Friday, 22 February 2013

An interview with Poppy King

Earlier this week I was invited to QVC to interview Poppy King - founder of Lipstick Queen.

I tweeted that I was meeting Poppy and asked if anyone had any questions for her - and you did!

First up - some q's from readers...

'Do you plan to do any more collaborations similar to the one you did with No.7?'
No, I'm focusing on Lipstick Queen - my baby - for the foreseeable future.

'How do you take care of your lips? Scrubs? Balms?'
To be completely honest my lips hold up very well - I use my own range and it does just fine! If I DO need help - say when I've been travelling, I use a spare toothbrush to massage them and follow up with my moisturiser.'

'And if you do prep your lips, do you plan to release your own lipcare line? Poppy Perfection sounds good!' (questions posed by @RedButtonGirl)

Watch this space! My top tips for good lips are:
  • a good lipstick shouldn't ruin your lips!
  • do NOT lick your lips - even though its very tempting - its the absolute worst thing for them..

'What was the first lip colour you experimented with?'
Red! Biba red. When I was 7 years old my Mum brought it back from the UK.

'Which milestone are you most proud of in your career?' (questions by @amandabellmua)
It's not so much a milestone, but every time a real woman pulls one of my lipsticks out of her bag - that does it for me.

'Any advice on how to organise, balance or budget a busy lifestyle?' (question by @computergirl200)
Yes! Drop any notion of perfection. Prioritise! (great advice!!!)

I asked Poppy for her Top 3 tips on getting ahead in the beauty industry - from any perspective.
  1. Work on a beauty counter for at least 6 months. People generally don't like it when I say this but until you have a real handle on the general public you won't understand their needs.
  2. It's like long-distance running. It can take a long, long, time to get known and be trusted.
  3. Never, ever assume that marketing is more important than a fantastic product. A brilliant product is far more important and will win in the end!

You can meet Poppy in person this Saturday in Selfridges Oxford Street where she will be giving lip readings and talking to her customers between 12 and 4pm. Go have your lips read - its fascinating. She nailed my personality with 2 sentences.

Poppy King's Lipstick Queen is available in SpaceNK, Cult Beauty, QVC and Selfridges.

Thank you to Poppy, her team and QVC. 


  1. Great post Caroline. I'm totally going to try and pop into Selfridges tomorrow, I love her range and think she's just fab.

    1. She was very sweet and the colours are beautiful.

  2. Sorry? Lip readings? Complete bollocks, and oddly insulting to the intelligence from a usually switched on blogger. Not sure how Ms King walked away from her unpaid Aust creditors and got the UK media eating out of her hand either.

    1. Hi Anon.

      I can't comment on her business affairs - but as for the lip readings - it's all a bit of fun. I shan't be plotting to take over the world based on her findings.
      And I don't eat out of anyone's hands.

      Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. I love Poppy King with a capitol L. Thank-you for an insightful interview. I am deeply saddened that I am 200 miles away from Selfridges London.

    1. Well frankly Jan that's YOUR fault. Get down here woman! :)

  4. I would like to add that any one who currently buys their Poppy King from Boots No7 counters should be aware that they will no longer be available from them after March 6th. Good to know I can still get them at Selfridge's though!


  5. Thanks so much for the post, Caroline. I've just come back from Selfridges with Poppy's popular Medieval shade (seems to look good on 99% of the population) and the more out-there Coral Sinner. Poppy was super sweet and picked a shade for me that I never would have gone for normally -- and it's great. Londoners, get down there now!

  6. Hi Caroline, I went to selfridges yesterday with a friend and got myself a lovely lippie that poppy picked out for me - and my friend got one as well - poppy chose one for her and the first choice was it - she really is good. plus she read our lips and for my friend really got her in one! thanks for the tip bc i would not have known about it!

  7. God I've have loved to meet Poppy King - her lipsticks have been my faves for about 10 years! Love her Top 3 tips.

    Nic x

  8. I'm one of those Poppy King followers. I really love this share. Thanks.