Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Clinic. - CLINIC IS CLOSED!!!!


Hi Everyone, 

I know there hasn't been one in a while but when I'm swamped with work I just don't have the time to answer you properly and I HATE a, keeping you waiting and b, not having time to give you full answers.

SO The Clinic is open until 6pm. Go for it!


  1. Hi Caroline,

    1)Sure I am slightly different to most of your readers but have been recommended to you by my girlfriend! I'm 18 year old male with fairly oily skin / some spots on chin/forehead from time to time. I also can have dehydrated skin, and not sure what I should be using to hydrate the skin i.e. where the hydration should be coming from - a mask?

    2) Wonder if you can look at my routine of what I do - think there is room for plenty of improvement. Obviously as a young guy I try and keep it simple, but think what I am doing is not enough and so am willing to add more to the routine etc.

    1) Cleanse with Liz Earle for Men cleanse and polish (sometimes with clarisonic) / OR sometimes Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser
    2) Apply a basic aftershave balm post-shaving.
    3) Moisturise using "Real Shaving Company" SPF 15 moisturiser / Liz Earle for Men Aftershave moisturiser
    4) Origins Ginseng Eye cream


    1) Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (sometimes with clarisonic) / 1 x a week use a face scrub such as St Ives / 1 x a week use Anthony Logistics for Men Clay mask (not sure it has done much though)
    2) Cetaphil Moisturiing Lotion
    3) Eye cream
    4) Origins Super Spot remover on any spots/ Oxy on the spot 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide cream (works but can cause redness/small scars which take a long time to go after the spot has gone)

    - I wonder if you could recommend an oil free moisturiser with some sun protection in for day use? I was directed to the Kimberly Sayer of London brand who do an ultra light moisturiser with spf in?
    - I know women (and quite a few men) use toners and serums/oils - would any of these help?
    - Basically I think i need a better moisturiser for both day and night/hydrating mask?/toner - liquid gold?

    I realise this is long but you seem to want detail of routines to be able to answer questions fully and properly. Thank you so much in advance :)

    1. Hi Anon,

      Your skin is dehydrated and it needs to come from treatments/moisturisers. A mask is a temporary fix.
      I would rethink the Liz Earle and the Clarisonic. Ditch the benzoyl peroxide. You're too young for that IMO. (and not suffering from acne?)
      I would try the Hydraluron that I just reviewed/recommended and stick it under your moisturisers to give you oomph.
      And Liquid Gold is not a toner - its used at the toner stage with nothing on top of it. I would wait and see if the Hydraluron does anything first?

    2. Thanks for your reply. I have been suffering from acne on my chin which is where I've used the benzoyl peroxide but I think it's too harsh/causes dryness and red patches that take ages to heal.
      I shall definitely try the hydraluron - is that what you mean by treatments?
      And if I ditch the c and p what is a good cleanser?
      Also what about which moisturiser to use on top of the hydraluron?
      And would liquid gold be of any use overall?
      Sorry for the qs! Thanks again

    3. Just been doing some looking up of possible basic routine - not sure if any good?

      1) Cleanse with Ren clear calm clay cleanser (is this too dehydrating? and would the REN cleansing milk be better?)
      2) Toner..not sure what??
      3) Apply Hydraluron
      3) Moisturise with an oil free moisturiser...again, not sure what? Need some spf too.

      1) Double cleanse? Using a cleansing balm like Ren cleansing balm or emma hardie? then ren cleansing milk.
      2) Toner
      3) Hydraluron
      4) Origins Night a mins?
      * Liquid Gold once a week after cleansing with nothing else on top.

    4. Re. the moisturiser part, I had been recommended the Kimberly Sayer ultra light organic moisturiser with spf30. It is on lovelula and has these ingredients:


      I want one with an spf in (doesn't need to be 30, 15 would do) because being a man, is the only place I can get the spf - can't get it from foundation! So does this one look ok? Most I've seen that are oil free/suitable for oily/combination skin with a matte effect don't have spf in.

      Sorry, will shut up now, and await the expert!!

    5. OK if you're an 18 year old male you will have the skin of a baby in 20 years time :)

      I'm just going to cut to the chase and give you a routine. Save my breath! LOL

      Cleanse: Get Emma Hardie and Ren Clear Calm clay. Emma in the evening, ren in the morning.
      Toner - if you want one you can use one like Alcohol free Anthony For Men available from Mankind.
      Try Anthony again - they make an oil-free spf - again Mankind OR the one you listed seems fine.
      Liquid gold 2 x week in the evenings with nothing in top.

      Let me know how you get on?

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  3. Hi :) was wondering if you had tried the Clarins our melt cleansing gel? I was thinking of trying it, I have normal/ dry/dehydrated skin, would you recommend it? Thanks

  4. Guess who's mum!2 August 2012 at 17:20

    I have pretty pale skin, especially on my face and so purchased a gradual tanner recommended by a friend - The James Read Gradual tanner for face in Light. Having had high hopes, because he is considered one of the UK's best tanning experts etc etc. I was quite disappointed, especially as after 2 uses, I seemed to get considerably more red spots/clogged pores on my forehead and chin. I assume the breakout was due to this, as it is the only new thing I've used. Should I just give up on this product after so few uses due to the assumed reaction, or persevere. And can you recommend any face tanners at all? I've tried the Xen Tan gradual face tanner (not sure it's that gradual!) which is okay mixed in with a moisturiser to lighten, but can sometimes be greasy and too dark a colour on its own. Thanks

    1. Was supposed to read Guess who's mum..not all that gobbledy goop!

    2. Back when I tried to be a golden goddess I used facial tanner all the time and the only one I ever found that didn't break me out was by Caudalie. If I used it more than twice a week it did make me orange, (I am very pale), but I never had a spot because of this stuff. Just one persons suggestion. Won't be offended if this disappears because CH thinks it's a crap recommendation x

    3. Hi G's MUM!!!

      Perricone Gradual Tanner. No competition. Its more expensive BUT its twice the size of all the others. I am still on my first bottle. Didn't give me any breakouts etc and has no orange affects on the skin. :)
      Use it a couple of times after moisturiser in the morning until you get the colour you want and then its just maintenance.
      *waves to G*

    4. Great, will definitely be purchasing. Regarding maintenance of it, I've heard that if you apply too many times/layers, it just leads to build up and can look unnatural. Most products seem to suggest applying once and then reapplying ever 2-3 days to maintain the colour. But is there a time after which you should stop maintaining colour and seek to remove all the tan/start a fresh? What type of exfoliator can you use to keep the skin looking fresh on the face?

      I'm basically just not sure if you can always keep a constant colour, through good skincare/exfoliation and always maintain colour by applying over already tanned skin all the time, or whether there's times you have to totally "wipe clean" so to speak the tan and start a fresh on my natural colour pasty white skin again.

      Babbling on, but hope this makes sense!!

    5. I apply it once every few days and do my normal exfoliation etc in between. Current favourite is Oskia - previously reviewed on here. :)

    6. Ok, but does that exfoliation etc in between take you back to your start natural skin colour or do you find you're still reapplying over a slight tan still?
      Sorry if this sounds pedantic, not intended!

    7. You are applying over a slight tan.

  5. Hi Caroline. I’ve got a couple of questions, please. I know you say not to spend too much on clay masks as they’re all much of a muchness, but I was wondering whether the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask would be an exception? I’ve also been looking at Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque, Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque, Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque and REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask, all of which are cheaper, but I’m just wondering whether it’s worth the splurge to go for the Omorovicza? I need a clay mask for enlarged pores on my nose and some blocked pores on my chin.

    Secondly, I’m following your advice to spend money on supplements, skincare, foundation and concealer and I was just wondering if you could recommend a really good concealer, please?

    Lastly, just to mention, since I’ve been following your advice my skin has never looked better. Ever. Thank you so much! 

    1. I suuppose she won't post this if she doesn't agree but I really like the cover fx concealer and the omorovicza concealer pencil.

    2. Thanks for the tips, Anonymous! Just another little one, please, Caroline? What do you think of the REN T-zone Balancing Day Fluid? Thank you!!

    3. My pleasure: ) the cover fx I got from a Lisa Eldridge recommendation, it's extremely highly pigmented for my acne scarring and the omorovicza I got on a whim to spend my pengo points and it turned out to be one of the most precise concealers I ever used. Jen

    4. Hi Gillian,

      For clay masks you don't need the Omorovicza. By all means if you can afford it go for it - its lovely - but it didn't blow my mind. Clay masks - Clarins is good, Decleor and Alpha-H both have clay masks that are half the price of the Omo.
      I like Ren. If you are under 35 it's fine. Over that and you need a little oomph. :)
      And thanks for your help anon.
      Concealer - spots/pigmentation - Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage. Eyes - Sue Devitt or Perricone No Concealer Concealer (if you're not dark skinned)

    5. Awww shucks Caroline, I am glad to be of service, have had horrible acne most of my life but thanks to ur informative blog my skin is clear now. No acne since feb! I'm still in a bit of a shock over it.... So thank u

  6. Hi Caroline, I really love your blog and I was wondering if you can help me, I'm 22 and I get a lot of spots around my jawline and on my cheekbones near my hairline - they're often the raised red bump kind that don't come to a head and are painful and often scar.
    I had bad spots on my forehead when I was younger and I was prescribed antibiotics and a topical cream and those worked when I was younger (around 15/16) but now the spots I get are different.
    I get a sort of oily t-zone and dry-ish cheeks, and have large pores on my forehead which used to get clogged when I was younger but are less of a problem now.

    I currently alternate between Shu Uemura Pore Clarifying Oil and Balance Me Pure Skin face wash, occasionally use Origins Modern Friction Exfoliator and a Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Face Mask (not often because I think they're quite harsh), a tea-tree toner (I used to use a Decleor one and I think I will go back to that), and Origins Zero Oil Moisturiser. I have recently been trying to use the Origins Super Spot remover but I don't really think it's doing anything.
    I was wondering if you could recommend something that might benefit my skin or give me an idea of what I should be using in terms of face wash in particular? I wanted to maybe try a cleansing balm because I know you recommend these but I don't really know where to start. My budget will stretch if it's a really good product but around the £30-40 mark!

    A huge thankyou in advance!

    1. Hi Clare Marie!

      OW OW and OW!!!

      Your poor face. :(

      Go back and read your list and see where the nourishment is - or the calming stage? There isn't one. It's all attack, treat, attack.

      Your spots could be hormonal but without going into a personal history in front of everyone :)I would start with supplements. Whatever is going on with your skin - its definitely inflamed and stressed - and you skincare is making it worse. Take fish oil - Lamberts make one in 1100mg size - try 6 a day (3 before meals) to start, give it a few weeks. Your inflammation should come down.
      Drop the Shu. It's mineral oil based and has no benefit to your skin whatsoever. Balance me is a wash. However good, still going to be over-stripping.tea-tree toner - unnecessary. Origins. See I like Origins but the fact remains that for some people the essential oil content is an irritation.
      Start with changing your cleanser. Go for my usual recommendations. Emma Hardie etc - then you need a good toner like Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Then try Hydraluron (just reviewed yesterday) - then add a moisturiser on top. Make what changes you can now and let me know how you get on.

    2. Hi! Thankyou for replying! I've been to the doctors in more recent years and they basically said that because it's not like, all over acne they're not going to give me anything or help.. lovely. Anyway, I've stopped the Shu Uemura and I'm going to purchase the Emma Hardie balm and try some fish oil.
      Is there anything you would recommend that is similar to the Caudalie, I've tried this in a shop and the smell made me feel a bit ill.. or should I just suck it up and get used to the smell? haha.
      Thankyou again (:

    3. Suck it up. OR try Environ AVST toner - no smell :)

  7. Hi Caroline

    Sorry in advance for the long post, I thought it was better to give you too much information than not enough.

    I suffered badly from acne about 10 years ago. I was proscribed roaccutane which cleared it up really well. Then at the end of last year, doctor changed my pill from mini pill to combined due to breast cancer history in my family. I started to break out within weeks. I,ve now been given some tablets to clear the acne up which has really helped and now just get the odd spot. But I've been left with pretty bad scarring, mainly on my cheeks. My skin tone seems very uneven overall, and I have really big pores. My skin is really getting me down as it's a total mess, and I feel like I look years older than I am (I'm 28). Have you any suggestions?

    I went to fern in London for a dermal rolling treatment about 7 weeks ago, but in all honesty I haven't noticed any improvement at all, but would be happy to continue with more sessions if you think this would be effective.

    Products I've been using:

    Cleanser: was using Alpha H triple action cleanser which was fine but now switched to Emma Hardie on your recommendation which I like

    Moisturiser: varies as I have a few lying around but something like alpha h SPF 30 essential

    At night, use Alpha H liquid gold every other night. When not using that. Use the liquid gold intensive night repair serum followed by whatever moisturiser I have lying around.

    I've been using the liquid gold smoothing and perfecting mask which but just ordered the oskia renaissance mask. Been using a mask once a week. A couple of times a week I use the micro cleanse by alpha h.

    My skin is very oily, will be very greasy by the end of the day. I also have fine lines under my eye and quite bad wrinkles for my age on my forehead.

    I'm basically after your help to sort this mess out! Would appreciate a recommendation for an eye cream also, main problems are lines and dark circles. Can send a photo if it helps.

    For the scars, i'd seen that you'd recommended algenist products. Do you think they'd be suitable for me and if so any in particular. I'd happily spend whatever necessary to make my skin look vaguely normal again.


    1. Hi Angela,

      Firstly - if you have a family history of BC why are you taking ANY hormones? Just a question! :)
      I'll start at your list and work my way down. :)

      I don't think skin needling is what you need at the moment. Stop it.
      Your system seems to be over compensating so I would drop everything foaming/stripping straight away.
      Too much Alpha-H Liquid Gold in any form is not good. Every other night is too much. Its basically a peel - and you're having 3/4 a week!
      I think your entire routine could do with tweaking to be honest.
      Drop the LG to once a week for a while.
      Use the EH cleanser in the evenings. Followed by an alpha one. (double cleanse if you use spf)
      Toner stage - either Caudalie Beauty Elixir or P50w/v if you can afford.
      Try the hydraluron that I just reviewed yesterday as your first product after toning. It will help protect your acid mantle and stop spreading of infection thus minimising risk of more spots. It will also help with the scarring.
      And get a decent moisturiser. Try REN range for combination. Ren is not particularly high tec but its good for basic, decent products. And I wouldn't worry about the SPF for a few weeks. Let your skin breathe. (I know I'll get shot down for that but its true)
      Use the hydraluron across the lower eye area - that will fix the lines temporarily - fix the rest first.

  8. Hi Caroline, I'm 18 and I have returning under the skin spots and spots on my forehead even though the rest of my skin is clear. I currently use Origins checks and balance cleanser, origins modern friction exfoliater and No7 day/night cream.

    I was wondering what you would recommend to attempt to clear up the area? Masks maybe or Alpha H Liquid gold?
    Thankyou, Katie.

    1. Hi Katie,

      You're only 18 but there is still no need to be harsh on the skin. Switch over to REN when you can - less essential oils than Origins. No.7 is not great for your age - too siliconey which could aggravate the spots in your case.
      If you can afford it get a clay mask and use it once or twice a week on the area. But you need to follow it with a decent hydration factor - which you are not doing. If you can afford the Hydraluron I recommended yesterday get it and use it morning and night all over your face under your moisturiser.

  9. Hi from looking at your blog I think my boyfriend has dehydrated skin, it looks oily, but can feel dry/dehyrated, he gets some blemishes, pores are quite large on the nose area, as well as blackheads on the nose which even when he has gotten rid of them for example he used the origins charcoal mask which cleared the area quite well, but they always come back, what would you recommend to keep them from coming back? Thank you

    1. If he is particularly prone to them they will keep coming back. All that testosterone. :)
      Buy him a bottle of Liquid Gold and get him to use it twice a week at night - with nothing on top of it.
      Make sure he's not using anything too harsh and foaming - try Anthony For Men Glycolic Cleanser.

    2. Sorry to add, but I have a similar problem and was wondering if liquid gold is also good for helping with pigmentation/evening skin tone? Sure you said one alpha-h product was good for redness/evening skin tone/pigmentation - was it the liquid gold?

    3. For uneven skin tone - P50v or P50w and Hydraluron will do wonders.
      For pigmentation - so many - Avene have a new range for pigmentation, Alpha-H make Liquid Gold Radiance - look into those first.

  10. Hi BM,
    I have a constant breakout on my chin and was hoping you may be able to help me.
    I use EH balm morning and night to cleanse, tone with Elemis Ginseng and use Elemis Pro Collagen morning and night. I've been using Etat Pur salicylic acid on my chin which is helping clear it but I want to find the root cause rather than keep treating. I consider my skin dehydrated and pretty well behaved everywhere else. I take fish oil daily (only for the last month though).

    Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Emma,
      How much fish oil are you taking? Pro Collagen isn't going to do anything for spots - and neat salicylic acid is unnecessary. Try the Hydraluron I just reviewed underneath the pro collagen - it will fix your dehydration and thus offer you better protection against the breakouts.

    2. Thank you so much Caroline. I'm taking anywhere from 3-6 fish oil tablets a day but only for a month so I'm being patient with the results.
      I'll definitely be buying the Hydraluron, it sounds perfect.
      Thanks again.

  11. *clarins pure melt cleansing gel

  12. Hi I was wondering if you could help me with my current routine! I have a history of acne, but now get only little spots that go within a couple of days, but my main concern is my scarring, they are like bright red flattened spots on my face which makes me really self concious.

    Currently using;
    REN clearcalm cleanser
    caudalie beauty e
    heal gel
    spf 15 moisturiser

    Dermalogica pre cleanse if wearing make up/spf
    REN clearcalm again (just bought the emma hardie balm)
    heal gel
    REN clearcalm night moisturiser

    Also 3x a week I use liquid gold and on sundays I use the REN glycolactic radiance renewal mask. I am just wondering if theres anything I can change/add to help with my scarring?

    Thank you!

    1. forgot to add I use the caudalie beauty e in the evening too!

    2. Don't overuse Liquid Gold - 2 x week is sufficient. I have found the Hydraluron that I just reviewed is really helping my pigmentation - and stopping current spots from scarring. Depends how recent they are and if they are still pink?

    3. How would I use the hydraluron? Would the Liquid gold radiance serum be an investment? They are pretty old, most a couple of months but just wont seem to budge at all. I think the heal gel and liquid gold has helped but the redness of them is still there.

    4. Hydraluron will help with the redness, well its helped with mine...It goes under your moisturiser.
      Algenist is also a good one for pigmentation/scarring. Try the Hydraluron first.


    5. Would I use the hydraluron before heal gel or after? And in the morning and evening?


    6. I would use the hydraluron in the am and pm - and the heal gel maybe 3 x week in the evenings under nighttime cream

  13. Hi Caroline!

    I've had a ridiculously stressful year and have had a permanent breakout on my chin, jaw and lower cheeks for about 3 months. They aren't awful but the fact they're constantly there is really getting me down.

    My skin tone is really uneven too and really quite congested. My skin's normal with no dryness or oiliness, but can get quite dehydrated.

    I've bought a load of products and basically want to know if I need to add anything/take anything away and if I'm using them in the right order!

    morning: Alpha h balancing cleanser
    caudalie beauty elixir
    alpha h eye complex
    caudalie pulpe vitaminee serum
    either REN vita mineral day cream or pai geranium and thistle moisturiser

    evening: emma hardie moringa balm
    second cleanse with either champneys balm on the nights il be following up with liquid gold, or the REN cleanser for normal skin.
    Liz Earle toner - but I've ordered Caudalie toning lotion because I'm nearly out of the Liz Earle.
    Alternate nights between liquid gold & clarins blue orchid oil for dehydrated skin.
    Sometimes use a moisturiser on top of the clarins oil if my skin feels like it needs it.

    Use various masks weekly, I've got REN glycolactic renewal one & REN invisible pores detox one (clay based).

    and I'm 21! Basically am I doing anything wrong? And when will these spots go away?! Some are the sore under the skin ones, some are whiteheads, some are just pimples. There's always more on the left side of my face than my right...I'm assuming my hormones are going crazy? My skin is never irritated from any of the products I use and my forehead and tops of my cheeks are looking much clearer and fresher, and much more even.

    Am using liquid gold for the pigmentation/uneveness, and clay masks to help with decongesting my face.

    I've been doing above routine for a couple of months.

    Georgia x

    1. Could be stress, could be diet, could be hormones - hard to say. If you are dehydrated be careful of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir - its strong.
      Try using a dedicated oil for breakouts not dehydration on the area.
      Are you supplementing? And are your periods regular?

    2. Ordered fish oil supplements yesterday. Periods used to be regular down to the hour, last 6 months a couple were late, then nothing for 2.5 months but came on this week, just after I found out id been offered a job. Stress?

      Any rec's for oil for breakouts?

      Thanks so much!

    3. And my diet; chocolate is my downfall and I do eat a lot of it, I don't have any other dairy, don't eat much meat, eat a lot of fish. Fruit for breakfast and veg or salad with every lunch and dinner!

    4. Fruit is sugar - stay away from bananas and citrus and go for berries. Yes prob stress.
      Step away from the chocolate.
      Send me a pic of your chin.

  14. Hi Caroline,

    I have quite sensitive skin and find that really heavy moisturisers break me out. Can you recommend a light day AND night moisturiser that doesn't sit on the top of the skin and won't break me out?

    Thanks :)

    1. Try most moisturisers from REN. They make ranges specifically for you. Avoid silicones if you don't want that 'sitting on the top' feeling.

    2. Geranium and thistle moisturiser from Pai is also wonderful. I have sensitive skin too and every other moisturiser I've used has made me break out. This one doesn't.

  15. Hallo :) I'm 23 with combination/normal skin. I cleanse and moisturise every AM (Lush Angels on Bare Skin + Olay Complete Care SPF 15) and PM (Soap and Glory Peaches & Clean cleansing milk (no foamy crap for me!) + Soap and Glory eye cream + Oilatum Face Cream). At my age should I be using things like serums and facial oils? I don't have any major skin complaints other than the odd blemish and big pores (please don't hit me!) but I know that for aging prevention is the best form of attack. Would I be overloading my skin with too many products? Thanks!

    1. I think you would benefit from adding an exfoliating stage - whether its with a toner style product such as Liquid Gold or a balmy-type exfoliator.
      I would also add a normal toner to get some liquidized glycerin on to your skin before you moisturize.

  16. Hi Caroline,
    My question is regarding facials.. I am suffering from Sonera particularly bad cystic acne and also have a lot of whiteheads over my chin and temples (I've been camping for the last 3 weeks with minimal access to hot water so couldnt my face as normal and my skin did not enjoy it!) So... would you suggest getting a facial when skin is so aggravated or should I wait til it calms down?
    Also can you suggest any good facialists in sw London?
    One final query.. I started using liquid gold before I went camping but had to stop when I was away. Is it normal for skin to get a bit worse when you first start using it? I only used it 3 times over a period of 9 days.
    Thanks so much for your time,

    1. Sorry predictive text.. ment severe not Sonera!

    2. I would go and see the girls at Fern Clinic in North London. It's worth the trip for one facial to get extracted etc. (Don't buy into the products at the end - come back to me with a report)
      My cystic acne must haves are:
      Liquid Gold
      Caudalie Elixir
      Any dedicated oil/balm such as Darphin Purifying Balm
      Let me know how you get on.

  17. Hi Caroline, many thanks for doing this.

    I have recently been diagnosed with rosacea and been put on oral and topical antibiotics by my dermatologist. He has said that hot cloth cleansing & using the Clarisonic (albeit very infrequently) is too much for my skin and has damaged it. I am currently on a routine of hypoallergenic cleanser (basically Cetaphil but not actually Cetaphil) and a light moisturiser only. I really didn't like the moisturiser I was given so I've recently started using LRP Toleraine SPA instead. I have been told to stick to this pared down routine until I finish the course of antibiotics, and then I can think about reintroducing new things very slowly.

    I am starting to think about what I can use once I am able to introduce new products. What would you recommend? For background, I am 25 and I live in Japan - so very hot and humid during the summer and very cold during the winter. My main concerns are redness, spots (mostly in my t-zone, always there) and uneven skin tone. I think my skin is dehydrated - I have fine lines around my eyes and forehead and my make-up tends to go patchy during the day. If I can't use a cloth or any kind of manual exfoliant, what would you recommend I use for cleansers and exfoliating (is Liquid Gold too harsh?)? Also, any recommendations for moisturiser, serum and eye cream would be hugely appreciated. As you can probably tell from everything I've written my skin is quite sensitive - the reason I originally saw the dermatologist was because I had horrible patches of inflamed, red, dry dermatitis around my eyes and mouth :(.

    I need a whole new routine - please help! Budget is probably up to 50 pounds per product.

    Thank you thank you!


    1. I just wanted to add - don't hold back on recommending products that are only available in the UK as I can get hold of them easily :). Also, I have a few things left over from my previous routine: Aesop Control, Fabulous Face Cleanser & Fabulous Face Oil as well as Origins Drink Up Intensive and Alpha H Liquid Gold which I never got to use. Would any of these be suitable to reintroduce? No worries if not, I'll just give them away but wanted to check first.



    2. Hi R!

      Sounds sore. :(

      I would ditch the Origins - high in essential oils which will irritate you at this stage. Definitely no Liquid Gold on that eczema skin!
      I would definitely try the Hydraluron I just reviewed - it may sting at first (mine did) but it calmed down within seconds.
      I would look more at why the rosacea appeared. Have you change anything in your diet or lifestyle? Do you supplement?

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  19. Hi!
    My name is Hilda and I am 27 years old. I've battled acne since I was a teen, oily skin and large, painful cysts. I never really took any meds though my doctor perscribed them and was way to carefree about the whole thing to look much into skincare (what was wrong with me - i know!) but as I grow older it's become somewhat of an obesession. I almost never get cysts anymore (and when I do - I don't touch them) but all over my cheeks and chin I have these small bumps under my skin. They are flesh colored to begin with and every now and then one of them turns into a whitehead. No matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to get rid of them and it's driving me crazy.

    Current skincare is: morning - bioderma micellar water or caudalie cleansing water. Alpha-H moisturizer. Caudalie Beauty Elixir and Lush Grease Lightning.

    Evening: Alpha-H balancing cleanser and then liquid gold and serum alternate nights.

    Thank you so much for this clinic, and I would appreciate any help and advice you can give me!

    1. Sorry, but I wanted to add that I sometimes use the Eve Lom repair mask, spot treatment gels and retinol cream (not to mention owning sooo much more stuff). I also just started taking fish oil supplements and placed an order for Alpha-H Purifying Clay Mask with Vitamin A. Please feel free to suggest new products, just whatever you think might work.

    2. Hi Hilda,

      Hard to say but its probably still your hormones fighting against you. If you just started the fish oil make sure its a high dose and keep it up - takes a while to get into your system.
      I think you may benefit from an oilier cleanser also - those waters are ok for emergencies etc but I wouldn't recommend for everyday usage in place of cleansing. The most innocuous for acne sufferers in my opinion is the Emma Hardie - the others are richer and have more possibility if clogging your pores.
      And the Hydraluron that I just reviewed has undoubtedly helped my spot occurence (cysts too) and scarring. Worth looking at.

  20. Hi Caroline. (@karensmate from Twitter here) I was wondering if you could recommend a decent moisturiser for me? I have used Clinique for years and since a hysterectomy 2 years ago my skin has changed & I cant seem to settle on one thats right for me. I am just at the bottom of a bottle of the Clinique Repairwear Laser which was good in that it didnt make my very oily forehead/T zone worse but didnt seem to do much for my drier cheeks or help with fine lines round eyes (I did use the Clinique eye cream as well). I wash with Clinique mild liquid soap which I like, and take make up of with either Champneys make up remover wipes or Clinique take the day off. I seem to have gone through almost all of Cliniques range of moisturisers! Any ideas? I dont mind trying a different brand & it doesnt have to be particularly cheap. Oh and I have botox every 5 months or so (which is amazing!). Im 54 in case you need to know age. Thanks lovely! xxx

    1. Good job I'm sitting down.

      Jesus KERIST Jacqueline!!!

      Soap? Wipes? Are you sure you haven't been sent to test me? LOL

      With respect - you're using the skincare of a teenager.

      The problem with being 54 and having had a hysterectomy is your hormones are either screaming at you - or gone. If that makes sense.
      You need to take care of your skin - this routine is a punishment. (Sorry!)
      You need:
      A decent cleanser - NO SOAP. THAT'S why you have an oily t-zone/forehead. You are stripping your skin of its natural oils and it's overcompensating.
      A decent toner.
      Definitely the Hydraluron that I just reviewed - your body's ability to make hyaluronic acid is all but gone - get it.
      Moisturiser wise you can stick with your Clinique or use something designed to be more anti-aging and appropriate after Botox etc like Zelens 3T complex.

      You've given me a heart attack. I'm going back to bed for an hour.

  21. Hi Caroline,

    Is there any solution against stretch marks at all?! Cosmetic or surgical?

    Thank you xx

    1. Only if they are still red/pink. If they are pinky red they still have blood flow and you can do your best to fix them - no real magic cures but keeping them hydrated and something akin to Heal Gel will help - where are they?
      You can obviously cut them off but then you're left with scars from that - so seems extreme to say the least! :)

    2. On both sides of my thighs and colour is white, like faded white. They've been there for a few years now. I'm 28, I've not had a baby yet and I have always been very slim and done loads of sports. So their appearance absolutely baffled me :(

    3. In that case there's not much you can do unfortunately. Sorry! :(

  22. Hi

    Can you recommend any amazing treatments/gels/creams/lotion/technology to reduce the appearances of scars and pigmentation. Alpha Gold H does nothing for me in terms of reducing pigmentation.

    1. There are all sorts to be honest. Liquid Gold isn't for pigmentation - that's Liquid Gold Radiance.
      Heal Gel
      Algenist is great for pigmentation and have a dedicated serum
      Avene have a whole new range for pigmentation
      Clinique have a great pigmentation range
      Treatments - lasers may work, micro-needling - but I would leave it to the products in all honesty.

  23. Hiya!

    What's your opinion on the Lancôme baume éclat please?

    Also Hydraluron serum and Boots botanics anti ageing serum?

    And last question, I saw you told another reader that BB creams were not good. Please can you explain why?

    Please can I make a post request too? It would be really helpful if you could do an outline of what a skin care routine should look like, with suggested products for each skin type. I notice you are having to repeat yourself, and it would help if it was all in one place.

    I'll shut up now :)

    1. Yes I like Lancome. :)
      Hydraluron - see review from this week. Don't know enough about Boots to comment.

      BB creams - its not that they aren't good - it's just that honestly? - if one cream could really do everything - it would have been done years ago - :)

      I've planned a page showing routines etc but as you can imagine its a MASSIVE undertaking.

  24. Hi Caroline, Can you tell me what the difference between P50V & liquid gold is? I had samples of the P50w & it did nothing to my skin so I ordered the liquid gold but now I am thinking I should have asked for the P50V instead of the W. Not used the liquid gold yet. Thank you so much. Also can you tell me what is better in terms of ant-aging Elemis pro collagen & oxgenated night cream or the Oskia range. Thanks

    1. Sorry, I also forgot to ask if both of these (P50/LG) where only for problematic skin or would normal skin also benefit?

    2. Should add I am 40!

    3. P50 is based on lactic acid etc and Liquid Gold is glycolic. P50 can be used 2 x a day and LG can only be used every 3/4th day due to the strength. Normal skin would benefit from both.

      Oskia. :)

    4. Thank you so much,I will start on the liquid gold.I now need to work out which P50 to buy! I was told that I should start of on the P50(as it's weaker) before the P50V so my skin gets used to product.Also will finish the Elemis & purchase the Oskia night & day cream.

    5. The P50 is the strongest!!! Whoever told you that is on crack. If you are 40 I'd bite the bullet and go for the original :)

  25. Hello :)
    im changing up my skincare routine, every bit, because recently my skin was becoming dehydrated, uneven texture, blotchy, irritated with red marks that past acne has left behind, dull, congested......the list goes on.
    i was using a foaming cleanser by vichy and moisturizer from avene clean ac hydrating, soothing adjunctive care. THATS IT ....I KNOW THATS A CRIME
    please could you tell me if choices i have made about products that i need to buy now, so my skin can recover from the disaster that it is, is good enough or not? Also do i need to use a toner? im 21 with sensitive / combination / oily skin, prone to breakout

    so the routine im planning on goes.....

    - clearcalm 3 clarifying clay cleanser (recently purchased already and love, can see a bit of difference on my skin)
    - need a recommendation on a day moisturizer!!!!!!

    - bioderma to remove eye makeup (dont have, but you think about it)
    - Origins oil cleanser (the bottle says no mineral oil) (what do you think about it)
    - clearcalm 3 clarifying clay cleanser for 2nd cleanse
    - use a clarisonic twice a week
    - estee lauder advance night repair (need your thoughts on this one)
    - need a recommendation on a night moisturizer...was thinking about origins night-a-mins

    weekend deep cleanse
    - a clay mask with ingredients: herbs: calendula, lavender petals, rose petals, witch hazel leaves, oatmeal, kelp & spirulina powders also contains pure lavender essential oil (already have)
    - followed by origins drink up intensive mask....use it overnight (recently purchased)


    1. AM - Stick with REN. And get Caudalie Beauty Elixir as toner for breakouts.
      PM - Bioderma - unnecessary
      Origins Cleanser - nice
      No Clarisonic
      EL ANR - no.
      Nighttime - Liquid Gold 2 x week for acne/congestion etc
      Any Decleor Balm/Oil for evening.
      And Hydraluron for underneath all moisturisers.

      Weekend - good routine.

  26. Hi Caroline,
    I am an avid reader of your blog and clinics and have already made a number of changes to my skincare routine including introducing Liquid Gold and Caudalie SOS Serum. However I am still using Dermalogica PreCleanse and Special Cleansing Gel to cleanse and Active Moist to moisturise. I am convinced there are better products for my skin but need some help in deciding what! I was considering the Alpha H Balancing Cleanser and Essential Hydration Cream for my dehydrated, slightly sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts especially hormonal. Also would I benefit from the Caudalie Beauty Elixir? Any advice you could give would be gratefully received!
    Many thanks

    1. Sorry forgot to say I'm just about to turn 33!

    2. Hi Sally,

      No! If you are dehydrated, sensitive and prone to breakouts get Emma Hardie Balm Cleanser, Environ AVST toner, Hydraluron (a must for you) and The Essential Hydration is fine.

  27. Helloo :)

    As a starting point I'm 19, with dehydrated, oily skin with enlarged pores and acne :(

    Basically I have had moderate/severe cystic painful facial acne since I was 9 been on various antibiotics/gels/creams from the gp which have done nothing. Finally got reffered to a dermatologist and been given retin A gel and tetralysal until september when he wants to put me on the dreaded roaccutane.

    My routine is AM cleanse with Lis Earle C+P, follow with proactiv toner and avene clearence lotion

    PM remove make up with Vichy milleculer souloution for acne skin, cleanse with Liz Earle C+P, Liz earle Toner, Estee Lauder ANR serum, Liz Earle Moisteriser and then my pescribed gel

    And about twice a week I use the st ives anti blemish scrub and liz earle deep cleanse clay mask

    Sooo overall just wanted to know what I should improve/change, my face is constantly red, oily, flaky, inflammed and just genrally sore and no make up will stay put for more than too hours before it starts going patchy!

    Also should I go on roaccutane? I'm just at my wits end and feel like ripping my face offff!! Rant :( haha

    Thank you for your time, hope you can help xxo

    1. SWEET MOTHER OF GOD stop using C&P. And ANR - will do nothing for you.
      St Ives?? I'm ready to kill myself.
      I'm honestly not surprised your face is upset. :(

      I'll give you a list - take from it what you can afford and a bit at a time:

      Most importantly: can you email me a picture?
      1, Don't worry about the roaccutane. If you need it, it works.
      2, You need a whole shedload of fish oil supplements. I would take 9000mg a day if you can. 3 before each meal. (assuming you aren't on any contradictory medication)
      Moisturiser is harder but start with REN ClearCalm etc - affordable and no crap in it.
      Evenings - hydraluron and a specialised oil for acne/combination skin - lots available

      Let me know!

    2. Hahaha I laughed so much at the first few lines! But it's so good to find someone who tells you straight! Have binned my Liz Earle and ANR and st Ives and have ordered Emma hardie, will order the rest in the morning!

      Been taking 9000mg of fish oil a day for about a week so far, they take a few months to show results though don't they?

      I've just emailed you a photo to give you an idea, so please don't have nightmares! Aha

      Just as a side note, I'm guessing I should avoid liquid gold until I'm off my acne stuff?

      Thanks so much for your time I know you must be busy!

      Emma xo

    3. Try the LG properly once your acne meds are finished. I would try it once a week in the evenings to start. Give it a go.

  28. Hello Caroline. My problem is that I always have dry lips. They don't crack, they're just sort of.. hard. The corners are lovely and soft, and the skin around my mouth is fine, it's just the middle of my lips that is the problem. I use carmex, which makes them lovely and soft but only while it's on there. I sometimes use a burts bees lip shimmer for colour in the day, I don't use lipsticks/gloss etc. I am breastfeeding, so I am surely lacking in some nutrients as they are being put to other uses, but I'd love a product recommendation of anything that may help a little. Thank you.

    1. Take fish oil and zinc - both fine for breast feeding. you can put the hydraluron that I just reviewed on your lips too. Carmex is mineral oil so will only benefit like you say - whist its on.

  29. Hello Caroline, Hope you'll be able to help :)
    I've been looking around for a while now for products that will help me get 'perfect' skin. I've been using my new clarisonic every night with the cleanser which has helped with dryness and pores, but it there anything that you'd be able to recommend for redness? I get it on my nose especially but also on my cheeks. Is there anything you could suggest to preferably cure (if not conceal) this? I've tried green tinted primers and they don't help.
    Thank you :)

    1. If you have sensitive cheeks you need to stop using the Clarisonic on the area.
      Get Hydraluron that I just reviewed.
      Take fish oil.
      Cut down sugar!!!

  30. Can I ask your thoughts on collagen boost facials? I have just booked a course of 3 as I have been having advanced electroylis for facial thread vains & not enough of a difference so it was suggested I try this as it has the IPL with it. It's not cheap so I'd love to hear your thoughts. I am 40 thread veins on sides of nose & slight on cheeks only. Thank you.

    1. Are you having the collagen to get rid of the thread veins? NO.
      The only way to get rid of thread veins is with veinwave treatment. Dr Newman is the man.
      Nothing else works.

    2. collagen boost facials instead of the microdermabration treatments I was getting - (Think my skin is too fine for them) but it was suggested that this treatment would be good for overall skin concerns & it would def help my broken capilleries.

    3. They won't do anything for your capillaries. Sorry. You need veinwave treatment.

  31. Hi, Can you recommend a serum for Am and PM for me. Am 35 with an oily T-zone and dehydrated cheeks, also get spots along the jaw line. I am currently using Alpha H liquid gold serum (alternating with Liquid gold) but it is too sticky for day time. I like it but when it runs out I would rather purchase a serum I can use both under make-up and at night-time. Many thanks

    1. HYDRALURON!Broken record time - but you sound similar to me. Give it a go.

  32. I'd love to know what you think of the ingredients in two products the first is my anti oxidant serum - Mag C serum ingredients
    Aqua (Water), Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MagC®), Leucocyte Extract, Glycerin, Urea, Myristoyl Hexapeptide-4 (PROLIFERSYN®), Hydroxyethylcellulose, Quaternium-15, Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Triethanolamine
    and the second is my cleanser -Nubo cleansing cream ingredients
    Aqua (Water), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Cetearyl Ethylhaxanoate, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Glyceryl Dibehenate, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil, Dimethicone, Gryceryl Stearate, PEG-75 Stearate, Methylsilanol Mannuronate, Phenoxyethanol, Tribehenin, Glyceryl Behenate, Ceteth 20, Steareth 20, Xanthan Gum, Benzyl Alcohol, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Parfum (Fragrance), Citronellol, Geraniol, Limonene, Acetyl Tetrapeptide, Tocopherol, Coco-Glucoside, Disodium EDTA, Ethylhexylglycerin, Dehydroacetic Acid, Sorbic Acid. Transitional Skin Care
    No idea what it all means! Any good do you think? Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    1. Hi Anon,

      Pretty standard both of them. Nothing horrific. Nothing organic. Nicely in the middle. If you aren't worried about parabens then stick with it.

  33. Hi Caroline. Thanks to a few product changes and investing in some flannels I am pretty happy with most of my oilyish skin. The main concerns for me now are acne scars and spots.

    Products I use:

    Alpha H Balancing cleanser.
    La Roche Posay Effeclar M mattifying moisturiser
    LRP Anthelios Extreme Face Fluid SPF30.

    Origins cleansing oil
    Alpha H Balancing cleanser (with a flannel)
    Origins United State Balancing Toner
    Liz Earle Skin Repair Light moisturiser.

    I use Liquid Gold twice a week and the Origins drink up intensive mask when I need it (I LOVE this!).

    I get two or three whiteheaded spots around the time of the month, mostly on the right hand side of my chin/jawline. Are these just a fact of life? I'm 23 now, I never used to have an issue with them when I was a teenager.

    These spots leave pretty big scars. I don't pick them, promise! But they always seem to leave scars. What can I do to get rid of these? I was thinking about investing in a clarisonic, but I know you don't approve so I am reluctant!

    Thanks for opening up your clinic, it's appreciated by so many people!!

    1. No Clarisonic.

      And if they come to a head - pick them. Properly. See my cheat sheet. OR - when you use your flannel it may burst them.
      If it does, apply your toner over them as normal (even if bleeding) and put Hydraluron on top underneath your moisturiser.

      Try it!

  34. Hi! I am 20 years old and my skin has been bothering me lately - I had oily skin and was mildly spotty when I was a bit younger but this year my skin has been really weird and flaky. The majority of my skin is ok but across my nose I have quite large blackheads that I can't seem to shift. It also gets really flaky - I thought my skin was becoming more dry but as the day goes on I still have some oiliness.
    The corners of my nose are also almost permanently chapped and bright red - I often have a runny nose as colds and allergies seem to take turns attacking me like a tag team! I always moisturise with something heavy - at the moment I'm using Avene's Skin Recovery Cream but the skin never seems to fully heal and I've noticed some milia around the outer edges of my nostrils!

    I'd really appreciate it if you could recommend me some products to help with the dryness on and around my nose as its driving me mad and it seems that my makeup wont sit right and goes very patchy throughout the day! I am thinking something along the lines of Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask but I'm hesitant as anything else I've bought just wont work, its like my skin wont hold the moisturiser! Could my skin be dehydrated? I don't have the best diet but I drink lots of water so it's never really entered my head that my skin could be dehydrated...
    I'd really appreciate any advice Caroline! thanks for doing these clinics :) x Serena

    1. You sound extremely dehydrated Serena.

      Buy Hydraluron that I just reviewed. Use it twice a day all over the area - (you don't need too much - thin layer)use it under your moisturiser.

      Also - if you are prone to allergies you may have a high histamine problem causing inflammation too. Take an anti-histamine every day. Take fish oil as previously recommended in all comments above to calm the inflammation.

      And as little sugar as possible!!!

    2. Ok have taken all on board, thanks Caroline! In the meantime do you have any recommendations for a product to get rid of the blackheads and clogged pores? I bought Liquid Gold and have used it twice (though avoiding any chapped skin) and I didn't notice much difference, if I persevere will this help with blackheads?

    3. Yes persevere 2 x week. And get a good clay mask for use 2 x week also.

  35. Does rosehip oil have a purging period? I started using it a few weeks ago (the only new thing I started) and oh dear Lord the breakouts!

    1. Yes. I can't use it for that reason!

    2. Thank you! I've stopped using it and my skin is better already.

    3. So u don't recommend it? Even the pai one?

    4. Not if you are acne prone no.

  36. hey Caroline! a quick one: which masks would you suggest for an acne-prone, oily skin?

    also, supplements: I've been taking 6000mg of fish oil and a capsule of vitamin b12 a day for the last two months, but I still get cystic spots. I've been following your routine of balm cleanser (eh), alpha h lg every other day, darphin purifying balm on spots, no dairy and no alcohol and while my skin's texture has improved remarkably (for which I cannot thank you enough), I still get the annoying cystic spots. Should I supplement more?

    You are a life saver!

    1. Also, I forgot to say that I'm 25 and I'm taking 1000mg of b12 (just checked).

      Most importantly, where are my manners? I have to thank you on behalf of Mum, who's been successfully converted to the Caroline Hirons Skincare Routine (you should definitely write a book) - let me just tell you that until a couple of months ago she was washing her face with just water (argh, I know). So, thank you on behalf of my beautiful, wrinkle-free Italian Mum or, as she says, "grazie Carolina"!

    2. Ciao Mama! LOL

      Hi Vera,

      I would drop the B12 - B vitamins have been linked with acne. I take my B12 as a liquid spray. Seems to have helped?

      Clay masks - loads on the market - as long as the main ingredient or second ingredient is a clay - Clarins/Alpha-H/Decleor - all make good ones.
      If they don't come to a head and scar definitely try the Hydraluron I reviewed this week. Good for acne and scarring.

      Keep me posted!

  37. Hi Caroline

    Basics: 29 years old, Fair & sensitive skin, London, Average/ Average+ budget

    Forehead = Oily but flaky, acne free
    Nose = oily, blackhead prone
    Cheeks = normal
    Chin = Acne prone, skin is always red and sensitive, current cleanser has dramatically reduced breakouts but skin still permanently red and have the odd large painful spot
    Neck (sides under jawline) = acne prone

    Current Routine:
    Morning: Ren No1 purity balm, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser, Bare Minerals Powder
    Night: Ren No1 Purity Balm, Avene Ystheal + Eye Cream

    Would love a routine recommendation for AM and PM that will help...
    1. Reduce breakouts
    2. Reduce chin redness
    3. Prevent aging and make skin look more healthy and less sallow

    I have lost my way a bit with my routine and just don’t know what products to use and when / how and tired of wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work (including dermatologists!!)

    Thank you so so much

    1. Ye GODS.

      Clinique Moisturiser and Bare Minerals powder. That needs to change.Bare Minerals contains Bismuth Oxychloride which can cause reactions and block pores. And DDM by Clinique is fairly generic - its not targeted for your complaints.
      No toner - that needs to change.
      You can stick with Ren cleanser - try and find Environ AVST toner.
      Hydraluron that I reviewed this week.
      And maybe REN clearcalm moisturiser?

      Start there - and come back to me!

    2. I agree with Caroline, for years I used bare minerals and got all this junk in my pores, it was like shiny, pearly sebum yuck. I use Chanel vitalumiere aqua now and love it.

    3. oh no, I just bought MAC mineralize loose powder thinking it was good for your skin, but recently found myself getting the pearly sebum junk like the last comment. Could it be the bismuth? Was going to get the new UNE mineral powder, but it says MAY contain Bismuth Oxychloride. Should I stay clear?

    4. It does contain it - its in the ingredients.

  38. Hi Caroline, whenever I have an infection (UTI and once a kidney infection) I get urticaria (hives) and (viral) rashes. My face suffers the most: at first it is very much like rosacea: RED RED RED and insanely hot, the rest of the week it is extremely irritated and dry as a desert.
    I go into damage control: wash my face only once a day with oil, a acidic toner, followed by avene cicalfate.
    Is there anything else I could use when my face is so angry? I live in Belgium so pharmacy brands are widely available. Thank you for your time!
    - Margot

    1. Hi Margot,

      OW! Poor you. :(

      Your system - like the other reader above - is highly histamined. I'm sure you already do but I would take an anti-histamine every day.
      And SHEDLOADS of fish oils to calm your system. No red meat, alcohol, sugar, minimal dairy.
      Can you get Hydraluron over there? It has really calmed my face down.
      And Darphin Intral Range is BRILLIANT. Especially the toner.

  39. Hi caroline, you have helped me so much with my cleansing routine I have started using EH which i find is fantastic & excellent to use for double cleansing but in my quest to find the perfect cleanser i have so many unused balm cleansers which I also love but find some of them a bit thick to double cleanse with. I will be able to use them all esp over the winter. I have tried using the dermalogica pre cleanse with them as a first cleans but not really enjoying using this can you recomend an alternative? Someone had recomended the origns oil clenser? I have no idea which ones are mineral free so would love to hear your recomendations for a first cleanse before the much thicker balm cleansers (like oskia) Thanks so much for taking the time to do your clinics. I love them.

    1. No need to buy another one if you have Emma Hardie and all of those. Use Emma as the first cleanse and then a tiny bit of the others to second cleanse. Save your money honey!

  40. Hi Caroline! Hope I can submit this in time! I have been using liz Earle c&p but found my skin was getting dry and spotty so stopped that. I have pretty much worked out using your cheat sheet that I have dehydrated skin, it's dry in areas with few blemishes around my chin and jawline. After reading your blog I have bought and used a REN starter kit for 'normal' skin. Is this the right one for me? Rosa cleansing gel, vitamin e day cram and frankincense night cream. I am using clinique take the day off balm on an evening to do my first cleanse, however I am finding my skin is still a little dehydrated and I have a few blemishes on my neck :( I am also using the decleor tonyfying toner. Any advice as to which product/products I should add or remove to combat the dehydration and blemishes would be fab! Love love love your blog! Also interested in a good oil for an evening :)
    Thanks so much caroline!
    Melissa xx

    1. Ps. I'm 29....30 next month x

    2. I'm not huge on gels - especially if you're dry/dehydrated.
      Try Emma Hardie Cleanser (I know I sound like a broken record)- fairly innocuous and non-clogging.
      Definitely try Hydraluron for the dehydration! It also helps with the spots.
      Oil - SO many good ones - stick with Decleor for a no-brainer though.

    3. Thank you so much, so what other cleanser would you suggest i use alongside EH for a double cleanse on an evening? Also a good moisturiser? And is there Any need for a different moisturiser for day and eve? Or would you suggest just using hydraluron and a decleor oil in the evening?
      Thanks so much

    4. Oh sorry, also, do you mean the decleor balm or the oil serum ones? Also would the Ren clay mask be too drying for me?

      Thank you so much!

    5. Ren is fine if you don't overdo - Decleor - I love the balms AND the oils. Go for an oil first, then a balm x

    6. Thanks so much :) And just one more thing...... I want to be fully armed before I walk into those terrifying skincare departments...Can you suggest .. another daily cleanser instead of the REN rosa gel wash to use alongside EH or do I just need EH and use it twice when I double cleanse?
      Thanks so much and sorry to be such a pain, I need step by step instructions! Xx

    7. REN ClearCalm clay cleanser is my morning go to when I'm flaring up.

    8. Thank you! I ended up getting the SUPER perricone Sweet Clean so I hope that's okay. I got the hydraluron too! Got a sample of decleor neroli oil.
      Just need a moisturiser now!

      Melissa xx

  41. Hi Caroline!
    Please can you recommend me a really good/strong clay-y detox-y type mask (20, oily/combo skin)
    Not too expensive but willing to spend a little bit, feel like my skin needs it so bad,
    Cheers lovely! :)

    1. Loads!
      Clarins, Decleor, Alpha-H, REN - all good prices. All good clay! :)

    2. Oh, just checked back as you replied!

      Thanks so much!
      Probably going to try the Decleor Clay & herbal cleansing mask first - or REN :) Love REN!
      I was looking at the elemental herbology mask but it's a little too pricey at the mo, and just noticed has some odd sounding ingredients at the top of the list. Also discovered a mask from living nature that seems really nice ( So many to choose from ey!

  42. Hi Caroline, I was wondering if there are any cleansers or additional products you would recommend for treating acne-prone skin? I've tried the whole Kate Somerville acne line and the only product I find effective was the acne treatment lotion. I've also tried Peter Thomas Roth Acne Clearing Gel, Skinceuticals Phyto + and Murad. I will be 21 in about 3 months time and I want to clear my skin as much as possible. I have about some active pimples and the rest are just minor acne scarring. THanks!

    1. Hi Anon!

      Firstly I would say go read all of my cheat sheets over there----->

      Stop using the foaming/harsh products.
      You need fish oil! I hate to sound like a broken record - but read through the comments above - fish oil, no sugar, alcohol, red meat - good oils.

      Have a read and come back to me with further questions?

  43. Hi Caroline! Thank you for all the ways you help people with your blog. Your insight is really awesome.

    I think I have read basically all your posts at this point (so as not to waste your time in these rapid fire clinics) and I'm pretty sure I have dehydrated skin. I don't know why TYPE of skin other than that because it feels pretty dry but then I'll get oil slicks every one or two hours at the corners of my nose and the crease on my chin. I've had constant congestion on my chin since I was a teenager and get breakouts underneath each cheekbone occasionally. I think my skin is over-producing oil to compensate for the dryness but then my makeup slides off my face when I use super hydrating products. It's a horrible catch 22.

    I looked far and wide for the Emma Hardie cleansing balm but can't find anyone in the U.S. who sells it (or anyone online who sells it). I also can't find a toner with the fruit acids you suggest. Do you (1) have any suggested changes to my routine, (2) have toner suggestions, and (3) know where I can pick up that cleansing balm you swear by?

    Single cleanse with Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser
    STRIVECTIN Get Even Brightening Serum
    Mineral Fusion Intense Hydration Facial Moisturizer (I can't find a moisturizer I like)(
    Some basic Neutrogina eye cream (can't find an eye cream I like)

    Double cleanse with Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser
    AlphaHydrox 10% Glycolic Acid Lotion
    Same Mineral Fusion lotion as above
    Same eye cream as above

    Please help!

    1. Beauty Bay sells Emma Hardie - free shipping too. Can take awhile though - mine took 5 weeks to get to Australia.

    2. Yay! Thank you! Now I just need to fix the rest of my routine...

    3. Hi Emily!

      Definitely Emma Hardie Cleanser
      Environ AVST Toner.
      Hydraluron from Walgreens
      That moisturiser doesn't look bad but you live in the States and therefore have access to Kate THE GODDESS Somerville! Goat Milk all the way baby!!!

      Let me know how you get on!

  44. Hi Caroline
    THANKS for your time, it’s incredibly
    I’m 19 years old, come from Denmark, and i have acne in ”half of my face”. From my nose and up, there is nothing. My forehead is all clean. But from my nose and down it is getting bad. Acne over all! (most right side). And down my laws to my ears. It hurts. There is a lot of bumbs who is read and bumbs that you can’t see but feel!!! I have suffered from this for 2-3 years (started when i started gymnasium/high school). I don’t eat wheat flour and i don’t drink milk. I drink fish oil. My dermalogist say to me (she uses nimue on me) my skin is: very light (i’m redhead), ”unclean in senitive/”red” skin.”
    My rutine:
    Morning: Clinique gently face wash gel
    Kiehl’s blue astringent herbal lotion (skintonic)
    Moisturizer from ACNE.ORG

    Night: Clinique gently face wash gel
    kiels skintonic ^
    Moisturizer from ACNE
    AHA from + TREATMEANT from
    - mask during the week: comfort zone- hydramemory mask

    ps: i read your clinic answers before and I saw you were saying ”heal gel” to ’remove’ acne scars? But which heal gel? and can i buy it on the internet or in Denmark? What facial oils will be good for me (i love them)
    Thank u (so much)!!!!

    1. Sorry to butt in, and I swear I don't work for Beauty Bay! I ordered Heal Gel (that is the brand name) from there as well.

    2. OHMYGODDDDD!!!!!

      Clinique Face Wash and Kiehl's ASTRINGENT???? no no no no no no NO.

      I think its stress (starting school)and a natural high histamine level. Up your fish oil levels, use good oils - no foaming, no mineral oils, and if you can find it - get Hydraluron that I just reviewed - I am a little obsessed at the moment. :)
      STOP using the Kiehl's!! Its too strong and drying for you.
      Oily cleanser.
      Environ AVST toner if you can get.
      Can you get Kate Somerville in Denmark?

    3. Ohhh I am so embarrassed now :)
      I have just bought: "Nuxe- bio beatuté - soothing face oil for sensitive skin (100 natural oil)
      I will diffently try to have Hydraluron, if its possible to get it to Denmark.
      I've never heard of "Kate Somerville", so i don't think so. i've googled it and i don't think it is possible.
      thanks for answer..!!!

    4. Thank you anonymous!!

    5. Hi Caroline,
      I've done some research, and i have bought hydraluron (over ebay).
      No oily cleanser available in dk. Lancome had one, but not anymore.. what do you think i should wash my face with..
      And no Kate Somerville in denmark, it's a bad country!! :) what would you recommend from there?
      i will try.... everything.......

  45. HI there,

    Not sure if I have missed my opportunity. I have dehydrated skin with roseacea on my cheeks. Could you recommend some good skincare products for me to use? Thanks so much in advance!

    1. Also wanted to add that I have recently started using Alpha H every other night and it has definatley been helping. Again thank you for any advice you can give!

    2. Sorry to keep adding but wasn't sure if my age was relevant...I am 30.


    3. If you're dehydrated with rosacea you should definitely not be using alpha every other night?!
      Read the cheat sheets over there----->
      then go and buy
      Emma Hardie Balm Cleanser
      Darphin Intral Toner
      Ren moisturisers
      Decleor oils and balms

      Start there and let me know how you get on! :)

    4. Thank you! Can you recommend a certain Decleor oil or balm that would be good for me to use? I really appreciate your help=)

  46. Hi Caroline
    I am 36 and have been searching for the 'perfect' moisturiser since I was 12 and started getting the dreaded acne.
    My skin is very oily but also dehydrated and scarred which lots of large pores, still get lots of spots/cysts mainly on chin/cheeks, tried sample of Balance Me and Pai moisturisers but they just sit on my skin and don't absorb properly and then break me out, am currently using Olay Total effects anti blemish moisturiser but I am ready to moved on.
    I would really appreciate your help.

    1. Hi Fiona!

      OK totally understand. They sit on my skin too.

      Can I ask you to skim through the previous comments and then let me know your new questions?
      I've answered a lot of the same questions today. :)
      Have a look and let me know.

  47. Hi,

    just wanted to check with you...

    I go to the gym after work and wonder what you would suggest. I usually take my makeup off with Bioderma and probably spray a little Caudalie elixir. I do wait till I get home post workout to shower properly and wash and moiturise my face then. I have oily skin so I do not feel any 'thightness' on my skin for not moiturising when I work out like this. Am I doing it wrong? Would you suggest something else?

    Thanks so much!

    1. I think the Caudalie may be a little strong if you are hot, sweaty and already quite red. As long as you moisturise and rehydrate when you get home you should be ok - but I wouldn't use anything foaming.

  48. Oh! just saw the clinic was closed! Sorry... :(

  49. Hi Caroline, sorry I know it's closed but I asked a question last time and sent some pictures of the rings under my eyes, I'm not sure if you got them or not? Thanks

    1. Hi again, to save messing around with emails I've uploaded the photos to a yfrog location.

      Have had blood results back and they are normal.

      As I said in my email (which you may or may not have got) the rings are separate to the usual under eye darkness and I have had the right one for over a year now, left one has been coming/going for about 4 months.

      Any ideas what it is/how I can fix it (pigmentation/drainage/dehydration/supplements etc)? I really want to get it sorted it's making me very self-conscious. Thank you x

    2. I'm asking around a few experts I know. Hold tight.

  50. Skin Type: I am 22 years old, I live in Seattle, Washington-my mother was born in Dublin and my father was born in London- I have dark hair and eyes but I don’t tan very well and try to stay out of the sun. My skin is acne prone, fair and can get quite sensitive. I was on birth control but went off it about a year ago. Each morning I take a multi vitamin and about four fish oil pills. I began the routine below when my skin became very over sensitized as I switched wildly among Clinique, Murad Acne wash and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap in an effort to get rid of spots that were appearing (mainly red bumps with no heads and blackheads). I started getting a red, slightly itchy rash around my nose and it spread out and up across my face. My skin texture used to be quite smooth but it became very bumpy and looked splotchy. I started using only Cetaphil in an attempt to calm everything down but I don’t think that it will be a very successful routine long time (perhaps it isn’t even effective right now!) Could you give me any advice regarding a routine? I feel like I have to start all over with what I thought I knew about my skin-it become quite tempermental. Thank you so much for your help. I have really enjoyed reading your blog-for the helpful advice and I love the chatty tone.


    Am: Cetaphil-apply it dry and then rinse off

    Pm: Cetaphil

    Im so sorry I know the clinic is closed-Im in the U.S. so I have been trying to keep checking back but I think I missed it with the time difference. Please feel free to pass over

    1. Just another note: When Im work at I feel like an oil slick in my t-zone. I am worried that my rash could be rosacea because i am so fair? I feel warm sometimes if I get very very anxious but its pretty rare. My main issues are spots, sensitivity and this t-zone oilness. Thank you so much Caroline. I hope I provided enough information!

    2. just got back from the doctor...looks like its peri nasal dermatitis. not sure if that helps at all!

    3. Hi L,

      Are you ONLY using Cetaphil? No moisturiser etc? I think you need to treat the dermatitis (quite common - it will go away) and like you say - start fresh.

      I think your skin is furious with you and is trying to tell you what it needs. IF you are only using Cetaphil then your skin is getting no nourishment whatsoever - and the raised red lumps are shouting at you as a warning - not as acne.
      The fact that you become an oil slick at work is because your skin is over-compensating for the lack of oil you are putting on it.
      I know you are in the US so I'll try and tailor make your products - it may be hard though! :)
      CLeanser - try Clinique take the Day Off BALM. Warning: if you can, order it online - if you go to a Clinique counter they will try and sell you everything and tell you its not the right product for you and try and sell you 3 step - which would CRUCIFY your skin. If you go to a counter - just be strong. :)
      Toner - Darphin Intral.
      Serums/Moisturisers - try Hydraluron - Walgreens
      Moisturiser try Kate Somerville Goat Milk - you live in the US - you can get it!!! :)

      Keep me posted.

      OH - and - apply your medication cream first on the dermatitis after cleansing and before everything else.

  51. Oh Caroline, forgive me for asking after closed but pls just tell me if it's ok to leave p50v on without a moisturizer and if not is Kate Somerville goat milk ok to use on top after how many minutes after the p50v. My skin is acne prone, but clear rt now thanks to ur recommendations and a little dehydrated. So appreciative of ur work! Jen. Am 32.

    1. You leave the P50 on but you need a moisturiser. And yes Somerville is perfect and yes straight away - no need to wait.

  52. I know I'm really late but I've been coming to your blog every day hoping for the clinic to be open, and the one evening I was busy it was open!
    I'd appreciate it if you could help me out.

    Currently my routine is:

    EH cleanse
    Liz Earle skin tonic
    Heal Gel
    Caudalie SOS Serum
    Laura Mercier Primer
    foundation etc

    Double cleanse with EH
    Heal gel
    Triology Rosehip seed oil

    And I've just started to take Lambert Fish oil supplements 2/3 times a day.

    I have the following questions(it's a bit of a long list which has accumilated over a very long period of time!):

    1) I get congested pores, is there anything else I should be doing to prevent or lessen them?

    2) What can I do do improve my routine?

    3) Do I need to change my cleanser every so often or is that a myth? If I do need to, what cleanser could I opt for? (I have prone to break out skin and my skin goes through phases of dry and oily) (oh and I also like the consistantcy of EH, so anything similar to that would be great)

    4) I also would like something which would help reduce my scars and also help pitted scars

    As I've said before, I'd be ever so grateful if you could help. I've suffered with breakouts since I was 15 and they come and go and your blog has helped so much and shed light on so many things!

    1. Hi Anon,

      You don't use a moisturiser? Ever? Sort that out.
      Congested pores - using a moisturiser and a good clay mask will help.

      Emma Hardie is fine for prolonged use - I do tend to use a lighter option in the mornings as its only a quick cleanse - but its not a must-do.
      Heal gel and Hydraluron will help with scarring - if they are pitted and old though -very little will help product-wise.

  53. Hi Caroline.
    I've been waiting weeks to get my question in on time and I apologise for being late! You've really inspired me to improve my skin care routine and I'm already seeing the benefits. I'm now using flannels, binned everything with mineral oils in and taking veggie omega-3 [fish are friends!] I'd like to step up a price band from high street products to premium and Neals yard remedies have caught my eye but I have no idea where to start!

    Me: I'm 25,
    Combo skin, Oily t-zone
    I don't dare say it after your fri 13th post but... visible pores (lol sorry). I went for a steam and extraction for my nose, but my beautician said there was nothing much to extract, they're just light raised bumps/pimples. Its only ever smooth to touch after a clay mask and then they feel clogged with sebum a few days later. Tho as you said, it could just be me over obsessing....
    Dehydrated/tight feeling and sometimes dry/eczema like patches on my cheeks [Combo-skin products make this worse, tho flair ups are probs stress related]
    Odd spots now and then, not congested but not clear skin either!

    Currently using:
    Lush - angels on bare skin cleanser, [has reduced redness, but messy]
    boots essentials toner, [cheap, does the job?]
    Simple clear skin oil balancing moisturiser [t-zone]
    Simple Kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser [cheeks]
    Dr organic pomegranate eye cream.
    Soap and glory - 'scrub your nose in it' twice a week.
    No7 purifying Sauna Mask, now and then
    Lush Ultra balm or figs and rouge for dry patches and eczema [horrified that Doctor has been prescribing products with mineral oils/ liquid paraffin and using them on my body and face since I was a kid!]
    My routine is same am and pm.

    Could you recommend a cleanser [1st & 2nd] and a moisturiser [am/pm]?
    Must toner be applied with cotton wool and swished around, or is it ok to to pat it on with my hands?
    What other less expensive toners are good?
    Is it normal to need to use 2 different moisturisers?
    Should i be using a serum/face oil, when and how often?
    Any other advice that could help me on my quest for flawless skin?

    A thousand thankyous in advance!


    1. Hi Krishna,

      So you basically buy everything bar the Lush in Boots? :)Good to step away occasionally as you suggest.

      I have regular products that I always recommend - Emma Hardie cleansing balm, P50v or P50w at the toning stage (its not a toner - its used at that stage.
      Try the Hydraluron and REN for moisturisers. REN make starter packs - very helpful.
      Keep me posted.

  54. Hi Caroline,
    I'm sorry for being late, but I just really need to ask your suggestions.
    I'm turning 19 this September, and I have huge dark circles around my eyes. I've tried everything: I always have good amount of sleep everyday (never less than 6 hours! I even sleep for 10 hours during holiday LOL), I stop drinking coffee, I don't smoke, I don't drink, my eating habit is good, I avoid soda and junk foods, I use Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream and L'oreal Revitalift Dermalift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream (alternating both of them) day and night generously, and I never skip sunscreen. But these dark circles still hanging around my eyes! What do I do wrong?

    Thank you! You're amazing xx

    PS. Sorry for my awful English. It isn't my first language :)

    1. Hi Anon,

      You're not doing anything wrong - they are probably genetic. You just need a good concealer. Sorry!

  55. I know I'm late but was waiting all day to post on the clinic but then got distracted by the Olympics!! Anyway I hope you will respond and thankyou in advance.

    I have followed your blog and advice for a while now and my old moisturiser has run out so I was planning on getting Kate Somerville Oil free but can't find it anywhere!! SpaceNK seem to have stopped selling her products. Can you recommend another stockist or online seller? Failing that a suitable alternative please.

    Many thanks Guru!

    Karen xx

    1. I would love to know the answer to this also. Can't find Kate Somerville available in the UK at all. Is there a good alternative moisturiser for 39-year-old combination senstive skin?

    2. Hi Ladies,

      The Kate Somerville range IS excellent - but yes - its no longer available in the UK.
      A substitution for the Oil Free would be REN or Elemental herbology - but they won't be as hi-tech (anti-ageing)unfortunately.
      Goat Milk - Darphin Intral range is your best bet. I'm harassing them weekly to come back!

  56. Oops a few things I forgot! I feel quite oily in my t zone, especially at the end of the work day but my skin is still quite sensitive. Winning combination... this rash made me a bit worried about rosacea, I am the type to obsess over every skin condition and assign them all to myself. I get warm and flushed in a hot room sometimes and sometimes when I am VERY upset (and thinking about rosacea) then I can feel my face get warm, almost like I brought it on. I guess the main problems I have are spots, sensitivity and oil. I hope this isnt too much information-Thank you so much Caroline this is seriously appreciated!

  57. Hi Caroline

    Sorry I'm late with my post. My routine at this moment is
    Decleor purete mattifying fluid or moisture nectar through the day, the aromassence (or something like that) night cream, sometimes the rose d'orient oil, LG, Cetaphil and/or Emma Hardie to cleanse and the Decleor 2 in 1 purifying mask additionally.

    The skin on my forhead is really clear, nothing bad about it. But on my jawline and cheeks I still get a lot of whiteheads aaand even worse on my chin and cheeks every some days really hurtfull bumps below my skin. Tried Benzac 5% which helps a little by drying them out, but still hurtfull, still new bumps and everything! :((((

    BTW: Thanks a lot for your blog! Really already helped me imroving my skin and bad skin is just making your life full of depression, not wanting to leave the house and so many bad feelings.... really looking forward to end this! Anyway, loosing the topic, basically just want to say THANK YOU:)

    Any recommendation how I can get my skin to be reeeally clear there, too?

    Thank you very much and loads of love,

    1. HI,

      There's no point trying to dry out red bumps - like you said, they are under the skin - unless you can see a whitehead or something to 'pop' you're just drying out your skin - not the spots.
      You don't mention supplementation. The areas where you are having the problems relate to your intestinal system and reproductive system. If its hormonal and inflammation - the omegas will help.

  58. Caroline,
    VERY SORRY for the late post, thought I would be cheeky and see if you would mind answering a short question? Well here it is: do you think moisturisers in pots/jars are unhygenic and best avoided? Or is this just a myth?
    Thank you very much!

    1. Sorry one more thing, I get very dry flakey skin only on my eyelids, could you recommend an eye cresm to stop this?
      Many thanks
      Daisy X

    2. ProductObsessed9 August 2012 at 19:09

      Hiya, hope you don't mind me putting my tuppence worth in? I'm sure Caroline will correct as necessary anyway :-) All the moisturisers I use (and the vast majority over the decades) are in jars and I never dip my fingers in the jar. I use Decleor and they always supply little spatulas and it's just a habit that has become second nature. If you don't have any little spatulas then use a cotton bud to take out the required amount of moisturiser. I totally understand the question and I think that doing this really helps to keep my creams fresher for longer. Also always make sure your hands are clean (should do this anyway otherwise you could be transferring bacteria to your skin). HTH and looking forward to Caroline's reply too :)

    3. ProductObsessed you're a saint. :)

      I use products in pumps and products in pots. I never use spatulas - but crucially I never share products and my hands are always shower fresh.

      My rule of thumb is if something is intensely anti-ageing/full of antioxidants/lots of ingredients - I want it in an airless pump. That's why you'll find serums in pumps.
      For moisturiser I'm not that fussy.
      I don't mind a pot.

      And re your eye cream request - that sounds like stress eczema - not just 'dry skin'. Fish oil and non-mineral oil balms in the evenings - not TOO MUCH though. You'll go puffy. And absolutely NO MINERAL OIL. If it doesn't improve you may need a doc visit for some hydracortisone - but only in the extreme.

    4. Thanks both for your help!

      I've been using figs&rouge 100% organic balm in the evenings and still have dry lids so I'll see how it goes otherwise will see the doc! And I also just started taking lamberts 1100g fish oil.


    5. How much fish oil? I take up to 9 of those a day. Before food 3x each meal. Otherwise you burp fish! Gross!!!!

    6. ProductObsessed9 August 2012 at 23:49

      Thanks Caroline, I'll take saintly over needing to get a life! LOL! I also don't share products (to the dismay of a few people I know!). ITA about the airless pump requirement for highly active products.

      Daisy, you're welcome - glad you didn't mind me sticking my oar in! Hope you get some relief with your eye lids :)

    7. I've been taking 2 fish oils a day, 1 with breakfast and 1 with dinner. I've read on the Internet taking too many can thin your blood and it's not good for you... So I get scared to take more


    8. Hi Daisy, The internet can be a very dangerous thing. :)
      I have not seen any evidence or experienced any negative side effects from taking high quantities of fish oils. Don't be scared. If you have a particular blood disorder then yes speak to your doctor always - but for 'normal' blood? Not a problem.
      I have thalassaemia trait - a blood disorder - and I take up to 9900 mg a day (when my skin is flaring up).
      Omegas are the best thing for stopping inflammation - that much IS proven.


  59. Hello Caroline. Thanks for answering this for me. My question is this...ever since you discussed omega-3 supplements I have been taking Dr Perricone Omega-3...and lots of it. Like 4000mg per day (although I know you have suggested more to those with Acne). I feel that it has made a huge difference to the tone and texture of my skin and helped reduce my spots. But then I read GetLippies blog (I think) about Krill Oil...which I then bought and started taking instead of the Dr P. But I have had a few spots...So I'm not convinced. I am tempted to go back to the Dr P. have you tried the Krill Oil? Should I give it more time? It's only been a couple of weeks. Plus the Krill Oil smells like a pet shop :)

    1. I have to take the fish oil because I am allergic to shellfish - which is what Krill oil is. If you have spots, go back to Dr P. Always listen to your skin! x

  60. Dear Caroline,

    Thank you so much for creating the clinic and answering all our questions.

    I am looking for a new moisturiser as the ones I am using at the moment are not working (La RochePosay Effaclar K in the morning is not hydrating enough and is not clearing up spots. In the evening I use Living Nature night gel which doesn't seem to do much and has shea butter in it.) I am wary of overly-oily products as in the past oily things have given me whiteheads and cystic bumps though my skin has looked more radiant(Boots botanics cleansing balm, Neal's Yard wild rose balm, jojoba oil used in the oil cleansing method and later as a moisturiser). Foaming cleansers and products with a lot of essential oils make my skin irritated and red.

    At the moment my T-zone is oily and spotty and I also have some cystic bumps on my cheeks. I have recently started taking Erythromycin twice a day as it worked for me 8 years ago (I am now 24) and I was getting desperate. I also take 3000mg omega oil capsules a day. I started using the Ren ClearCalm cleanser yesterday and have used Liquid Gold for 2 weeks which has made a difference already - my skin is looking clearer. I am going to Paris tomorrow and thinking of getting the P50V. What do you think?

    I would be very grateful if you could recommend me a moisturiser based on the above.

    Thank you very much for all your help!


    1. GET THE P50v. If you're still there.
      Shea butter will make your spots worse. You can up the ante on the fish oils - my minimum is 3 a day - when its playing up I take anything up to 9 - and mine are 1100mg each.
      Try the REN ClearCalm moisturiser if you got on with the cleanser - or the sensitive one - try both first on the skin and see if you feel any irritation for about 10 minutes. Counters/stores shouldn't mind. Try middle of the cheek.

  61. Hi Caroline, Just wondering why you have switched from recommending P50 toner to environ toner? Is the environ one better? Have just bought p50v and so far LOVE it. thanks

    1. I use the Environ on days I'm giving my skin a rest from P50. milder but still acidic.

  62. I would love to know why, jen

  63. Hi Caroline,

    I know the clinic is closed, but I don't know when the next one will be so I figured it wouldn't hurt to write here since I'm having some issues with my skin. I'm 20 years old, live in Canada and have combination/oily skin (with A LOT of oil in the t-zone) that is slightly dehydrated with fairly large pores on my cheeks around my nose. I'm not acne or zit prone, however I do get bumps on my forehead and jaw line. I was wondering if you could approve my skin regimen and possibly give me some advice.

    My current regimen:

    Cleanse with REN clearcalm clarifying clay cleanser
    Tone with Thayers rose petal witch hazel
    Moisturize with La Roche Posay Anthelios 45

    Remove make-up with bioderma
    Cleanse with REN cleansing balm then REN clay cleanser
    Same toner
    Moisturize with Shea Butter

    I also have the REN glyclactic mask, but I haven't used it yet.

    Hopefully you can answer this. Thank you so much for your help!

  64. Hi Caroline,
    wondered what your thoughts were on Natura Bisse as I remembered you used to work in Space NK? Wondering whether to splash out on their Diamond Extreme eye cream as have read some good reviews. Not bothered about stuff being natural. I am 43 with good skin, esp since I started taking fish oils about 3 months on your advice but I have puffy undereyes and am prepared to spend a lot if it helps. At the moment I am using Algenist firming eye gel which is nearly finished. I don't know if I need something more moistursing than a gel but a bit wary of using anything too rich which may make eyes more puffy??

  65. Hey Caroline,
    You just responded to my questions, this was your response:
    Hirons15 August 2012 11:52
    Hi Anon,

    You don't use a moisturiser? Ever? Sort that out.
    Congested pores - using a moisturiser and a good clay mask will help.

    Emma Hardie is fine for prolonged use - I do tend to use a lighter option in the mornings as its only a quick cleanse - but its not a must-do.
    Heal gel and Hydraluron will help with scarring - if they are pitted and old though -very little will help product-wise."

    (Apologies for pasting it, I couldn't "Reply" to your message!)

    What moisturiser would you recommend? I do have a oily t-zone. I don't think my skin gets on very well with anything with Shea butter in it either.
    and what mask?