Saturday, 8 June 2013

Selfridges event - just me, lovely readers and thieving swines.

This Thursday I was lucky enough to meet a lot of readers at Selfridges Beauty Workshop. I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you that queued for 3 hours just so I could offer you advice/rant/abuse your choices/pick your blackheads (it was a really good one - what can you do?)

I'm so appreciative to each and every reader of this blog and cannot believe how lucky I am to do what I love - both at work and on this site.

Photo courtesy of @ourlondonstyle 

photo courtesy of @laursbeauty778 and @luciaknowsbeauty 

An extra special thank you to the Ladies who came back in after this happened:

At 8.30pm on the dot 10 men held a smash'n'grab in Selfridges Wonder Room - leading to possibly the worst panic I've seen in my years of retail. 

How very dare they.

When we were allowed back in the building a little while later we carried on as if nothing had happened - albeit a little shaken. Kudos to the Selfridges staff who were impeccable in both their concern for their customers and communication afterwards.

All in all not an entirely dull occasion.

Thank you Selfridges for having me - especially Barbarella Barbie, Stephanie and the shop floor staff on the night.


  1. Caroline, I was wondering if you could make a post were you recommend products for dry and sensitive teenager/young skin? (I'm 16 years old) I have no clue what products to use and which brand to choose anymore, since my skin have recently started to break out, feeling more dry and dull and slightly irritated, than ever (probably because of the products I've been using?). I've been using Clean start cleanser "Wash off" and for scrub "Ready set Scrub" from dermalogica and dramatically different moisturizing lotion from Clinique. Obviously these products havent been helping my skin atol. I dont have acne or problem skin, just pimples here and there - but recently my skin has been breaking out more and my skin needs serious moisture and a glow. I also have scarring from pimples and a small dash of sun damage. I do have asian skin. I would really appreciate if you could take time to help me!

  2. I was one of the ladies who came back after the high drama!! Hard core / just that keen to speak to you.

    Was great to meet you - thanks Caroline!

  3. I love reading your blog, I hope you write a book someday!

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

  4. cannot wait for you to come to Manchester :D :D

  5. Hey caroline! Can't believe I've only discovered your blog recently! Any recommendations for pigmentation/spots as a result of sun exposure? I'm 30 and seems to be prone to moles/spots that just seem to appear over night!? Thanks!

    1. Caroline recommended Pepta bright from indeed labs for me. You can get it from boots in the uk but its harder to get elsewhere. It dramatically improves the tone of the skin - it's faded some of my more persistent acne scars in just over 2 weeks! I absolutely love it - everything just seems to sit better on top of it too! Hope this helps, I know Caroline can't reply to every comment so I just thought I would let you know what I use. There is a post about it on her blog x

    2. Thanks for the reply! I wish peptabright is available in Australia! Any other recommendations that are more easily accessible? Has anyone tried Clinique Even Better range? Thanks!

  6. Hi Caroline! Wished I had discovered your wonderful blog earlier but better late than never! Do you have any recommendations for 30 something pigmentation/dark spots as result of sun exposure? ( I do wear sunscreen!). What sort of treatments should I be using? Some specific product recommendations would be much appreciated! Thanks

  7. I hope the smash and grabbers don't follow you to Fortnums on Tuesday! Can wait for my consultation with you.

    See you Tues.

    Victoria x

  8. To a dear lady that I've never met!

    Thank you ever so much for your caring and love of teaching us all the proper way to caring for our own skin. I'm now 50 and recently came upon your columns and though living in the states does make trying a few items you suggest a challenge, I wanted to let you know you have now armed me and created a new spark in me to give myself the best skin I deserve.
    It was so easy when I was much younger, I really had such lovely skin but now I must work for it and I was beginning to give up until I started reading your suggestions and now I hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!!

    Young lady you are a wonder and thank you for all your caring and teaching even us older-ish dogs. Some new tricks!!! Xoxo

  9. Hi Caroline,

    Serious Question! I have been following your blog for some time now and I use liquid gold 3x a week and clarins brigthening exfoliator every morning and on non liquid gold nights. I have combo skin, lots of blackheads (well, not anymore!) and always, ALWAYS double cleanse! (NY wild rose balm and REN clear calm 3)

    I recently started using pepta bright following my clarins gentle brightening exfoliator at night and it seems like the area around my mouth is getting lighter. Upon further examination last night I noticed some fainter light spots around my chin area. I am conerned about any of these products (or the combination) bleach the skin? The clarins is a "brightening" exfoliator. Is that a nicer way to say "lightening"?

    I have tan skin and I do not want to end up with the blochy bleached skin many women get after years of using bleaching creams!

    Thank you!

  10. I was sad I couldn't make that date then was amazed to read about the smash-and-grab - I am glad you and all your visitors are ok. Very weird stuff.

  11. It was so lovely meeting you! I appreciate the help you gave and all the time you spent with us ladies! That's me in the second photo! The hairy brunette you tried setting up with your son. ;) xxx

  12. Oh my god! I would have been so terrified if I were there! I am sorry this had to happened during the meet-up.
    Would love to see you in France one day! (some people speak englis here, yes some do!!)

  13. I was gutted I couldn't make it, seeing as I'm currently on business in the States - but gosh, that looks awful! I'm so glad you're all ok!

  14. That's horrible, I'm so happy everyone's okay and that you were able to carry on as usual.

    Fashion and Happy Things