Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hampton Sun Privet Bloom Shower Gel

Just a quick one - I've just noticed that Beauty Bay have this on sale for £11.04 (I know - I don't know why £11.04?).

This is my favourite shower gel in the whole world. It's also Mr Hirons favourite - he's equally obsessed with it. 

The Privet Blossom is prevalent in the Hamptons. This shower gel is not organic or anything fancy schmancy - it does contain SLS and parabens (before I get abusive tweets) - but I've never been overly worried about parabens and I don't mind using SLS on my body (just not my face or hair). 

I've been lucky enough to spend time in The Hamptons and the reason I am obsessed with this shower gel is that with one whiff it transports me back to this....

the beach in East Hampton
If you are sick to death of this weather and craving sunshine showering with this might help you get up in the mornings.

Available here.


  1. Hi Caroline, I adore your blog and hate to mither you but am desperate for a bit of advice on any ways I could prepare my skin for weight loss - products, supplements, anything - and you're the person whose advice I would trust the most! I didn't want to email or tweet as it seemed rude! I hope you don't mind and thank you!

    1. How do you mean 'prepare it for weightloss'? Are you planning to diet etc?

    2. Exactly! I'm planning on losing at least two stone, perhaps more, and am desperate to avoid any loose skin or stretch marks around my stomach, thighs, and so on. Any help would be so appreciated! Forewarned is forearmed as you say!

  2. caroline, what do you use for your hair?