Sunday, 5 August 2012

July. A Visual Diary. (very picture heavy!)


The genius of Roja Dove.

Various newness to come.


The boy. Tired.

Possibly the best tomato and red onion salad - ever.

My hydrangeas. Serious pride. Percy Thrower pride.

Webchat for Gransnet.

The Sun makes an appearance. Finally.

Birthday flowers.

Genius gifting!

Birthday shoes! And pedicure by Mercedez. 

Maggie Jones, Kensington

Smoked Chicken and Avocado Salad - one of the best things I have EVER tasted.

Stationary porn.

Good News on Berwick Street. THE magazine shop.

The Diner with Ava.

CRAZY weather.

Molton Brown Christmas in July.

Fortnum's Christmas. Sigh.

Choccywoccydoodah in Soho.

Possible the best bed pillow ever?

I see a pattern...
Cute jewellery via Smooch blog.


Time to self - JOY.

More birthday loveliness.

Daily face.

Courgette flowers from NOPI.

Lamb. Serious lamb.

NARS Foreplay Palette.

The Kirschmeister.

Wondrous chrysanths.

Frederic Malle and Fudge. Both immense. For different reasons.

A stick of chubbiness from Clinique and Victoria's Secret lands in the UK.

Daily skincare.

More amazingness from Ottolenghi.

Donna. Rules the World.


The boy enjoying the first week of Summer hols.


  1. Love nosying at your snaps Caroline, thanks for featuring your Smooch bracelets! xxx

  2. Enjoyed your pics! Good food and lovely flowers plus your boy in fun jumpsuit. Aww!

  3. Hey Carline, I was just wondering if you could list the products from your 'daily make up' picture?

  4. oh my gosh i kind of nearly fainted, so the Cult product Heal Gel is soon to be a skin care line. Now thats something to lookforwards too. That gel saved my face from many a peel,burn and irritation. Thank you for dropping that photo in , The cult is expanding. Thats so exciting xx


  5. Love the post!

  6. Love the post!

  7. Ooh would love a run-through of the daily face please! Especially the lipstick, dying to know what that is! It looks just perfect.
    Thank you : ) x


  8. What a wonderful July you have had x

  9. Wow, beautiful skin care products, great good, and fresh know how to live! Do you link with other beauty sites/ blogs?