Monday, 19 November 2012

Three Do's and Don'ts with Ole Henriksen

My mantra of turning to a Dr or a Facialist when thinking about buying skincare has not altered since meeting Ole Henriksen. Since opening his first Clinic in California in 1975 he has gone on to be one of the most recognisable brands in treatment-led skincare.

When he visited London recently I was fortunate enough to catch up with him for a 1 to 1- and ask him his Top 3's.

Top 3 Don'ts:
  1. Don't go to bed with your makeup on - ever. (I already love him)
  2. Don't remove eye makeup too vigorously - the area is very sensitive - take it gently.
  3. Don't over-treat the skin. Too many actives/scrubs and having the water too hot can damage your skin - don't disrespect your skin.

Top 3 Do's:
  1. Cleanse properly - close your eyes and take your time - enjoy your routine.
  2. Eyes are the window to the soul - use a good eye cream containing efa's and peptides.
  3. Ensure the skin is adequately hydrated and moisturised - use anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids so that the acid mantle is maintained and the skin feels soft to the touch.
And my favourite quote from the man?:

'Women have the right to walk around with no makeup on and glowing skin.'  (seriously dude - we should hang out more)

If you are looking for somewhere to start with Ole's products have a look at this little beauty:

Although I can't look at it without hearing Sofia Vergara in my head shouting 'LOOK INTO MY EYES LOOK INTO MY EYES!' - I LOVE this product.
It's a peel. For your EYES. 
Containing lactic and glycolic acids, micro algae and rice bran protein - apply in the evenings and in the morning it leaves your eyes feeling silky soft and smooth - and more importantly - better able to absorb the ingredients in your AM eye cream - usually peptides - which in turn, gets rid of your lines. Hey Presto!

Ole Henriksen is available from Harvey Nichols and selected online retailers. Truth is in the Eyes starts from around £39.00 (there are different sizes).


  1. This post has reminded me I have some samples to try from him. Must get them out today!

  2. omg I like the sound of this eye product, a lot. Great tips from the man himself, thank you!
    Nic x

  3. I use the standard Truth Serum (not the eye one) and i love it, it totally works for me. Absorbs instantly and does actually brighten my skin.

  4. Do you think this could help with Mila? I have one persistent lump I'm keen to be rid of?

  5. I love him too and he is from Denmark like me. PROUD.

    love you ole

  6. Wow, a peel for the eye area? Tricky I guess. But this kinda makes me want to buy Ole Hendriksen products even more, gosh I hate the student budget -.- x

  7. I bought this last week! I would love to know though when applying how close to the eye can you bring it?

  8. Like any parts of our body, our eyes need extra care. If you will not take good care of your eyes, you will end up harming your eyes.I watched huge collection of similar impressive beauty products.

  9. Like the look of this eye cream but is it more for older women? im 27 and my under eye area is very dehydrated, do you think this will help? x

  10. I met him this summer at a Sephora event in NYC and instantly fell in love. He's so incredibly positive and he has the most amazing skin. I've been using some of his products religiously ever since!