Monday, 11 June 2012

The Clinic is Open - CLINIC CLOSED.

Morning All!

Apologies for the recent disappearance of the Clinic. The last few weeks have been really busy and I simply had no time.

Please feel free to leave your questions below - I'm travelling a lot this week so should have enough time in airports etc to keep up with you and not keep you waiting!

Thanks for your patience - its always appreciated.


  1. Many thanks again for your help Caroline. I have followed your advice from the last clinic and I am now waiting for my order of Liquid Gold to arrive. My skin is still dehydrated, but has improved since I stopped using the BP and started moisturising more. I am now also dealing with the scarring from previous breakouts and I was wondering if there's a specific product you would recommend from Algenist or elsewhere for scarring/pigmentation?

    I was also hoping you could let me know what order you would recommend I use the following list of products I've purchased and how often. Thank you so much again in advance. :)

    - Emma Hardie Balm
    - Caudalie Beauty Elixir
    - Alpha-H Liquid Gold
    - Caudalie SOS serum
    - Pai Geranium & Thistle Moisturiser
    - Neal's Yard Wild Rose Balm

    1. The Algenist serum or Overnight cream - I use the overnight the most.
      EH cleanser am & pm
      caudalie am - i tend to use another toner in the pm
      caudalie sos and pai in the am
      liquid gold 3 x week after cleanse in the evening - nothing on top
      NYWRBB on other nights

    2. Thank you Caroline... unfortunately I've just had to cancel one of my orders because the EH Cleanser and Pai moisturiser were out of stock. I've found a new supplier but will have to change some of my product choices. Would you recommend the Alpha H Cleansing Oil (or a different Alpha H Cleanser or Ren Clear Calm 3?), Alpha H Essential Hydration Cream, Organic Surge Night Cream, Clarins Lotus Oil, for my dehydrated acne prone/scarred skin? Thank you again. :)

    3. Age Delay Cleansing Balm is good - (alpha) - the rest sounds good

  2. hi Caroline, I'm wondering what suggestion you'd have for flakies -- I've been using Oskia Micro-Exfoliating Balm every other day but no dice. It's especially bad when I put on sunscreen. Balls every damn time. All help appreciated!

    1. Ooh I also wanted to ask about this but didn't want to post twice (now I have an excuse, aha!). My boyfriend has very dry, flaky skin from scalp to chin. He is also incredibly stingy, so I have no idea what to recommend to him. Any ideas for budget solutions?
      Sorry for hijacking Stephanie, hopefully your face can help his face (which will in turn help my face). Leila.

    2. Leila: Anthony for men algae cleanser and normal moisturiser

      Stephanie - what do you mean by 'flakies'? What sunscreen are you using?

    3. Like really dry patches of white-ish skin. And the sunscreen actually flakes off as well. :S I'm using Perricone MD's sunscreen :)

    4. Hard to say and sounds unusual - have you tried going without the sunscreen for 3 days or so and monitoring it?

  3. This might seem like a weird question but I'd like to know how much actual product you/one should use. I never know if I'm using too little (half a pump or squeeze) or too much (three pumps?) and if that affects the performance of something.

    Thank you in advance ever so.

    1. eye cream - teeny tiny amount - as little as you can get away with so that you feel moisturised but see no excess on the skin.
      cleanser - top third of your finger full - if balm - if oil - fill your palm.
      moisturiser - half of top third of finger - does that make sense? :)

  4. Dear Caroline,
    I have had problems on and off with spots since I can remember, but since discovering your blog a couple of months ago and following your advice things are already looking so much better. So a BIG thank you!
    I have 2 daughters aged 13 and 12. They still have nice skin, but are starting to get the odd spot and some blackheads around their noses. Sometimes the 13 yrs old's skin looks a bit dry and red, the 12 yr old's a bit greasy. They currently just wash with Avene Cleanance gel (and a flannel!) and if they have a spot put a bit of Avene Cleanance cream on it. Should they be doing a bit more or are they too young? Any recommendations you have for a suitable routine for them would be great! Also I'd really like to try and get them into good skincare habits now if I can! (We currently live in France).
    Thank you so much!

    1. I would lean away from the gels and stick to natural oils - while they're so young you don't want them drying out.

    2. Thank you! Could you suggest one? I just ordered the Emma Hardie balm for me based on your recommendations but have no idea what would be suitable for them. I had a quick look on the internet but everything for pre-teens seems to be foaming...
      Again thanks!

    3. They can use your EH - get a large pot from QVC - they only need a teeny bit but its good for both sin types.

  5. hi Caroline,
    i know u are not a fan of skincare with spf..but i normally do not wear much makeup except lipbalm and could you please recommend a non-greasy moisturiser with spf for dehydrated skin..Thanks for your advice...

    1. No but my good friend London Makeup Girl may if she would be so kind?

    2. Hello! I have a few recommendations:

      Elemental Herbology Perfect Balance SPF 12. Oil free, but soothing. It is £40, so not inexpensive.

      Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor - SPF 25, nice, basic, not too heavy. £12

      My absolute favourite - Chantecaille Firming Sun Cream spf 30. Feels weightless but add hydration. Bloody expensive though - £75. If price isn't an issue, this is excellent.,%20chantecaille/63308

      I wouldn't recommend a pure zinc oxide moisturiser for a dehydrated skin unless you are going to layer a hydrating serum underneath it - a high concentration of zinc oxide dries my skin out, I find. If you are willing to layer, Super by Dr Perricone Daylight Savings is a good one (£28, but for a smaller 30ml tube).

    3. See what I mean? The woman is a bloody marvel.


    4. Thanks Caroline...Thanks Grace..

  6. Hi Caroline,

    First posted about 6 weeks back, raving about my experience at Fern Skin Clinic. I have combination skin that had become sensitised from frequently switching products trying to find the 'right' ones and FSK sorted me out. I have essentially been following the current routine for the last 6 weeks;

    Cleanser - Alpha H Age Delay Cleansing Oil (AM/PM), was recently suggested I re-introduce Clarisonic once, every other day as should help to strengthen skin (had stopped this previously due to sensitised skin, but so far so good and will be very careful!)
    Toner - Introduced in the last couple of weeks, rotate between Darphin Intral & Lancome Tonique Confort & have MD Formulations Moisture Defense to spray over the top and carry around in warm weather
    Serum/Oil - AM I have recently started using SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Serum, PM I use Alpha H Age Delay Facial Oil Moisturiser - Alpha H Essential Hydration (AM/PM)
    Eyes - Malin & Goetz Rice Bran eye moisturiser & occasionally Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm (was recommended this but don't love it, so use it occasionally over the M&G to use it up)
    Following another recent facial at FSK, have ordered Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub & Alpha H Soothing & Calming Mask - only just reintroducing exfoliants & masks after allowing my skin a period without to heal itself (have also been taking Lamberts Fish Oil, 3300mg a day, for the last month)

    Quite happy with the above (though open to suggestions you may want to make of course!), no other skin concerns, no irritation & skin much calmer. Wondered if I should be using an antioxidant serum however? (born in Australia so sun wary & very spf friendly) - though was thinking this is something likely to wait until later as skin improves more and probably in place of Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective in the AM?

    Also, in terms of eye creams - am seeing the beginnings of fine lines & want to make sure I'm hydrating the eye area properly - is the M & G hydrating enough? Any other recommendations?

    Thanks for the clinic, reading the above and your wonderful blog x x

    1. I think you're fine as you are re serum - and eye cream yes I would poss step up a notch - but ho old are you?

    2. Not sure my first attempt at a reply worked - I'm 28 and it's only this year that I've started seeing the beginning's of crows feet and very fine lines on the underneath of the eyes - no other issues like puffiness or dark circles etc.

    3. Monu Collagen Eye Cream - around £24 - very nice

    4. Thanks Caroline - very much appreciated!

  7. Hey Caroline,I just tries to comment there but I'm not sure what happened so I'll start again.
    I totally love your blog-it's wonderfully helpful and informative for skincare obsessives!

    Okay-so I'm 28 with sensitive thin dry Irish skin.It's also prone to breakouts and clogged pores from heavy products.I used to suffer from acne but used roaccutane 2 years ago which cleared most of it up.Still get some spots along jaw and around mouth.
    AS my skin is v sensitive, I'm very cautious about using glycolic products etc.I'm at a loss as how to treat both the dryness and the spots. I've also got a lot of fine lines already.
    My routine is:
    Am-use cetaphil wash am followed by any sunscreen(have about 25 hate all of them as they irritate me,cause breakouts dry me out,too greasy etc)
    PM-use clinique take off the day balm,followed by cetaphil cleanser,then either cetaphil cream/rosehip oil.

    Mrs Hirons,please help me devise a routine that will save me from becoming a wrinkly spotty old hag.I know you don't believe in daily spf but as a ginger i really need one so if you can also reccomend a non-disgusting one it would be super.Thanks for reading my witterings!

    1. Eewww. Your face is parched.

      Where is the hydration and nourishment?

      And I DO believe in daily spf - I just don't get mine from a moisturiser.

      You need an oil/balm based cleanser in the am also - and something like P50w as a toner.

      Where do you live??

    2. Haha! that Eewww really made me laugh because that's what I think when I look in the mirror!
      I do look all sort of desiccated!

      Do you think I should switch to the Emma Hardie balm cleanser instead of the clinque?I'm a bit worried about all those essential oils being too much for my sensitive skin.

      Also, can you recommend a moisturizer that's nourishing without being cloggy. Pretty please!

      Im in Dublin, and I think there's a place that stocks biolgique recherche here.

      Thanks for all your help!

    3. PBI and she'll delete me if she wanted to say something else ;) but if you would prefer a blander balm cleanser the Oskia one is brilliant.

    4. Grace is right the Oskia one is lovely but I personally don't find the Emma one too 'essential oil-y' if that makes sense :)

      And the new Elemental Herbology Perfect balance SPF is lovely - tried the other day.

  8. Hi Caroline,
    Could you tell me the do's and don'ts when having a destroyed acid mantle (with me it's because I over exfoliated - I have very sensitive skin). How can I get my skin back to normal as quick as possible? Maybe an idea for a cheat sheet?

    1. Basically stay away from SLS's - any foaming cleansers - use balm cleansers and an acidic toner and you'll be good to go.

  9. Hi Caroline, love your skincare posts. I have had these samll under the skin milia like bumps on my chin only since the age of 17 (i AM 37 NOW) I would say they are softer than milia however they do not progress into a 'normal' spot. I have used amny aha, glycolic products including Alspha H Liquid Gold but no improvement. When I was expecting my 2 sons ( both at different times I must add!) I noticed they were not as 'raised' and less noticeable than usual.

    By the way I second what you say about skincare VS Bags, shoes. We wear our skin every day and I would rather spend my money on skincare and a lot less on bags and shoes unless the hubby is buying :-) x

    Many thanks in advance. Geeta

    1. I forgot to add I use mostly the Tata Harper line for the past several months and although my overall facial skin seems to become more even toned those tiny bumps on the chin have not shifted. In the past few weeks I have also addede the following: Vaishaly cleansing balm and her and her mosituriser for normal/combo skin or the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm and then her lighter lotion - all depends wher I am different times of the month and our unreliable weather!!! In the past 20 years I have used most brands and products that contain BHA, AHA's, Glycolic etc. Thanks once again. Geeta

    2. You need to go to a clinic that will remove your milia and then make sure you are hydrating that area like a beast. You need a toner - P50v if you can afford.

    3. What has caused the bumps on my chin? I live in Coventry so not sure which clinic would remove them? Can I use the P50v in the interim or no use before the extraction? Thanks agian Caroline. Geeta

    4. Yes use the P50 now - it will help until you find a clinic that will remove your milia.

  10. Hi Caroline,
    I am 26 and live in Florida. I have dehydrated, congested, combination skin (my main issue being the congestion). I want to alternate a balm with my moisturizer, which is Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream, at night. Between the Darphin Purifying Balm or Neals Yard Wild Rose Balm, which would suit my skin type better? I know that you recommend both but I am concerned about the Neals Yard having shea butter in it as I have heard that can clog pores. Also, I need a new toner and am considering either the Lierac vitamin enriched toner or Clarins Iris. Or do you know of a different on that would be a better choice? Thanks for your time.

    1. Yes. You need P50 from Biologique Recherche - available in the US.

      Darphin Purifying - and Alpha-H Liquid Gold if available over there yet?

    2. the regular P50 or P50V?

  11. Hi Caroline,
    Could you recommend a serum for dehydrated and congested skin? Thank you.

  12. Hi Caroline,

    I have been reading your clinics for and blog and was looking for some advice on cleansers. I noticed that you recommended to go for a balm cleanser.

    I looked into the Emma Hardie cleanser but it seems to be advertised more for mature skin. I also looked into the Clarins Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream and Ren No.1 Purity Balm but they both contain shea butter and you said in your acne cheat sheet that you should avoid moisturisers with this, is that the same for cleansers? I also looked into the Darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm but the price point put me off a bit!

    I am 24 years old and have combination skin currently a few breakouts and take fish oil =) Currently my routine is:

    Cleanse with Naked Skin Perfect Getaway Cleanser
    Tone with Sanctuary Pore Refining Toner
    Sprtiz the Caudalie Beauty Elixir
    Moisturise with the Murad Mattifying Moisturiser
    (also recently started using the Morad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel)

    Remove makeup with the Naked Skin Perfect Getaway Cleanser
    Cleanse my skin with the Naked Bare Faced Cheek
    Tone with the Sanctuary Pore Refining Toner
    Spritz the Caudalie Beauty Elixir
    Moisturiser with the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser Light mixed with the Sanctuary Therapist's Secret Facial Oil


    1. Hi thought I should say that the Emma HAedie balm is great for whatever skin type or age. I have normal skin with a slightly oily t zone and I love it as no residue. Its one of the best. Hope this helps.whislt you wait for Caroline's reply. Geeta

    2. Emma Hardie is fine - just the plain cleanser - you don't need the set with the rosehip seeds.

      I would also suggest REN clearcalm clay cleanser for AM - it sounds a lot buying two - but they last twice as long! :)

  13. Hi Caroline,
    Firstly, I need to thank you for this blog, finally someone who knows what they're talking about!

    I was hoping you could recommend a cleanser and moisturiser to use in the mornings. I have combination skin, and am acne prone. I recently started using the Ren ClearCalm mini kit am & pm with caudalie beauty elixir as a toner, and origins Drink Up™ Intensive at night, and have noticed such an improvement. I have also ordered liquid gold and am waiting for it to arrive.

    However, I would like a slightly less intense cleanser to the Ren clay cleanser to use in the mornings as well as a moisturiser that won't make my skin too greasy or red.
    I have tried the Balance Me balancing face moisturiser but ended up with some odd spots on my cheeks where I wouldn't normally get any, and the scent was far too strong for my taste!

    Thank you for all your help.

    1. I know what you mean - I only use the REN on 'dirty' days or mornings when I need a good pick-me-up.
      Try Elemental Herbology or Ren moisturisers. And if Ren suits you - switch to one of the hydrating milk cleansers. Hydration is fine for acne prone - its too much oil you want to avoid.

  14. Hi, I'm new to this but I was wondering what you'd recommend for blackheads? And do you like the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish? Thoughts on Cetaphil? Thanks!

    1. I would recommend a shedload of fish oil - to work from the inside out - a bloody good clay mask - such as Alpha H balancing or balance me radiance mask and no I don't and not much. LOL Cetaphil is ok as a morning quick light cleanse.

    2. Just to be clear, do you mean the Alpha-H Balancing Moisturiser With 10% Glycolic Acid? or the Alpha H Purfying Clay Mask? Would both work for blackheads? Thanks for your help!

    3. Sorry - I meant either the clay mask or the balancing lavender-y mask

  15. Hi Caroline,

    My skin is causing me real problems at the moment so much so that it is affecting me going out and seeing people.

    Last year my skin started to get red just along my hairline on one side of my forehead (the side facing the window when I drive) then as winter came that went but I started reacting really bad to all skincare products and I ended up using the Clinique redness relief cleanser and the Clinique moisture surge moisturiser. When spring came and we had the hot spell my forehead became red along hairline again and then when I was at an Estée Lauder counter they removed my makeup with a cleanser and my face burnt bright red and she said I had acne rosacea. So I then went to dr who sad not sure and gave me some metrogel but this burnt my skin and then another dr told me not to take and said it would be trial and error to see what was wrong.

    The symptoms I have are a very sore forehead virtually all the time which is now all red especially in centre of forehead and between eyebrows. If I were to raise my eyebrows then this would hurt. I went to the seaside over the bank holiday and ths was really bad for my skin. After walking along the seafront I went inside and my chest and f ace were burning up and very red. This did not really calm so since I have been home I have tried to stay in so I don't agrivate it. My skin can get oily and spotty so a lot of the creams to calm the skin make me really sticky and make my spots worse.

    Please can you suggest something to help??

    1. Absolutely. You need to email me pictures please. You have an incredibly inflamed system and my instinct is to say take anti-histamines, avoid sugar like the plague and take an extremely high dose of fish oil - BUT - please send me a pic?

  16. Hi caroline..thanks to ur advice im now using eh balm, p50v, liq gold, caudalie elixer spray, darphin purifyn balm and algenist overnight cream. I hav started to see a gradual improvement in my skintine and hopefully will start to see less breakouts sn but in still gettn the dreaded cytic spots! Would u plz recommend a day moisturiser (im 26) and how to use the above products in the correct order/ manner?? Thankyou so much :-)

  17. Hello, hello. Would love your opinion on Environ skincare. I used it a while ago (facial wash, toner (!), lowest vit dosage moisturiser, colostrum and eye cream. As I have probably mentioned 3000 times already I now use Sarah Chapman. But wondered if Environ was better?

    I know I am not short of fantastic skin care products at the moment (thank you) but just for future reference - Algenist V Dr. Perricone?? which do you think is better??(all those previous times I said I was 47 I was actually 46.... but am 47 now!) No real skin issues other than showing my life on my face.

    Happy travelling and thank you x

    1. eek - sorry - I meant to include Anne Semonin in the above list of which you think is the best.... Thank you :)

    2. ooh difficult - I think it would honestly depend on the individual product. The Algenist Serum and Night Cream I love - and Dr P is a lifelong brand I love - hard to go wrong! :)

  18. I'm very fair skin with rosy cheeks and am prone to acne on my chin. This has got better recently as I have had my contraceptive implant removed, and I'm using the Liz Earle range of cleanse/tone/moisturise which seems to be improving my skin.

    My worry is I'm going on a year abroad and am moving to australia next month. Sun creams have always broken out my skin in the past but obviously I need to use one. Could you recommend something that I could wear under make up?

    Thank you and love the blog x

    1. Elemental Herbology or Alpha-h SPF50. The good news is you are moving to Oz which is the home of Alpha-H!

  19. Hi Caroline, I'm going on holiday soon and it will be very hot & humid - I am looking for a suncream that will keep my oily face as shine free as possible! And a good cleanser to get all the suncream off in the evening! Have recently been using Avene's extremely gentle cleanser which is great but not sure it will be good enough for getting all the suncream off. Also I will be staying in hostels which might not have hot water so am thinking that using a balm with a hot flannel might not be convenient. My skin gets congested (lots of tiny little bumps and whiteheads) VERY easily so do you think I could do with a mask to use a few times a week while I'm away to prevent the spf/sweat (yum) exacerbating this? THANKYOU!! :) xx

    1. If you aren't going to be able to wash to cleanse how are you going to wash off a mask?

      I would take Clarins One-Step (try a sample before you go) and P50w - which will make SURE you get everything off.

      And hostels: EEWWW.


  20. Hello

    I'm 30, 5 months pregnant with dehydrated, rosacean skin with an oily nose.

    I'm looking for something to take away the redness and little 'bumps) on my cheeks. I also have very dehydrated skin, particularly on my forehead.

    My current routine is:
    Balance me balm cleanser
    Caudalie Vinosource sos serum
    Balance me eye cream
    Balance me moisturisers ('balancing' on cheeks and nose, 'rich' on forehead, chin and neck)

    Dermalogica Pre-cleanse
    Balance me balm cleanser
    Clarins lotus oil
    Balance me eye cream
    Balance me moisturisers ('balancing' on cheeks and nose, 'rich' on forehead, chin and neck)
    Neals Yard Wild rose balm on dry/red areas

    Any advice you can give would be great.

    Many thanks

    1. ooh difficult because I would normally recommend glycolic but not with bubs.

      Are you sure you are compatible with Balance me? The essential oils could irritate your rosacea. Not common but does happen.

      Also - try a calming toner - Darphin Intral range is the best for redness/rosacea and is safe for baby.

  21. Hi Caroline.
    Love your blog. I am 23; living in Australia and after having reasonable skin all through high school, over the past few years it has been progressively getting worse and over the past few months to a point where I just don’t feel confident. I used to only have one pimple at and only on my forehead or chin. Now I always have many all over my face. Over the pass few months, after reading your blog I have overhaul my skincare. And although I am seeing a lot of improvement in the general quality of my skin but no decrease in acne. I was also hoping the cause might be stress and my acne would disappear after my semester finished last month, but once again it had no effect. I have also recently stopped taking the pill so this might have made my skin worse. I am really at a loss on what to do now.

    My current skincare is:
    Lush Ultrabland at night to remove make up
    AESOP Fabulous Face cleanser
    AESOP B and Tea Balancing toner
    AESOP Camilla Nut facial hydrating cream
    I have also started using Alpha H every second night

    I think my skin is normal to dry, a bit dehydrated in the forehead area. I also have very dry/eczema under my eyes. Do you recommend an eye cream that my help this. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for all your help

    1. ooh sounds sore.

      Well the eye area is stress - which kind of fits with what you've said about your lifestyle thus far.

      The Aesop cleanser could be swapped out for a balm cleanser. I like it but its quite drying for me.

      In all honesty Aesop is very hit or miss in my opinion. And someone on another comment mentioned that Lush was cloying. Could be that?

      Can you get Monu over there? Their Collagen eye cream is my current fave.

    2. I have had a brief look and it doesn't seem like it is available in Australia. Is there anything else you would recommend. My under eyes have started to get better since finishing uni but its still really dry feeling and only a little flaky.
      I have heard lush can be clogging due to the beeswax in it.
      I might try emma hardie as a balm cleanser, but is that just to be used as a first cleanse to remove make up? If not what could I replace the Ultrabland with?
      Sorry for more questions. Thank you so much for you help

    3. No, I can't seem to find it anywhere. Is there another you recommend? I always get told my eye ares are really dry even when I don't have eczema.

      Would a balm cleanser be used to remove make up and then another cleanser? Or what would your recommend to remove make up?

      Also is there a spot treatment you would recommend in the mean time, it is mainly cystic acne and I'm not sure how to deal with that.

      Thank you so much for you help so far, It is really helpful.

  22. Hi Caroline!

    A question about cleanser: i'll be runing out of mine Chanel Purfying Gel (which worked fine when i was younger and had a couple of spots but now it just dries my skin too much) and will be buying new one shortly. I have no idea which one should i pick. My skin is normal, lacking that healty glow at times and I have some visable pores around the nose and on my chin. Sometimes I also get a bit shiny at the end of the day on my T zone. Also, my skin does not react well to oils, it gets greasy and i get small bumps or blemishes.

    I've read some really good reviews of Alpha H Balancing Lotion, do you think it would work for me? And since it says it's 3 in 1, do u think I need to use toner after using it? I would really appreciate any suggestion... Thank you so much!


    1. The Balancing Cleanser is good - so is REN Clay Cleanser

  23. Hi Caroline

    There are very few Babtac registered beauticians in the NE and I would really like a facial. I'd feel safer if I stuck to somewhere like the John Lewis treatment rooms as I don't know anywhere that has been personally recommended for facials in Newcastle. I've got oily and combination skin with congested pores. Since I have to have a branded facial which one would you suggest? There's Decleor, Clarins, Elemis and Liz Earle at the beauty rooms in John Lewis, and none of them do extractions.

    My skin has improved greatly since ditching Liz Earle - I currently use Emma Hardie Moringa balm, Lierac toner for face and eyes (recommended by you in a previous clinic) and Darphin Hydraskin Light in the AM, Emma Hardie and Lierac plus alternating liquid gold with Decleor Ylang Ylang balm in the PM.

    Steph xxx

    1. Decleor. And they won't do extractions because John Lewis won't pay the insurance.

  24. Hi, I am wondering if you could help! I have found a new routine which has really helped my spots, however I am left with very red marks which get me down as they look noticeable!

    Am I am using-
    Ren clearcalm clay cleanser
    Caudalie beauty e
    Ren clearcalm day fluid

    Same cleanser/toner
    Ren clearcalm serum then 3 days a week liquid gold and then sundays balance me mask

    Are there any serums/creams etc that would help with scars? I am looking into the clinique even better dark spot corrector? Any good?

    Thank you! X

    1. Budget between £30-40 or more if it is really good! x

  25. Hi Caroline,

    It's me - Miss. My Skin Hates Balance Me Cleansing Balm !

    1 - I stopped using it for a week as I had to be put on Benzoyl Peroxide (boo!) and felt the grains may be too much on top of the BP. I haven't had any new whiteheads since. However I used it last night to take my makeup off because I do LOVE how well it does it and I do love how it feels. Today though I have a tiny whitehead on my nose grr. Could my skin really not like it? I don't really want to believe that... How much (in relation to, say, peas/coins) should I be using? Could using too much cause this reaction?

    2 - If my skin really doesn't like it I would like to try some others to check it wasn't just this one. Can you recommend the best, cheapest option? One that would just be to check it's not ALL cleansing balms/oils my skin hates? I.e. I don't really want to spend £20 on something my skin is going to hate again.

    A couple I've seen that are cheap and may (or may not) be good - Burts Bees orange essange oil, lush ultrabland, champneys?

    3 - What do you think of liquid harmony?

    Thank you! Hope you're travelling somewhere nice and sunny!!!

    1. I have also just seen Elemantal Herbology do a starter kit with a sample of their balm cleanser in which I would also be prepared to try if you think it's better than others.

    2. Hi Anon, my skin hated the Balance Me cleansing balm too and I hated the smell and the silly oatmeal it contained made the sink all messy! As well as the fact it did not emulsify once I added water as I think oily and breakout or clog prone skin do best with oilbased cleansers that emulsify so it rinses 'clean' as I did not feel clean even after using a muslin cloth to remove ( which I use a clean one daily Mrs Hirons!)

    3. Interesting ladies thanks - I may have to remove from my 'suits all' list!! I always listen to your feedback so thanks.
      I never emulsify my balm cleansers I have to say. I put them on dry, massage thoroughly and remove with the hot flannel.
      The Burts Bees contains lanolin so i would say no. I'd go Champneys - there is a review on here somewhere of it.
      There are better toners than Liquid Harmony. P50 range is a game changer.

    4. Fantastic! Thanks, Caroline. I only wear make up maybe 2-3 times a week so using the champneys as per your review sounds good to me!

      I removed the balance me with a hot flannel too. Although I did use it the first time with the cloth it came with and felt like my skin was suffocating. After using a flannel I didn't feel like this and my skin felt clean but it still hated it, boo!

      And Anon, thank you for commenting as well, it's nice to know my skin isn't the only one who didn't agree with the BM, although I fear we are the only two people haha! Out of interest, what do you use to cleanse with now?

    5. You are welcome Anon! I have a few on the go: Emma Hardie, Boobi Brown Extra Balm Rinse and Vaishaly cleansing balm, they all emulsify however use a clean muslin cloth to remove the eye make up. Do not worry to much about the skin type suitability as I have normal to combo skin and I find them non drying, gentle, not greasy once removed etc. The bobbi brown one is sold as suitable for dry mature skin but I got it anyway as I think regardless of skin type and how old you are gentle non stripping cleansing( ideally with balms is the way to go. About the Balance Me cleansing Balm- I was expecting my 2nd son and I hated the smell, the messy oats all over the sink/shower base, always felt I had to use another wash off cleanser to feel 'clean'. Geeta

    6. BTW Anon, do not go there with Lush's Ultrabalnd as it is too heavy and will block your pores to high heaven like it did mine. If your breakout/congestion prone balm/oils that emulsify once you add warm water are best in my opinion and you do not need a toner to remove any traces of oil etc. Geeta

    7. Geeta, what a lovely name! Thanks re: lush - I have never been that interested in trying out their skincare but I am partial to the occasional face mask!

      My local boots had every champneys product under the sun apart from the bloomin' cleansing balm! I did manage to pick up the botanics one though so I'm going to try that. Will keep an eye out for the champneys as it does sound like a nice treat!

    8. Thank you! Just to let you know the Botanics one does not emulify so need to be thorough with flannel/muslin cloth. I used to use alot of lush products and apart form their balm and face masks they preserve most of the range with parabens which has been linked with some cancers and being hormone disrupters ie: can cause spots etc. Since I have been using more natural/ organic stuff my skin has improved immensley. Just buy some green/white clay online and you can mix that with your toner even milk to make a paste and you could wash with that after using your balm cleanser or use the clay as a mask like I do before \i get into the shower and rinse off before I get out! pluus its sooo cheap a few pounds for about 100g?

    9. Ladies: My two p's worth.

      I never emulsify balms. EVER. I apply on dry skin, massage like normal for a decent period of time - then take it straight off with the hot flannel.

      And then I go in with P50 or a suitable toner.


    10. I just prefer the cleansing balms that emulsify once water is added then I remove with a hot muslin or flannel as I don't feel 'clean' like there is a residue and do not have to do a 2nd cleanse with another cleanser.

      BTW Just used another cleansing balm from Dr Frances Prenner Jones and although it does emulsify slightly its totally non greasy in texture and non stripping and then followed with her Formula 2006 which is similar to Alpha H Liquid Gold but alot more natural ingredients and glycerin high up on the ingredients list and my skin feels so supple and like liquid gold do not need to add a serum/oil after! Geeta

  26. Hi Caroline

    Love your blog and am absolutely a Beauty Mouth disciple with my flannels and fish oil.

    This is the story you get a lot but wondering if you can help. I'm 26 and have just come off the contraceptive pill and as a result my skin has gone berserk - basically just very spotty. I've predominantly got spots on my chin but also started to get them around my nose and between my eyebrows. I've also got bumps under my skin on my chin which regularly flare up to a head but don't seem to ever really disappear. Every day I seem to have a new spot.

    Throughout the day I can feel my skin tingling and can almost feel the spots developing. I'm having to wear a ton of make-up to cover it up which I'm sure isn't helping.

    My routine is below but wondered if there was anything else you recommend adding in? Also wondered what you think about Zineryt, it's an antibiotic liquid I got from the doc which also contains zinc and is applied at night? I'm trying to take about 4-5 lamberts fish oil tablets a day too and am of course using a flannel with my cleanser.

    EH balm
    Balance me moisturiser

    Double cleanse with EH
    Liquid Gold every few nights
    Zineryt on a few nights
    Origins Overnight quench mask occasionally
    Ren Clay mask twice a week

    Have just booked myself a Fern Skin Clinic facial so fingers crossed they might be able to help me too.

    Newly single so really want to feel comfortable in my skin, literally.

    Thanks very much

    1. OK well Fern will definitely help - although I would step away from any Dermalogica they will probably recommend.

      You need a resurfacing toner post-cleanse at both stages. (Except when you are using LG)I know I'm a broken record but P50 is unreal.

      Also - the Balance Me is proving problematic for some people - its quite rich it would seem so maybe consider changing that out?

    2. Thanks so much Caroline. Fern was amazing, hideously painful but 'no pain, no gain' as they say. Really recommend to all. They actually advised Alpha H for me so going to stick with that and take out the Zineryt and see how I do.

      Will try to hunt down some P50 too. If I can't find that what else do you recommend?

  27. Hi Caroline
    I'd like some advice on decongesting my skin. When I cleanse morning and night I can feel congested patches of blackheads on my cheeks and on my chin. Would you recommend an extraction facial? I recently had a Clarins Tri Active facial to kickstart things which has helped but I feel I need a more permanent fix. I had a completely blocked pore a few weeks ago which I had to extract myself although in general I'm trying not to squeeze my face.
    I'm 32 with combination skin (oily t-zone).
    AM/PM Alpha H Triple Action Cleanser
    AM Vinosource SOS Serum
    AM Elemis Moisture Day Cream/Goat Milk Cream
    PM Emma Hardie 2nd Cleanse
    Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream
    Clarins Multi Active Night Cream
    Liquid Gold Twice Weekly
    Also, any advice on disguising small thread veins which I've got on either side of my nose.
    Many thanks for this,

    1. Thread veins you have to get removed by a specialist. Try Dr Newman in Harley St.

      You could try a decent facial to kick start but to maintain you need to look at diet, addition of fish oils etc..

      Try Fern in North London

  28. Hi Caroline :)

    I have terrible dark circles under my eyes due to thin skin in that area. I'm only 20 years old so fine lines are not an issue but I find that when i use a good strong concealer e.g. benefit erase paste, my eyeliner ends up down my face. I used to use the benefit powderflague to set my concealer but it is now discontinued so i purchased the MAC translucent powder. I find the powder takes off the good results of the concealer and they are still really dark! Can you recommend a good concealer and powder to use in this situation? Advice of a good brush to use for under eye setting powder would also be helpful?

    I also use benefit eyecon (whats left of my tube) and boots vitimen e eye cream.


    1. Yes. Use Laura Mercier for all things concealing. And don't powder under your eyes. It's unnecessary and totally ageing!

      try Monu Collagen Eye Cream.

    2. Thanks I will def give laura mercier a try! I feel i have to powder though to stop my eyemakeup running. Maybe i need a better eyeliner haha :) x

    3. Steph, I stopped using eyeliner for the same reason but then I just discovered Bobbi Browns long wear eye pencil. It's amazing and does not budge until you take it off at night...

  29. Caroline,

    by the sound of things I'm going to be asking you the right questions at the right times, as my questions are all travel-related!

    I'll be working in Cairo until September - any idea on a moisturiser? I know I should be getting something lightweight but very hydrating, but when products talk about 'protecting skin from external aggressors' and whatnot, what does that actually mean? Do they put a barrier on your face, or is it just marketing guff for a something antioxidant? If I need a barrier on my face, should I get something like the Smashbox hydrating primer? Eh gad. As you may remember (who could keep track with all this lot, honestly) I will be taking Emma Hardie and the REN clay cleanser (for a little sweaty pollution decongesting a couple times a week), Clarins blue orchid oil for some nights, liquid gold for others.
    My skin is a little on the oily side at the moment, but as I've just switched from a combo of Liz Earle and Elemis Resurfacing Wash to Emma Hardie (and my Liquid Gold hasn't arrived yet) I'm not surprised.

    Also, and I think a lot of people will enjoy your answer to this, any hot tips for flight skincare? I always get a bit spotty and my lips go beserk after I fly.

    Thank you, as ever, (and thanks for all your advice - the B12 spray has already changed my life)


    1. Hi Leila,

      Moisturiser-wise try Elemental Balance - lovely, light, SPF and doesn't make you look cakey or chalky.


      Take your MU off as soon as you board with something like Clarins One-Step. Spray Caudalie Elixir. (The mint and rosemary are antibacterial).
      Layer with Origins Moisture Mask or SkinCeuticals B5 mask.
      Spray your face with either Caudalie or a hydrating toner hourly.

      SO dehydrating!

      And DO NOT DRINK!

    2. Fantastic, ordering the beauty elixir and the origins drink up intensive (this is the one I assume you meant?). The Elemental Herbology moisturiser is a little out of my price range - how do you feel about the Caudalie Vinosource Sorbet?
      Refusing the free little bottles of wine will be tough... I'm sure my face will owe you one.
      Do you have a lip balm recommendation for the flight?
      Thank you!!!

  30. Hi Caroline,

    many thanks for taking what must be a HUGE amount of time to read and comment on our queries in the clinic.
    I asked you for some advice earlier this year to deal with my ageing , but very oily skin. (I'm the one responsible for the wild goose chase you went on to get the inci list for Clique's balm cleanser). You suggested we deal with the oilies first, so I ditched my ANR and Clinique moisture surge and started using Alpha - H liquid Gold and Caudalie Beauty Elixir (which incidently I love, I have 3 bottles of the stuff being carted around in handbag, overnight washbag and at home). My skin has become slightly less oily than before, although it is still oily by most people's standards.

    Current skincare routine comprises

    Aveda purifying cleansing gel in the shower
    Alpha H moisturiser with SPF50
    Caudalie Beauty Elixir

    Clinique cleansing balm with warm water and flannel
    Caudalie beauty Elixir
    Balance me facial oil.
    Alpha H eye gel
    1 - 2 a week Alpha H liquid gold applied with a damp cotton pad, no other products when I use this. I found that if I use this more often it gives me dry, flaky patches. (Stopped using it for 2 weeks and the patches cleared - slowly introduced it and my skin tolerates it at the current level of use)

    I'm looking to ramp up my regime with some anti ageing (peptides?)would love some recommendations. I'm age 45, oily skin principally in T zone, expression lines around eyes, slight loss of firmnes in jawline.

    Once again thank you!!


    1. The LG is very anti-ageing. If you are near my age and REALLY want to help the skin get P50v. It has changed my skin unrecognisably.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Hi Caroline. Massive fan of your blog. I have a couple of questions I hope you can help me with.

    Since turning 22 my skin has gone a bit crazy (I'm 24 next month). Before I had clear skin with one or two hormonal spots every month. I used to used Boots Botantics Skin Soothing Cleanser but since it was discontinued I have had problems (this was around the time I turned 22. Think a mix of age and routine changes might be at fault for my problems). I have tried Liz Earle, Clinique, teen face washes and No7 but none have the same results that the Botanics did and seem to irritate my skin causing quite severe breakouts. Thus leading me to ask whether you know of any similar cleansers to the Skin Soothing one?

    My second question is about fish oil. I have seen Boots Cod Liver Oil and Evening Primrose oil and wondered whether they would have any benefits? I know fish oil is good for the skin but don't know if the Boots version would be enough to see benefits?

    Thank you for any help x

    1. Hi Laura,

      I was in boots at the weekend and they've re-branded a lot of botanics and the balm is back. Hoorah!

      Steph H

    2. I might give the balm a try, sadly that wasn't the one I used to use though. I used the cleansing lotion version (in pump bottle). Maybe they're similar though, I'll have to take a look x

    3. I would buy Lamberts Fish Oil personally.

      And try REN.

      The Clay Cleanser would be good for oily days and the hydrating or calming milk for other times.

  33. Hi Caroline

    I have only found your blog today, and it is fantastic!
    I got to you somehow because I was researching about rosacea because I have just realised that is what I have, which is a bit of an eye opener. Just the milder version, where you tend to go very pink on either side of the nose due to thread veins in that area.

    I would like to know whether you recommend cleansing with cool water if you suffer from this. I know it's called the hot cloth method, but if your cloth is too hot, could that make symptoms worse?
    Also, do you have an opinion on coconut oil? I have recently started using it to cleanse and it is amazing (so far)!
    thanks for writing the blog!
    Best wishes

    1. Yes to the coconut oil and yes to the cool cleansing - although i would go coolER rather than cold. :) Hand warm will be fine.

    2. Thank you Mrs H!
      I don't know how you find the time.....


  34. hello,
    i have normal skin and ny problem is some pigmetation on my chin area(nothing serious but since i'm pale it bothers me).Recently,i started using a serum with vitamin C and the marks faded a bit but i was wondering if it is safe using it in the morning(i think it helps with the sun but i'm not sure).
    Also,at nights i use rosehip oil and after eye cream and moisturizer.I live in Greece and right now it's very hot,do you think that my routine is heavy?i'm still using it without problems,and really like the oil(glowy skin).my moisturizer is aqualia thermal riche by vichy.
    have a safe flight and hve fun on your travel

    1. If it works - keep doing it!

      Vitamin C is fine for daytime. Its a great antioxidant.

  35. Hi Caroline,

    What to you think of Darphin's hydra range? Do they contain a lot of silicones and what do you think of silicones, are they pore clogging - I'm a little confused

    I have thought aboyt trying the rich for night and the gel for daytime (Darphin Hydra Range), since my skin is really dehydrated but still really greasy in the z-zone.

    I use the Emma Hardie balm cleanser, Darphin intral toner and Caudalie SOS serum. Clarins hydraquench gel cream which I don't like but it's empty in a few days.

    Just a little bonus question, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, the second ingredient is alcohol, isn't that very drying on the skin? :S I thought about trying until I read it.

    1. Use the Caudalie on your t-zone.

      And silicones are fine used in the right way. And I love Darphin. :)

  36. Hi Caroline, I also sent you an email, sorry! I have recently had an accident where i burnt my left arm, face and hands. Most of the burning occured on my left wrist and arm, and on my forehead and around my left temple. I have been using the prescribed eczema creams and silver iodine prescribed to me by the hospital, however am now allowed to stop using them and return to normal skin care.

    Before, the accident, I had dry, potentially dehydrated skin, and red patches on my cheekbones. I tend to get congested and spotty around my chin and have blackheads on my nose spreading into my cheeks. Occasional spots around the hairline near my temples also.

    The routine i was using before the accident
    NO7 cleansing balm for dry skin
    clarins daily energizer wake up booster as a toner
    kielh's ultra facial moisturiser spf 15 under makeup and primer, or alternated with origins vitazing spf 15 for days when i wanted to roam about as barefaced as i dare

    double cleanse using the NO7 cleansing balm/hot cloth cleanser
    tone with boots botanics rose water
    kielh's ultra facial moisturiser spf 15

    I also recently picked up alpha H (from reading many of your clinics) and was using this once a week. I'm guessing the alpha H is a little out of the question right now
    Finally every sunday I do a mask - the origins charcoal mask, and follow up with the origins drink up intensive mask.

    Could you please advise me on what you think the best routine for my skin would now be. I'm only 22 so I don't have an unlimited budget, but will happily pay for reasonably priced good quality skin care at the moment. Thanks Aarti

    1. Aarti - I hope you don't mind me adding my 2 cents, but I had an accident where I burned my face and chest several years ago and I went to see a plastic surgeon to ensure that I wasn't left with any scarring.

      The two things that he told me were most important were to wear a high factor sun cream to ensure that the scar tissue won't become pigmented in the sun, and to use an oil (for example, Rosehip) to reduce any scarring (you would now never know I was burned, so his advice definitely worked!).

    2. Hi Aarti,

      I'm so sorry! Not nice. :(

      Are your scars still pink?

      Use a high spf during the day while it heals, and yes Anon is right - rosehip oil is very healing.

      If your scars are pink buy a pot of HEAL gel. Lovely and designed exactly for that.

      Let me know how you get on.

      Oh. And! DON'T use SPF at night.

    3. I'll definately be using a sunscreen. Its not terribly pink, but still slightly pink.
      What do you think about ANR as a night moisturiser? perhaps coupled with one of the clarins oils, or the pai rosehip oil?
      And finally is the no7 hot cloth cleanser still okay? I looked into the boots botanics balm cleanser but its been discontinued, emma hardie looks great but expensive. Is there anything in the middle of the two price ranges?

    4. also, thanks so much! This information is really appreciated, while a plastic surgeon can advise me on the types of things to use, you really seem to know whats out there product wise

  37. Hi Caroline, I just posted my comment but it was lost on me so I will try again.

    Apologies for this non beauty-product question but I have been meaning to ask you about your experience and qualifications.

    Not that I question your skills at all, I just want to find out how you required them. I.e your thoughts on Beauty therapist courses. I am 22 years old and have always had a passion for beauty but felt unconfident going through with finding courses, so I did art, which I was more confident with it. Since getting older I've found myself bored by art and now want to turn to a beauty therapist course. Online however, there doesnt seem to be many reviews on courses. I found one by the London School Of Beauty and Makeup, but it is quite expensive (I don't mind spending alot, I just need to be sure its worth it).
    Any of your thoughts on this subject would be entirely appreciated. I have a-levels already so I will be having to pay for my course, but I believe this would be worthwhile for a brand shiney new career :D

    Thankyou! x

    1. I trained at Steiner but that was in the time of the donkey and cart. :)

      Do a BABTAC or CIDESCO - that will always put you above a CV that says NVQ.

      Good luck! It's a great industry!

  38. Hi! First I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for these clinics and for your blog. I have two questions for you. I'm turning 26 next month and have had acne-prone skin (mostly hormonal breakouts) since I was 13. My skin is FINALLY not breaking out anymore, maybe because of my cleansing routines and care that I give it or maybe due to my age. But I have been left with some slight pitting and red scarring on my cheeks from all those years of acne plus the fact that it seems to take a good 2 weeks for my pimples to heal fully. Also, I haven't been using an eye cream but I feel I should start using one but am a bit weary of eye creams since I have had milia due to heavy under eye concealers. A SA at Sephora recommended Ole Henrikson ultimate lift eye gel to me. So now my questions:

    1.) What product or treatment do you recommend for acne scarring?
    2.) Would the Ole Henrikson eye gel be a good fit for me? Just looking for a eye cream to prevent future wrinkles but I'm worried that a gel won't do the job and I'm concerned about developing milia
    3.) What skin care routine do you recommend for 26 year olds? I also live in Canada (not opposed to purchasing from the internet)

    1. What are your thoughts on Ole Henrikson products?

    2. Hi Canada!

      Ole is good - lots of products though which I always find distressing!

      Monu Collagen Eye Cream is lovely and hydrating.

      HEAL gel is amazing.

      For 26?

      Good oil base cleanser.

      Good AHA toner.

      Good hydrating moisturiser and maybe an antioxidant serum.

  39. Hi Caroline,

    Thank you for your lovely blog. I have been taking your advice to heart with the supplements and upgrading my products and so far am happy with the results. I am a 22 year old student in London, with oily, acne-prone skin but I am moving back to the Caribbean in July. I want to buy either the EH balm or Neal's Yard one (can't have both because of my budget) and I was wondering which one you would recommend if I were to buy just one for now. Thank you for any response!

  40. Hi, Caroline! I was wondering what your opinion is on a few products?

    1. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum
    2. Alpha H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum

    I have oily skin that is prone to breakouts. Thank you!

    1. Oily and prone to breakouts I would Alpha-H Liquid Gold. Neither of the above tbh. And P50!

  41. Hello Caroline,
    I have congested, combination skin that is also somewhat dehydrated. I want to add something to my nighttime routine and am trying to decide between getting a balm (NY WRBB, Decleor Ylang Ylang, or Darphin Purifying) or an oil (Clarins lotus or Blue Orchid). Do you recommend one over the other? Thank you!

    1. I would also like to know which balm you prefer! (NY/Decleor/Darphin)!!! Great question!

    2. Congested, combination and dehydrated?

      I use them for different things!

      Spots - Purifying Balm or Ylang Ylang
      Face just 'needs help' and a glow - NYWRBB

      Face is dehydrated and needs some sustenance? Oils. :)

      Sorry! But if ou CAN - get one of each. Balm/oil

  42. HI Caroline,

    Where to start? my main concern is eliminating the white bumps that are under my skin around my chin area. I also have redness and dehydration and suffer from some blackheads and white bumps in my cheeks. I also get very sore cyst like spots around my chin and jawline. I am looking for an am and pm regime and I am also wondering if I need to start using anti-ageing products. Currently I am using Clarins gel melt cleanser in the morning and the NUXE 24 hour cream (creme Fraiche) for normal skin (have since discovered this has silicone in it) and in the evening- I have just recently moved to using Estee Lauder Adavanced Night repair and cleanising with the Clarins gel melt and spritzing with an Aveda toner. Prior to this, I was using the bare minerals moisturiser and their serum which had no impact.

    1. Hi Caroline,

      Thanks for your response, looking at time you responded, I really appreciate it :) I am 32. I have tried anything and everything so far- even went down the route of those glycolic facials- they only ended up causing more redness and thinned my skin somewhat. I have been on the Pill for my spots and I used to take evening primrose oil to improve my skin from the inside out. Then moved to Vit D tablets to see if they would work. From ESPA to Nuxe, Decleor to Dermologica, Bare Minerals to Clinique I dont seem to know anymore what I should be using. I am just plain confused about serums, balms, oils (love both oils and balms)for the PM (using none or all?) and for the AM- I currently dont wear any SPF as I have always felt greasy after I applied (estee lauder daywear is terrible for this). Since this post, I have bought some flannels for night make up removal and I am currently using Micellear Cleansing water in the AM instead of the clarins gel. I do have the dermologica daily micro exfoliant but I seem to break out rather than improve when I use it. I have been looking at the NUXE range or products and this other brand, A'Kin which seems to have no nasties such as parabens etc. I was using the Bare Minerals range (moisturiser and night serum)- my skin just seemed to eat the moisturiser- i never felt hydrated with it. I do still have the night treatment powder which would have those nice acids you talk about, and I use that once a week. LIz Earle Cleanse and Polish seemed to make my skin worse- but I think that was down to the shea butter..Sorry for the long email- after you only asking my age! Laura

    2. Hi Caroline,

      I dont think my last posted comment posted, just in case it has, I wont bore you more details- I am 32.

      Thanks! Laura

  43. One small quick question I hope!

    Do you know of another facial tanner (besides Perricone) that is good, a lot break me out but Perricone is quite expensive!

    Thanks so much for all the advice - my skin has never been better after years of it being awful and not knowing why!!

    1. Perricone is twice the size of the others - have you considered that?

      Decleor is nice.

  44. Hi Caroline, I would love to know what your opinions on "budget" skin care are. Any recommendations on high-street bargins?


    1. No.

      I don't 'bargain' when it comes to my face. :)

      you could get away with Champneys cleansing balm and REN - I probably wouldn't go cheaper. SORRY!

  45. I'm 28 with dry skin which gets oily quite soon.. I'm acne prone and my pores get clogged really easily.After doing some research i changed my skincare routine and for the first time in my life i think my skin have improved. I'm ever thankful to your blog and clinic.

    i use alpha h balancing cleanser both AM and PM with flannel
    LG 3 nights a week
    Liquid gold intensive night serum 2 nights a week
    and the other 2 nights i use EL advance night repair serum.

    Can you please recommend me a good AM moisturizer.
    And also a good night time moisturizer to apply over my LG serum.

    i have used a couple of moisturizers in the past and nothing seems to work. if its too rich i tend to break out.
    thanks so much in advance.

    1. I think its too much Liquid Gold. And the EL AR Night Serum is unnecessary.

      And the Balancing cleanser i would use once a day and get SOME oil in there. If you like Alpha - try the new Age Delay Cleansing Oil/balm.

      And don't use anything over Liquid gold.

  46. Hi! I am regular reader of the blog and would like some advice in my routine. I am 31 years old, pale skin, sensitive (eczema but only on my hands and it is stress and food related (anything smoked sets me off)) I have normal/combination skin, oilier T-Zone, spots on chin at that time of the month. In the winter dryer cheeks.
    I have freckles, comes and goes (sun related) and I also have white pigmentation ( could be a mild version of vitiligo, not sure). It is around my eyes - think reverse panda. Actually I like it - wrinkles don't show ;) )

    I would like to step up my routine if it needs to.

    Current rutine AM:
    Cleanser: Phytomer Perfect Visage Gentle Cleansing Milk (using this with flannel)
    Toner: Phytomer Rose Visage
    Decleor Aromessence Neroli or Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum (depends on my mood really, if it is warmer than I use the caudalie)
    Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Moisturising Cream

    (I changed to the decleor from Liz Earle, I don't have any issues with CP, just trying out an other cleanser at the moment)

    PM Routine:
    Cleanser: Same as AM. I started using Omorovicza thermal cleansing balm - I love it but £££! I now start to see the fuss about balm cleanser. I also use in the summer the Erno Laszlo PHelityl Soap.
    Toner: Phytomer or Beauty Elixir if I have spots.
    I use the Liz Earle Superskin Oil for night time on its own or with Liz Earle Skin Repair normal/comb on the top (I will run out soon so I need some suggestion for my night time routine, maybe introducing something anti-aging?)
    Had a sample of Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream - It is gorgeous but it might be too heavy for every night use, not sure?

    I use clay masks once a week and if I have spots on the spots - Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Exfoliating Mask.

    Thanks you!

    1. OK. A lot on info!

      Decleor is far superior to LE.
      Try Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm in the evenings.

      And Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a great rebalancer. (Night time - 3 x week)

      I NEVER use soap on my face.

      I LOVE Omorovicza!!!

  47. Hi Caroline! what spot treatments and masks do you recommend for someone with your skin type?

    1. I rub most balms - darphin, neals yard, balance me - directly on to spots to stop them scarring.
      Masks - Anything clay based. Alpha-H, Clarins, Balance Me all in my regular-use pile!

  48. Hi,

    Anna from Vivianna Does Make Up sent me here :) I really enjoy reading your blog and take your opinion and advice very seriously.

    I really hope you can give me some advice about my skin. I'm a twenty-three year old female and I suffer from mild acne (cysts, blackheads and whiteheads) and acne scarring on my cheeks (red marks, which don't go away!). It all started when I was about eighteen, before that my skin was great.
    My skin is normal to combination (oily nose with large pores, normal cheeks) and also sensitive. I tried tons of products and I went to several dermatoligists (wasn't very pleased with that, I used minocycline for about 3 months and other very hars products on my skin). I also went to a skin therapist, but I had a feeling that they didn't know what they were doing with my skin. They adviced me the dermaroller treatment! But I don't think my acne scarring is THAT bad. (They never used the dermaroller though).
    I also take the pill for my heavy menstrual periods. My doctor told me it would help with my acne as well, but it caused more breakouts on places where I never had breakouts before! (jawline, neck etc.). I'm not going to use the pill anymore after the summer holidays.

    My skincare routine at the moment

    Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (this has really helped my skin from major breakouts)
    Caudalie Beauty Elixir
    Avéne Antirougeurs light moisturizing cream with SPF 10 OR Origins Vitazing with SPF 15
    Origins GinZing eyecream

    Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish + cloth
    Almond oil to remove my mascara
    Bioderma Micellaire water (just in case if there's any make-up left on my skin)
    Caudalie Beauty Elixir
    Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins

    I use a powder foundation to even out my skintone. Most liquid foundations break me out.

    I use the Dermalogica gentle cream exfoliant twice a week and I also use a kaolin facemask twice a week and when I have dry spots on my cheecks I use the Origins Drink Up-Intensive Overnight mask

    I'm going to order the Alpha H Liqid Gold next month!

    Ever since I've been reading your blog I've been taking fishoil (850 mg OMEGA-3 per day). I don't know if I should take more, because it says only to take one softgel per day on the packaging, so I wasn't sure.

    I eat very healthy (lots of fruit, whole wheat bread and veggies) and I drink plenty of water. I also drink fresh lemon juice with water in the morning which has really helped me with my breakouts as well.

    I'm sorry for my long story!

    What could I do to treat my acne and (red) scarring? What kind of skincare and make-up products would you recommend for acne prone skin? What could I eat/drink to help my skin?

    Thank you in advance!

    Greetings from the Netherlands

    1. WOW! Welcome! :) That is a LOT of information and some of what I have to say may lead you to think 'WHAT?' :0 but trust in the Hirons! :)

      Ok - piece by piece.

      Fish oil - you can easily triple it - or quadruple it. Take them with food - before or during your meal. Not after. (burps)

      Take the lemon out of your water - citrus contributes to acne. (sorry!)

      Your evening routine is back to front.

      Cleanser should be the last thing on your skin before toner. I only use Caudalie in the evenings on spots - not all over.

      Any therapist who advises dermaroller to a 23 year old is a muppet. There are other ways. You're a baby! (meant in a non-condescending manner)

      Oh god what else - let me know on that and we'll carry on!

    2. Thank you! I will definitely triple the amount of fish oil. What would you recommend for red acne scars? I was thinking about ordering Heal gel.

      Thanks for taking the time to run Beauty Clinic, I love reading all the comments and your responses :)

  49. Hi Caroline!

    how you're doing well :) I was wondering if I could email you questions about accutane?


  50. Hi Caroline, I have got oily yet dehydrated skin. Am doing lots of what you suggest for dehydrated skin and it's definitely improving. What I am looking for is an everyday moisturiser with a low enough spf..15/20 to wear under makeup? something that wont break me out or clog pores. Any suggestions?

    1. Elemental Herbology Balance is lovely. Not chalky/ashy.

  51. Do you think it is possible that chemical spf can make pigmentation worse? I am convinced that everytime I wear it (LRP anthelios etc. )that my pigmentation gets worse! Physical spf just gives my spots :( Any idea if this could be true?

    1. honestly each skin is so individual anything is possible.

      Does it fade again? Because it could just be that the sun brings it out but it's not ACTUALLY getting worse?

  52. Hi Caroline,

    Back again! My skin has gone a bit mental recently so I thought I should probably get down to the nitty gritty. I imagine you'll appreciate my being brisk. So...

    Dehydration (Dry in winter)
    Rosacea on forehead and cheeks
    Pigmentation and mild acne scaring
    Congestion on the chin
    Currently having a crazy breakout where the spots are red and angry but come to a head (I don't have perfect skin but I only every usually have one spot at a time, every so often)

    HCC with REN Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk
    Eucerin Hyaluron Filler Concentrate
    L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Shield SPF40
    (Givenchy Multiprotective Luminescence Moisturizing Fluid SPF30 on drier days)

    Double HCC with REN Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk

    Origins 10 minute drink up mask & Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel alternating once every week

    Used to use ANR but it didn't really do anything for me at all so I gave it up about 2 months ago.
    While I'm not rolling in it I don't mind spending money on good skincare so as long as we're not talking la mer prices, I'm game. Thanks so much for this. Enjoy the weekend x

    1. Just incase it inspires some insight apparently there is something in Lancôme lipsticks that makes me break out. Tried one of their sheer formulas at the counter yesterday and today I have four lovely spots around my mouth :( spot treatment recommendations would be appreciated x x x

    2. Hi Sarah,

      If your skin is SO up and down I would try and first treat it as innocuously as possible - and secondly - make it fairly acidic.

      I don't tend to double cleanse with the same product - the joy of the double cleanse is combining milk/oil/gels etc - one for MU removal and one for deeper removal of SPF etc.

      Don't alternate those masks - use Elemis first, then use Origins straight away!

      Eucerin. Meh.

      So in short oyu are missing:

      An oily/balm cleanser
      a resurfacing/exfoliating toner - aka P50/v/w

      And a double cleanse with mix of product type.


    3. Fish oil and evening primrose oil, twice a day. I'm a bit flaky with it because the capsules are massive and I'm a wuss but I'm trying I promise. Thank you. So if we say EH Balm for double cleanse, P50 for every other day cleansing and LG three times a night? Replacement for serum? You recommend the SOS one a bit, think I'll try that x

  53. I have horrible acne scarring, active acne, and nothing seems to work. I've tried 2 bottles of PTR AHA/BHA Acne Gel & Skinceuticals Phyto + an acne fighting moisturizer/cleanser/toner; it's not helping. I"m 20 btw and have had acne for the past 7 years.

    1. What have your doctor/dermatologists said?
      Where do you live?
      What do you use at the moment?
      Do you supplement?
      I Need much more info! :)

  54. Hi Caroline, hope travelling goes smoothly this week and you enjoy some sight seeing amongst work.

    Just after some recommendations.

    best lip balm? compulsive at work (stress) lip licker-ouch so very sore. No real budget.

    best budget eye cream and budget face serum for acne prone, combo/dehydrated 21 yr old. Fine lines appearing around eyes and on forehead, acne mostly on jaw and chin. Have only £15 per product to spend as spend most of skin care budget on cleansers that don't p*** my skin off!

    Lastly, any thoughts on protecting my insides from damage from a low dose of antibiotics to clear up badly scarring acne? was reluctant but for once I saw an incredibly sympathetic, practical and skin knowledgeable dr who said it was necessary- no real change yet though! Taking a probiotic.

    current skin care routine: origins oil cleanser, origins checks and balances, caudalie beauty elixir, caudlie sos serum, organic surge overnight sensation moisturiser-- used alternated ETAP hydralunic acid and PAI rosehip oil and alpha h liquid gold. Thoughts??

    Sophie xxx

    1. Balance Me rose otto intensive lip salve.
      Eye cream - Monu Collagen eye cream - more than your spend - but you don't need a serum as you've got the Caudalie SOS which is what I would have recommended.
      If you've already taken the antibiotics I wouldn't worry - if you are taking them now - the probiotic is all you can do really.
      Routine seems pretty sound to me.

    2. Many thanks caroline :) hoping you have some lotions or potions in your stash to fix that toe of yours!? Xxx

  55. hiya :)
    thanks for the advice last wk, skin is slightly amazing after just using balm cleanser to double cleanse and alpha-h in the morning with clarins radiant pink clay cleanser on my bumpy congested chin twice a wk, also laid off the frantic clarisonic usage with my elemis pro radiance cleanser-still need to get the p50v though.My cheeks are less red now I've cut out the c&p too. You are brilliant by the way :D

    Can u help with a moisturiser to add for daytime? Ive an oily t-zone so try not to add any moisture around my nose and chin area as makeup slides off at speed. None of these are any use that I currently in my huge bathroom cabinet I have elemis pro collagen, Dr haushka rose day cream, emma hardie lighter lotion, origins mega mushroom lotion, dermalogica barrier repair.
    Ive tried using a primer but my skin still looks very shiny.
    thanks in advance :D


    1. Hi me again. Do u have any experience with facial paralysis? I contracted bells palsy on weds so now on alot of steroids and antiviral meds along with the right side of my face having no movement at all. I'm still massaging when I cleanse hoping for any recovery.

    2. Oh you poor thing. :(
      If it helps - I do not know anyone who hasn't made a FULL recovery from Bell's.

      Patience - stress won't help.

      I'll respond to the other Q's tomorrow xxxx

      Take care.

    3. Have you tried any Elemental Herbology or Ren Clear Calm range?

    4. Have you tried REN Clear Calm or Elemental Herbology?

  56. For the past few years I have been careful to avoid the sun and use high factor sunscreens, but recently I had a blood test and my Vitamin D level was so low that my Doctor has told me I need to have an injection of it every 4 weeks for a few months to bring my levels back up. Obviously now I am planning to also spend more time in the sun, without any SPF on, but I dislike doing so as I can see I have quite a bit of sun damage from years when I sunbathed a lot. Can you recommend any products that will really help to repair the sun damage I already have and also anything to help prevent/protect my skin in the future.

    Thank you!

    1. Repairing sun damage is really about retin products, niacinamide and newer acids - look at Alpha-H Radiance - part of Liquid Gold, P50, Algenist - all good for pigmentation. Avene have just released a new line called D-Pigment which will be affordale - look at that too.

      Use high SPF on your face - you can get the vitamin d you need through arm exposure!

  57. Hey Caroline, ju3 things that have been niggling me that I'm sure you have the answers to:

    I have been using liquid gold for 2 weeks every other night, with the alpha h anti ageing night cream on alternate nights and have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin and have totally fallen in love with alpha h. My question is how much glycolic acid does the liquid gold contain and is it safe to use long term without breaks, along with other items from the alpha h range?

    I bought the clarisonic approx 1 month before discovering liquid gold and used it morning & night for 1 minute and my skin had never been so badly behaved, I was getting sore large, angry, red raised spots all over my face, particularly in the areas that aren't the t-zone - jawline, neck, hairline etc (had not changed any other part of my routine) but I was noticing an improvement in the t-zone in terms of texture and pores looking less visible. I don't want the clarisonic to be a waste of money so would like to continue using it - what would your recommendation be?

    Fish oils - what strength do you recommend and what can they do for the skin? What name am I looking for on the bottle - slightly confused as I have seen cod liver oil capsules, omega 3 capsules but haven't come across any labelled fish oils as yet.

    Many many thanks for your fantastic blog and the time you devote to this clinic, it is very much appreciated.

    1. Hi!

      OK - answering in sequence!

      Yes its safe for long term and no I don't know the exact amount of glycolic is.Use the Clarisonic where you notice a benefit - NEVER use it on acne or those areas.
      Try Lamberts Fish Oil - 1100mg - its brilliant for your skin but you need to commit to taking it - none of this sporadic business. :)

  58. Hi Caroline. I get really dry sometimes cracked skin around my mouth. I've tried so many lip balms but as its not my lips but the skin around them nothing seems to work. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Take zinc - and if you can afford it Revive make an amazing Lip Perorial Cream - its about £4 million though...

    2. Thank you so much. The cream is out of my price range so I'll try the zinc while I start saving up!

  59. Hi Caroline! I have been reading your blog for a a few months now and i wanted to say thank you for the infomation and knowledge that you provide!

    I just have a few questions, I have a few tiny spots on one side of my face mainly that are not really visible apart from in the light. They are not spots as such but are under my skin and i never realised i had that many until i looked in the mirror the other day. I managed to gently squeeze one but the others have no head. I have a glycolic mixture that i use sometimes but have not for a month or so, do you think i should start to use this again and will it help to get rid of the bumps under the skin?

    Also is mineral spf any good? I have heard of some brands such as jane iredale and peter thomas roth (correct name?) that have a brush on spf, have you tried any? Im thinking of trying out the thomas roth one as standard suncream always breaks me out, so I wanted to check with you as to whether its any good.

    Many thanks for your help :)

    1. Yes you should use the glycolic and yes it should help.

      If you have a problem with spf you need to patch test any that you are considering buying. If you are prone to breaking out it is impossible for me to say 'yes you'll be fine'. But yes, mineral spf is good.


    2. Hi, thank you so much for your reply. Could you suggest a moisturiser for me and also should i be using the EH balm to remove makeup or will it break me out? And one last thing i take evening primrose tablets and acai berry tablets. Do they have the same benefits as the fish oils you recommend. I appreciate all your help caroline x

  60. Thank you so much for doing this. Even if I don't ask a question I know I can get some great advice every week.

    I am 32 with what I'd describe as slightly acne-prone akin, it's more acne-prone than I think it should be at my age anyway! I've changed my routine quite a bit in recent weeks, following suggestions I've read here (fish oils, Emma Hardie cleansing balm, Caudalie beauty elixir, Algenist moisturiser at night, Liquid Gold once or twice a week) and I'm definitely seeing some improvement. I need a new day moisturiser, with SPF but ideally not too high (around factor 15) as I'm going to be honest and say I do prefer to be tanned in the summer. Obviously if I'm sunbathing or on holiday I always use 'proper' sun protection on my face and body. I'm happy to spend up to around £50, I was wondering about Caudalie Vinoperfect day perfecting fluid or do you have any other suggestions?

    Secondly, can you recommend a sun cream for my face which is less likely to cause breakouts than the usual brands and would you recommend using any kind of facial aftersun product or just my Algenist?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Elemental Herbology's new spf is lovely. Called Perfect Balance.

      Algenist :)

      There. that was easy!

  61. Hi Caroline.

    Is it true that silicones in a serum are building a film / barrier on the skin and don´t allow the following products do penetrate the skin?

    I would love to try a serum for my combination/dehydrated skin but I´m torn between the caudalie sos serum (with silicones) and the Ren Max Moisture serum (without silicones) ... What´s your opinion??

    Thank you...


    1. I'd love to know this too. I'm sceptical of silicones in skincare, just because I feel a moisturiser should treat the skin to make it smooth instead of...faking. Am I being crap?

    2. Hi Inga/Sarah!

      Silicones have been given a bad rap to be honest. The problem only really occurs when you use something with a different silicone on top.... IE a primer may 'roll' off your skin if you are wearing an incompatible silicone underneath. And there is no way of knowing - its trial and error.

      The Caudalie serum is lovely and doesn't 'feel' siliconey at all.

      Some silicones - like dimethicone - are championed by dermatologists as being one of the best things you can put on your skin - newer formulations allow ingredients to penetrate and protect the skin from external aggressors.


    Thank you for all your questions!

  63. Thank you so much for letting me come and comment as a late-comer! I'm not even sure where to start... I don't really have a skincare routine as such at the moment, I was using the Liz Earle 3 Step cleanse, tone and moisturise, but I felt whilst I liked the products, they weren't doing enough for my skin, so stopped using them. I had a sample kit of some Jan Marini skincare, including a glycolic cleanser and some serums - I know this is inadequate and probably not what my skin needs, but my skin has been less oily, and I wanted to use something I already had up whilst I was working out what I needed to be doing instead... which is hopefully where you come in!

    As aforementioned, I have oily skin, seriously oily within 1-2 hours, regardless of make up. Large pores on cheeks, forehead and chin; very congested, spot prone skin on my chin and jawline - not always spots, sometimes just raised bumps 'under' the skin, sometimes quite painful; I get dry on the sides of my nose, and in/under my brows. From reading your cheat sheet I would 'self diagnose' as seriously dehydrated...I just don't know what to use! I do have some pigmentation/redness on my chin and cheeks, some fine lines round my eyes and on my forehead, and am very pale so tend to use an SPF most days. I think this is all you need to know...?!

    I am going to get some fish oils (as discussed with you and isobelmeg on Twitter a few nights ago), and have a Caudalie moisturiser coming (it was a GWP when I subbed to a mag), love the sound of the SOS Serum and the Beauty Elixr, and that Origins Drink Up mask, but I essentially am clueless! My budget is very tight, but I'm essentially a 'blank canvas' having no pre-existing skincare, the only thing close to a routine I've ever had is the Liz Earle (which you're probably sick of people saying)! I am using a flannel when I cleanse though :)

    Can you help a hopeless case?!

    1. Priorities:

      Liquid Gold - Alpha-H
      Emma Hardie Cleanser

      Fish Oils - Lamberts 1100mg

      Then get back to me!

  64. Hi

    I just wanted to say thank you for the email about the TSV on QVC for the Aplha H products. I have been following your blog for ages and have wanted to try the Liquid Gold out for ages so i took my chance to try them out at the lower price. I cant tell you how pleased i am with them. The balancing cleanser is fantastic. It feel so lovely on my skin and removes all my makeup including mascara. I have also used the Liquid Gold and Night treatment on alternative nights as per the instructions and already after only a few days my skin is smoother, clearer and my pores seem to be clearing and diminishing in size. I also use the eye serum morning and evenings. My foundation is going on so much better as my skin is so much smoother. Thank you so much for your blog and advice. Can i just ask you one thing please? Would the Liquid Gold work for clearing the Keratosis pilaris on the top of my legs and on my bottom (sorry its horrible i know). Sorry id do anything to get rid of it thanks Kim

    1. Yep it probably would - also try Cool Fix from SpaceNK.

  65. Hi. I know this is really late, and this is really cheeky, and if you don't want to publish I'll wait until clinic next week instead, but ... I'm having problems. I have changed my skincare routine following your advice to ...

    EH cleansing balm
    Caudalie beauty elixir
    Algenist lotion

    EH cleansing balm, double cleanse
    Astalift aquarysta jelly
    Darphin purifying balm on my chin only for tiny hard lumps under the skin
    Sarah Chapman overnight facial
    La Bella Figura decouverte eye serum

    Also taking Lamberts 1100mg fish oil 3x a day.

    My skin has been improving no end, looking much brighter and less dehydrated. Now, my problem is that I've started getting spots on my chin. For about the last three weeks I have at least one active one all the time. As fast as one goes, another comes up. Do you think what I'm using could be too heavy?

    I'm thinking about switching over to all Alpha H products because of the congestion I get on my chin. Do you think this would be a good way to go for me? Oh, and I'm 39, so is the Alpha H anti aging in any way?

    Thank you so much, again :0)

    1. I would stop the Astalift and the Sarah Chapman - too much and not necessary

      For PM - do double cleanse, then P50, then Darphin all over.

      If you want to try an Alpha-H start with Liquid Gold - you can alternate it with the Darphin.

      And let me know.

    2. Thank you so much, Caroline, you're a star. Liquid Gold is ordered and on its way.

  66. Hi, I have recently just watched the video you did with Pixiwoo on Body Talk Daily and was wondering if you could maybe help me. I am a 16 year old girl and have really oily skin prone to spots, I wouldn't go as far as to say I have acne.

    I have tried so many products and have yet to find a daily skin routine that I am happy with and actually makes a difference to my skin. I am currently using:
    - Origins Checks and Balance face wash (morning and night)
    - Simple, Spotless Skin anti-blemish Moisturiser (morning and night)
    - Origins Clear Improvements Active charcoal mask to clear pores (twice a week)
    - Origins Out of Trouble 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin (twice a week)
    - Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts wash and mask (I use it as a mask 3 times a week)

    I have always been concerned about my skin but in the past year I have realised just how important it is to keep my skin healthy and have been on a mission to find the perfect routine suited for my skin. However I seem to be getting no where.

    I am realy intruiged by the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm and wondered what your thoughts were and whether you had any suggestions of products I could try out.

    I notice by the dates on the comments that it has been a while since the last one, but I am in real need of a proffesionals opinion so its worth a try!
    I would be so greatful if you could help and any suggestions would be deeply apprieciated!
    Thanks ... CC!x

  67. Hi Caroline, I have just come across your site and am loving it and finding it really helpful. I just wanted to know your thoughts on Liquid Gold for acne rosacea. Those red bumps are so much better than they were but I want something that will make them completely gone forever. Can I use glycolic acid on rosacea or is there something really good that will help me? I have the red hard bumps - nice.

  68. I incorporated an acid toner in my routine thus making it necessary to wear sunscreen when outdoors.
    But, I have a desk job and therefore indoors most of the time. I’m exposed to sun only at 1.30 pm (for 15 mins during post lunch stroll) and in the evenings 4 pm while travelling back home by bus. Do I still need to use an SPF. I feel very uncomfortable wearing an SPF all day. I live in India (quite sunny). 

    What do you suggest?