Saturday, 18 August 2012

La Prairie Award for Innovation in Marine Protection and the launch of Advanced Marine Biology Collection

Back in April I was invited to the press launch of the La Prairie Award for Innovation in Marine Protection in Monaco. Timed to coincide with the launch of their Advanced Marine Biology Collection, the event was held at the Oceanographic Museum - in a nod to both HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco - whose foundation is supporting the Award in conjunction with La Prairie and the heritage of La Prairie's Special Ambassador for the AMB Collection, Celine Cousteau. 
Celine's grandfather, the legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau was at one time the director of the OI.

Oceanographic Institute - Monaco

I don't normally cover 'blanket launches' but this one is different for two reasons - firstly, La Prairie have pioneered aquaculture technology - the controlled cultivation of algae, kelp and other sea plants in a protected, land-based environment. Basically - instead of pilfering the oceans and sea beds, they are growing it in labs - thus leaving no impact on the ecological system. Score.

Secondly, in conjunction with the launch, they have introduced the Award for Innovation in Marine Protection and are offering 3 prizes worth between $10,000 and $100,000 to the winner of the most votes on their Facebook page.

The three finalists are:
Marine Sanctuary Project - protecting the Mediterranean Monk Seals - one of the most critically endangered mammals.
Kalabia - a floating classroom that educates children on the importance of protecting the Coral Reef.
Toliara Reef - aims to protect the largest coral reef in the world, just off the coast of Madagascar. 

The winner will be announced in London on 12th October. La Prairie will continue to follow all three projects closely and offer support in terms of exposure of their efforts.

The Advanced Marine Biology Collection is available now and consists of five products:

Foaming Mousse Cleanser - £40 
Revitalizing Emulsion - £86 

Eye Gel - £66
Day Cream SPF20 - £86
Tonic (my favourite) - £64 

Further information on the range can be found on

*I was a guest of La Prairie


  1. The products look very interesting but i always have a problem with the range as its so over priced and so scented and full of nasty preservatives etc. I know extracts from the sea are wonderful for the skin and the ingredients in caviar eggs has its benefits . The price however i think is silly. I plonk on my Retin A on a night time with a good moisturiser and in the day a Vitamin C Serum and a Moisturiser and an Eye cream and im done. The company brings out Serums that cost hundreds if not thousands and make the skin soft but thats it. I may try the Tonic as if you like it then its worth ago. ive started saving :) , xxxx

    1. I completely agree with you about the whole pricing situation.. I've always wanted to give their products a go, but with such high prices, I don't really see the point. My mom stopped using their line when products like Rentin A, which is the fraction of the price, started showing her results when La Praiprie wouldn't. Still, each to either own, they do seem like an amazing skin care company though, and I'm sure it does wonders for some :).

    2. Something also to think about is la prarie is made by biersdorf who make eucerin, and nivea. The brand is just heavily reliant on luxury marketing. Nothing they produce is groundbreaking. A lot of their formulas are extremely mundane and old fashioned and not technoloically advanced

  2. Wow..this is amazing!...It's a shame I've never heard of this cosmetic family...Thanks for the review.....