Friday, 5 July 2013

Filofax to the rescue

I admitted defeat a couple of weeks ago. My diary/notebook/list pad just wasn't keeping me on the straight and narrow. I've long been a fan of Filofax but the past couple of years was trying the whole diary/other pads of paper combo and it just wasn't happening. 

Thank God for the lovely Filofax that jumped to my rescue with this beauty.

The Osterley is the perfect A5 size - so big enough to be able to see/write but not too big and overpowering to carry around. I'm annoyed with myself for not going back to it sooner. 

Now I have everything in one place - with tabs for business/blog/home - everything. I'm loving having the Day to a Page back too. So much easier!

 I know some of you are as obsessed with stationery as me - trust me - this is gorgeous.

The Filofax Osterley is £190.00 and comes in Grey, Orange and Plum. Available from

*The Osterley was PR sample - I purchased all of the inserts/diary.


  1. I am such a stationary obsessive! This looks lovely, though a little pricey!

  2. I have the plum version, it's a beaut! x

  3. Oh I love stationary! I'd love a Filofax instead of my diary, then a blogging book, then a buisness book! It would be nice to have it in on place! Xx

  4. I need something other than my random notebooks laying here and there....this is a beauty! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think that I'll definitely have to invest in one of these, they are absolutely gorgeous! I'm forever forgetting things and needing to note things down, so this would be perfect! xxx

  6. hey this doesnt really belong here. but I dont have twitter, so I didnt know where else to ask you. does alcohol denat. have the same effect on the skin as "normal" alcohol? I know that denat means that you can no longer drink why do companies denature the alcohol in their productsß
    hope you can help me!

  7. A must have! Love this product for its really useful. I think I'll get the red one now since my last one is black.

  8. Welcome back to Filofax :)
    I've been very tempted by the A5 Osterley in the past, but am very happy with my A5 Malden in vintage pink.

  9. This is interesting but I still try to organize as much as possible with my macbook and as less as possible on paper. Though I do love this Filofax Osterley. Maybe one day I'll give it a try :) Thanks for the post!

  10. I love my filofax. I would be lost without it. I have this one, but in purple, with pink inserts! xx

  11. Oh God I can't help myself...

    StationAry = stAnd still
    StationEry = pEns and papEr

    I tried to fight my pedantic evil twin but she got the better of me ;)

    1. That's a great way to remember the difference between the two!