Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cruelty Free Collection by Leona Lewis and The Body Shop

As mentioned last week - a further look at the Leona Lewis Cruelty Free Collection from The Body Shop....

White Musk Libertine EDP and EDT from £10.00

Lip Glosses in Bronze, Coral, Petal and Fuchsia £7.00

Blusher Brush £14.00

Shimmer Palette in Blush and Bronze £16.00

The range launches on 26th March in selected stores only and 100% vegetarian and 100% cruelty free - as are all of Body Shop products.

*press samples - all now in Ava's bedroom - quelle surprise.


  1. Sweet packaging but that blusher kabuki looks a pain to use with the wibbly top. Gimmick over function, I suppose, but then again I do accept that I'm not *really* the target demographic for this range ;)

    I'm not really that bothered by animal testing, I think it has its place in cosmetic & skincare research, but I do give TBS brand a wry side-eye as the adopted child of vivisection utilising giant L'Oreal. I know TBS aren't the only ones touting 'ethics' whilst being owned by multi's with seemingly opposite M.O's. and it makes me wonder how many 'ethical' consumers still shop with those brands?

    Anywho, I didn't come here to start an ethics debate, I came on to say that I love the blog; informative, interesting, engaging and funny. Good stuff.

    Oh, and thanks to you, I've picked up the EH balm & the hydraluron, you enabler, you.

    (P.s. Sorry about the google handle clash, I chose it as a fellow 'Mrs H' literal yonks before i found your blog)

  2. All look lovely but I won't be buying - I dislike the Body Shop, Urban Decay etc. even more than brands who don't claim to be cruelty free because they claim to be cruelty free but essentially the profits go to a company that is not - to me that is false advertising and basically lying. xx

  3. Sorry to repost and witter again about the animal testing thing but I've just spotted (thanks to Sali Hughes' column @ Guardian) that from this month no cosmetics sold in the British market will be permitted to be tested on animals. Good news for those who have fought this cause but interested as to how it will pan out in reality (will L'Oreal, EL etc, just do their ingredient R&D in other countries where it is permitted and then launch the complete product here ? Will that circumnavigate legislation? It is progress, for sure, but interesting to see how it works out.

    I'm going to shut up now and do something productive (clean the fridge) instead. As before, cracking blog.

  4. I can't say the products look super exciting to me (aren't those "flower" kabukis those the same ones Coastal Scents was giving away as free gifts with purchase last year?), but I love Leona Lewis and it's wonderful she's getting behind a cause like this. I hear everybody's suspicion's about The Body Shop & other brands owned by animal testing companies... I used to write off The Body Shop completely... but they are undeniably helping end animal testing in cosmetics, so I've taken a different/less black and white stance. The fragrance seems like it might be nice and the shimmer palette, too.

  5. Hey Caroline,
    I didn't know where else to write this, so I thought your latest blogspot might be the most appropriate!

    I basically wanted to thank you for the blog, after hours/days spent reading your blog posts or your advice to other people, I've managed to control and understand my skin. I had been suffering from acne/pimples since the age of 15 and it was BAD. I had tried everything from Doctors, medicine, herbal medicine, lotions and potions to visiting Doctors abroad.

    I've tackled one issue with my skin, and I'm sure I'll solve the rest by reading your posts.

    Thank you again


  6. Hi Caroline, I want to echo what Jay said. I want to give you a BIG thank you as well for all the great posts and advice on your blog.

  7. All above products are really nice one. And the costs are also acceptable prices.

  8. I love their packaging and the price is really good, as Sophia mentioned. I especially love the Blusher Brush, it looks great.

  9. I can't bring myself to buy anything from the Body Shop anymore, because they sold themselves to a company renowned for testing on animals which flew in the face of everything they stood for. I don't believe market capitalism should come at the cost of principles. UD and Toms of Maine are no better.

    That and the fact that nearly every cream TBS makes these days contains lanolin, which I'm allergic to. Again, they used to proudly state their lanolin free status.

  10. I have to agree that the Body Shops credentials have taken a bit of a battering and I instinctively avoid any "celebrity" type products as well- although as a previous commentator stated, I dont think I am part of the age demographic either for this either and I dont like pink! All in all not for me but I like your blog- particularly the graphic at the top, looks a bit like me on a bad day!

    1. My Grandmother looks like you on a bad day? Nice.