Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Georgia Louise launching in SpaceNK

Launching this June in SpaceNK is the Georgia Louise skincare range. Initially opening with 4 products - Georgia Louise is a British -born facialist now based in New York and counts Emma Stone and Linda Evangelista as clients.

The four products are Sleeping Beauty Oil, Day & Night Brightening Cream, Hydrating Rose Water and the Cleanse & Heal Duo Balm - which is predictably what I zoned in on.

This is a make-no-apologies oil based balm cleanser. Although it says that you can add a few pumps of the rosewater, for me, there is no emulsifying here - you won't get this off without a hot, wet, flannel - which suits me fine. (If I wanted something to emulsify I'd use a cleansing milk?)

It contains coconut butter, Mango butter, beeswax, castor oil, apricot kernel oil, passion fruit oil, meadow-foam seed oil, papaya oil, vitamin e oil, lavender, ylang-ylang and chamomile. And that's it. it is also 89% organic but that is neither here nor there for me as regular readers will know. 

It says suitable for all skin types - and I'm sure it pretty much is - however, I do think an acne skin could get into trouble if they didn't remove every last trace of it - properly. 

For the rest of us it's a glorious uplifting balm cleanser that gives you a good grip to really get a good massage going. You can usually rely on facialist brands more than any other to 'give good balm'. They base their products around their needs in the treatment room. You can't massage owt with a weak-assed milk. 
GL is clearly good with her hands - until recently she was making all of her products herself. 

Georgia Louise launches in SpaceNK at the beginning of June. Stores and prices to be confirmed. In the meantime, further reading on GL and her work can be found on GeorgiaLouise.co.uk


  1. My, that looks like a lovely cleanser. Any guidance on prices yet? I'm about to run out of my EH balm...

  2. Sounds lovely, Caroline. The label seems to say "chomomile". Eh?!


    1. Dear Anonymous
      You are absolutely right, we had to rush through a sample for press!
      Well spotted!
      This of course has been corrected.
      Sales Director , Georgia Louise Skincare

  3. "Gives good balm" sure gave me a good laugh :D

  4. Balm cleanser, how I love thee.

  5. Oh this looks beautiful! I've only gotten into cleansing balms in the past few months, I've been using Clinique's cleansing balm which is lovely. Just two questions, any idea on price? Also, if you can't remove this with a hot cloth, how do you remove it? Sorry for being dim!

    Steph xx

  6. This looks absolutely gorgeous xx

  7. Would you recommend this for a skin (mine) which found EHs balm a bit strong. Skin is very fine/fragile love routines but finding it difficult to decide on which balm

    Is Live Native balm recommended?
    Or Oskia?