Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Decleor Aroma Sun Expert SPF 50 and 30 Protective Anti-wrinkle Creams

Next up is Decleor - which is hands-down my favourite suncare packaging - they nailed it with the pinky/red. It's pretty perfect - and so easy to spot in your bag when you're wearing dark shades!

Available in three strengths:

One size:

'UVA' symbol on pack:

Water resistant?:
Resistant - Yes
Waterproof - No

Perspiration resistant?:

Rub resistant?:
Not stated.

Feels like a normal moisturiser - takes slightly longer to absorb than some - not that that's a bad thing.

SPF mixed with fresh floral - very nice.

Suitability for darker skins:
I tested the 30 and the 50. Absorbs very well with little trace. SPF creams really have come a long way since the days of making us all look milk-bottle white.

What else?:
Contains a DNA Protection Complex and Sol-Collagenine anti-ageing complex in addition to the SPF. More skin 'care' for your dolla.

Gorgeous suncare range that sits much more on the 'skincare' side due to higher price point. This is £28.00 for 50ml. Buy it when it's on GWP!

Available on (which currently has a GWP)

*PR samples


  1. Hi Caroline thanks for this review. I have oily skin that's prone to breakout and want to know if I can use this without breaking out. Also idiot ok to use this over or without a moisturiser?

  2. I have dry combination skin. Would like to know also if can layer this sunscreen over hydraluron and skip moisturiser.

  3. Am I the only one who hates predictive texts?!! I just realised my previous post says idiot! Apologies Caroline. What I meant was is it ok to use this under or without a moisturiser? Thanks

  4. i absolutely adore the pink shade on the bottle - i would buy it for that alone dare i say...

  5. Thanks they look fab. I use a SPF everyday. I have loved your blogs & your honest reviews. I really like it when I hear your true thoughts on a product, even when you don't like something then when you say something is good I know it must be! I have learned a lot from reading through old posts, I use EH, an exfoliating toner(sometimes) hydralon & pepta right but I am going back to an oil under moisturiser at night. I have bought the pai age confidence & the roséhip oil, I thought I would alternate. Where would the pepta-bright fit in or would I miss it out at night. Will add the decleor to my wish list.

  6. Hi Caroline! Could you possibly recommend some products, that are available in the UK, for a teenager on a budget? Blackheads are my biggest issue, I don't wear makeup, only one or two saturdays a month, and I'm fed up of rubbish skin!

    If you could even do a cheat sheet for teenage skin that would be amazing! My friends and I love your site!

    Thanks, from a kid that should probably get off the internet and do some homework!

  7. Now, I forgot this one...Would you prefer this one over the Clarins UV Plus spf40 / Clarins Control cream, the one you reviewed just before this one, or finally, the Sisheido one? Considering that I am in my thirties, and I still have acne...Thanks so much!

  8. Hi, me again ;-) I forgot about this one, it's a good one too. Considering I am in my mid thirties and I have still have acne ;-(( which one would you recommend between those 3:
    The Sisheido one, the 2 Clarins : Sun creme (the one you reviewed just before this one and the Clarins UV plus spf . MAny thanks!!

  9. Hi Caroline - is it possible to list the ingredients for these sunscreen reviews? In particular the active ingredients and their percentages. Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the concise review. I like the product and also the packaging :) although the price is a little bit high!

  11. Thanks for the review, Caroline. I use these moisturisers. I have very sensitive skin and I haven't had any problems with them.

  12. It sounds really nice, I'd just be scared it'd break me out as my skin's quite sensitive to fragrances :/ x

  13. Thanks so much for the review, Caroline. Your advice has transformed my skin. I bought this product last week and -- for those of you asking above -- it did break out my ultra sensitive skin. I'm not sure if it was the perfume (which is strong, though pleasant), but my skin didn't like it at all. It's a shame because on Caroline's AWESOME regime I -- for the first time in forever -- had literally zero spots. I'm going to stick with it because sometimes I calm down after an initial breakout, but I'm not in love. I'm going to try the Shiseido next...

  14. I tried a bit of this on my hand t'other day and OMG the texture was amazing. Nothing like any other SPF product I've ever tried - it just melted in and vanished.