Friday, 26 October 2012

Also this:

I'm popping up to see Mama Mouth tonight armed with two small children and a car full of beauty products to trial. I'm leaving Mr Hirons and the boys (men) behind. (If anyone walks past my house in the next few days kindly throw a cleaner through the door.)

I'm planning on finishing the Clinic Q's, replying to all of your lovely comments and Instagramming myself you to death.

I'll be announcing some lovely major news and making a call to beauty bloggers next week too so keep your eyes out for that.

Happy Half Term! Or if you are a tube traveller in London 'Happy 'Get a Seat' Week'.


  1. Have fun! Mums are the best :)

  2. Have a lovely trip and hop the boys behave! Xx

  3. It's chilly up here. Hope you brought suitable attire!? Enjoy your half term break x

  4. Have a lovely time and enjoy all those hot cups of tea :D xx

  5. Thanks Ladies - we had a great time! Although I'm sure Mum will sleep for a week. ;)