Monday, 23 April 2012

What's in My Handbag?

And another little snippet - I recently spent an afternoon with the girls from What's in My Handbag...where they proceeded to tear my cupboards, shelves and boxes to pieces - albeit in the best way....

The results are here...if you fancy looking through my stuff....


  1. God I hope I'm not the only one who reads that and actually knows who George Hamilton is ....... lovely snoop round your products. Got some great tips.

    Ali x

  2. Oh I love WIMH. Loved the snoop too and you look radiant!

  3. I loved this post and poured over it last night. You look particularly radiant, not just the skin which sort of goes without saying, but the hair (serious hair envy) and your face just looks happy and serene. Great post.

  4. I loved the "what's in my bag" :D (you got me lusting over some products: it's becoming a habit!) ;)
    Plus you look lovely! :)

    xx Raquel

  5. Afternoon BM
    Just to say abig thankyou,took your advice (thursday clinic)
    Sadly i was the one with slack jaw line (weep)
    Took my makeup off makeup off when i got home from work
    Used darphins cleansing balm -facial massage skin was a lovely pink colour
    Then used decleor neroli oil-another short massage,applied clarins night cream (firming)
    This will make you laugh married to big hairy a####d builder,who said YOUR SKIN looks LOVELY
    This was 8am a week after doing this every night Result!!!
    He never ever comments on anything

    1. Amazing!! Thanks for sharing Joy :)

  6. Sorry forgot to say you look fantastic, can tell you practise what you preach
    Just bought skinceuticals hydrating mask suffer from dehydration
    thanks for all your sound advice joy x

  7. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  8. You are just SO gorgeous!


  9. For anyone who ever doubted the efficacy of what you recommend - those photos. You look beautiful, truly beautiful in the way only someone completely comfortable in their own skin and feeling at the top of their game can. And rightly so.

  10. The Alpha H cleansing oil looks divine. Too much for an oily/combi skin would you say?