Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The 'I know it's not a Hero Product but it bloody-well-should-be!' Support Club

So following on from the ridiculously popular post on Monday (you Ladies really needed to vent didn't you??!) - it's time for the other side of the coin.

Everyone has something that they LOVE/thinks works brilliantly/obsesses over that doesn't really get seen much in the press - whether it's because it is a small niche brand or belongs to a bigger house that focuses on their (coughs) 'Hero Product' in the press.

We've had words like 'grim, hideous, nasty' etc - let's see what you think is beyond brilliant/amazing etc...

So - in the spirit of fair play, mine are.....

Suti Cleanse Facial Cleanser - just a bloody brilliant balm cleanser from a very small independent British company *waves flag* that needs to be on Beauty pages of the big glossies. Stat. Go see for yourself.

DJV Beautenizer mascara - £18.00 for a mascara that works better than the supposed 'Hero' ones. Brilliant, quick, look like your wearing extensions. Marvellous.

Victoria's Secret Lip Glosses and Body Sprays - While everyone was 'all-hailing' the arrival of VS to the UK later this year and tweeting about underwear, I was punching the sky Rocky-Balboa-style (and no that does not embarrass me - I love me some Balboa) that their beauty department will be coming over with the knickers. Affordable, wearable and better than any 'Hero Product' lip gloss out there - bring it on! And don't take my word for it - just ask @helenjnt 

So Ladies - over to you: SHARE!


  1. Ooh good idea! My hero products lately are:
    Naked body care and hair care: Free from SLS and mineral products. My skin and hair have never looked or felt better. Seriously, it's like I have new hair. And their shower products are incredible, since discovering these I can now survive winter without bleeding skin!

    Weleda rose oil: I only found this recently but omg it's so good, great for the body and even sometimes the face if it's particularly dry. There's more products I love, but the Naked/Weleda combo has saved me from being a scaly monster with scary hair!

    1. I adore the smell of Coco De Mer products in the Naked range, a bath smiling of Chanel for £4.99,mmmm! yes please xxx

    2. Me tooo:) And orange blossom body wash.

  2. Jergens.

    LOVE. That could Put moisture in the Sahara and everyone smells so nice.

    Everyone should own a tube. I mean it

  3. Gliss Hair Repair Leave-In conditioner- honestly without this my hair is flyaway and dull but spray this on and it's shiny and lovely, I would cry if this was ever discontinued. Heal Gel has improved my rosecea enormously; I love it and lastly "This Works" wrinkle cream is just gorgeous.

  4. Olay gentle cleansers conditioning milk - cheap as chips, boring packaging, works a treat at removing makeup, including non-waterproof eye makeup.

    Montagne Jeunesse masks (face/hair/body) - organic, cheap, smell divine, work great. I swear by their hair masks especially.

    Schwartzkopf Gliss shine spray - inexpensive, makes your hair lovely and glossy w/o weighing it down. Washes out easily,

    Nivea Soft - I've tried loads of hand and body lotions/creams, but I come back to the jar of this gorgeous cream every time.

  5. Mine is definitely Elemis's Sensitive Cleansing Wash. Don't be but off by the weird, brown coloured liquid - this stuff is incredible for sensitive, acne prone skin. It's really gentle and soothing, but it's also antibacterial so I find it really helps with breakouts. It's also the only face wash I've ever tried that doesn't make my skin red and irritated. I've been using it for years!

  6. - Weleda wild rose oil: is a body oil but I use it on my face as a serum/oil or as a makeup remover. Absolutely lovely, soothing and moisturizing. And Affordable.

    - Clinique take the day off makeup remover: much better than lancome bifacil, if you're into that.

    - Clinique deep comfort body lotion: very moisturizing yet light, no fragrance so it doesn't clash with perfume. Not cheap but a little goes a long way.

    - Catrice foundation: best foundation I've ever tried for only 6 euros. SIX EUROS. i rest my case.


  7. I love my Alpha H balancing cleanser, so gentle, but effective.. followed by Alpha H liquid gold.. I know some of you hate it, as it was mention in Caroline's other post. But that just shows how different our skins are.. Because it to me, its been a wonderful product.

  8. Pai Camellia & Rose cleanser has replaced old favourite No.7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth cleanser. It's really gentle, smells gorgeous and is suitable for sensitive skin (which I don't think the No.7 is).

    The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup remover is something I have used up and replaced many times. Despite trying other, this is my favourite for removing eye makeup and I much prefer it to oils.

    Mascara wise I love Hourglass Film Noir. It was actually a revelation to find something that didn't make me look like a panda come lunch time!

    Whilst wracking my brains, I remembered two products which I think are genius and never really get a mention: Hot cloths and shower puffs! I can barely remember life before either of these but they do make a big difference to my skin. Boring but true!

  9. Pai Rosehip Oil, Pai Geranium & Thistle Moisturiser - I am all over the Pai bandwagon. Super reasonable price points, I LOVE LOVE LOVE their money back guarantee. Maybe it's just me but I don't know of many companies that would let me return a product after using it for awhile and give me my money back because my skin didn't like it. I have very sensitive skin, I tend to not sample many products because I will break out in hives, name it I've gotten it from skincare products in the past (even the "sensitive" skin ones) and the organic ranges usually suit my skin better...but for some reason organic usually means £££££££££££. I don't have a lot of money. I love this stuff. Their sensitive/rosacea moisturiser is a bit too much for my congested skin so their rosehip oil really takes the cake and calms my skin down while the combination moisturiser sinks into my skin almost instantly. Love love love.

    Lumos basecoat/topcoat. They're just the best. Basecoat dries your polish from the bottom up while the topcoat dries your polish from the top so so shiny.

    Anne Semonin oils. No clue if they're revered but you told me about them and they are now revered by me. Totally turned my skin around from being a bit spotty and patchy dry on the cheeks to being much healthier overall. I can't afford anything outside the 2 oils until I get a job again (although to be fair I've cobbled together a skincare routine I'm really happy with) but those two oils really complete my night time skincare

    Kate Somerville Goat Cream. I swap between the Pai combination cream and the goat cream, they're both fantastic and sort of do the same thing for my skin. It is just tough because the Goat Cream is really expensive and the Pai isn't

    Jack Black lip balms. Lanolips shmanolips. These are what it's really all about. They keep my lips in excellent condition (if I don't wear chapstick at night my lips will be cracked and bleeding in the morning sadly) and these are my saviour.

    Laura Mercier eye primer. THE ONLY EYE PRIMER FOR THE OILIEST EYELIDS ON THE PLANET. so this is the only primer I've EVER found that works for me, I couldn't wear eye makeup before I found this because it was just a waste. I creased through everything and I love eyeshadow. It was so depressing. I still have problems with liquid eyeliner never quite drying and setting properly no matter how long I wait...and my eyelids are just so oily I only get about 3-4 hours wear time before creasing but that's way up from 15-20 minutes so I love it.

    Everything By Terry. I'm just a By Terry product slut and I can't help myself. I would say I don't know why but I genuinely find nearly everything the brand puts out works so well with my skin (which tends to not work well with most brands be they high end or anything in between) that it's genuinely worth saving up/shelling out for this very expensive brand. It just works for me and as someone who has tried so many high end brands and every brand in Boots/Superdrug (outside the new ones in the last couple years) and none of them worked...this brand just makes me happy because it always works. It does exactly what it says on the outside. I try things that other people rave about and usually it never works the same on me. There's no colour payoff or it just doesn't stay on my face and I get so frustrated....that never happens with this brand.

    And yeah, face balms and hot cloths. I am never going back!

    1. Ooooh, Kate Somervilles goat cream has been on my wish list since reading about it on here last year but like you, I have a similar skin type and am SO reluctant to pay so much for something that might break me out in acne. I cannot find a moisturiser that doesnt give me spots for love nor money. Never heard of Pai though. Thanks for the tips!!

    2. Kate, Pai are AMAZING if you have sensitive skin. The founder, Sarah, developed urticaria which made her skin really reactive so she researched and developed her own skincare. It's not hideously expensive and it works really well. The rosehip oil is lovely, as are their cleansers. Well worth a go!

    3. Thank you!!! I have just checked out their website and am going to order a couple of their products. Aaak! Really excited to try something that might (hopefully) agree with my skin!

  10. Alpha-H Vitamin E clay mask is the mutts nuts.

    I also LOVE Haus of Gloi for their Pumpkin Butters and Perfume Oils.

  11. Agree with Big Fashionista on the Jergens body lotions, I love the scent of these and they are very effective as well as cheap!

    I love A'Kin Jasmine body wash - smells like heaven in a bottle and has a nice lux lather.

  12. Korres (overall). Very pleasantly surprised every time I use their products. The last item I fell in love with was their evening primrose eye cream and their body lotions are a staple!
    No7 intense volume mascara
    Organix shampoo (the one that smells of coconuts and holidays!)

  13. Biotherm hand cream- perfect, perfect product.

    And also one more vote for Alpha H balancing cleanser. I haven't liked any of the other Alpha H products I've tried (including liquid gold, which clogged my pores), but the balancing cleanser feels great, is very good at eradicating redness and at limiting clogged pores and oiliness.

  14. I absolutely love Clarins Blue Orchid Facial Oil. Can't rave about it enough!

  15. I second PeachBellini's vote for Naked haircare products - I've used them for a few years now and my hair is shiny, bouncy and healthy. Last week they were on BOGOF at Boots, not sure if the offer is still on.

    Nars Sheer Glow foundation - good coverage, great match to my skin one, and it lasts!

    Chanel blush in Espiegle - gives me a beautiful oh so natural glow

    Elemis Camelia oil - I use this on my hair, face, and when I was pregnant on my tummy.

    MAC fluid line eyeliner stays put all day even my on greasy lids

    Ruby and Millie mascara great volume and long lasting and cheap.

    Garner cocoon body lotion (the red one) - keeps my skin hydrated like no other body moisturiser

    By Terry Rose lip balm, feels wonderful and smells amazing on my lips

    Clarins combination skin cleanser and toner - I've tried Sisley, eve lom, estee Lauder, clinique, origins, and time after time, still come back to this.

    La Roche posay sunscreen - light weight and doesn't give me spots

    Bobbi brown cream eyeshadow in bone and MAC paint pots in painterly - a great base under my eyeshadow to make it last all day (I have very greasy lids!)

    Lanolips on my cuticles, keeps them drying out.

    My new clarisonic Mia! My skin has never been so clean, and it cleared away most of the tiny clogged pores on my chin which I've had and been unable to shift for years!

    Kiehls dry Argan oil in my hair keeps the frizz away and is light and non oily

    I could go on, but have to go feed my baby! Looking forward to reading other people's raves.

  16. I second the Suti cleanser - my skin has NEVER felt as deep clean and hydrated as when I use it, I just adore their products - so lovely and really quite affordable!

    Also Yonka's Gommage is my desert island, everyone-needs-it product - it's the gentlest, brightening, soothing mask that exfoliates and hydrates, and should replace horrid grainy scrubs the world over.

    I love reading everyone else's picks too, gives me even more products to put on my "to sample" list:)

  17. Oh, one more! Simple eye make up remover. Oil free and gentle and even takes off waterproof make up. I'm on my fifth bottle.

  18. Everything from PAI skincare. Love love love it! Never used anything quite so gentle on my skin that's so effective at the same time.

    My konjac sponge. Don't have any breakouts anymore since I've started using it and it's so cheap too.

    Mason Pearson brush. Love.

  19. La Roche Posay Lipikar Baume AP: the best body moistuirzer for very dry, itchy, sensitive skin - since I've been using it I almost never use my corticosteroids which in my eyes is a huge achievement.
    Also, even though Chanel has quite a few underwhelming products, the Inimitable Intense mascara is really, really good. And Clinique's High Impact mascara is also one of my favourites.
    Hmm, I had more products on my list in your previous post :)

  20. I need my Dr Brandt Poreless cream and I'm in love with anything from Nude skin care. Obviously I'm an Emma Hardie addict and I'm sooooooooo into Zelens right now it's obscene.

  21. Emma Hardie, Zelens, La Roche Posay and Pai are all amazing. I've also been really surprised at how fab Vapour makeup photographs. Using it on a client with skin that rejects silicone and it's a dream. Oh, and Lucas Paw Paw ointment. For everything. It's a miracle.

  22. elemis absolute eye serum - amazing for under eye puffiness and circles
    Guinot Mini eclat de beaute radiance vials - two glass vials for £13 - that you snap the top off and apply before a night out - expensive at £7 like photoshop for your skin - so unknown apparently that even the lady in the salon I bought it from looked at it and said "are these good then, a lot of people seem to buy them!"

    Wei chrysantemum eye treatment pads - Space NK - am on my third pack of these
    Bobbi Brown eye shadow in heather - lovely if you have blue eyes
    YSL wake up eye pen - amazing stuff (from the Top Secrets range)
    Anne Semonin active contour serum for eyes and lips - amazing jelly like serum that never irritates your skin and is amazing on fine lines and puffiness (you may have guessed that I have puffy eyes sometimes ha!)

    Skeen Powder perfect for eyes (vit c powder that mixes in with your eye cream) fab stuff really potent.
    By terri touche veloutee for eyes - so much better than YSL

    Okay I feel better now

  23. i do love Armani Eyes to Kill excess mascara - it manages to make your lashes look really big but also still feathery looking and flexible. I do cheat on this with other mascaras as I can't resist trying new one but this is now a staple and am on my third tube of it.
    Also love Laura Mercier tightliner(?)/eyeliner in blue marine
    MAC blusher in Well dressed is light and buildable and great for contouring on my skin
    Also love my Bobbi Brown lipstick in Black Maple I love it so much I occasionally use it with a very light hand as a cream blusher though I think this was Limited edition?
    ALso if you can get hold of it or know someone who is going to France on their hols - Avibon Vitamin A cream is amazing on fine lines. Available for about four euros in all French pharmacies
    Oh and if you get to a french pharmacy Lierac Mesolift serum is also amazing

  24. La Biosthetique shampoos- blah packaging, not great scents but they've completely transformed my hair.
    Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Skin Polish Exfoliator is also amazing!

  25. - The best eye make-up remover for me is Botanics, used it for years as it removes everything quickly without stinging. The one you shake up before you use it.
    - still love Cleanse & Polish for cleanser, works great for me
    - Sudocrem for spots... Seriously why did I not know this when I was a teenager. Spot is gone within 2 days of using this bad boy! and this is from a girl who's suffered acne for years.
    - Organix Brazilian keratin serum is the best hair serum I've ever used. And ive tried loads of high end ones. It really helps with the frizz but isn't too heavy. Believe me, I need help with the frizzy mop! Plus it's cheap. Even better:)
    - Finally Sanctuary Facial Oil. Nice smell, hydrates, doesn't break you out in spots. Excellent value for money.

  26. My bestbsomfarisnthe clarisonic, in just 1 day my skin looked 5 years younger, im now using it once per day to help shift make up from pores. Also just started using the alpha starter kit and so far so good, seems to hvave helped even my skin tone and reduced some pigment and skin feels less oily. Fingers crossed it continues.

    1. Love to read everyone's favorite products
      mine are:Clarins instant smooth panic when coming to bottom of jar (great for under eyes

      La roche posay spf factor 50 for the face
      Clarins hydra quench moisture mask
      Bare minerals foundation (can't feel you have anything on your face

  27. Like Modesty Brown I love the Body Shop Chamomile Eye Make Up remover. Tried so many others but keep coming back to this little beauty.

    Clarins cream deodorant - sadly discontinued and yet it's the only deodorant that doesnt irritate my under arms and the only deodorant that I dont need to pre layer with triple dry.

    Guerlain Issima Midnight Secret is still a wonder product after a late night out.

    Clarins Fix It Mascara sealant - the only product that stops smudging and panda eyes. No mater how smudgeproof a mascara claims to be they always migrate onto my cheeks without this.

    Another Clarins favourite is their Instant Smooth. Does exactly what it says on the pot and softens my under eye wrinkles and helps as prep for my under eye concealor.

    PS I love my Clarins Beauty Flash Balm although I seem to be in the minority. I always get told how well I look when I use it.
    PPS I appear to be a Clarinsoholic.

    Hurraw! Tinted lip balm. My lips love it, therefore, so do I.

  28. Trilogy Rosehip Oil - total love :-)
    Clinique Lash Power mascara, seriously does not budge till you use warm water and fingers to wriggle it off again
    La Roche Posay hydraphase eye cream, appeases my stupidly sensitive skin
    Dr Nick Lowe supercharged day cream, reasonably priced and very effective for me
    Rapidlash eyelash serum has made a real difference to my naturally feeble invisible lashes, not cheap but I find a tube lasts upto 6 months and I would NEVER be without it now (they're still invisible, but with mascara...bam!)
    Dior Nude liquid foundation, sheer enough for my skin to still show but enough subtle coverage to even out my skin tone
    China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat - really strong smell but works like magic
    Jo :-)

  29. For me its Avene Ystheal eye cream, its really helped with the fine crepey lines and doesnt irritate

    Also homemade sugar/olive oil face scrub leaves my face so soft

  30. These are my unsung heros that I use and repurchase time and again, month in month out:

    i) Klorane Oatmilk Gentle Dry Shampoo Spray - I am obsessed with my fringe and I find this keeps it fresh, light, and clean-looking and is great pick-me-up when my hair has lost its oopmh. I keep a large 150ml size can at home and I carry a mini 50ml can in my handbag and keep another in my drawer at work. I think I've tested all the dry shampoo products on the market (and there are *lots* these days). This is the best, in my opinion as it brushes out easily, it doesn't make my hair flyaway immediately after I've applied it (a common problem) and it smells nice.

    ii) Velcro rollers - I have lots of soft, baby fine hair and I discovered many years ago, that if used velcro rollers after blow-drying and left them in for as long as possible , they would smooth out and add shine and volume. I drive to work wearing them every day, I've lost count of the number of photos of me wearing velcro rollers (on holiday, at friends' houses). I love them so much.

    iii) Newton's Chiropody Sponge - the most unglamorous item you can imagine. These have been around since the year dot and the packaging is so old-fashioned! However, they are amazing; if you want soft, smooth skin on your feet, or to get rid of that annoying little callous/corn, this product is way, way better then pummice stones, Ped Eggs, expensive exfoliating scrubs or creams. It costs about £2 from Boots, eBay, Amazon etc. and if you store it in it's box, it lasts for months. Look out for the naff green packing!

    iv) Emma Hardie Moringa Balm - the best cleansing balm out there. Some leave a greasy residue even after rinsing and rinsing, but this one is so soft and silky smooth and it smells delicious. I must have bought this product about 20 times now.

    v) Kerastase Nutritive Aqua Oleum instant nourishing conditioning treatment - this is so light (even for my fine hair) but so nourishing too. Quite fun to use and almost instant results (no hanging around for 20 mins with a plastic bag on your head and a heated towel!). Basically it comes in individual glass vials and the product is sprayed into towel-dried hair and can be rinsed out within a minute or so. My hair feels so silky and light afterwards and the effect lasts through several washes. I use at the end of the week (Thurs/Frid) so my hair looks good for the weekend.

  31. I've fianlly bought Emma Hardie's Moringa Balm thanks to all the recs. here, so fingers crossed my skin likes it!

    My loves are:

    -Ultrasun sunscreens, esp. the Face SPF30. They all sink in quickly, don't need reapplying throughout the day, smell nice and don't leave me looking as if I've been dipped in duckfat. The face formula is a good make-up base too.

    -Fairydrops mascara. Stupid name, fab product. One of the only 'tubing' mascaras I've found that adds volume and length, as well as ensuring that I don't look like a panda by 9.30am. Only available from America, which makes me sad.

    -Revlon Colourburst Lipstick (I refuse to take the 'u' out of the name...) - the only lipstick I've found (and I've tried a LOT) that don't end up in that awful line of gunk. Good colours too, for lipstick scaredy-cats like me.

  32. Actually, I'm not sure Emma Hardie's Moringa Balm *really* qualifies in the category of 'I know it's not a Hero Product but it bloody-well-should-be!' because let's face it: it is the total star of the range! Whatever... it's staying put on my list.

  33. Huzzah!

    Palmers Cocoa Butter - an oldy but goody
    TCP cream on spots, recommended by my grandmother and is amazingly effective, better than any expensive spot cream I've tried ( although the cream is dying out these days and hard to find).
    Loreal Telescopic Lashes - amazing volume and length and does not budge, annoyingly so when you're trying to cleanse!
    White Glo, Tea and Coffee toothpaste is an absolute essential of mine. Whips off stains in an instant (please dont make me think about whats in it!!)
    EH Moringe - goes without saying
    Liquid Gold - as above
    Fullers Earth, by your own earth, mix with hot water and make a face mask. Amazing, cheap and dries out spots in a flash! Woosh!
    Johnsons baby Oil in the shower, cheap and does the job

  34. everyone here is my hero product! :)

  35. Another vote for Klorane Dry shampoo. Brilliant! My recent love is Dior Serum de Rouge lipstick. Very expensive but the only lippie that I could use during the winter as it made my lips look and feel better.

  36. Dead Sea Spa Magik Exfoliator - it's the perfect texture to get rid of dry skin and feels great on the neck and decolletage and doesn't cost the earth!

  37. Kevyn Aucoin Eye Brow pencil
    Space NK Muscle soak
    & Collection 2000 24hr liquid liner ... all rock my world x

  38. Jergens Ultra Hydrating body moisturiser. Just OH MY GOD. I can safely say I will never use any other body butter/lotion/cream ever again. I am completely satisfied. Quick to sink in, beautiful delicate, fresh scent, amazing moisturising properties, cheap as chips (and can be often found half price at Boots/Superdrug), and allegedly 96% natural ingredients, whatever the definition of it might be ;)

    I've been using it since it hit the UK shores and have not looked back since.

  39. This is all driving me nuts!! I need a good retinol product but there are some really dodgy products out there! And whats the point in one whose language you cant even read?? Might try the suti cleanser though - sounds excellent.

  40. Can't believe no one has mentioned calamine lotion yet! In my bCH (before Caroline Hirons) days (THANK YOU!), that is, before I discovered the amazing double cleanse + fish oil supplements + liquid gold combo, I used to have constant breakouts. The only thing that calmed them down was sleeping with calamine lotion layered over some moisturiser. It's just incredible. Even today, whenever I feel that a spot is about to appear, I apply it with the help of a cotton bud. The spots either dry completely or form a head during the night. And it costs less than 2 pounds in Boots! Unbeatable.

  41. Just wanted to mention Homeoplasmine for dry, cracked skin and lips used by make-up artists and receiving quite a bit of press. I like it. It's an herbal base, sold OTC in France.

    Also, Biafine is great. ( Plant-based with trolamine to heal scrapes, sunburns, and post-operation wounds or dermabrasions/peels. The more mild version is

    And, what sort of list would be complete without Avibon ( Yes, shameless plug here. But, the stuff works. Vitamin A ointment for your face that turns into retinoic acid for wrinkles, but more mellow than the harsh pure retinol serums and much less money. 100% pure vitamin a

    All the links above offer free shipping and tracking with guaranteed delivery.

    My all-time favorite French product (I live in France) is Kamilosan Ocean Spray. It is ocean water and chamomile flower extract, and you spray a fine mist by your nose and sniff it to ward off colds and sinus infections (especially a life-saver on transatlantic flights with 14 hours of recycled air.

  42. My 'unsung heroes' that I can't live without:
    1/ Barry M Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner in Super Gloss Black - Goes on perfect every time.
    2/ Garnier Mineral Protection 5 Cotton Deodorant Spray - Never fails!
    3/ Jovan White Musk Perfume - An oldie but a goodie; always get compliments on this.
    4/ The Body Shop White Musk Oil - Again an old favourite for nostalgic, young feeling days.
    5/ Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm Cherry SPF 15 - Protects lips from all weather. Nuff said.
    6/ Ojon Damage Reverse Shampoo & Conditioner - Injects life back into my hair.
    7/ Aussie Mega Shampoo - For those days when you need to clean all the heavy build-up of products from your hair.
    8/ Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Peony - Great colour, great lip-salve, feel the tingle!
    9/ Champneys Heavenly Days Relaxing Body Souffle - Smells lovely (the lavender & patchouli make this sit nicely alongside a lot of my Dior fragrances) and at a tenner for a tub in Boots, you can slather it all over your carcass with abandon!
    10/ Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction Foundation - I add a couple of drops of this to my normal foundation, for days when I want heavier coverage, to either hide a multitude of sins, or last for the whole day. It's awesome. As long as you get the right shade, it will blend seamlessly with any brand and just supercharge your foundation, without looking heavy or caked on. If you have any scarring or marks that you need really good coverage for, then use it alone and it'll do a bloody good job. But if you just want a little extra special something in your warpaint, a wee bit of this mixed in to your usual, will really make a difference. Using it this way, a tube will last a year.
    11/ Gilette Mach 3 Razor - The men's one made before they all went crazy with up to 5 blades!
    12/ Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transforming Potion - Don't even know if you can still buy this, but it's an absolute must for anyone who goes clubbing for hours on end and wants to know that they're eye colour is still staying put, after all that dancing and sweating. You basically take your favourite eye-shadow, scrape/crumble a little onto a clean surface and add a couple of drops of this liquid. It immediately turns the eye-shadow into a liquid eye-liner of the same colour. BUT if you paint a coat of it on your eyelid, wait for it to dry and then apply some regular eye-shadow powder over the top, to blend into whatever dramatic look you're going for, it will stay on until you make a concerted effort to remove it the next morning. Not something you can really get away with doing for your everyday work make-up range, but like I said, if you go clubbing, like bright/striking eye make-up and want it to last the night, well this is your secret weapon. Otherwise, it does do a good job of creating a liquid eye-liner out of any eye-shadow you choose, but those of us used to having 72hr long weekend benders, love that it just makes you make-up, stay put!

    And those are my cheap, bog-standard, not-really-normally-interesting-enough-to-be-featured-in-anyone's-product-review-lists-but-nevertheless-essential, hero products. Because even those of us who are happy to shell out hundreds of pounds on skincare, still love a bargain. Even if it is just for our deodorant.

    Loving the blog!