Friday, 15 June 2012

A Live Clinic!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I am giving the first ever Live Clinics at the TOWIB - The Only Way Is Blogging - Event in Central London. I am also taking part in a Blogger Q & A.

I look forward to meeting some of you in real life and ranting about the importance of skincare! :)

For details of TOWIB.


  1. Why don't I live in London!!

  2. Ah I really wanted to go to this and had plans to yet my bf has a rare weekend off which only happens once in a blue moon therefore I have had to give it a miss! Next year its a definite on my calendar!


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  3. Oh this looks fab! Have never heard of it before. I would LOVE to attend this, unfortunately, I have a dissertation to finish. Would've loved to have met you in person though. Enjoy y'all...

  4. P.s. your skin looks bloody fab in that TOWIB photo! Nice glow mrs.

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