Sunday, 16 December 2012

2012 Awards. Most Missed Brand. Kate Somerville.

Yes its all good and well smiling down on me looking all peachy-skinned and fabulous - but its really all a big wind-up ISN'T IT KATE?!

That's it - turn up for a while, give us this amazingness...

and this...

And I can't bring myself to mention this...

And then SOD OFF back to America?

Kate Somerville is my Most Missed Brand of 2012.

*throws self to the floor, begs for your return to the UK shores*


  1. I'll trade you some Kate products for hydraluron! haha

  2. I effing love Kate Somerville. Thanks to your suggestion I got myself some Goat Milk and oh my gosh it's a golden goose. May I ask you how you tend to use Exfolikate? I have a bit left and was wondering if I've been using it correctly.

  3. i am using purifying cleanser,antioxintant serum and goat milk right now and even though the first days my skin reacted badly to the cream,now it is perfect for my skin.I really want to try exfolicate and i do not know someone who will go to usa soon.PLEASE PLEASE bring them back!!tzeni

  4. Holy mother of all that is beauty, my heart sank into my stomach only to be regurgitated back up when I saw you wrote "SOD OFF to America". Cuz, you see, I live in the US and I started using the Goat Milk cream per your recommendation and will just die if I can't use it. Whew. I am sorry you don't have her there anymore... I felt your pain for a moment.

  5. Ok, I've seen enough comments from you and others on your blog about goat's high time I get my arse to Sephora and get some. Glad you are able to get buy it there again!