multiple owners and various formula and packaging changes over the years.....