Friday, 15 February 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine - Rouge in Danger

What I lack in eye make-up appreciation, I more than make up for in lip gloss and red lipsticks.

So when I was asked recently if I would like to try the new YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks I said 'ooh yes please LOVELY could I please have that amazing red in the centre-left of the picture?!!'

Cut to a few days later and I get home from work to find a lovely little parcel with Rouge in Danger waiting for me. Open it, say 'WOW look at that packaging!' - pop the cap...and its been used.....'EEWWWW'.

At that very moment my darling daughter walks past and says 'Ooh that lipstick is lovely Mummy I played with it when I got in too.'

Moral of the story?

Never leave anything in the vicinity of your equally-beauty-obsessed child if you want to photograph it before you blog it.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine is £24.00 and available nationwide from 20th of Feb. It's available at Selfridges until then if you can't wait.

I trust yours will be pristine, shiny and glorious. Just keep it away from Ava.


  1. That is so sweet :-D I learned most of what I know about makeup from watching my Mom (I still vividly remember the fuchsia YSL Rouge Pur she wore in the 80's) so I guess it's really a genetic thing!

  2. Haha love the sound of these & the colours are amazing.

    Nic x

  3. these look so beautiful, I don't blame your daughter id have done exactly the same! haha

    Charlie xx

  4. my very first lipstick was YSL! the packaging is even more lush than normal - i hope she didnt try to eat it though bc even though i should know better i want to try a little...

  5. Haha very funny, I always keep mine hidden from both kids&adults lol. I love ysl lipsticks so gorj!

  6. These r fab love ysl! Rofl abt ur daughter I keep mine away hidden from kids&adults as well lol can't risk losing one of them haha

  7. haha bless her, your daughter clearly has good taste. x

  8. Your daughter clearly has your good taste when it comes beauty! That is a cute story! I haven't had a chance to try these yet but have read that there are similar to Chanel Rouge Coco Shines but are a smidge more pigmented. That red looks like it would be a stunner!

  9. Ava appreciates YSL cosmetics? I would say your work here is done. :)


  10. wow those colors look amazing!