Monday, 26 March 2012


Something else new to the UK market this month and from the home of Nanoblur and Snoxin - Peptalash promises what it says on the box - Longer, Thicker and Fuller lashes.

I'm someone who can't have lash extensions in all the time - it would drive me crazy not being able to cleanse my face properly every day (you can't put oil anywhere near the extensions as it dissolves the glue - not great when you're obsessed with oil cleansing) - so this, if it works, will be very welcome.

It uses three peptides - presumably one for each claim on the box. Its extremely easy to use - one swipe across the upper and lower lashes in the am and pm. I am happy to report that so far, there is zero irritation on the eyes at all.

Fingers crossed Peptalash!

Available from Boots nationwide.


  1. oooo, 24.99? Not cheap but i expected to be more :) I am tempted. Thank you xx
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

  2. Caroline, do you know of a similar product for brows?

  3. I'm fairly sure Talika do one for brows.

  4. Sounds great, It's not a bad price, even better if you can use your boots points to purchase it!

  5. Ok, ok, i'm a little excitable but any Peptalash trial updates?

  6. How do i get the lid off. I cant see a seal or anything but i cant remove the lid

    1. i had the same problem, thought I might break it, put it in ice water for a few mins and it opened

  7. Hi, Do you how good it is at adding extra volume / length? Is this something you already use? Just a little question regarding oil cleansing, do you detail info on this site about it as I have tried the search tool but it's not working :( x

  8. the lash serum from fusion beauty (not sure if they sell it in the UK??) ACTUALLY works. you have to use it every night for a while and then you will see major length. sadly it was turning my eyelids a bit red so i'm off it, for now. i might try it again though because i had such great results!

  9. Hi Caroline, I know this post was last year but what did you think of the product? I'm looking for thicker, darker natural lashes and eyebrows and would love to know if this worked for you. By the way I bloody love your blog, I'm learning so much!