Friday, 16 August 2013

Blog Housekeeping - or 'Things I say time and time again Part 2'

Some Blog Housekeeping whilst I'm at it.

Just to clarify some key points that I think sometimes get lost on the blog:
  • I am not a dermatologist - I am happy to recommend one - always.
  • I am a qualified facialist  - My advice is built on experience, training, knowledge, trial and error and client interaction and feedback. I trained at Steiner in Wardour Street (now moved to North London) with the terrifyingly thorough Josephine Wackett as Principal. 
  • I will always, always mention if I am working with a brand that I am writing about - so there is no need to ask me in the comments - rest assured I will always disclose. And no, I don't work for Clinique. :) I sincerely doubt they would have me.
  • I have never been paid to post a review. I've never done sponsored posts either but I'm talking about the insinuation that I get a backhander from the industry - I don't. Ever.
  • I DO buy product. I don't only post about freebies.
  • Brands: If a reader has asked me about your product and you respond - the odds are I won't publish it. They're asking me for an unbiased opinion - they'll hardly get that from you - however lovely you may be.
  • I very rarely recommend something I haven't tried. If I trust the brand and the inci looks good then I probably would - but I always say 'I haven't tried it'.
  • Cleansing is by far the most important part of your skincare routine. But: you don't have to have 3 cleansers on rotation. It's just nice if you have two - one for MU/SPF removal and one for a 2nd cleanse. Therapists have been doing this in treatments since the land of donkeys and carts. Your face will not fall off if you use the same cleanser for both. 
  • If something is working for you - please don't change it just because it didn't work for me or I don't particularly recommend it. All skin is different. Except for peach kernels. Stop that nonsense immediately. Regardless. 
  • I didn't get on with the Clarisonic. This does not mean that I harm small animals. Thousands of you do. Excellent. Carry on. With the Clarisonic I mean, not harming small animals.
  • I've never said I don't like Jurlique. Randomness? The odd product in the line maybe - but I like the range as a whole.
  • I go back and adjust archived blog posts or update them where necessary and link to an updated review - Estee Lauder ANR for example. I've adjusted the Paula's Choice blog post and see no reason to add anything. It's self-explanatory. There is a postscript AND a second update at the head of the original post. I dig that Paula has such loyal fans - I do. Which leads me to....
  • Mineral oil. Ah mineral oil. If you are using a product with MO in it - and you love it - please don't stop on my account. It won't kill you. There are better ingredients to use as a base for products - in my opinion - that is and has always been my point - but it won't kill you!


  1. I loved this!! Especially the end: 'it does bloody clog your pores' hahahaha! Brilliant! x

  2. Great post as always. Can you recommend a few good moisturisers for oily to combination skin please.

    I love you lots!!

  3. Your advice has changed my skin. End of.

    1. Mine as well! Thank you, Caroline.

  4. Your blog has become a skin-care resource guide for me. I think that your reviews and assessments are fair. I read where you gave a product 0/10 -- and this was from a brand that you praise for other things. How much more unbiased can that get? As a reader, I really appreciate that.

    Like many others, I first heard about you from the Pixiwoos videos and said, "I need to hear more of what she has to say!" I have altered my skin-care as per your general recommendations and my husband, who has known this mug since I was 16, has noticed an improvement in my skin, which is now staring down the barrel at 40, been through two pregnancies in the last three years, and has weathered some industrial-strength medications. Your advice, knowledge of my own skin and sticktoitiveness are making all the difference.

    And I am with you on the Clarisonic (shred my skin no matter how lightly I used it) and mineral oil (why use this cheap, petroleum by-product when there are so many better ones out there?! It's your FACE, ladies!!!).

  5. I was using Avene Skin Recovery Cream- noticed second main ingredient as Mineral oil. Stopped using it. I actually saw a huge difference. stopped getting random whiteheads. And weird oily face. I cant thank you enough :)

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  8. I never thought about skincare like I do now. Absolutely awesome to have this blog and I'm so happy to have discovered you. Thank you! :)

  9. I've been playing with my skincare for years trying to find the right cocktail and I love love love your blog. I love that you go back and do updates because it says that you actually care about what your saying.

    Visit fashion and happy things

  10. Hi, I love this blog very helpful. If you have a minute can you please help me. I have very dry/dehydrated skin on my cheeks they are bright red, spotty with patchy dry skin. I have an oil T zone and a lot of blackheads with the odd spot. After reading your blog I started a routine but after 8 weeks haven't seen that much difference I even added flaxseed oil caps. I'm 38 yrs old.
    AM either Emma hardie cleansing balm or Clinique take the day off balm
    Darphin intral toner
    Hopes Relief intensive dry skin rescue
    PM the same or sometimes I just cleanse and use Hopes Relief it's for eczema. My cheeks are very angry so I'm trying different routines.
    My dr said I have very dry skin and not rosacia.
    If you could help I would be so very grateful I just want nice skin no redness. Can you please recommend a good moisturiser too.
    Thank you very much.
    Wendy x.

  11. I would love you longtime if you added a PCOS post/cheat sheet to your to do list :-)

    Keep being brilliant!

  12. Hi Caroline, glad you're back, hope you had a great holiday.
    Speaking of Clarisonic, have you ever tried their Opal eye serum infusion thingy as I'm quite tempted by it? It's supposed to make eye serum absorb more effectively by tapping your skin really quickly, or do you think I might just be the type of person who could be persuaded to buy anything :)

    1. Hi, I hope you don't mind me replying to you (but I am that person who is persuaded to buy anything!)and I did buy the Opal about two years ago and in my opinion (unqualified!) I just don't think it is really worth the money. I got it mainly because I get puffy eyes and some of the blurb said it was helpful for this but sadly it didn't make any difference, at all. It does make your eye cream/serum absorb but honestly I don't think anymore than if you spent an extra couple of minutes massaging it in yourself. All in all, I wasn't really sure what exactly I had spent the money on and it was a lot of money I think (?around £140 at the time). I used it religiously for about two months day and night as I was determined to get my money's worth and waited for the results to kick in but being completely honest, there was really no discernible difference so I'm ashamed to say it's sitting in my cupboard and I haven't used it in over a year. Hope this is helpful, it would be interesting to know if anyone has used this and really seen a difference?

    2. Hi thanks so much for your response that's really helpful. I'd like to say you've saved me spending £140.00 but I'm sure I'll think of something else to spend it on!!

  13. I bloody love you! My skin is almost fixed thanks to you and my MUA friend who suggested silica tablets and dead sea salt moisturiser!

  14. Hi Caroline, I appreciate that you always speak your mind and I love your personality! Thank you for sharing your knowledge on your blog, I find it very helpful. I come back from time to time to read new and old posts to see if any of my skincare questions already have an answer, and most of the time I find exactly what I need! Thank you!

    xx LIlly

  15. Mineral oil doesn't clog my pores (at least I haven't noticed it) but it makes my skin extremely dry. Especially on my lips. If a lip balm contains mineral oil that thing needs to get away from me ASAP.

  16. No need to explain yourself. Your honesty about everything is apparent. I love everything about you. I wanna read real reviews, from real women... not some teeny bopper using an anti ageing product, and you deliver.

    Oh and you know your shit.

    God... I've sworn again on your blog. I'm cruising for a crack aren't I...

  17. love this post! Love you!

    Two quickie questions...

    1. Who's the best dermatologist in London?

    2. What's the best serum/moisturiser for relatively sensitive and very dehydrated 38 year skin.

  18. Hey Beautiful!
    Now you recommend Cetaphil as a cheapy/drugstore cleanser, just wasn't sure which formulation as the ingredients are different. Can you please give a yay or nay to the following gentle daily skin cleanser from Cetaphil I picked up for acne prone skin??
    Water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearyl alcohol, methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben.

    Thank you sooo much in advance...glad you are back safe and enjoyed your vacay:)

    much appreciation!!

    1. Caroline lists Cetaphil as one of her staple cleansers here:

  19. Before a comment is posted and shows "Your comment will be visible after approval"...who is previewing them?? Caroline?? Anybody know?? Just curious:)

  20. Caroline is it true that clarins hydraquench range contains mineral oil?

  21. Hello! On the note of dermatologists, do you have any recommendations in Canada? Possibly Toronto?

    I'd love to feel like my face isn't being given harsh chemicals (I've only got once face, don't want to hurry)


  22. Fantastic blog, full of excellent advice as always. Love the double cleanse really has helped :-) can't wait for more words of wisdom x luv Adele

  23. Love the way you expess yourself! =)

  24. You lovely, lovely woman! My skin is so much better thanks to you! I used to have cystic acne all over the place, but not I only have the occasional flare up now and then (when I'm being naughty and stuffing my face with sugar, or eating too much ice cream).

    I also hav to say that I've seen to many comments on youtube videos or blog blog posts that mention you, that you don't know what you are talking about. Which you do, because when reading this blog it's clear to see that you are both well educated and well trained. I also have to say, I have a MSc in Biotechnology and your advice is straight to the point and makes very much sense to me on a scientific level.

    On another note, when I think about mineral oil in skin care, I always get this vision of rubbing a wax candle on my face, which immediately puts me off. Weird, I know....

  25. Caroline, the way you express yourself is uniquely cute and smart! I would like to ask if you can recomend products for oily skin that preventing wrinkles. I am 33 years old and unfortunately I still use simple moisturizer for young oily skin. Everytime I try to use something more enhanced, unfortunately, my skin get oilier. I do not want to reach 40s and will use the same face cream that you I use in my 20s!

  26. Caroline do you have any plans for live Workshops or consultations any time soon?

  27. Caroline, do you have any plans for live workshops or consultations in the near futture?

  28. Dear Caroline,
    I do have a question about Biologique Recherche and the use of Lanolin Oil .
    After your raves about the P50, I had to turn myself to the whole skincare line by BR - and love it so far. But now I heard that the dermopurifiante Cream contains Mineral oil ? it says Lanolin Oil.
    I guess this wouldn't be good for my acne prone, oily skin either?
    which Moisturizer would you recommend from BR, that is also for acne-prone skin, that prevents from pollution and does not clog pores (without mineral oil).
    Please help me :) .

  29. The Clarisonic scared the beejeebers out of me and made my nose feel numb! You're my personal skincare guru and you didn't even know it - well, you didn't until just now...

  30. Please please please be even more of a doll and recommend an eye cream from Clinique Caroline?
    28 years old, told I was dehydrated/dry in the eye area at my very first facial and need a good eye cream...If you are curious I need one from Clinique because of the bonus gift time and being on a very tight budget lately...Thank you! Love you lots...really do:)

  31. Hi Caroline,

    I need your help urgently.

    I re-read your post again and again, especially the cheat sheets and Hydraluron. I am oily but dehydrated.

    All these years, I found that hydrating products calm my skin, such as Prescriptive SuperLine Preventor (no longer available in Aus now, except for a store but it is too expensive) and Shiseiso The Skincare range.

    Now, Shiseido had stopped working on me after many years, my skin around my nose and chin were tight and flaky. I thought I needed a richer night cream, but it broke me out on cheeks and chin.

    So I finally got my hands on Hydraluron, but I am worried that it doesnt work for me, or I dont know how to use it.

    I use a pearl size on my whole face, feels tight, and I put a light hydrating moisturiser on top such as La Roche Posay Toleriane for normal/combo skin.

    But it still feels tight, and when I use foundation (water based light weight Shiseido one) on top of the moisturiser, it all starts to flake.

    I swear I use the tiniest amount.

    At night its fine because no foundation needed.


    Am I using Hydraluron wrong?

    Does Hydraluron not suit me?

    I am thinking of getting the new Estee Lauder ANR, if so, does it mean I dont need Hydraluron?

    I really want to keep trying as I purchased 3 tubes of Hydraluron from a friend that just got back from the UK. Please help.


    1. I would also be interested in knowing your thoughts on this, Caroline. I love Hydraluron (and you) and use it religiously in the evenings. However, I have stopped using it in the morning because my skin 'bobbles' when I apply makeup.

  32. I fucking love you, Caroline. I adore your zero-BS approach. I trust your advice and integrity utterly. I PMSL at your humour.
    I personally wouldn't care if you had just crawled out from under a stone, but it is bleeding obvious that you have extensive experience, knowledge and great instincts.
    Lara x x
    (Not sure I have ever written such gushing feedback before ;-))

  33. Hi Caroline,

    Your blog is fantastic, it's so honest! I've been a lurker for a few months now and this is the first time I've commented. I've religiously read all of the cheat sheets, told friends about you, chucked out some old products (when I've had an ah ha! moment after reading your blog), added in some new products you have given the thumbs up to and added in some of my own as the result of research(after reading the cheat sheets obvs).

    But, the snazzy new routine has raised some questions for me and I was wondering if you planned to have another Clinic soon so I could put them to you?


  34. Hi Caroline,

    As a science student I would like to know what is good literature for understanding more about the ingredients in skincare products and about our skin in general? I'd love to learn more about how ingredients interact with our skin...

    Looking forward to your post about facial training and the beauty industry!

    Thanks in advance


  35. Caroline, I love your blog. You are my fairy godmother of skincare. In the few weeks since I first discovered your blog, I've made some major changes to my skincare routine and have incorporated a few of your recommendations. My face looks and feels so much better, I feel better. Last week I went to Sephora and was excited to find the Kate Sommerville moisturizer and across the aisle was the REN section. I picked up more of your recommendations and today I'm off to get Hydraluron and Pepta-bright (yeah Canada!). The only downside to discovering you is that I may need to get a part-time job, but cutting back on my purse and shoe purchases is the better choice. My face is definitely worth the sacrifice.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You are the best!

    From your biggest Canadian fan in Toronto.

  36. So glad you are back from Holiday. Mineral oil, might as well just but bottle of baby oil and use that. Cheap filler.

  37. I totally believe you about Mineral oil - I was having issues with a foundation from a well-known brand and then I saw that one of the first few ingredients was "PARAFFINUM LIQUIDUM (MINERAL OIL)" When I ranted about it on the Internet, I was told by the brand that there are different types of mineral oil. I threw away my bottle though. Wasn't worth ruining my skin over.

  38. Thank You! I'm on what seems like a never ending search for the perfect skin and stumbled across your witty, humorous but very straight talking blog. I was using a cleansing oil/acid toner/serum/moisturiser combo but couldn't understand what I was doing wrong, until I looked at my Shu Uemura cleansing oil ingredients, yuk, mineral oil. No wonder my skin looked like bubble wrap! I've switched back to a trusty old cleanser whilst I work out which balm/oil to buy but my skin already looks better. So, Thank You for your honest advice and for taking the time to share your views with us, it really is appreciated.

  39. Which product from Jurlique didn't you like?

  40. Hi Caroline - I love your blog and I read it regularly. Thank you so much for being frank (the good, the bad, and the ugly) about products. Thank you also for tuning me in to Emma Hardie's Cleansing Balm, it has changed my life. Thank You Again!

  41. Hi Caroline,
    I know that you mostly get questions from women who are concerned with their skin, but I have a question related to the men skincare. My husband is in his late twenties but he already has quite deep wrinkles around his eyes/cheekbones. I assume that his wrinkles are partly hereditary because his mother has them on the same place. The other issue are his dark under eyes, which did not really get any better with help of products I got him so far. Could you please recommend us some products that would work well for deep wrinkles and dark under eyes?
    Thank you, Mia

  42. Hi Caroline! was just wondering what you thought of the vitamin e cleanser from superdrug? have you tried it? ive heard only good things about it and its so cheap but i wanted to get your opinion first! thanks xx

  43. Hi Caroline! was just wondering what you thought of the vitamin e cleanser from superdrug? have you tried it? ive heard only good things about it and its so cheap but i wanted to get your opinion first! thanks xx

  44. Hi caroline! was just wondering what your thoughts are on the vitamin e cleanser from superdrug? have you tried it? ive heard only good things about it and its so cheap! i just wanted to get your opinion first! thanks xxxxx

  45. Hi Caroline,

    Have you heard about the Environ line of products? It would be great if you can do a post about it.
    Great blog! It is honestly my holy grail and I am a black woman in my mid 20s but I absolutely live by your beauty truths!!
    THANK YOU! xx

  46. Thanks for writing this good post.