Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Havaianas and Mavala

Havaianas and Mavala are doing their bit to save us all from the dreaded trotter feet this Summer by offering a free shape and polish to all customers purchasing a pair of Slim Havaianas at John Lewis Oxford Street.

The Pedi Bar is available from Saturday 15th May until 5th June. You may need to book at busy times - but if you're planning on buying a pair anyway - and live in London - do us all a favour and spare us the trotter!


  1. I wish I'd get access to Mavala polishes around here. I only get the regular collections - it's sad because their seasonal collections are so pretty! Plus, I love the small bottles :)

  2. I never understand Women who constantly wear sandals/flip flops and do NOTHING about their feet!
    Yes, lady, you can see it and yes, it's not pretty.
    I'm really digging that color posted.

  3. this color is fantastic, i always wear darker polishes like this on my toes!

    hi, btw! im new here (well, new to comment! but not to reading!)

  4. amazing post :)
    I love it!

  5. what shade is the mavala polish ? i love it!