Friday, 13 April 2012

NARS Spring/Summer 2012 - loveliness abounds

Last week I was invited to a NARS Masterclass showcasing the new colours for Spring/Summer -and what lovely colours they are. I don't cover a whole heap of makeup on this blog but its NARS. You have to wear NARS. It's the law. And frankly if you're woman over a certain age *coughs* and have yet to experience the joy of a NARS blusher making you look alive again - take my word for it. Get to a counter near you and ask for an Orgasm or some Deep Throat. At the very least a Mata Hari or just your regular Sin. What can I tell you - the man is filth.

Don't be fooled - while he may have 'questionable' names for his blushers - his quality is hard to match. This is high end at its best.

The stars of the show for me were the amazing new tinted moisturisers - with a base of waters from Francois Nars home of Polynesia, the seven shades promise to hydrate, brighten, provide antioxidant support and promote cell renewal while simultaneously offering build-able, glowing coverage. Skincare, coverage AND SPF. Marvellous.

NARS Tinted Moisturisers are £27.00 and available now from SpaceNK. The S/S Collection is on counter Monday and the website is taking pre-orders now.

God I love me some NARS.

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* what I have spent on NARS in the last 15 years probably bought the sundeck on his island home. Where's my invite eh?


  1. Which is your favourite NARS blusher?

  2. You are absolutely right about the quality... I have had a NARS blusher for what feels like quite a long time, use it almost every day, and have only recently 'touched pan'. When the foundation and eyeliner etc are flagging, the blusher is still going strong, great staying power. I use shade 'Oasis'.

  3. I have a terrible NARS weakness - it could be very dangerious if I actually had any money to spend! I'm very excited to try the new tinted moisturizer - I've yet to find one I really like, but this looks quite promising - I would love if you'd do a review on it one day:)