Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Another appointment update

Firstly I want to apologise to those of you that are still waiting to hear from me.

I have over 200 people in my inbox that I have not yet responded to and it is really upsetting me to keep you waiting.

SO: I'm getting help (YAY!) - and I am not putting anymore dates live until each person has been contacted and offered an alternative appointment for later in the year. Basically I am giving those of you that haven't been contacted first dibs on the upcoming appointments.

Please accept my apologies - as with the online clinics, I appear to have underestimated the popularity of the appointments and was caught unawares. I will fix it and you will hear from me/us. Promise.

Thank you again for your support. I never take it for granted and appreciate each and every one of you that has contacted me. Will definitely be in touch!


  1. Hi Caroline

    Can you help with SPF? I am really fair and always wear it when out in the sun with no foundation, but what's the best to use coming into autumn/winter that you can apply foundation over?

    Thanks so much

  2. HI Caroline! I wouldve like so much if I could have an appointment with you but I live in Canada... I was a skincare junkie since a long time but since I read your blog I understand more the purpose of the products and the logic of the routine so a BIG THANK YOU! :) Since you are passionate about AHA I would like to know what do you think about using natural aha like milk by example and what do you think of DIY mask? (I saw few differents receipes using milk, honey, green tea, vitamin c capsules, etc) I trust your opinion so I would LOVE if you could do a post about that.

    Have a nice day


  3. Ok, I'm still awaiting then! At least I know I'm on the waiting list ahead of hundreds & hundreds future clients! :)

  4. Thank you Caroline for this post :) We appreciate your kindness :*

  5. Thank you Mrs H!
    Getting married in Nov so desperate to grab some time with you to get your mits on my face, in a non weird way!

  6. I'm sorry I'm off topic but could you please make a full review on Sunday Riley-Good Genes Treatment and Sunday Riley-Ceramic Slip Cleanser? People have been talking a lot about these two but I'm not buying them before you say they're good. God bless, Mrs. H! Love from New Zealand.

  7. Come to dublin Ireland
    Please!!!! X

  8. If someone were ever to travel to London or such, would there be a way to maybe book an appointment for a consultation? And to maybe pay a little bit extra for the time you wasted on them (me)?

    Because I'm going to London as soon as I'm 18. And the best present(ish) would be a consultation by you. x