Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Thank you's - Charlotte Tilbury, Fortnum's, IMATS and Pizza Express. ;)

The last couple of months have been a bit of a blur. I like to think I had a successful blog B.P. (before Pixiwoo) - but being endorsed by Sam and Nic is a little like being signed by Jose Mourinho when you play for Huddersfield Town.

Since the Selfridges PA I've done a day of one-to-one's in the glorious Fortnum's Beauty Rooms, hung out at Charlotte Tilbury's House of Rock'n'Kohl at Selfridges and was on a panel at last weekends IMATS discussing the power of social media. If the story of this blog is anything to go by - it's pretty bloody powerful. Thank you to everyone who came to meet me/see me/have their pic taken/see us at IMATS/let me pick their face. It's been a blast!

Moi and the lovely Fleur.

Charlotte Tilbury and I after a hard day's graft. 

Photo - Caroline Hirons

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury.
Photo - @katesnooks !

Photo - Lotionspotionsme :)

The amamzing IMATS crowd. *waves* says the 'D' word.

A much needed carb fest in an IMATS-packed Pizza Express. Spot the amazing blogger. Yes, all of them.
Kate Snooks, Anna from Vivianna does Makeup, Ruthie - Model; Recommends, Lily Pebbles, Siobhan - A Girl and a Beauty Blog, Louise - Sprinkle of Glitter  and Amelia - Amelia Liana

If I have used your picture please do leave me a comment and I'll credit you! Sorry - had quite a few and not all of them had a source. And equally - if I met you recently and your pic isn't here - send it to me and I'll add you!

I'm off to buy a new top. (!!) I LOVE MY JOB!


  1. I think the success you have achieved is so well deserved. People love you because every time you blog you are honest! :)

  2. Hello Caroline :) I have to say, I am in love with your blog!
    I was just wondering, if you could recommend a good cleanser/toner for oily skin with acne prone/redness? Also, any recommends to help fade acne scars?

    Sorry, I know it's a lot to ask! :P


  3. Congratulations! It looks like it was so much fun!

  4. Congratulations on all the success, it is definitely well deserved for the brilliant work that you do.

    It was so so lovely to meet you at Imats and thanks for the fantastic tips and book suggestions (already ordered them :-) I'm the girl rocking the big fro....it's the second to last picture. xx

  5. Congrats Caroline, it's more than deserved! x

  6. Congratulations on your success. No-one deserves it more!
    Please can I send you the original You and Fleur picture?

  7. I remember watching your video on skincare with Sam and Nic , as amazing you have such in depth knowledge was amazing. Well done on your success, looks like you had some amazing times.
    i've just re-started my fashion blog now that ive finished my a levels, would appreciate if you would take a look.


  8. Well done on the success of this blog. I love reading it, everything you write about is informative and very helpful!


  9. Congratulations, more than deserved!

  10. You look amazing! Wish I could meet you!

    Seaside Beauty

  11. Ooooh look its me! It was so lovely to meet you Caroline and thank you for all your amazing recommendations! well done on all your success and much more to come :)

    Lucy x

    From www.luciammxii.com or @LuciaMMXII on twitter (the 5th photo down)

  12. Love all this Pictures and want your Job!!!

  13. Love the photo's you look fab! And congratulations on all the upcoming success! Totally deserved :) xxx

  14. Congratulations on all your success! That event looked like a lot of fun! I wish I was able to make it.

  15. You look like you have had an amazing time! im totally convinced you're like a skincare god! haha


  16. Congratulations on your success! It looks like you had an amazing time at both events. :)


  17. I was at the Imats and really enjoyed your input and comedy lol I even bravely stood up and asked a question...(about being a mother and working in the skincare world etc) love your blog, attitude and general wit!! Thanks xx

  18. I have been a fan for a long time and you have completely changed my approach to skin care, but you totally won me over with the ridiculously brilliant football analogy. How are you so good, just how...:)

    Jana xxx

  19. just wanted to respond to the yes or no clinic that is now closed following this post...SOME PEOPLE RUIN IT FOR US ALL!!!!!!! Caroline specifically states keep it to a YES OR NO question why can't you do that??? Your specific, long, drawn out question is no more important than any one of ours who can follow directions with a yes or no question!!!!! Follow directions it's much easier for Caroline

  20. Congrats Caroline! I discovered your blog through Pixiwoo and am so grateful for all of your advice! My skin is still far from perfect but I have hope! Thank you and I hope everything keeps going well for you - it's very much deserved.

  21. Congrats Caroline! I was lucky enough to stumble across that YouTube video with Sam and Nic and now I'm completely in love with your blog. You deserve all the success and hope there is much more success and good times for you to come!

  22. This is amazing, and so very exciting for you! I'm happy I found you through Pixiwoo, and it's amazing to see you with Fleur De Force as she's my all time favorite blogger (followed by Sprinkle of Glitter and A model recommends

    Fashion and Happy Things

  23. Found this blog last week when researching a new toner for my aggravated flaky face with red spots. My face is ALREADY SO MUCH BETTER! I've been using Clarins Exfoliating Toner, and as well as Ren Clay Cleanser and Kate Sommerville Goat Cream. I have just sourced Hydraluron in Canada (Shoppers Drug Mart) and added it yesterday. Today, my Emma Hardie Cleanser arrived from the UK (after ordering it 8 days ago!!) So I am all set and very pleased. Thank you so much! Maureen