Monday, 5 March 2012

The 'I know it's a Hero Product but I just CAN'T' Support Club

So a few of us have secretly (openly on twitter) - in code - been very quietly admitting that there are some 'Hero Products' that we just cannot get to grips with. 

And it would appear that such is its PR/reputation, we are embarrassed by it. 
Well NO MORE! I'm starting the 'I know it's a Hero Product but I just CAN'T' Support Club.

So I'll list mine below - and please feel free to add yours in the comments. This is a 'guilt-free' zone people.

Just a word though - this is most definitely not a free-for-all to slag products/brands off as a whole - just the odd thing that always makes you feel like you aren't 'in the gang'. Or rather... Keep it AWAY from

So mine are:

*deep breath*

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - I just can't. Silicone heavy on me.

Cleanse & Polish - I know 4 billion are sold every second (allegedly) but it makes my face go beetroot. Like sunburn beetroot. *cries, I'M SORRY*

Creme de La Mer - I don't want to have to rub it into my hands before I can rub it on to my face.... WHASSAPOINT?


Over to you: GO!


  1. Cleanse and polish brings me out in spots SO big and hard they are like cysts.

    It's not for me

  2. Oh controversial I like it:)

    My worst one is Clinique Instant Pore Perfector which randomly dries out people's skin when I use it on them and makes their foundation go flaky!

  3. Ha! I knew Liz Earle C + P would be on here as soon as I read your tweet. Works like a charm for me but I've tried two of their moisturisers (which also get raved about) and all I got was horribly clogged pores. Non merci.

  4. Cleanse & Polish for me too, my skin hates it!

    Clarins beauty flash balm makes my face itchy and gives me breakouts.

    There are more but I'll give someone else a go!

  5. Debbie - Ihavemostlybeen5 March 2012 at 19:24

    Oh god I am a freak! I do really like C&P and my skin reacts really well to it too. Until earlier today had Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair on my wish list, several tweets later and I have replaced that with a certain Moringa cleansing balm. And some flannels. My keep it away from me product is Elemis pro-collagen cream which gave me the nightmare 'travelling nose boil' that hurtled round my face for a week! Terrific post, love it!

  6. Another one for Cleanse & Polish! It just did nothing for my skin, disappointing. I'm not big on the scent of Soap & Glory stuff. A lot of the products are brilliant but I really, really do not like the smell!

  7. The cleanse and polish for me too. I so wanted to love it and had high hopes but it made my skin feel terrible and tight. Found the superdrug Vit e one to be much nicer

  8. Bioderma. It took me 8-10 cotton pads to get my face properly free of make-up. Made it to be quite an expensive purchase!

  9. Bioderma. Took 8-10 cotton pads to get my face properly make up-free. Turned out to be quite an expensive purchase!

  10. LOL I'm a huge Cleanse and Polish fan but we'll bypass that, erm what are mine hmm
    Clinique Skincare in general - pore mimimiser and the eye products are the only things that don't make my skin cry
    Smashbox /Gosh Primers - hate the feel of silicone on my skin
    MAC MSF Natural - powdery mess
    Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - why does this get raved about it clumps, drips, horrid stuff
    Lanolips - so many people love this but no it just feels nasty and claggy and it made my lips itch
    Vaseline - as above claggy mess just sits there and doesn't soak in or move

    1. Louise, I wonder if you have an intolerance to lanolin if the Lanolips made your lips itch?

    2. I'm the same with lanolips. :( I know its not the 'done' thing and that we're all supposed to love it - but I just CAN'T.

  11. Liz Earle Moisturisers smell so bad, they make me want to hurl! Which is sad as i quite like the light version!

  12. Clarins Flash Balm - I get patchy and flaky - RANK!

    Batiste - STINKS and does not do what it says on the tin ( on my hair at least! )

  13. Here we go:
    - almost the entire Clinique 3-step "system" - actually I haven't heard many people except the Clinique SAs loving it. The only thing from the line that I like is the DDM Gel.
    - NUDE Replenishing Night Oil: Thanks for that rash!
    - Cleanse & Polish: irritated my skin and didn't even remove my makeup that well. I'm staying with my Bioderma (which is also sort of a love or hate product)
    - Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage: chalky, dry, I just don't get it.
    - Bourjois and Chanel foundations (except for the Mat Lumiere): too fragranced and nothing special.
    And that's just a few! Phew, that felt good :)

  14. Dermalogica products don't do anything for my skin, except make it look waxy and dried out. Big mistake. And I found the Estee Lauder idealist pore minimizer just a very expensive highlighter.

  15. C&P. It does nothing except give me red skin. Not impressed by other products in range either. Also, Vaseline. It does nothing except clog my skin, cause breakouts and compound dryness. I just don't do mineral oil/petrolatum. Body shop body butters... Shockingly expensive, nothing special at all and the scents are really not nice. Also, the no 7 protect & perfect beauty serum, it is just full of silicone. And finally, lest I go on forever lol, smashbox primer... Compare ingredients with Lanacane and then wonder no more why it clogs your face.

  16. I like Cleanse and Polish but I cannot wear it every night. And the Liz Earle tonic makes my noise so oily.

    And I second the Batiste comment. It makes my hair go even more limp and smells horrible!

  17. Cleanse & Polish for me too! It gave me awful cyst-like spots that hurt like hell. It's true that i almost feel i need to cower when i tell people of my dislike for it!

    I also dislike Touch Eclat, i don't think it brightens in the way everyone harps on about...maybe it's better now that there's more shades, but i won't be rushing to find out.

    Also, a hair related dislike - the Tangle Teaser brush. I think it's rubbish and scratchy, i'd rather use a wide toothed comb.

    So, uh, yeah.

    1. I completely agree on the tangle teaser. I got one and I dont understand the hype its scratchy and pulls my hair out. boo

    2. I completely agree with the touch eclat: way over hyped and the SA put it on me and I go "ok so what happened" lol I much prefer my cheaper maybelline which works great. I hate the tangle teaser too. I got one and it just scratched my head and pulled my hair out back to my comb it is!

  18. Great post! For me it would have to be Lush Shower Jellies. I just cannot work out how use the..tried putting a little in my hand and mixing with water and ended up chasing the slippery mess round the bath tub! Too. Much. Hassle. Another would be Soap and Glory products..the smell..urggghhhh! Lol Ahh that's better! :)

    1. They work really well if you use scrubby gloves or a shower puff. Put a blob of jelly inside your gloves or scrunch it into your puff and they work beautifully.

  19. Lanolips. Makes my lips dryer than the sahara unfortunately I wanted to love, alas I do not.

    Clinique Happy. Just disgusting.

    Bourjois foundation, that one that everyone loves. Healthy Mix. Not good at all. Oxidises, goes patchy after a couple of hours and just generally grim.

    Great post!

    1. I love your adjectives Charlie! Grim, disgusting...LOL

  20. Gatineau floracil eye make up remover, left my eyes feeling oily. Lancome mascara, not found one that doesn't clump my lashes together.... There I've said it!

    1. Oh you did NOT go there with the Lancome mascara!!! LOL

    2. whatever happened to baby lane13 April 2015 at 15:59

      I'm with Sharnek, I'm afraid. I know Lancôme mascaras get five stars from lots of reviewers, but I always found them much too gunky for my fine lashes and now I buy elsewhere.

  21. Oh phew!

    Desperately wanted to use Cleanse & Polish but sets my eyes on fire
    the so-called legendary 8-hour cream
    Maybelline great lash

  22. 1) Creme de la Mer, hands down. Bough a 7ml pot and used it for about 6 weeks. Did nothing for my combination skin. If anything, left it ultra greasy in the mornings. Absolute waste of 30 quid.

    2) Lancome Visionnaire. Utterly useless.

    3) Advanced Night Repair. The silicones just don't agree with me.

    4) La Prairie and ReVive. Overpried and underwhelming.

    5) Pretty much everything in skincare by Clinique.

  23. C&P totally breaks me out. Bioderma makes my face look like I've been on a trip to the sun. Estee Lauder cleansers also give me the same redness. Creme de la Mer: at first it was amazing and then I started getting cyst style breakouts. Same situation with Revive. Meh.

  24. C&P makes me break out. Bioderma makes me look like I've been on a trip to the sun. Same for all Estee Lauder cleansers. Creme de la Mer worked beautifully at first then started giving my cyst style breakouts. Revive had the same effect.

  25. I love the disgust in some of these posts ;)
    -I loathe the smell of Soap and Glory products, it makes me gag. It's annoying because I really like some of the formulas.
    -Bare Minerals is only just pale enough and after a few hours looks really obvious - not a good look. -Batiste is just horrible, smells terrible and makes me look like my Granny.
    -Anything with mineral oil in it makes me break out in hideous cysts, practically on contact.


  26. This post made me laugh and laugh, always good on a Monday.
    I too am a C&P non fan - cannot get it off my face, too much cocoa butter methinks.
    EA 8hr cream - the smell makes me gag, I know there is a fragrance free in the offing but I also know that I will dream the smell.
    Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner - I struggle to get it out of the pot, and then cannot get it to adhere to my eyelids.
    Batiste Dry Shampoo - I think it is an age thing, I just cannot get it to work on me, my daughter cannot live without it.

  27. Bioderma, the sensitive one supposed to be ok around the eyes - big fat no from me
    Advanced night repair - did nought
    Alpha H Liquid Gold great if you want a face of whiteheads

  28. Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer - no matter what I do, this product does nothing for my oily skin. I tried so many times and each time I'm just left wondering - why does it work for others and not me? why do make up artists love it so much? I have so wanted to love this product, but I've had to throw in the towel on it :-(

  29. Anything by Biotherm makes my skin fry - no thanks..

    Also, Maybelline Great Lash? Nothing great about it.

    1. I'd forgotten about 'Great Lash'. Does anyone actually like it? Makes me look like a panda in about 48 seconds.

    2. Maybelline's Great Lash is a decent mascara, especially if you have very fair eyelashes. I found it gave my eyelashes a natural look and it's cheaper than other choices out there. I hate the formula though... it rubs off everywhere on my face when I try to take it off with make-up remover. I know it may sound silly, but I'm pretty sure this is what caused me to break out on my cheek area! I stopped using it and my skin cleared right up!


    3. Same here...this mascara will be migrating down my face within half an hour and it don't have oily anything so that's not the cause. I had sodding raccoon eyes at an important meeting and I never knew until my face appeared on one of the big screens in the venue. I wanted to dig myself a hole through their parquet flooring and die! Xx

  30. C&P gives me big spots too.
    *Whispering* I didn't get on with the EH Moringa balm....I definitely feel like I'm the only one there! I somehow misunderstood the demo which didn't give a good start,and a rather large spot on my cheek where I never get them ensued. Then it melted to an oil in the summer heat and never went back to a nice consistency. I tried to get on with it! Honest I did!

    1. Guilt free zone Helen! You crack on! :)

    2. I gave my EH Moringa Balm away, not for me at all

  31. Loving the comments tonight. I'm with Kellie on LE CP - made my skin red raw. Couldn't understand why so many women raved about it. Now I don't feel so alone. Also, EA 8hr Cream. Yuck. Claggy. Oily. Hate it. Why do other people love it so much. Finally, this Maybelline mascara nonsense. Worst. Mascara. Ever. Phew. That feels good to get that off my chest :-)

    1. hated 8 hour cream, and Clarins beauty flash balm! I just don't 'get' them

  32. Anything with Syn-Ake in, what is so cool about replicating the effect of being bitten by a viper?

  33. Where do I start? Any Avon skincare. Smelly, drying itchy. Estee Lauder Idealist had no effect in any way, shape or form on my skin. Vaseline lip balms. About as beneficial as Lurpak, but doesn't stay put as long. Maybelline Great Lash, it removed itself from my lashes onto my face in minutes. Palmer's Cocoa Butter gradual tanner turned me into an Oompa Loompa overnight. A mere sample of Garnier BB cream caused a bad reaction on my face that took about three days to subside. This is better than an outdoor sport :)

    1. I heard that lip balms with petroleum jelly in make your lips drier in the long run so require more regular use so you buy the product more frequently. Not sure of the truth in that but not used one since!

  34. Right then (I had to sleep on it): I'm another that doesn't 'get' the great C&P. I tried it more than 10 years ago now, before it got such cult status and I didn't think much of it. I don't get the gradual tanners either. I've not found one yet that doesn't make me look jaundiced.

    I really don't like Botanics Cleansing Balm. It's probably great if you have dry skin but if you actually want to wash your face be prepared for scrubbing! Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oils are another miss for me, that would be the mineral oil. Ditto Bio Oil, I don't get how anyone can use that on their face. Bleurgh!

    And finally - Neutragena hand cream. It might be great for fisherman (do they cook with it or something?) but it's doing nothing for me.

    1. Same here for me with gradula tanners!

      I like the old formula botanics balm but only use it at night, once or twice a week when I know I will have time for a decent cleanse in the morning to get the residual oil off, but its a good balm otherwise.

      Used the hand cream for the first time today after borrowing my mums and had to go in and wash my hands, horrific stuff!

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  36. Great post!
    -I really don't get the vo5 miracle oil. It does nothing for me except make my hair go static!
    -Also the tangle teaser does nothing for my very unruly hair, certainly doesn't beat my hair brush.
    -And finally most products by clinique, especially their 3-step skincare - thought my skin was going to fall off using this!

    1. urrrgh Tangle Teezer
      Urrrgh 3 step system, both rubbish!

  37. What a genius idea for a thread. The thing about these hero products is that *if* you don't happen to think they're the best thing since sliced bread, or they do nothing for you, you kind of end up thinking that your particular beauty issue (large pores, eye bags, cellulite etc.) is beyond help and certainly beyond the powers of said wonder product to rectify! That's not a good feeling.

    Anyway, products that fail to live up to their hype: back in the day I invested in some Rodial 'Glam Balm' - I've just googled it to remind myself of its ahem, special attributes and lo and behold it's billed as 'A best-selling cult product! Glam Balm is a 2 in 1 lip plumper and wrinkle smoother'. Sounds very tempting no? Well yes if you like spending £50 on glorified Vaseline. Plus I seem to recall it had a slightly gritty texture. A total waste of money.

    I have similar feelings about Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, again it is almost sacriligious to diss it, but I hate the smell, taste and texture of it and would never, ever smear it over my face as we are encouraged to do. I don't think it even addresses chapped lips particularly well.

    1. £50! I thought it was a face balm, not been tempted to get it, less so now!

      Hate 8 hour cream

  38. I bought the elizabeth arden eight hour cream and have tried it a couple of times but just can't bring myself to use it because a) it stinks! and b)i don't think it actually does much! I could maybe forgive the smell if it was the sort of miracle product people say it is, but to me it's not. I've heard of some people using it on their lips and I don't know how they can bear the smell/taste!

    Also (this is a biggie!) I'm really not that fussed on MAC lipsticks, other than the cremesheens. My lips dry out really easy and every other finish from them just seems to make them shrivel up, yuck! I've found lots of other brands that work better for me personally.

  39. Clinique 3-step skincare system.
    Anything by Benefit. Overpriced, over-rated, dissapointing.
    China Glaze nail polish. It was a youtube "trend" a couple of years ago but they arent always great quality and they chip and peel like crazy.
    Using Sudocrem as a spot-treatment. Another youtube trend. Don't ask.

    1. I have crap loads of China Glaze and like it, but horses for courses and all that :)

  40. oh gawd....I know I will be struck down by lightening for this one...
    Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream...much applauded by the Pixiwoo girls but I just have to waive this stuff past my face and I have a breakout of epic I the only person in the world who can't use it??

    Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturiser....if by dramatically different you mean I didn't have spots before I used it but after I looked very 'different' like I had the plague....then you're work here is done Clinque.

    wow....this is cathartic....

    1. agree on DDM, my skin hated it!

    2. Big fat agree on the Oilatum! I thought I'd do my skin a favour and help it make it through the winter...all it did was making me break out like I was 13 again. Been using it on my ellbows and feet every since...

    3. Big fat AGREE on the Oilatum. Wanted to help my skin make it through the winter and all I got was a breakout as if I was 13 again. Been using it on my ellbows, knees and feet ever since. It does do the job there. But I won't ever let it get anywhere near my face again.

  41. I'm going to say primers, full stop. They ought to be completely unnecessary if the foundation is any good and I get constantly annoyed at the idea that the beauty industry has somehow created this 'need' for a whole extra (expensive) product that no-one needed a few years ago.

    Also Lancome Genifique made me look 25 years younger - by creating a massive pustular acne breakout.

    I do have to defend Night Repair though - it cleared up some longstanding subcutaneous damage caused by a steroid injection so it definitely does 'something'.

  42. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, Maybelline Great Lash were both underwhelming and Liquid Gold didn't make me gorgeous as promised ;)haha.I also spent a small fortune on Capture Totale foundation which was a complete waste.

  43. Beauty Flash and Great Lash were both awful and yet are revered. Didn't get Liquid Gold or rather it didn't get me and my biggest waste of money was Capture Totale foundation. Perfect and Protect made me spotty and anything by Dove makes me itch.

  44. Oh, where shall I start?
    -CP. No, really. Made my normal/combination skin utterly dry. Made a Sahara out of husband's oily skin. Will never repurchase.
    -Clinique, especially Superdefense. Should be called Superbreakout.
    -Here comes the big one... Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick range. Gives me chapped lips. People, you pay for the fancy packaging.
    -Another "high-end" nonsense is Lancome Hypnose mascara. Dries out the moment you open it. Horrible brush. Used couple of times and in the bin it went. Waste!
    Feels much better!

  45. Kerastase Elixir Ultime! And in fact all expensive hair oils, which do absolutely nothing on my hair (though I suppose the Kerastase at least smells lovely). I also feel that the Davines and Leonor Greyl haircare lines are completely overpriced and perform no better than drugstore products.

    MAC mineralize MSF also disappointed hugely- it made my skin look lovely immediately after application, but broke me out within minutes.

  46. Elizabeth Bloody Arden 8 Hour Cream - looks, smells and has the consistency of ear wax.

    Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - yes, I know the correct way to apply it. Still not impressed.

    Facial oils aka break outs in a bottle

    Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - you don't have to spend £20+ on a foundation to get the same coverage that coating your face in crack filler would achieve.

    Sanctuary, Soap & Glory, Champneys, Good Skin Labs, No7 cosmetics.

    There's more but I may burst a blood vessel if I go on. Thanks for the rant.

  47. NARS blush in orgasm. Have tried it numerous times (in the shop) and don't get the hype about this one.

  48. These BB creams that people are raving about. Sorry but a bog standard tinted moisturiser works way better xx

  49. This is an amazing post! I actually feel like we've made a new "cult" (non-scary, obviously!) for people who don't love C+P!! I tried it when it had the original pink and white packaging in a TSV that cost about £30 and had TWO FULL SIZES of each of the C+P, the tonic and the skin repair, PLUS one of each of the nourishing mask and the eyebright, also full size!!!!!!!!! What happened QVC??????? Where are the TSV's like this one????
    I digress..........
    - C+P, as with everyone else: cysts. Big, red, sore cysts.
    - Vaseline = pointless!!!!!!!!
    - ELizabeth Arden 8hr Cream. I bought this thinking "This is going to be the miracle that makes my lips happy" NO! This is the overpriced crap that
    makes my wallet sad!
    - Maybelline Great Lash = Maybelline Invisible Lash!
    - Lancome mascara. As above. Seriously underwhelming, seemed as dry as some cheapo mascaras I have had the misfortune to try.
    - YSL Effet Faux Cils mascara. Again, am I missing something here? It did nothing for my lashes at all!
    - Rimmel Hide the Blemish. Slidey, slide slide right off that zit, dark circle, whatever.
    - Clinique 3 Step - Did you know that you can use the toner to remove nail varnish? That's all I'm saying.....
    - Nars Sheer Glow = Did absolutely nothing for my skin, patchy, poor coverage, shiny in a couple of hours. Also, no pump! Bad form....
    - Nars Orgasm - Not sure if this qualifies but it really didn't suit me.
    - Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. No coverage, lots of shine. For £40??? Really??
    - YSL Touche Eclat. My dark circles laugh in the face of your so-called brightening powers!

    I don't think I've ever written a comment this long and I bet I'll think of more products later!

    1. "I bought this thinking "This is going to be the miracle that makes my lips happy" NO! This is the overpriced crap that
      makes my wallet sad!"

      It made me cry with laughter - thank you! :)

    2. Ah lordy, I hated Faux Cils, I looked liked I was trying to copy Jordan and her 4 pairs of lashes look, hideous waste of money and a big disappointment for my first high end buy!

  50. Just thought of some more - Origins No Puffery (always on the best beauty lists in magazines), it completely dried my eyes out and may have taken down the puff (a bit) but left them really dry and red for a day
    Kiehls Silk Groom - for hair; no better than something from Boots and possibly even not as good
    NARS Multiple Sticks - (don't think they blend that well and drag the skin - okay but not deserving of hero product status)
    Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - this has been around for so long its hard to believe that this is still the "best" product for radiance and has never been bettered since 1990 or whatever. I think it's only okay

  51. Moroccan Oil - great the first time you use it. After a few weeks the build up on my hair made it as lifeless and "matt" as an old mop head and I did only use two drops on my long hair
    BeneTint - dries so quickly it is set on your skin by the time you've put the brush back in the bottle
    NARS Rated R eye shadow - the lime green and electric blue one - very hard colours to pull off no matter what your age

  52. Maybelline Great Lash- horrid. Baffled as to why so many MUAs and celebs claim it's their "hero" product.
    Moroccan Oil-Initially my hair had a good response...then, like the previous post author made my hair dull and increased the number of split ends.
    Ilamasqua Skin Base Foundation- Broke me out and too yellow.
    Clinique 3-step- the clarifying lotion also doubles as a nail varnish remover.
    Lancome Illusionaire- pore clogging, expensive pearly,oily fluid. ANR (unpopular here) better for me.

  53. This is truly addictive..I've been musing over my other product 'misses' all day and these babies are also on my own personal sh*t list:

    Shu Uemura eyelash curlers - apparently models and makeup artists don't go anywhere without them. Perhaps they weren't suited to my eye shape but they just made my eyelashes stick out at weird right angles - so not a good look!

    Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage - far too dry and difficult to work with.

    Garnier BB Cream - possibly the most hyped product of 2011! I love the original Dr Christine Schrammek Blemish Balm (that inspired all the Asian versions incidentally) but this latest raft of BB creams seem to be a cynical attempt to repackage a bog-standard tinted moisturiser as an all-singing, all-dancing wonder product. The Garnier BB cream oxidised almost immediately leaving me orange and shiny - lovely!

  54. Ive really only started to take a more indepth interest on what i put on my face.
    The recent clarins morning and night firming creams from a glossybox = bright rdskin for the better part of the day.
    Illimasque skin base, feels like a mask despite 20 mins of buffing
    Mac conceler, in a squeeze tube, cakes around my eyes despite setting and priming or not

  55. Great post to see what people rate compared to what people hate!

    8 hour cream - stinks
    Dermologica microexfoliant - pointless
    Skinceuticals CE Ferulic - most expensive, oily mistake I've made
    Phyto haircare - leaves hair a tangled mess (well my coloured, frizzy mop)

  56. Great post - so interesting to read everybody's comments. Now, I do have ridiculously sensitive skin so I certainly can't say any of the below are bad as such, just "bad for me":
    - Ellis Faas foundation - used it for 3 days and LOVED how it looked on me, then on the 4th day I developed a reaction which left my skin blotchy, red, sore and super-sensitive for several weeks. I really did love how it looked though... and I haven't been able to bring myself to throw it away yet (maybe it was a coincidence...maybe if I have a week off work I could try it really was beautiful....maybe I need somebody to stage an intervention)
    - Bad Gal mascara - I have friends who wouldn't use anything else except (possibly) at gunpoint but I found it dry, clumpy and magnetically attracted to my skin rather than my lashes...serious panda eyes aftr just a couple of hours
    - MOP hair products, sucked in by the marketing but it left me with large, bumpy spots all around my hairline
    - Lanolips was (just) ok for helping my lips stay soft but I quickly developed a crop of tiny but noticeable pimples around my mouth so I stopped using it pronto
    - Clinique winkle cream (anti-gravity?), made my skin dull and grey. Unlike my numerous other skincare fails I couldn't even pass it on to anybody would you phrase that one? "'ere, you look like you need this luv..!" I hate waste (and am always very careful to decant new products especially so I can pass them on without any potential issues of contamination) but I'd hate even more to offend somebody
    Jo ;-)

  57. What fun! For me, the misses were

    1. Becca foundation. I foolishly paid over 70 quid for a tinted perfecting base and a separate foundation stick. The base did nothing for my skin but make it shiny, and the foundation stick turned grainy after a couple of months. V disappointing.

    2. Benefit bad gal mascara, like Jo above, it gave me seriously panda eyes not 30 minutes after I put it in.

    3. St Ives apricot scrub - so many people rave about this but it made my right cheek break out, twice!! Yes, I was foolish enough to try it again a few weeks later as I couldn't believe a face scrub could cause a breakout.

    4. Eve lom cleanser. Expensive and did nothing for my skin.

    5. Clinique turnaround cream. It turned my skin around all right - from pretty good skin to blotchy, spotty skin.

    6. Neals Yard frankincense face cream. Gave me spots.

    I now stick to what works for me - Elemis pro collagen face cream and Clarins multi active day cream. I've been wanting to try Maybelline great lash but after reading the posts above, I think I'll pass. I must say though that Hypnose is brill on my lashes. I love it. As well as Chanel inimitable mascara.

    Mrs Hirons, can you do a post next week about beauty raves? I'd love to know what works for others.

  58. Oh, and I forgot, one more - Nars orgasm blush - nice colour but makes my pores look enormous!

  59. Wow! This post is truly amazing. For some reason, I thought it was just me and my sister that reacted so badly to many of the "hero" products we apply to our faces. I've also been getting really bad large spots under my chin and along my jawline and after reading this post am now considering taking Cleanse and Polish AND Liquid Gold out of my beauty regime to see if they are the evil culprits. Couldn't possibly be the Moringe balm could it..

    1. I know this is an old thread but I've been using Emma h, tats Harper norishing oil and MV organics cream cleanser and have chin/jaw breakouts however this area is hormonal breakouts. Caroline did a post about fish oils for that reason, I got evening primrose oil and fish oil, so I'll see! I feel any jaw/chin breakouts can't be stopped fully but you can ease their passage a little xx

  60. Eve Lom Cleanser - Serious build up of mysterious blackheads over time. Realised it was this bad boy.
    Cliniques 3 step - Acne Central and then some. Won't touch Clinique products with a barge pole anymore.
    Bare Minerals Foundation - Gave me a wonderful cluster of spots on my chin
    Emma Hardie Hydrating Lighter Lotion smells and feels divine but gave me larger spots on my cheeks (sigh)
    Vaseline makes my lips shed skin quicker than a snake covered in parasites
    8 Hour Cream on lips, within seconds my teeth and tongue are covered in thick disgusting tasting gunk. Yuk.
    Liz Earle tonic - pointless and spot inducing

    Ooooh, feels good!

  61. Batiste Dry Shampoo does nothing for me.
    Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara just went everywhere.

  62. Bare minerals foundation- it'll be fine with your skin! Uh, no, it makes me look flaky and patchy, no thank you!
    I say this very quietly but I actually like LE C&P. The richness of it helps sort out my dry skin a bit. That said I prefer elemental herbology.
    Anything containing sodium laureth sulphate or whatever it's called makes my skin go bonkers. Didn't know what it was for years. Foaming face wash for dry skin, don't make me laugh.
    Alpha H liquid gold- must be the glycolic acid but turns me into a flaky mess. Took weeks to settle down the rash. WEEKS!!
    Bourjois volume glamour max mascara- flaked all over my face.
    Kiehls lip balm.

    And I think I am done!! But would love to see everyone's beauty raves at some stage. Next week, Caroline?

  63. Oh good one! Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - it's the worst, you will actually look better with nothing even if you have no eyelashes. Yet makeup artists always name it as a kit essential. (They must be paid to say that.)

    I must say that all of those teen-targeted facial cleansers for battling zits contain all kinds of skin-clogging ingredients and give unwitting teenagers (and adults!) false hope, and worse zits! This actually makes me angry!

    And L'Oreal mascaras. They will usually give you what they promise but they contain fibres which is how they extend/expand your lashes, and they wind up breaking off at the end of your lashes and leaving mascara 'dust' all around your eyes if you touch them even slightly, or just have it on for a long day. And the formulations are like tar, and therefore are the absolute worst for smudging.

  64. I forgot, not so much a product but clarins facials. How to make my skin feel dry and tight with a layer of grease over the top. Yuck! And am almost guaranteed a mega breakout afterwards. Of the hard, red type. Nightmare as there is nothing you can do with them except wait (grrrr).

  65. Ooh, I forgot about Chanel nail polish. Always raved about but chips in minutes. One of the most over-rated products I can think of, actually.

    1. SarahC. - I was going to include Chanel nail polish on my previous post. I think they are little bottles of gorgeousness (that packaging! those amazing colours!). BUT, the brush is just awful and the polish chips so easily. When I've had a mani at my regular salon and taken in my own bottle of Chanel polish, the technician always tuts and complains (politely) about how tricky it is to apply compared to OPI or Orly and such like.

      I've bought so many bottle of Chanel NP including 2 of the latest LE shades: 'April' and 'May' so I'm obviously a glutton for punishment...

  66. At first I was like....I don't have anything and then my brain started working and now I have A MILLION!

    1. Urban Decay Primer Potion - totally useless. I need to preface this with the comment that I have the oiliest eyelids in the WORLD and even with my beloved primer (not this one, it's rubbish) I can only manage about 3-4 hours of non-creased eyeshadow wear
    2. Nars Eyeshadow Primer - also useless. Everyone kept saying, "oh if you've got oily eyelids this is 'THE ONE' for you. Uh huh. I made it 15 minutes before creasing.
    3. Cream eyeshadows. WHY. WHY. Anything cream based near my eyes is just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I don't care if you set into powder. If you were cream once you will be CREAM BASED AGAIN SHORTLY.
    4. SK-II - so I wanted to have luminous skin like Cate Blanchett but of course...this did nothing. It was like putting water on my face and then hoping for the best. It didn't break it out but it certainly didn't make me radiant. Pft
    5. Dior Show Mascara - PANDA EYES. I don't get the hype. I don't really get mascara at all. I find I can flake off most mascara with my super powerful flake eyelashes of doom in about an hour bar very few mascaras that I treasure and you CANNOT HAVE.
    6. Dermalogica - too harsh, it just makes my skin HURT. Like I can't rest my head on my pillowcase too harsh.
    7. Youngblood - makes my face itch like crazy. It's super attractive when I put on mineral makeup and then can't stop scratching my face yelling "but it ITCHES!"
    8. Clinique skincare - super smelly. I explained this to the lady shoving it under my nose who said, "but they're non-scented! You must be smelling some other products residually in your nose." I don't think so. They just smell bad to me. I'm scent sensitive sales lady, get over it
    9. Lanolips - they just sit on my lips and never sink in, my lips will still crack and peel underneath the thick gooey layer of product
    10. Philip B hairproducts - total waste of money and useless. did nothing for my hair, made it limp and ugly. And I actually had nice, non crazy hair then because I was trying to have straight hair and not my natural crazy lady curls
    11. Any straightening treatments - my natural hair is curly and damn those curls are strong. They break through those keratin treatments after 1 wash (after the 1st wash, so 2nd wash?) and it's a total waste. I'm just destined for crazy lady curls because I'm too lazy to flatiron.
    12. Estee Lauder Kohl Pencils - They just bleed ALL OVER MY FACE. Which is LAME because the colour payoff is fantastic. But I put them on my eyelid (over primer, over eyeshadow) and suddenly 15 minutes later the electric blue shade has migrated from my eyelid to my cheeks. SERIOUSLY!?!?!

    wow. I feel a lot better!!!


  67. So, the big one that I hate and just don't understand at all is those little tins of Vaseline. Seriously, why do people use them?! They are never, ever going to soften your skin. They're a mineral oil. They just sit on top. And that's why your lips are always dry and you need to keep applying it all the flipping time. I just don't get the addiction.

    Clinique 3 Step System is one of the worst things I've ever had the misfortune to use on my skin. It destroyed it in a big bad scary way.

    Bare Minerals. Oh the itchiness. The skin burning itchiness.

    I feel like there might be some more and I've repressed them. It worries me that my dislike of products may have reach the point of actual repression.

  68. Oh God and Batiste. I swear it makes my hair look worse, not better. And the smell is so overwhelming.

  69. 1) Max Factor Fantasy Fire - Four coats and it still looks crap/see through. Do NOT get what all the fuss is about.
    2) Cleanse and Polish - smells like my dried herb cupboard, gives me red patches. As someone else said above, Superdrug Vit E hot cloth cleanser FAR superior and smells rather pleasant.
    3) Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - brought the back of my hand out in an attractive rash. Also, smells like a tramp's arse.
    4) Clarins Flash Balm - see above, apart from the smell, which I don't remember being as bad.
    5) Any mineral powder foundation. Makes my skin itchy and like the Sahara desert. Mmm, sexy.
    6) That very expensive Chanel cream eyeshadow that I can't remember the name of and which ended up in my lid crease after approx 0.00001 seconds.

    1. Fantasy Fire is meant to be used over a base colour, try it over purple or black :)

  70. Great idea! Cleanse and Polish made my skin look like an oil slick!
    Anything from ELF, it's crap and a waste of 1.50!
    Garnier BB cream, horrible stuff awful texture, it's very sticky and it doesn't give any coverage!
    The Body Shop body butters, yuk they don't do anything but lay on your skin and smell rank!
    Soap and Glory, I hate the smell it makes me want to barf and the packaging is terrible!

  71. Cleanse and Polish doesn't like my skin very much. I was sooo looking forward to using it but it turned me a rather un-fetching shade of tomato. Clarins Blue Orchid Facial Oil did nothing for me and the smell gave me the worst headaches. And I hate Soap and Glory. Smell, packaging, the hilarious names. No thank you

  72. I just tried the oft-raved about Dermablend as a concealer - it was like seeing myself in 30 years time, and it wasn't pretty - cakey, thick and sunk into every line.

    Moroccan oil gives me shiny hair, but god the smell just kills me - for some reason reminds me of an airport - a mix of jet fuel and faux vanilla.

    I was about to go buy some Batiste - so thank god for this fab post, now I'm steering clear:)

    1. Try Klorane dry shampoo, it's much finer and smells infinitely better. Downside is that it's £7.50. John Lewis stock it, Boots used to but I haven't seen it in a while. There are mini 50ml cans available on eBay for about £3. Oddly though, the version for greasy hair (green lid) is less effective than the regular version (white lid).

  73. The things that won't work for me but wish they would!

    Philip Kingsley hair elasticizer
    Chantecaille real skin foundation (just sits there)love the rest of the range
    Chanel lipsticks (to dry)
    Nude moisture mask(nothing

  74. Oh yes! PK Hair Elasticizer. Did nothing good for my hair either.

  75. Any kind of face serums, I hate them with a passion I don't care which brand they are!

  76. This is brilliant!!! I love this blog!

    Totally with everyone on cleanse and polish and generally anything Liz Earle for me, does nothing.

    And... dare I say it....Touche Eclat!! It's not a concealer, and yet it's a rubbish highlighter. You can tell instantly in pics who's put it on wrong!

  77. Im a bit late here but I need to get it out
    Touche eclat: cakey and emphasizes my dark cirlces
    benefit erase paste: same as touche eclat and too heavy
    Chanel nailpolish: amazing colors, dries amazingly and all but chips within a few hours, even with topcoat
    MAC creamsheen lipsticks: I really really really hate the way the apply, no I really do, i love the lustres though
    Vaseline and vaseline lipbalms: YUK
    bioderma solution: i have to scrub my eyes to get makeup off and that really really annoys me, yet i keep repurchasing especially that its so cheap where i live
    Maybelline the falsies mascara: clumpy and plasticy and i cant stand it
    OPI nailpolishes: okay im sorry, I know no one will ever agree but mines dry out within a couple of weeks, not repurchasing
    I also LOVE maybelline great lash and clarins beauty flash balm, I love nars orgasm, it makes my pores look bigger but i still love and use it.
    Im kinda new to this blog but I love you, youre the most helpful and least selfish person ever and this post is amazing! Thanks Caroline

  78. Also a bit late, but I can't resist!
    - touche eclat: I knnow how to use it and get decent result but what i dislike is the price policy for 2.5ml. "touche veloutée by terry" also gives me fantastic results for the same price but you get 6ml (!!!)

    - bobbi brown pot rouge: now 3.7g instead of 11g, but the price has not changed!

    I like and very much respect lisa eldridge's opinion and recommendations, but some of the stuff I cant understand..
    - 8h cream: my boyfriend asked me if I've been anywhere near a cattle barn?
    - dermalogica: whatever product I look up it's loaded with (expensive) sillicones

    I have discovered your blog via vivianadoesmakeup. thank you for investing your time! I appreciate it very much.

  79. I just stumbled upon Beauty Mouth and have fallen in love with the site. I know it's a very late comment, but having spent a fortune (and who here hasn't) on various hyped-up creams, I have to get this off my chest.
    - I can feel a pimple forming every time I walk past a Clinique 3 step advertisement (worse when I walk past an actual counter).
    - Dermalogica has not been kind to my skin.
    - I bought La Mer for years, but the cream is too strong, and the range lost is value to me when it cost more than my bond payment.
    - Vichy is a no no, as sadly is Elemis (altohugh I LOVE the smell of Elemis products).
    - I thought BB creams would be the answer, by it made me look anaemic.
    What I'm enjoying at moment is ..... Advanced Night Repair (I know what you're thinking, but it did a great job repairing my skin after a "mild" chemical peel left me bleeding like I was experiencing stigmata two weeks ago. And then, finally, Fissan baby cream *cringe*. There, the secret's out... I put butt paste on my face, because nothing keeps me pimple-free like it (the secret is to really work it in, so you don't look like a Cullen.
    Now I feel better.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. there was a Waitrose baby butter here that women were going CRAZY for! For their faces...

  80. Nothing sucks as much as Lancôme, anything by Lancôme. Breakouts galore!!

    1. I totally agree. I use Lancomes teint miracle foundation, and the first time I used it, It broke me out like hell! The alcohol in it hurt my skin. It felt like using an alcohol based toner:( I got used to it though, which is fortunate, because it was the only foundation in my town that matched my skin... It is very drying though:(

  81. Batiste, just gives me dusty roots no matter how much I brush.
    Keihls lip balm, cult product apparently, was horrified I paid high end price for what was essentially posh vaseline
    Benefit Posie-tint, should just be called no-tint as not even a hint of colour graced my cheeks
    Benefit Bad Gal mascara, clumpy clumpy clumpy
    Garnier BB cream, sticky, itchy and just sticky all the time it was on my face
    Philip Kingsley Elastisiser thankfully I got a smaple, since the directions for putting it on meant that because of the length and thickness of my hair that I would have gone through half a pot, and what for, well not much really!
    Mac Magically Cool Liquid powder, not sure if I am doing it wrong but I just don't get it!

  82. This old post is so tempting. .. can't resist to vent of my rant.
    1. Clinique skincare in general. .. so aggressive it makes me cringe..3 steps to dead skin.
    2. Benefit cosmetics. Nothing more than a pretty packaged supermarket line. Outreougsley expensive poor quality.
    3.Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum never seen any difference after so many samples. Gladly never wasted any money on it.
    4 .8 hour cream. Wasted money on a stinking cream like this. ..should be illegal it's so foul
    5.Aveeno micellar water. . Still water would be more effective to remove make up.
    Caroline can you do a post like this more often? So liberating top share the c**p!!!!

  83. 1. Bare minerals- yellow/orange mess with a polished (not in a good way) flat look.
    2. 8 hour cream- I actually don't mind the smell, its the fact it does nothing (in my case at least)
    3. Touche eclat- Just like a shiny thin layer that shows the dark beneath.

  84. I agree with so many others Touche Eclat: The SA put this on me and I had to ask her what the difference was lol. Cakey and didnt do anything to brighten my eye area. My mabelline does it better for way cheaper.

    Origins Ginzing eye cream: so many people love it but it stings the crap out of my eyeballs. I keep getting samples thinking maybe one day I will see the light and I still havent. Also does nothing to brighten under eye circles.

    Clinique skincare: breaks me out and does nothing for me.

    Benefit porefessional: slippery mess is what my face becomes after using this. Everyone loves it but I dont see the results and I hate the way it feels on my skin

  85. C&P gave me such bad cystic acne across my chin and jaw line I could feel my pulse in my face when I lay down! I ended up needing steroid cream to get rid! 2 years on and my skin is scarred physically and myself mentally by the experience and yet my mum has it everyday since it was released and loves it.

  86. Can we relaunch this post for the 2013 products??

  87. Oh I agree I'm late to the party but I also have a list!

    Estée Lauder Double wear, just no, it actually made me look like I was a cracking porcelain doll, too heavy, and nasty yet everyone RAVED!
    Clarins beauty flash balm, my mother adores it, me I can't even walk past it without feeling itchy, big red itchy blotches if I wear it.
    OPI love their colours but they chip on me like mad.
    Any essential oil heavy skincare, just makes me want to scratch my face off.
    MAC foundations they are just not great esp for the money
    I'll probably have a ton more but I'm running out ATM!

  88. God ! I don't even know where to start! My beauty room is full of crappy expensive stuff that once I believed that would work wonders for my skin but ending up in misery. This is just like falling in love and then realizing its a NO-NO thing anyways lets start. First let me tell that I have dry to combo skin and im olive tonned.

    CLEANSE AND RUBBISH: This really dried out my skin however the skin tonic is good.
    BOBBI BROWN HYDRATING RICH CREAM BURNER: Dont know why but it burnt the area around my lips!
    YSL Touch Eclait or what?: What did you touch and make it perfect? Yea you did touch my creases and draw like a red light on them saying "Look at my creases!!!"
    Dermologica Hydrating Something: Made my face look like dead yellow. I remember looking much more alive before putting it on.
    MAC Foundations or powders: Shades will instantly umpa lumpa you! I do not remember any human kind having an orange under toned skin. Dont tell me that I've chosen the wrong shades. Cause I cant be choosing the really white shades but come on, you are a big brand don't you have something in between?
    Darphin Hydrating kiwi mask: Not hydrating at all. İts just a white paste and no matter how much you leave it on your skin will not help you. I end up telling myself oh here is the other chemical rubbish I put on my skin to work miracles. but no
    Anything by Clarins is rubbish.
    Anything by Clinique is rubbish. You know its even more and more devastating to see the "even better" "moisture surge" or things like that and seeing it doesnt work!!
    Theres more and more stuff if I can remember ı'll let you know,
    a Turkish girl,

  89. Don't know how I've only just stumbled across this post! Know it's a bit late but thought I would add my own;
    C&P - actually made my skin so sore the 100% Pure Aloe Vera gel I bought to try and calm it down burnt and stung like hell, also caused my mum's skin to blister on one cheek!
    Bio-oil - my mum bought this for me when it first hit the press as I have quite bad stretch marks on my hips and bust (was a late bloomer and both my hips and boobs appeared over night!), It did absolutely nothing except dry me out even more, I can't believe some people put this horrid stuff on their face!
    Vichy Dermablend - I suffer from acne (PCOS) and have quite a bit of scaring so had high hopes for this sadly all it did was make me look like a weird clowny oompa loompa! I may be being slightly unfair as I am ridiculous pale - a shade away from death with very dark eyes and hair, thanks Dad! - and the lightest shade is probably 3 shades to dark for me, but the texture is way to dry for my also very dehydrated skin.
    Embryolisse - You might as well use E45 at a third of the price!
    Clinique 3 step system - don't get me started!
    Lancome Hypnose Mascara - clumps, flaky yuckyness!
    Maybelline Great Lash - same as above
    M&S Pure Overnight Treatment Oil - did absolutely nothing except dry me out even more
    I really could go on and on and on, but I feel I should balance things out a bit lol...

    Things I love;

    Clarins and Estee Lauder Mascara's - all of them
    Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - covers just about all of my spots and scars and stays in place all day
    Barbara Daley for Tesco Oil Free foundation - the best "High Street" foundation I have ever found, good range of shades, blends beautifully, doesn't have the staying power or the same amount of coverage as DW but is a very close second for me!
    Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm - just heaven (thank you Caroline!)
    Lancome Hypnose Star Eyes Palette in Brun Adore - perfect day to evening makeup bag palette
    Clarins Blue Orchid oil - my winter skin saviour!
    Weleda Iris Hydration collection - couldn't be without it, this has saved my "prune in the Sahara" skin on more than one occasion!
    And finally, a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - I absolutely love it, if I'm having a particularly grotty skin day (little or no sleep, time of the month, high sugars (Type 1 diabetic)) I use this as a primer and all trace of grotty'ness disappears, perfect!

  90. Ah...I was quite sad to see Eve Lom cleanser here...i tried it (and their morning one) a few years ago after using a shiseido cleanser (can't remember how to spell it!) for mature skin which i found was drying and harsh. I love the eve Lom, especially after using Dermalogica pre cleanse...
    Maybe it's the hot cloth method I'm loving? Maybe both.
    I do heartily join all those who dislike the Clinique 3 step. Absolutely dreadful.

  91. Anything from Clarins seems to break me out to oblivion.
    Embryolisse seems to have the same effect
    Can't stand micellar waters, always feel as if I still have something on my face no matter how much I use, also if I'm not careful with it bioderma stings the hell out of my eyes.
    Gel/foaming cleansers leave my skin so tight.
    Drugstore products for spot prone skin such as neutrogena, clearasil, clean and clear ect usually don't effect it at all and leave my skin so tight.
    Nars Sheer Glow, all was good and well till I saw myself in daylight shining like Edward Cullen.
    e.l.f. products for skin (foundation, concealer, powder, tinted moisturiser.) Weird textures, patchy, no coverage bleh.

  92. Eve Lom cleanser - leaves my face feeling icky, and guaranteed to end in spots by the weekend
    Clinique Chubby Sticks (or whatever their tinted lip balms are called) - ends up a smeared mess, and the whole reason I'm using a tinted balm is because I *don't* want to wear lip liner, thanks!

  93. Caitlin,
    I have the same problem with Clarins! That is wierd. I have also tried Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Both one AND two. I noticed NO change in my skin after I used it for SIX months! Just a lot less cash in my wallet.
    After much research, I've started using Lumiplexion and I LOVE it!! My skin looks smooth, bright and my pores are much smaller & cleaned out!

  94. Dermalogica skin smooth, gave me and rash and dried out my skin.

  95. Do you want a list? I could see I am not alone here.
    - Clinique 3 steps: 3 steps to damage my skin
    - Clinique green line for redness. My face is still red, and not a bit moisturised. And I am $60 poorer.
    - Anything Lancome skin care. I worked for L'Óreal many years ago and had this stuff for almost free. Just glad I never had to really dig into my pockets for something that just turned my face into an oil barrel. I like their lipsticks though.
    - Kerastase. Somehow none of their lines is appropriated for my fine, natural, brown hair. It always ended up straw looking. And I don't color, I don't perm or straighten it, and just air dry. There is no reason for such damage. I had it for free.
    - Any drugstore acne product. Maybe I'm supposed to use the oil from my face to treat my Kerastase damaged hair?
    - Oily skin lines of any brand. It simply doesn't work and my face ends up oilier with ginourmous pores. Only product that ever worked controlling oil production and making my pores look decent was a green serum from La Prairie, which, of course, according to Murphy's Law, has been discontinued. It worked so well that my skin was still great for 7 months after my last bottle finished. I could never find a replacement.
    - Dr. Murad Pore Refining products. The samples worked fine, I bought full sizes. They never worked as good as the samples.

    Why is it so difficult to care for greasy oily skin? And now it is a mature red greasy skin. Following some of Hirons suggestions, I've started acid toners and some AHAs, Retinols and Paula's for oily skin. It seems to be working by now. But nothing as beautifully as my beloved La Prairie serum.

    On a different note: Hirons, we maybe have bumped into each other in some London beauty counters over the years. In 2001 I started as an agency weekend girl for Aveda and been everywhere. Later I worked with Lorraine at the defunct Bakers in Kensington.

  96. I DO NOT like Origins line of skincare products. I loved their Original Skin Serum (newer product launched in 2015, I THINK???) But regrettably, I discovered I have a heightened sensitivity to foods that contain salicylates (allergic to strawberries), so therefore, I should probably refrain from using BHA-exfoliants AKA salysilic acid (I can't spell that ever) on my face, and that's the one product I tried from the line that did (initially) seem to work for me. The "A Perfect World" cleanser smelled divine (white tea, peach, and rose), but was chock full of sulfates and ultimately dried me out. The Ginzing Face Scrub has the infamous (and now illegal) plastic beads that never really exfoliated but just tore the skin and never washed away. The Night a Mins is pretty good. I did actually like that and the Ginzing moisturizer was okay and very lightweight but i almost needed more oomph and have since learned that I hate orange and orange blossom scented things. That is not the fault of the product, and I know everyone has their tastes, it just isn't for me.

    I also hate all Maybelline eye products. Eyeshadows have no pigment and all mascaras and liners sting my eyes. I hate the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water. It seemed to break me out atrociously. And the Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing Water is just okay, not great and does seem to sting the eyes a touch, but not terrible, but I still would not repurchase. I don't know if I shall attempt to try Bioderma or not. I am in the States, and it still proves a somewhat tricky thing to find, and I wonder, even for just eye makeup or a makeup removing stage before further cleansing, if it is worth it.

    I also did not like the Philosophy Purity CLEANSING WIPES (which I only ever intended as a stage one makeup removal for the cleansing process. I am an actor, I need stuff to remove stage makeup sometimes), those really stung my skin and made me red. This was both surprising and sad, as I rather liked the Purity Made Simple Cleanser (that they still make and are obviously well known for) and I enjoy a lot of their shower products, but the wipes were terrible.

    Products that are worth the hype:

    Josie Maran's 100% Pure Argan Oil and the lighter textured Argan Oil Light for the face.
    Pixi Glow Tonic (Need I say more)
    Personally, I love the L'oreal Voluminous Mascara, I use the Carbon Black shade/version.
    First Aid Beauty Pads. I like the Pixi better as it lasts longer, but both of these are great. I am referring to the exfoliating pads, not the acne-fighting ones, which I have not tried.
    WEN Haircare (QVC version and Chaz Dean Salon Versions) GREAT STUFF. Favorite in the regular line is Pomegranate and for Seasonals I love Fall Ginger Pumpkin, Winter Cranberry Mint, Winter Vanilla Mint, Summer Honey Peach, and Fall Tuscan Pear (which I personally use in Spring, as I don;t care for any of the Spring fragrances he has introduced so far) and I also love the new rice-based formula in the Mandarin Italian Fig fragrance/formula.

  97. So reassuring to find myself not alone! Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is, for me, too drying, harsh and gives me redness/spots. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm makes my skin look great for about three hours ... then I get clusters of watery, red lumps that last for over a week ... so not worth the few hours of glow. And Protect and Perfect serum - the orginal and intense are a major disaster for me - spots and patches of bumpy blistery skin. Emma Hardie however does nothing but nurture and delight my skin!

  98. Liz Earle's C&P: I'm one of those people it actually worked for. I used it for about a year to cope with the adult acne I was blessed with in my late 20's. The LE moisturisers OTOH were not for me. I tried to use the tubs of moisturiser, only to find the shea butter content so emollient it made my face sweat, so I couldn't wear it under make-up. I tried the lighter moisturising fluid in a tube, but the heavy feel was still there. I ended up with a red, shiny T-Zone & dry cheeks/forehead.

    EA 8 Hr Cream: What the hell is this even supposed to be for? You want me to put this on my face? Why? Smells/feels like something t'other half would use 4 motorcycle maintenance. Tried it on my lips, dindunuffin. On my hands? All it did was create a trail of tacky fingerprints all over my house a la CSI. Meh.

    Clinique 3-Step: I remember going into the store to have my 'type' assessed, doing the little slidey-metal question thingy on the counter, only to be told that I didn't fit exactly into 1 category. But the SA said I should go for a particular formula, so I trusted her & handed over the cash. I wasn't in a high paying job at the time, but worked a lot of long shifts/split shifts/the odd stint in the hotel kitchen & frequent nights in a smokey bar. I was in my early 20's & thought I should splash out on decent, quality skincare. There I was thinking I was doing the proper 'grown up' thing of graduating to a 'quality' brand, expecting to be glowing/dewy in no time at all. Instead I ended up raw, tight & greasy/oily at the same time. I thought it must just have been my skin, needing time to adjust to the new/different products. But come the end of week 3, I had to admit defeat. It was so bad that for the next 3/4 days, until payday, I switched to using Neutrogena Facewash & moisturiser, which hugely improved the situation & helped get the redness/oiliness under control. Neutrogena isn't bad for teens, but it's not something I'd likely rely upon as an adult. But after the crap-fest fallout from using the Clinique gak, it actually provided welcome relief. Never went near Clinique ever again.

    Benetint Cheek Colour: Is that ink I have on my face? Nasty, cheap-ass, pinky-toned red fountain pen ink? Why have I put this on my face?

    M&S Formula Perfect Radiance Illuminating Day Cream SPF15: Do you know what I really like in a moisturiser? When I apply a normal amount, barely rub it in & find that 1/2 of it is rubbing off in bits, like when I used to put PVA glue on my fingers as a kid & pick at it. Yeah, I love that.

    La Roche-Posay EFFACLAR DUO[+]: Used this when I had an adult acne break-out. It dried my face out until it was painfully tight, chalky looking & basically made me feel as though I'd just smeared a load of nasty chemicals on my face; which to all intents and purposes, I kinda had.

    I don't really have problematic skin. I had perfect skin thru my teenage yrs, until I hit about 21 & BAM along came the adult acne; but it wasn't completely unmanageable & finally stopped plaguing me when I was about 32. Now I use Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm, Facial Oil & Age Support Face Cream every day which is a really simple routine & a pleasure to use. I do a REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask every weekend & use REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial every Wednesday too, to give my skin an extra boost.

    They're my 'Hero' products. They all do a great job, smell lovely (I adore anything with an orange/neroli scent), work well together & help to keep hormonal outbreaks at bay. A 50ml tub of Moringa Balm is a miracle-in-a-pot; chuck it in my bag & it serves as a lip-balm/hand-salve/all-round emergency moisturiser, for use on those annoying little dry-spots that crop up from time to time. I love, love, LOVE the stuff & whilst it's pricier than other cleansers, a little goes a long way & in the long run, it's well worth the price.