Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Clarins SPF 50+ and SPF30 Sun Wrinkle Control Cream

Available in three strengths:
There is a wider selection available - I'm just focusing primarily on the face.

One size:
75ml (nice big fat size)

'UVA' symbol on pack:

Water resistant?:
Resistant - Yes
Waterproof - No

Perspiration resistant?:

Rub resistant?:
Not stated.

Goes on and feels like a normal face cream - absorbs well

I love the smell - if you've ever used Clarins SPF before you'll know the scent. Same every year. Reminds me of the SUN!

Suitability for darker skins:
I tested all three strengths on all but the very darkest skins. I don't think this would leave any residue or tell-tale SPF trace on any skin.

What else?:
Contains a Clarins patented Phyto-Sunactyl 2 Multi-Cellular protection complex - which in layman's terms is designed to strengthen and reinforce the skin and protect from collagen damage. 
These photos don't show the circled UVA logo mentioned on the SPF cheat sheet - but it is on the packaging of this year's products - which I have - meaning that at least a 1/3 of the UV protection is UVA.

I love Clarins sun products. Everyone used to rave about Lancaster (good - but not the be all and end all) but for me Clarins have always done sun well. It's hard to go wrong to be honest. 
Good sizes, good technology, good price. 
What's not to love?

Clarins is available on and is highly recommended.

*PR samples


  1. I agree, its a great product which does smell like the sun. It also does not appear grey on darker skintones and absorbs well so all in all a favourite of mine!

  2. I wish I could afford this cream!

    Is body SPF okay to use on the face?

  3. Thanks Caroline! I have the usual question...could you use this as your daily moisturiser? moisturising enough? For me, for example, the cliniue city block is no where near moisturising enough to use in place of moisturiser.

  4. Thanks Caroline, I think I'll be getting this one for the value of the sets they're doing. Do you happen to know if their aftersun is suitable for the face?

  5. I LOVEEEEE the smell of this cream, it may be the sole reason for me to buy it!

  6. Hi Caroline, I need some advice on sun protection please. Last year I went of a 6 month course of Roaccutane which worked wonders for me. I have now been off of the drug for a good 8 months so the side-effects are long gone. Hooray! However, since my skin was fair and white in the first place, I want to be extra cautious in the sun from now on. I live in the East of England and spend a fair amount of time outside.

    Would you recommend an SPF 30-50 for me or should I go for a 50+ (keeping in mind that I would like to tan a little)? Also, do you think this Clarins product would suit me or the Decleor one you just blogged about? (I'm 16 by the way.)

    Sorry for all the questions, I hope you can help :) Thanks!

  7. Hi Caroline. What is the difference between this sunscreen and Clarins uv plus day screen? Thanks

  8. I purchased this on Monday and am so glad it has your seal of approval! Really liking it so far

  9. would you also recomend the Clarins UV Plus Protective Day Screen SPF 40?

  10. Hi Caroline, I'll echo Anon above - would you recommend the very fluid Clarins UVPlus Day SPF screen?
    My problem is that despite being in my 40s and keen not to get any more sun damage I have oily skin and most sunscreens make me break out because they're too heavy. Last year I used a little bottle of Anthelios SPF30 and the year before the Clarins Day Screen SPF40 over an oil control moisturiser. This year I have bought the Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50, which they say is a moisturiser and a sunscreen with UVA and UVB, but having read your in-depth explanations, I'm no longer sure if it's enough to protect my skin. I've already got a few brown spots on my face from being rubbish with sun exposure when I was younger and I really don't want any more!

  11. Excellent no nonsense review (and I love your SPF cheat sheet too). I'd like try this one for holidays but think the Clinique City Block SPF 25 that you reviewed might be better for me for everyday summer in the UK.

    Love your blog!

    Sharon x

  12. Hello Caroline,

    I purchased this sunscreen a few weeks ago and I wear it religiously. One problem--after I cleanse, tone, tone,eye cream, pepta, hydraluron and moisturizer....then I put my SPF on and I find that my face is too shiny and my makeup pills (with and without a face primer). Any suggestions?

  13. If hair loss is a problem, consider taking the easy way out and shaving the head. Many guys look great shaved, and it may make you look a lot younger.

  14. I love Clarins sun products. Dermatend Everyone used to rave about Lancaster (good - but not the be all and end all) but for me Clarins have always done sun well.