Friday, 26 October 2012

Also this: A call to arms - TONERS

Whilst I remember and have time to collate the info while Mum makes me tea, can you please let me know your favourite toners in the comments below?

I'm updating my post on toners and I don't want to leave any out.

And please don't bother worry about leaving me any 'You know you don't need toners don't you?' comments. 

I love toner.

'These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along.'


WOW! You ladies really like your toners! Not gonna lie - it warms my heart a little. :)

Also this:

I'm popping up to see Mama Mouth tonight armed with two small children and a car full of beauty products to trial. I'm leaving Mr Hirons and the boys (men) behind. (If anyone walks past my house in the next few days kindly throw a cleaner through the door.)

I'm planning on finishing the Clinic Q's, replying to all of your lovely comments and Instagramming myself you to death.

I'll be announcing some lovely major news and making a call to beauty bloggers next week too so keep your eyes out for that.

Happy Half Term! Or if you are a tube traveller in London 'Happy 'Get a Seat' Week'.

P50 and a lack of oomph

So I knew my readers were on the ball - little did I realise just how much.

I bought a new bottle of P50 recently and being rather busy and basically a beat behind everyone else, whilst I thought it odd that I didn't get any sting on application, last night I remembered the smell.

If you've ever used the original P50 you'll know what I'm talking about. It smells. I personally love it - others didn't.

Whatever - it no longer smells. Meaning the formulation has changed. Which is no doubt why I no longer sting on application.

Le Grand Sigh.

WHY do brands faff with greatness? I don't know why or when (but I suspect the EU as per usual had something to do with it - interfering bastards) but the son of the original founders the Alloche's is over here next week. And I'm away. 

Le Grand Sigh.

So as I can't meet him this time I've asked the PR to give me the full spiel - which is no doubt more attractive to him than a 43 year old woman throwing herself around his ankles and screeching 'WHY???? WHY???'

Will keep you posted. *weeps gently*

P.S. - I know there are retailers that still sell the original in the US and abroad but I'm not linking to them until I know if the old version is available in the US (books flight) - or if they are simply selling excess OLD stock.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Clinic Lessons this week. The Recap.

I sometimes wonder after I've posted a Clinic if readers who just glance occasionally or have no use for the Clinic wonder why I disappear for a while. 
I'm still here - I'm just down there on the post below answering questions - have a look for yourself. On that note - every Clinic there are things that either arise as a concern or issues that are repeated by a few readers. Welcome to the Clinic recap. And a mini rant at the end.
  • Liquid Gold is not a toner peeps. It's about as high a strength glycolic as you can get without a prescription. Once/ twice a week is fine. Calm down. Before your face falls off.
  • You need to make sure you are getting enough hydration as well as oil in your products as the weather changes. Light Summer lotions need to be shelved to make way for slightly more hydrating and nourishing products.
  • Please stop using foaming anything cleanser-wise. You want surfactants on your dishes, not your face.
  • Bioderma is not a cleanser to be used every single day forever - ultimately its a makeup remover. It's certainly not up there as a product I would recommend for your AM cleanse. I know the hype is out there. But even though it says it is soap free, neutral PH etc - if you don't get some nourishment onto your skin it will show in the end. Even at the cleanser stage. Same goes for all micellar waters - but this one is having it's moment.
  • Clarisonic - don't go mad. Don't. That is all.
  • If a product is 'famous' or on every 'Beauty Must-Have' list in a magazine it doesn't mean it will be right for you. And if it's not right for you it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you. It just doesn't work for you. This is as true for Cleanse & Polish as it is for Advanced Night Repair. Neither of which do jack for me, or a lot of people on here. You are not alone!
There may be more as I'm still working my way through the Clinic - but this will get us going..

And finally, Victoria Beckham posted this tweet last week:

'Travel tip,after regimen put a layer of baby oil over face.Protects skin on plane, locks in moisture.'

I'm not even sure where to begin with this one so I'll just leave it at this: 

What a load of utter bollocks. Don't use it on your face. Don't use it full stop. And don't ever, ever, use it on your poor baby.

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Clinic is open. THE CLINIC IS CLOSED!!! SORRY!

I know I haven't done a Clinic in a while - but they are incredibly time consuming as I'm sure you can imagine and I have just been a little crazy with work. I also hate to keep you waiting for your answers!

However, I've had so many requests recently that I'm doing the Clinic with the understanding that I may not be able to get back to you immediately - BEAR WITH! :)

If you have asked me questions/given me your details previously please repeat them in the comments if you have further queries - I receive too many to remember every individual routine - sorry!

Go for it.


Monday, 8 October 2012

A few weeks in the life of ....Instagram August and September!

 Bloody hell.

I thought it was just September I missed out. No. Weeks and weeks. Hopefully work will steady out a little (Who am I kidding? Really?) and I can get back to some Clinics and reviews asap!

I am in the last throws of planning a Live Winter Clinic so will have details of that soon. In the meantime... some titbits from the last couple of months...

Westminster Cathedral. Pretty breathtaking.

Harvey Nichols chips. Also breathtaking - for other reasons.

Zelens, La Prairie, Caudalie, Hydraluron and Ms Somerville.


A nice working kit!

Puma in Carnaby St gets a couple of extra window dummies.

Broadwick St mural

Carluccio's. *weeps*

Me in a terrifying face mask. You're welcome.

Cleanser I can never remember the name of from pharmacy in Paris, La P, Sjal, Zelens, Hydraluron, Ms Somerville and Caudalie

One of my favourite places

One of my favourite pictures ever - source unknown

Beautiful packaging

A hotel bathroom after my own heart.

Saw at Thorpe Park - or as I called it: CHRIST ON A BIKE

Stealth. Lest said the better.

Me with long legs thanks to a very low sun!

Suti, Zelens, Sjal, La Prairie, Hydraluron and SkinCeuticals SAVED my face after Thorpe Park.
Damien Hirst putting me off my lunch.

Eysilix launch. Not me - for the record.

Trialling this.

Beautiful newness from Balance Me.

And possibly one of my most favourite pictures EVER of my Babygirl - she's perfectly sane. No really.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Candle of the Week - Diptyque Vetyver

When looking for this week's candle it did occur to me that I should possibly re-name this 'Diptyque Candle of the Week' such is the ridiculous amount dotted around the house.  

This particular Vetyver also contains Juniper and Cedarwood and is woody and green - and perfect for these crisp, glorious autumnal days.

Friday, 5 October 2012

James Bond Day and all things Gold.

Safe to say I'm a bit of a Bond nut. As in: obsessive. As in: Mastermind subject material. Months ago I was invited to the launch at the amazing Bond Exhibition in the Barbican. And then life got in the way and suddenly its October.

Still, everything happens for a reason and today is officially James Bond Day - and 50 years since the release of Dr No (not my favourite film).

Since the original fragrance sold out in Harrods - this new Gold version has been released just in time to celebrate all things Bond.

In all fairness, I like the smell - its not cheap (to me) smelling and certainly holds its own in its category. I can't say any further as it was stolen taken by son no.2 as soon as it arrived in the house. He smells nice. What can I tell you?

Its at Harrods at the moment and Nationwide from November 1st. Il est parfait pour Noel!!!!

Whilst we're waiting for Skyfall at the end of this month - here is a reminder of the greatness of the best Bond ever.

007 fragrance can be found here.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Breasts, October, all things Pink and a slightly uneasy feeling.

Let me say this from the off: I wholeheartedly support anything to do with funding research into cancer, helping cancer sufferers, helping cancer survivors.
Regular readers of this blog will know that I have been touched all too closely by cancer in recent years.

Cancer is a bastard. Make no mistake. I did the half marathon Moonwalk in May with my best friend Tracy who is a breast cancer survivor. Nothing else would make me walk 13 miles with my boobs out. Except maybe the odd long-haired-tattooed guitarist - but I digress.
The joy of doing that kind of event with someone you have a bond of 30+ years with is the dark humour that not only makes you laugh, but gets you through it. At one point in the middle of the night I turned to her and said 'It's just as well that cancer didn't kill you because this bastard walk is going to finish us both off.' 
(Next year I'm sending a cheque.)

So October rolls around and the world of beauty turns pink. Monuments are pink for the month and we are inundated by brands selling a vast array of 'Pink' products claiming to give a percentage of the profits to breast cancer research funding.

Well I'm not going for the blanket approach anymore. It's too much. I hate to be sceptical but if you can't name the value of your donation then I'm not promoting it. Or buying into it. The work I did in recent years with All for Eve and The Eve Appeal  (let us not forget the vajays) has proven to me that it is always possible to say how much your brand is ring-fencing as a donation per product. You simply work it into your cost price or budget for it from the moment you sell it in to retailers. Done.

What Estee Lauder have done to support breast cancer awareness and fund research for the last twenty years was and continues to be pioneering. Every year for the last 20 years Lauder has released products and named the value of the donation. Clear as day. Crystal.

So: Monday sees the lighting of the British Museum by Elizabeth Hurley on behalf of Estee Lauder. It has a special significance this year since the passing last year of Evelyn Lauder, the pioneer of the entire movement in the beauty industry. I'll be there supporting them because they put their money where their mouth is. 
By October 2011 Estee Lauder had donated $8.5 million to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. The fund itself has raised $380 million.

If you want to - you can meet Elizabeth Hurley at Selfridges in London on Monday between 1-2pm and in Manchester next Thursday 8th at the same time. She is also lighting up Selfridges Exchange in the Trafford Centre at 7.40pm that evening.

If you are a brand jumping on what you think is a pink bandwagon and simply saying 'profits from' or 'a donation from every sale' are going to breast cancer I'm sure you mean well, but I have seen too many the last few weeks for my liking. Name your price people. Our mammaries deserve better.

Alternatively, if pink is not your thing - you can send your money directly to the following:

And if you have taken leave of your senses and have no need for the full use of your feet, you can sign up for next year's Moonwalk. May the force be with you.

Most importantly, feel your boobs. Know your boobs. Don't, ever, ignore them. 

The short blonde sitting on my knee circa 1982 (?)  is still with us thanks to  breast cancer research and her penchant for feeling her boobs.