Friday, 17 May 2013

Neotantric Fragrances - (I am) a Sex Goddess

OK let's be clear. I am clearly not a Sex Goddess. That much is obvious. 
However, I do love this fragrance from Neotantric Fragrances.

Neotantric is a Swedish brand and each fragrance has been composed in Grasse and created by a different parfumier, whose ‘noses’ have created parfum’s for many well known global brands - along a similar vein to Frederic Malle albeit with a quirky edge.

This particular one is created by Christian Vermorel and comes in a 100ml EDT - which means I tend to spray it on my clothing to make it last longer. There are no descriptions on the bottles - you're supposed to just blind smell and pick the one you are attracted to. 
Once I saw the breakdown though it was blatantly obvious why I love it:

It's pretty much one of my favourites at each layer - fresh, then floral, then slightly deeper with warmth. Pretty perfect for those days when you can't decide what to wear - be it clothing or fragrance. Gives you a lovely whisper of a beautiful smell that doesn't overpower your mood, clothing or attitude.

I love it. I'm still not a Sex Goddess though.

More info on Neotantric Fragrances can be found here and it can be purchased at Beauty Works West - prices from £65.00

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  1. Hi, I am a new follower of this blog and I must say I love it!!
    I wanted to ask if you could recommend any books to learn more about skin types and skincare, I am a makeup artist and this would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance and kisses from far away Argentina!

    1. Paula Begoun's books are great! Bobbi Brown's are good too if you're interested in makeup.

  2. Big question is...does it turn you into a sex goddess?
    There are just some scents that make you feel like Jessica Rabbit even if you are in your sweatpants.

  3. It sounds lovely! Love the image on the packaging haha :') x

  4. Found the concept and the packaging quite intriguing. Is there anywhere one can smell this brand in person (UK)?

  5. I know this isn't the right place to ask this, but thought I would do it anyway.

    I'm considering purchasing a balm cleanser where coconut oil is the main ingredient. I have combination, dehydrated skin with some pimples/pustules now and then. I'm quite confused if coconut oil is pore clogging or not. I see you recommend the Kate Sommerville Goat Milk moisturiser that contains coconut oil for acne prone skin, but I've read that it's both pore clogging and not online... I was hoping you might make this a little less confusing as to coconut oils pore clogging abilities.

    (I understand you are probably bombarded by questions at the moment, so if you don't have time to answer this, I completely understand :) )


  6. I have the exact same problem Maria! But on my back. I get horrible scarring, uneven skin tone and constant red spots and bumps. No idea what to do. I exfoliate regularly, moisturise, salicylic acid and so on but it just doesn't have any effect. I've been reading your posts on acne prone skin but is there something different I should be doing for my back?

    Anxious 21 year old awaiting your reply, Caroline.

    Thanks :)

  7. Caroline, I have been meaning to ask this for a while..and sorry that this is totally unrelated to your post but.. what lip balm/conditioner/whatever do you use? Sorry if you've already addressed this but my lips are such a pain and I'm done with trying with the likes of bloody Vaseline. They aren't horrendously dry but nothing seems to work for more than twenty minutes. Should I invest in more 'pricey' lip balms such as Nuxe's 'Reve de miel'?

    I would appreciate it a lot if you responded.

    1. I'm another dry lipped person - fairly more than you as well, it sounds like. I vote for the pricier ones! Though not whichever pricey balm is within reach. I know tons of people love Reve de miel, but for me it does nothing, so test if you can (If that's hygienic?!). My lips get so dry in winter that most balm can't even penetrate the skin, and I now use the Caudalie lip balm, which after a couple of days of intensive use works well with just a couple of applications a day. It's the best I've tried! It's expensive where I live, but not bad everywhere.

    2. Thank you Katrine! I'll definitely look into the Caudalie lip balm :)

  8. Dear Caroline
    As the previous posters, I also have questions.
    I live in New York City in the United States and while I love your site, many of the products are hard to find here in the US (ie. Emma Hardie or Una Brennan). Do you have any suggestions of other products that you suggest that are more widely available or perhaps other skin gurus that you respect that are based in the US. I would like to try a product for a few days before I commit to buying. I am 35 and my skin is dry/dehydrated/normal and I like your philosophy on how you change your clothing seasonally you should also change your skincare regiment.
    I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

  9. Love the package , not a big fan of the scent. It's also a bit pricey for my budget as well.

  10. That packaging is hillarious! Love it! x

  11. Looks like a very kinky scent to me! It's like when you wear it, you instantly become a sex goddess, now that's awesome! :) If were to choose which scent I like, I'll pick the one with tuberose, jasmine and raspberry. I think they're pretty sexy. I'm not familiar with Swedish fragrances but this really intrigued me. I hope I can catch this in one of our local fragrance shops.

  12. haha the packaging..Just wondering if you have any experience of using Meladerm, Caroline? I read you don't have problems with pigmentation etc so perhaps secondhand experience or your thoughts on it?