Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Jo Malone Bath Oil - an Apology!

I was out scouting for a pressie earlier this month for my girlfriend that I KNOW is obsessed with the above. I didn't want to enable her as traditionally (in the old days) this was mineral oil based and I didn't want her channelling the BP disaster when she was trying to bathe. Grim. Vile. *shivers, moves on*


I reluctantly picked up the bottle - I habitually spin to the ingredients label - I don't read the selling blimph on the front..and low and behold:

the main ingredient is...


*CHEERS* Jo Malone. Congrats. Job well done. *adds back to list of possible presents*

P.S. - you'd never KNOW it wasn't mineral oil as Jo Malone don't list their full ingredients on their site - so technically, my ignorance was not my fault.... :)


  1. not in chance in the world i am going to buy this posh expensive thing, but omg this looks and has got the potential to smell gorgeous. love smell of almond oil
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

  2. They changed it over a while ago - no mineral oil in the body cremes either. I need to double check the body lotions.

  3. Almond oil is definitely very good for the skin and it is good to moisturise and also take away marks from the body,my daughter has allergy marks on her leg and they are so much better with the almond oil I say.

  4. Nutmeg and Ginger sounds heavenly!

  5. Well done Jo Malone! There's no need for mineral oil in products any more, in my opinion.