Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Emma Hardie TSV - Forewarned is forearmed.

Regular readers will know of my addiction to Emma Hardie's Moringa Balm Cleanser. I also love the night cream.

Emma Hardie's TSV goes live at Midnight. NOW. 

What's in it? 

1 x full size Moringa Balm *joy* (normal price £34.00)
1 x 50ml Night Cream *scream* (value £28.00)
1 x Lighter Hydrating Lotion Moisturiser - perfect for upcoming months (normal price £38.00)
1 x trial size of Skin Plumping Serum (value - by this stage - WHO CARES???)

All this: for the frankly, stupid price of £39.96 +4.95 p&p.

Also available online - Don't hang about.

*does dancing leaps of joy*

QVC digital channels
  • Sky: 640
  • Freeview: 16
  • Virgin TV: 740
  • Freesat: 800


  1. No brainer!!! Got it, Yippee!!

  2. Signed, Sealed and hopefully Delivered soon!

  3. Got 2! Thank you :)


  4. Claire - Shrops16 May 2012 at 08:39

    Thanks for the tip off, order placed!

  5. Just ordered, was going to order the balm this week, so what a bargain! Thanks for the heads up :)

  6. Is this system suitable for sensitive/acne prone skin? Just wanted to check with you before I buy. Thanks.

  7. thx for the heads up, got it yay

  8. I saw this on an online preview yesterday and got a little excited. I had already stocked up on the supersize cleansing balm when it was product of the month back in March (bargainous price it was too) 10 weeks on, the first pot is only 2/3 used with thrice daily use! I'm going to pass on the night cream and cleanser to my Mum and keep the lighter mosituriser and serum for myself.

  9. :(( bad news for me, they do not ship to countries out of UK and Euro zone

  10. I've got two as well. Currently using and loving the cleansing balm and the richer day moisturiser. Can't wait to try the other products. Probably a year of products here!

  11. Rushed to place my order and now I am totally puzzled. It seems to be ok but not entirely. My account details look like a mess, I mean there are no real words, it looks like all the letters and numbers in my name, address etc got mixed up. So it looks like my name is "UM" and i live in some god forsaken place called "?amo". My order total is something over million pounds on order specification. On order status it is ok though. My email looks like nothing human and my card expired 82/64. Lucky me.
    However I got a confirmation email where everything looks more or less ok except the country of residence. I live in Sweden and there's no Sweden to be seen in the address. I emailed them and waiting for the reply. Sitting with my fingers crossed because I really want this fabulous kit for this sum of money but have no idea if they'll ship it to the right address.
    NB: money was reserved on my account within a minute after placing the order. So somehow they got my card details right anyway. Where does 82/64 comes from is a mystery.
    Has anyone else had any problems like that before? And how is QVC service? This is my first time ordering from them so I am pretty nervous.

    1. Hi Olga - I've ordered from QVC many times, and their customer service has been excellent. Have you had your QVC customer number come through in your email? If so, they can usually help by going on that.

    2. Thank you for your answer Grace! The QVC have not answered yet, but it's not been 24 hours yet since I emailed them.
      My QVC customer nr. was not in the email, there was only my order number. I've got a customer number though when I registered. And when I log on my account by my number and PIN I can see my order. It only looks weird when I click on it and go to the details otherwise it doesn't look suspicious. However the fact you ordered from them many times and it worked well is encouraging. Thank you again! I hope it will work out well.

  12. Hopefully this is still going when I finally get paid!

  13. just ordered mine, never used a balm before have very oily areas each side of nose and chin to the point that if i press my skin it pools there! gross lol so avoided using anything oily. Having read your blog for the past week I think this might help plus I watched qvc and this is more affordable than Perricone for me.

  14. Yay, thanks for the heads up, Caroline I've placed my TSV order too :-). I also ordered the ginormous 200ml pot earlier in the year, as the result of you mentioning it on your blog. I am literally down to the last dregs now, so by my reckoning, it lasted 10 weeks of 2 x daily use. Typically I get through a 100ml pot every 4-5 weeks. How *do* other people make it last for months...?! I wish I could but I like to apply it fairly liberally over my face/decollete and I sometimes use it as a mask while I'm soaking in the bath. Bliss...my absolute tip-top, favourite cleansing balm. x

  15. Thank you for the heads up! I was going to buy this (just the cleansing balm) after payday, thanks to the strength of your reviews, but this offer was too good to miss. New reader here, Caroline, and I have to say I love your blog, and the passion that goes into it. Thanks a lot xx

  16. Hi Caroline. This looks like great value but would you recommend the lighter lotion for dehydrated skin with an oily tzone?

  17. Sniff! I missed it! Didnt know it was just for one day. Gutted!

  18. can i get the balm and moisturizer in the US ?? or what lighter moisturizer thats good for combination and acne skin prone for the summer time ??



  19. This is called Moringa Balm, but Moringa extract is listed after the Phenoxyethanol (a synthetic, chemical preservative normally used at 0.5%) in the INCI ingredient listing therefore the extract is added at less than 0.5% !! Also the main ingredients are grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil with a low percentage of essential oils to make it smell nice and a pile of other chemical PEGs and waxes. You can find the complete ingredients here http://www.londonmakeupgirl.com/2011/03/emma-hardie-cleansing-balm-and-night.html